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18 Reviews

18 Reviews on Professional Gynecological Services(Staten Island)

  1. Erika Moore
    September 3rd, 2022

    They're professional

    I’ve visited a few of the top GYN services in Staten Island. They’re professional and courteous and give you all the required details. Camille, as well as Aysa, were highly attentive when I visited them. I would recommend the office to anyone in need of services. The best part is its quick service, and there’s no need to wait two hours in a waiting room to see a representative.

  2. Charles Fedoriw
    September 3rd, 2022

    I I am extremely satisfied with the services

    I am delighted with the services I got from the Clinic! The entire campus is accessible, Sonogram, the lab, you can name it, they’ve got it. The office is clean and comfy. No long wait to see a physician. They have open availability to consult patients. This is now my Official GYN office.

  3. James Hood
    September 1st, 2022

    Don't visit this place

    Don’t visit this place. You will see a different physician each time, regardless of whom you schedule an appointment with. And irrespective of the doctor you know, you’re rushed out of the clinic without having time to speak with the doctor. The condition was not well explained to me since the doctors were eager to remove me from the office. They also sent me to an appointment in Brooklyn at a shady clinic, and it wasn’t evident if the medical professionals taking care of me at Staten Island were there. I couldn’t get the procedure because the location made me nervous. I eventually went to another doctor for a second opinion, who advised me that I wasn’t required to proceed with the procedure. Based on reviews regarding billing concerns, I think they recommended this procedure to earn an extra dollar. In the interest of your health, you should find another location.

  4. Armand Castelli
    September 1st, 2022

    Staff is simply incredible!

    The staff is simply incredible ! The best team I have ever had! Always available whenever I require them. Always respond to my concerns or questions—friendly, caring people.

  5. Tiffany Brown
    August 31st, 2022

    A great experience

    A great experience. I was somewhat thrown off when I came in and was told that the doctor I was visiting was no longer available. I was a brand new patient, so I was sent to Asya Portnaya CM. The midwife she works with is, so I was even more skeptical since I’d never experienced one. I’m getting older. Therefore, I was worried. However, she made me feel at ease in a matter of minutes. She is the sweetest and kindest. She thoroughly examined me. She was attentive to me and addressed my concerns. The staff is pleasant and helpful and professional and friendly. Sonograms are performed there as well as bloodwork, which eliminates the need to visit a lab. Another aspect is that patients are being admitted and out. Though I’ve noticed it more in the wake of the recent pandemic symptoms. (With my friends as well as their doctor appts) However, I didn’t have to wait for very long. All of this is on top of being located close to my home.

  6. Christine Boyce
    August 29th, 2022

    Thank you, Camile!

    I enjoyed the way that the front desk staff member took the time to explain the entire process repeatedly when I was having issues concerning my insurance. I was distraught in the beginning, but I was able to resolve my problem with her help! Thank you, Camile!

  7. Chuck Triaga
    August 29th, 2022

    She was responsive to all of my questions

    After speaking with a few nurses, I am amazed by the thoroughness of Portnaya in explaining the entire process each step of the way. During my time there, I was made to feel comfortable and at ease. The general staff helped me feel relaxed, knowledgeable, well-informed, and friendly. She was responsive to all of my questions. I’m happy to have found an OB/GYN clinic that is reliable.

  8. Audra Gefter
    August 29th, 2022

    Dr. Kogan was amazing!

    Dr. Kogan was amazing! I was nervous about going to an unfamiliar OB/GYN. However, she was patient and listened to me and my worries. She provided numerous occasions to ask questions or talk about my specific issue. The staff was knowledgeable, competent, and caring. I strongly endorse the doctor: Kogan, her team, and their Staten Island gynecology practice.

