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5 Reviews

5 Reviews on Restricted Inventory

  1. Michael Delaney
    July 26th, 2022

    They're amazing

    This is a great site to find items that you aren’t able to sell on Amazon on your own. Also, I don’t need to go through the Amazon problems.

    They respond quickly, and the software to list items I have to send in improves and gets better, and I’m earning profits using Restricted Inventory. They’re amazing.

  2. Terry Mehrmann
    July 16th, 2022

    Graduates or students If you're like me

    Graduates or students If you’re like me, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars to purchase the entirety of your textbooks over the years but didn’t have the time or energy to sell them.

    I was delighted with the good returns on all my textbooks. Limited inventory performed everything for me, making the entire process easy. I would highly recommend Restricted Inventory.

  3. John Brodeur
    July 9th, 2022

    Not reliable

    They kept my books for two months before sending texts to FBA. The January semester of textbooks had passed. I received only a tiny portion of the profits stated on their website. I tried contacting them, but customer support didn’t care about it. I could have made more money by selling directly on eBay.
    Additionally, this company will require reviews as soon as you sign up for an account. I would therefore be skeptical of the positive reviews posted here. How do I write an honest review without having been working with them?

  4. Patty Alvarez
    June 28th, 2022

    It worked well

    I was tempted to sell a couple of my textbooks on eBay since I was not allowed to sell them on Amazon. I realized I could do it much easier with, so I sent my books to them. We are still waiting for the sale to be completed, but registering with them was a breeze.

  5. Colleen Padgett
    May 30th, 2022

    User's Thoughts & Opinions

    When I first set up the process, there was a lot available e-Mail support. It was not clear that shipping the items would be a cost. I selected FEDEX shipping and also added insurance coverage. The average price was about 50 cents per pound.

    It is still a lot cheaper than if I had to regularly purchase FEDEX with insurance for this weighted product. The coupon code for 20% off my first shipment was not visible. Also, I should have changed the default used setting on one of my DVDs to New since this set was still in its factory sealed packaging.

    These issues are primarily due to my inexperience with the process. You can contact them to get USPS shipping at a lower cost. This option is not recommended. I assume that USPS shipping means media mail. Media Mail slows down just before Christmas. One item I sent to Media Mail in September was not received by Media Mail for over two weeks.

    This slowdown began early in the year. My Postal Clerk told me it was slow since before September’s mail-out, so I assume it will get worse. It is worth paying a bit more to ensure that your package arrives on time. This is compared to the 6 weeks to 8 weeks it took to reach last year with Media Mail.

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You can sell textbooks again on Amazon FBA! We will sell your restricted Popular Textbooks, CDs, and DVDs on a 50/50 net profit split. You need to pack your items and send them to us. We will pack and ship your items to Amazon FBA.

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