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  1. Michael Horner
    July 26th, 2022

    It was a blessing that it was available as an Ebook.

    Greg Sims and Brooks recently purchased your book for our son about English Grammar for Students of German.

    We’re about to visit Berlin to visit our son and will deliver the book to him later.

    While there, I was looking to own a copy for myself.

    It was a blessing that it was available as an Ebook.

  2. Chris Theriault
    July 16th, 2022

    The website is excellent

    The website is excellent. However, you should be available to assist with troubleshooting frequently, for example, chats that are human every day from 10 pm. Students usually work late and encounter problems.

    My e-reader, for instance, isn’t working correctly, and I tried to create tickets but could not since it wasn’t working. I was forced to purchase an actual book copy since my digital copy was not working. It’s just a matter of saying…

  3. Scott Young
    July 9th, 2022

    My favorite thing about electronic textbooks

    My favorite thing about electronic textbooks is the possibility of listening to the text and reading along. Other platforms that utilize this option will automatically go on to the following page. I’m not too fond of the fact that I must go to the following webpage and play it again on each page.

  4. Donna Barber
    May 30th, 2022

    the fastest and most pleasant customer service

    I tried to buy my ebook using a U. I was physically located in Canada and had an S Credit card.

    I reached out to the bank that night to make a request. I received an e-mail from Marshall. It was urgent. IMMEDIATELY.

    I was able to remove the conditions quickly and purchase my book in minutes.

    It was hands down the fastest and most pleasant customer service experience that I have ever had.

    We laughed back and forth, which made us seem like strong gentlemen. Could you give him a RAISE and PromotionSTAT?

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