  9. William Walker
    August 27th, 2022

    Staff that is unorganized

    Unorganized staff. They are unprofessional, in their world, not at all, not helpful, overwhelmed, and nobody knows what they’re doing. It is imperative to contact them at any time and not wait for them to call you back to inquire about anything. They all praise Camille. She’s a lovely lady, and the women who do the bloodwork are not even including the new doctor and midwives; they’re rude and rude, and the latest ultrasound technology is a snitch. You’re ready to quit if you don’t like your workplace so much. It’s just so miserable.

  10. Hazle Edens
    August 26th, 2022

    It was a place I should have avoided at all costs

    There’s a reason why this establishment was rated 3.8 stars. It was a place I should have avoided at all costs, but because I’m still unfamiliar with S.I., I decided to go with it. I scheduled an appointment on Zocdoc at 3:45 pm. (If they do not close at this time, they must amend their hours of operation through Zocdoc.) I arrived 5-8 minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment. An attendant greeted me at the reception desk. She didn’t tell me that they were closed or tell me anything. She said hello and how did you feel and was on her laptop. I said hello and then wrote my name to their application board. I waited around five minutes before a P.A., doctor, or another receptionist in the red hairdo (the one whose picture appears in the reviews) came up to me and asked what she could do to help me. I told her I was waiting for my 3:45 pm appointment. The doctor said no, you’re not, because we’re closed. I was told to go back. I told her I got through Zocdoc, and the next thing she said was explaining that “we canceled your appt. on there” first of all, how do you explain what you did when you did not know what I was going to be there for at all? I stated that nobody had canceled anything as it was on my phone. She kept repeating”on our end” and “on our end. I replied that If it was “ON YOUR END,” why did no one have the grace of calling me to inform me of your cancellation? How unprofessional could you be? She replied that it was canceled, and I didn’t know what to say. So I told her that you wasted my time. I then left. She answered that I was going to need to reschedule, and I scoffed at her and said, I believe I’ll be able to reschedule my appointment with these idiots. Then what if you could make it up to me without notifying me? FOH! These offices put signs saying that when you cancel but do not inform them of the charges to be paid, that’s fine. But avoid them at all costs!

  11. James Mayrides
    August 25th, 2022

    I'm completely confused by the waiting times here

    I’m completely confused by the waiting times here. I’ve been going to this place for over ten years. The staff is excellent. Always was. But the waiting times…I scheduled an appointment at the beginning of the day and waited for 90 minutes because the doctor was traveling from Brooklyn. They refused to reveal my results by phone, so I scheduled another appointment for the first of the day. And the doctor was again 90 minutes late as she came to work from Brooklyn. It’s not pleasant to wait for an appointment that lasts for three hours for 7 minutes of doctor’s time or to find out that I’m healthy. This has been happening for a long time. I’ve been here for two hours and in a state of waiting… This is puzzling. Should I begin arriving one hour later than my appointment to reduce my wait time? I must return to. I allocate 2 hours from work, but it’s 3-4 hours travel time for 10- minutes and less. And they’ve attempted to get me to wait with upsells for other services. In 20 minutes, I’ll have been waiting for 3 hours. ….Still still waiting for a Pap smear that takes 4 minutes…

  12. Herbie Medalla
    August 25th, 2022

    I've been going to this gym for more than 15 years

    I’ve been going to this gym for more than 15 years. I’m thrilled with the level of treatment they provide. I’ve recommended a few of my acquaintances who go to Professional Gynaecology too. The staff is fantastic. I would never go to any other place. Thank you for everything you do at Pgyn

  13. Andrew Durrand
    August 23rd, 2022

    receive excellent treatment

    First time at this clinic, and it was among the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a gyno. Everyone made me feel welcome and at ease, from Camille to the doctor to the sono tech, especially since I’m the worst pt there is! I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to receive excellent treatment.

  14. Janet Campbell
    August 23rd, 2022

    Gynecological care in Staten Island is the worst!

