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35 Reviews on Sendinblue

  1. Angelo Mitchell
    1 rating
    Jun 10, 2023

    The most frustrating user experience

    Absolutely the most frustrating user experience I've ever experienced on the internet. The time spent setting everything up (DNS API, DNS, etc.) and then discovering afterward that you must activate through Sendinblue manually. I am creating a manual request. They then respond with a negative response without any reason.

  2. Cody Mirabal
    1 rating
    May 20, 2023

    It's not costly

    Untruthful practices and a tool that reveals several bugs within the building tool. Be aware that this application can be an IP by all of these clients. When your data don't match the standard, your account gets blocked. Your contacts will be blocked; without an alternative, they will keep charging you even though the service is shut down. It's not costly. However, it's well more than worth the money you spend.

  3. Timothy Morgan
    1 rating
    May 18, 2023

    No issues previously

    Their server for email is not up to scratch. As a result, many of my email addresses bounce .... every time. All of whom were signed up directly through our site and utilized this email address to pay for our services. And there have been no issues previously. It's not something I'd recommend anything. I've received numerous times to "clear my list of contacts'. Additionally, I've adhered to their rules, but there are still problems. Don't risk damaging your relationship with your customers/subscribers.

  4. Flavia Contreras
    4 rating
    Apr 24, 2023

    Customer service is exceptional

    Sendinblue lets me keep all my contacts together in one location, unlike Mailchimp has now restricted me. The service allows me to email 300 of these contacts daily if necessary. However, I find it somewhat confusing to understand a brand-new program, but their customer service is exceptional. The statistics they provide are similar to Mailchimp. My company is a small firm. Therefore I'm using their no-cost plan. It suffices for my company and me.

  5. John Jimenez
    4 rating
    Apr 21, 2023

    A quick response

    I'm a computer expert. This meant that everything seemed easy to understand. Within two hours and I sent the first of my emails. I created an email marketing campaign and then uploaded a list. Then I sent it out. There was a query in the past, and I received a quick response. I'm still working on the bugs I have on my own, and this is the mail system I plan to use.

  6. Allison Donahue
    4 rating
    Apr 20, 2023

    Doesn't perform well

    We've tried four options for email after MailChimp was deemed too costly for companies outside the US. Sendinblue was the top choice in our testing and boasted one of the top features overall. Also, it has the most affordable price. There is only one issue: the core code doesn't perform well on different tablet devices (iPad fantastic, Samsung poor), and therefore, some texts and button headings show poorly. Additionally, poor display of texts and setting on some email applications (Apple Mail is good, Canary Mail is poor).

  7. Kinky Kitten
    5 rating
    Apr 10, 2023

    Highly recommend

    I just switched to Sendinblue from another company and was pleasantly surprised that their platform was easy to navigate. Suppose I had any questions about their help links. The postings are fantastic. They are well-written and straightforward to follow. After sending my first email just a few days earlier, I can claim that the collation of information and reporting is excellent. Highly recommend.

  8. Rachelle Salas
    5 rating
    Jan 30, 2023

    Thank you so much.

    I found the system simple to set up. I only had to turn on this SMTP service. However, the response from customer support was fast, much faster than I expected. We are currently implementing more excellent communication with our customers and may move to an upgrade plan. Thank you so much.

  9. Alan Despain
    5 rating
    Jan 29, 2023

    The best customer service!

    I experienced a problem with my email opening rate. I couldn't achieve the minimum open rate they required me to complete (to keep their IPs standing). In this instance, they need you to purchase an IP on your own, but what happened was that the support representative identified the source of my issue and explained the problem to me (to be able to avoid it in the future), and then offered me the discount coupon for my IP for an offer. I would say that they have the best customer service!

  10. Kristine Kjeldsen
    5 rating
    Jan 26, 2023

    I am very satisfied.

    I utilized Sendblue to send out my newsletter to potential customers and customers. The features are easy to use, and the usage is clearly explained. Additionally, the customer service is very accommodating. The service is flexible according to the needs. I am delighted.

  11. Jane Smith
    5 rating
    Jan 17, 2023

    So far, everything has been good. Starting is good news

    So far, everything has been good. Starting is good news. It is the beginning of a great relationship. Then make sure you keep it up and always get an honest review from me! Always put on the best foot forward first. ​

  12. Elizabeth Dougherty
    5 rating
    Jan 15, 2023

    An excellent and useful

    An excellent and valuable program that simplifies the email marketing process for me. It is easy to use, inexpensive and the design option is extremely simple. Very pleased with the program and would highly recommend it.

