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  1. Robert Hazell
    Jan 21, 2023

    I was highly impressed

    Value for money The kit includes everything you need. It had sample bottles of colored ink. It also had faux skins, tattoo papers, and certain designs. I was highly impressed. Then I connected it all up and was in love—great product at a significant cost.

  2. Sue Burrows
    Sep 27, 2022

    He is a beginner in tattoos

    I bought this tattoo machine for my birthday for a friend. He is a beginner in tattoos and was thrilled to receive the present! The sleek design makes it simple for him to begin with his practice skin.

  3. Joseph Piconcelli
    Jul 13, 2022

    The machine is flawless!

    The machine is flawless! I’ve never had the tattoo gun in my hands before, and neither am I an artist, but this was very easy for me to operate. When I mentioned to my friends that I purchased this, they had slightly skeptical at first, but they now all would like to have me tattoo them. Purchase it. Do it. You’ll be delighted.

  4. Carol Gorka
    Jun 4, 2022

    good quality

    I am a classic tattooist. I am a fan of old vintage coil machines.

    But, I wanted to go with the flow and test out a tattoo pen.

    I wrap mine in the clip cord sleeve, paper towels, and grip tape.

    I haven’t experienced any vibration or overheating.

    I’m going to say that it’s a reasonable price for the money.

    It’s easy to hold, and it’s not loud too.

    Its needle cartridges appear to be good quality as well.

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