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  1. Domenick Lombardo
    July 25th, 2022

    The network is criticized in every country that it has a presence

    The network is criticized in every country where it has a presence, because it is incapable of listening to its viewers. It can exist due to a small number of exclusives. Fortunately, it will go away like traditional TV.

    Don’t be apathetic, and don’t waste time looking for assistance. Remember that you can report misconduct to the antitrust/competition regulator: do it!

  2. Ryan Paules
    May 26th, 2022

    Sky Q is not recommended!

    After being Sky customers for many decades, we decided to upgrade to Sky Q.

    Although everything seemed to be working fine initially, the problems worsened over the following week.

    The mini box was not connecting with the main compartment, and the remote for the mini TV stopped working.

    Our internet connection was also constantly lost on all of our devices.

    We experienced loss of connection between devices that we had never experienced before.

    As the days passed, things seemed to get worse.

    My husband is an IT professional and spent hours trying to resolve the problem.

    Sky Q was causing us problems. We searched the Sky help forums and found many other people experiencing the same issues.

    This seems to be an issue with the equipment.

    It doesn’t work correctly, but it also floods your home network with information, causing problems with all of your devices.

    The Sky Q boxes must be unplugged to fix the problem. Sky Q is not recommended!

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