  13. Michel Desilets
    5 rating
    Jan 12, 2023

    Sendinblue is incredibly user-friendly

    Sendinblue is incredibly user-friendly. It's fantastic! It's a very user-friendly tool that can be utilized by graphic professionals (thanks to dropping tools, for instance) or by regular secretaries. After creating pages for my clients, I assign the job of sending e-mails or making minor adjustments to the content to other users, and it's easy to explain how the Sendinblue platform is used for non-techies! The assistance is quick, helpful, and well-prepared. Also, it's available as a free version! I've taken advantage of these to learn more complex aspects. They even provided me with videos that helped me comprehend!

  14. Tommy Wingler
    5 rating
    Jan 12, 2023

    I enjoyed the service

    I had just created my first campaign and planned to launch it. But I had no idea it would take me 24 business hours. I was on a deadline, so I replied to the email inquiring about help. I was given a couple of questions before I was accepted to send the mail out. The entire process was quick, and I enjoyed the service.

  15. Ruben Rivera
    5 rating
    Jan 11, 2023

    The interface is easy to use

    Sendinblue is an enjoyable product to use. The interface is easy to use. There are numerous tutorials available on the internet. Sendinblue aid and support are prompt and efficient.

  16. David DiMaggio
    1 rating
    Jan 10, 2023

    If sales are crucial for your company

    If sales are crucial for your company, I would recommend avoiding SendInBlue. n the most important day to shop, their marketing platform for email was down, and they haven't yet sent the scheduled marketing emails, which has cost my business tens of thousands. Support via social media and email is not responsive at all.

  17. Mariana Shipley
    5 rating
    Jan 9, 2023

    Excellent customer service

    A simple and user-friendly software to manage your communication with your clients. Excellent customer service and great and user-friendly software to design appealing emails.

  18. Robert Creek
    1 rating
    Jan 8, 2023

    DO NOT USE the service

    This is the most horrible email service. They provide the "free plan" but only cause users problems activating their accounts. I've sent messages to support for two weeks, but they haven't yet activated my account. They require me to purchase an IP dedicated to me. DO NOT USE the service. It may be a bargain, but it isn't good.

  19. Michael Welsh
    1 rating
    Jan 4, 2023

    Fast enough to recover the money

    Twelve days later, I'm still confused about how to solve my issues; I've lost thousands of dollars. Fast enough to recover the money, but it's slow when solving problems.

  20. Gregory Williams
    5 rating
    Jan 3, 2023

    SendinBlue has been the central messaging system in our Graduate Office

    SendinBlue has been the central messaging system in our Graduate Office. After a few tests using the preset layouts and the versatility of text and image inserts have helped make our monthly Newsletter anticipated and enjoyable to read by students in the doctoral program who are familiar with web-based publications. We were delighted that the SendinBlue support team responded quickly when we asked for assistance regarding an activation issue, which allowed us to meet the deadline for our monthly topic. Thank you for making this meeting with important information possible, particularly in this period of tightening up!

  21. Jamie Wasserman
    5 rating
    Jan 2, 2023

    Great customer service

    Great customer service. NBlue is a new method of communicating with your clients in a highly targeted manner. It is a great way to communicate with customers. I am using this platform and plan on upgrading for more features.

  22. Bob Barnhart
    5 rating
    Jan 1, 2023

    I was having trouble attempting my first newsletter

    I was having trouble attempting my first newsletter. A few days after submitting an account, I received an individualized video of my issue, which helped me resolve the issue. Within a few minutes, my first newsletter went out.

  23. Dollie Parker
    5 rating
    Dec 13, 2022

    It also has an outstanding campaign designer and outstanding (and fast) assistance.

    Excellent software for creating email newsletters that are less expensive than other options, especially since it has an incredibly flexible pricing structure that means you only pay for what you require. (I manage an online community newsletter, which is the most economical option I've come across). It also has an outstanding campaign designer and outstanding (and fast) assistance.

  24. Lorna Carter
    1 rating
    Dec 13, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend this.

    Gmail and other well-known Email providers have classified this as a promotional email, and all emails sent through this system are blocked as Spam. I used this as a Product Campaign, but all emails ended up in Spam even after having all the necessary standards taken care of. I changed the domain and tried every experiment, but they still went to Spam, wasting time and money. I wouldn't recommend this.

