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4 Reviews on Richardson’s Boating Holidays

  1. Jill Tomasyk
    September 22nd, 2022

    Be very cautious

    Be very cautious if you are thinking of hiring a cruiser through this company. If you file an issue about your trip and demand compensation, here’s the way they usually handle it: I have recently had the pleasure of meeting two guys who worked with Richardson’s Boats, and they informed me that if a client complains and seeks compensation, that’s precisely what they will do. They cost you for fuel has not been used. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that your fuel tank is filled up at the beginning of your vacation, and when you return, you check your fuel pump and make a note of any fuel added.

  2. Ellen Barnes
    July 22nd, 2022

    Always wanted to do so, and now we've

    The first time we had an extended weekend. The boat was a bit large, but we were becoming comfortable at the close.

    The instructions at the beginning were a little rushed, partially due to our eagerness to get going. We should have done more research on it. I could have stayed for a whole week. I will go back.

  3. Dave Schulz
    July 2nd, 2022

    The trip was fantastic

    The trip was fantastic as usual, Richardson’s expertise in planning a boating holiday, the handover procedures were easy, and the boat was sparkling and was a great little boat on the lake..

    They did more than help me return my reel and rod, which were taken off the cruiser we hired. The spin and rod were so neatly and safely that they returned with no marks on them. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. It was like a most perfect cherry on top. Fantastic vacation and a beneficial company

  4. Barnacle Jill
    June 19th, 2022

    particular boat is not able to accommodate dogs

    The “Manager” told us when we arrived that the dog wasn’t allowed to board the vessel because of an unwritten policy that isn’t stated on their booking form with Hoseasons.

    After we pleaded with him to allow us to bring our dog on the boat, he explained in an obvious manner that this particular boat is not able to accommodate dogs (nowhere was this stated in the booking form or on the reservation).

    One member of us needed to travel back to Scotland to let an animal sitter watch the dog.

    This meant we could not enjoy 1.5 days out of our four-day vacation. PLEASE DO LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

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