    I’ve been to the clinic once and was dissatisfied. The doctor was rude, and the staff acted as if they didn’t care and did not want to bother anyone. The phlebotomists are extremely friendly. They’re overworked. The woman who did my sonogram last was so rude. I wanted my family to visit, and she did not say no, I don’t have time for today! This was a snub to an essential time for me! They then said they would visit me for prenatal care but could not. They initially assured me, but they and then I wasted their time! I won’t give another chance to them. They are all rude and exhausted and, frankly, not fit to work with such a careless attitude. I am not happy with them at all. Gynecological care in Staten Island is the worst!

  15. Kelly Eckert
    August 23rd, 2022

    They are definitely the absolute most reputable in Staten Island

    I’ve been a patient for more than 20 years and have had the most comfortable and professional experience in the birth of my four healthy children in their care. Furthermore, all the staff, mainly Camille, make you feel loved and loved during each visit. I recommend this practice to women of any age and stage because they have gynecological specialists to keep up to date with all the testing you need. They are the absolute most reputable in Staten Island. Now my 20-year daughter is a patient too!

  16. Julia Nicholson
    August 22nd, 2022

    THANK YOU Professional Gynecological Services!!

    I came to Professional Gynecological Services when I was pregnant with my son. They ladies here was so helpful and informative, they even prayed over me and my little blessing growing inside of me, they are kind and wants what’s best for me and my child, if you are looking for a place to help you and lead you down a path that’s right for both you and you growning baby I highly recommend this place.

  17. Nick Belford
    August 3rd, 2022

    The staff was treated with respect, most care, and well-informed

    I’m so glad I went here! The staff was treated with respect, most care, and well-informed about female parts) Everyone was very welcoming and helped me to feel relaxed each step of the way… There’s an ultrasound technician on site, and I didn’t even have to schedule an appointment for the transvaginal ultrasound… I’m awestruck at this clinic and would like to invite you to visit when you read this! I’m a black woman, and this clinic has found the tiny fibroids hiding within me… I’m grateful for choosing this clinic and feel a sense of relief.

  18. Daria George
    August 2nd, 2022

    Thank you for your assistance!

    Great area to visit even if you’re not expecting it, but avoid the expectant crowd. The wait times were not too long. The office is equipped with sono as well as blood draws on-site. The staff was accommodating, and the Dr. was thorough. Thank you for your assistance!

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About Professional Gynecological Services(Staten Island)

Professional Gynecological Services is comprised of a group of physician assistants and doctors Board Certified in obstetrics and gynecology, providing highly comprehensive care in a safe, compassionate, and friendly environment. We welcome you to our Staten Island office, which is easily accessible from West Brighton, New Dorp, St. George, Great Kills, Oakwood, Todt Hill, Tompkinsville, and Willoughbrook, and where you can get convenient and expert assistance from OBGYN. Professional Gynecology Services, located in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Staten Island, NY, is a gynecological clinic that specializes in the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of the most gynecological issues. Women of all ages from Staten Island and the surrounding areas come to our GYN practice for a variety of services, including medical advice/consultation, well women exams, annual Pap Smear, breast and pelvic exams (bimanual examination), STD testing and treatment, and issues relating to the female reproductive system's health or infertility, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian cysts, irregular menstruation, vaginal infections, and menopause. Professional Gynecological Services’ clinics are all accredited and certified by The Joint Commission. For more information about Professional Gynecological Services or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Staten Island office by number (718) 442-3434. Professional Gynecological Services 1478 Victory Blvd Ste 2, Staten Island, NY 10301 (718) 442-3434 Nearby Locations: Staten Island: Castleton Corners | Sunnyside | Emerson Hill | Todt Hill | Manor Heights 10314 |10301 | 10304 | 10310 Working Hours Staten Island: Monday: 9 AM – 7 PM Tuesday: 9 AM – 7 PM Wednesday: 9 AM – 7 PM Thursday: 9 AM – 7 PM Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

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1478 Victory Blvd ste 2, Staten Island, NY 10301, USA