  25. Jonathan Gillies
    5 rating
    Dec 12, 2022


    The report on the post made using the Direct mail system was inaccurate. It gave the impression that a portion of the message was not sent. After I contacted the help desk, I received an immediate response. Great! Great! I was kept informed up to current on the issue's status, and explanations were shared frequently.

  26. Laura Southam
    4 rating
    Dec 10, 2022

    The only drawback

    It's fantastic that my email marketing campaign was received by all recipients and converted 77 percent. It was also simple to design the messages. The only drawback is that it is impossible to alter contact information after downloading the contact list.

  27. Joana Petruse
    2 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    I used these guys predominantly for transactional email delivery through their API. In my time with them, they faced various issues that affected me directly. The platform is challenging to navigate and slow. Templates are pretty basic.

    A positive aspect is that their customer service is highly responsive, though often I received an apology due to problems that were their fault. I would not recommend them to anyone else.

  28. Jonathan Linford
    3 rating
    Dec 7, 2022

    We encountered a few issues during the setup

    We signed up for the Lite plan as a first trial based on our current requirements. We encountered a few issues during the setup (domain authentication and sender verification). I asked for phone contact with support but was told that the call was only available to premium subscribers. Our issues were finally resolved through a ticket after many emails between us asking for troubleshooting advice and explanations that could have been solved in just a few minutes during a phone call. Being a brand-new customer was challenging and made me wonder whether support and customer service would be a problem in the future.

  29. Arthur Lawson
    5 rating
    Dec 7, 2022

    I have been a highly satisfied customer of Sendinblue over many years

    I have been a delighted customer of Sendinblue over many years. Customer service has always been extremely accommodating as well as engaging. Customer service has always been very accommodating and enjoyable. Customer service has always been very accommodating and en.

  30. Lonelai Lonelai
    1 rating
    Dec 6, 2022

    The biggest cheaters in the world sendinblue

    Purchase a different email validation service, "emailable," I you're running an email marketing business, it is your responsibility to validate emaemailsd, send emails to reliable email addresses and block other emails that aren't acceptable. Don't ever trust Sendinblue. The biggest cheaters in the world Sendinblue. They will suspend your account each when you send a message with the message that your email has not been validated. But why is there account suspension after making the payment if you can email the best contact? Is it a wholly wasted of cash and time?

  31. Pete Dalby
    2 rating
    Dec 5, 2022

    Do not waste your money and time

    Sendinblue emails my business messages every time I send them to the recipients' email inboxes. Please dIt was simple and enjoyable to use, but afterward, it could not deliver emails promptly. Do not waste your money and time; it is not worth it.

  32. Andy Burton
    1 rating
    Dec 5, 2022

    Our account was suspended

    Our account was suspended after sending out a holiday-themed broadcast, and it took us a whole day to make it unsuspended. The report was suspended for a long time, and people came back to us with explanations of why our account had been broken and what was required to be added/verified to get the report back. These things they ought to have verified were present on the account before the registration if they had to suspend accounts without mentioning the information.

  33. Lorna Carter
    5 rating
    Dec 4, 2022

    Their customer service staff which is both prompt and professional

    Sendinblue has many right things, making their company my first preferred choice for email marketing. Looking to move quickly, I found their videos very helpful, as well as their customer service staff which is both prompt and professional (an essential factor nowadays). The interface allows yougn your campaigns and other features available (landing pages and chat, SMS form for signups, and many more). If you want to start your email marketing campaign and run it, give the item a try!

  34. Richard Poole
    4 rating
    Dec 3, 2022

    Emailing experience

    The options I was searching for, particularly in email, are accessible on the program. The rendering of these different options isn't overwhelming. It's simple to learn; however, it requires time to utilize it fully love to add some additional information in the template creation aspect (drag and drop)

  35. Jerry Turnbull
    1 rating
    Dec 1, 2022

    The response time is extremely slow for customers

    The response time is prolonged for customers in the UK. A minimum of one day is required to reply to each email. A typical email trail consisting of just three emails could take three days. Suppose they don't get the right side of the stick. In that case, you may lose one week before they realize the problem. Not being able to send emails for more than a week since we have a domain that we share with them active does not work, but getting them to recognize or fix it has been a slog which means that time-sensitive campaigns haven't gone out in time.

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