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25 Reviews

25 Reviews on Professional Gynecological Services(Brooklyn)

  1. Walter Boydell
    September 15th, 2022

    Very professional

    Very professional, extremely thorough. The gynecologist I visited didn’t end the examination as sure doctors do but recommended alternative treatments, including the sonogram and blood tests after I mentioned a problem I was experiencing. The greatest thing about it was that I completed the procedure right then and in a short amount of time. When I asked my provider whether she was a physician, she replied yes. I was to learn later that she’s no longer a doctor. She’s a nurse practitioner, which I am fine with as she was friendly and a fantastic provider, but how could she have misled me? It’s busy. However, the staff attempted to be professional and upbeat. I was impressed by this. It was a great experience, and I’ll be back. The bathrooms are dirty. They must be cleaned regularly since it’s where women gather their urine samples. The facilities need a revamp but. It’s a bit old-fashioned.

  2. Tony Bechtold
    September 13th, 2022

    The inability to communicate and lack of professionalism is absurd

    A month ago, I turned just a month ago, I’m. When I was 14 years old. The inability to communicate and lack of professionalism is absurd. I was told that I needed to undergo surgery performed and that I had to go to the clinic. At three different times, I was scheduled for an appointment at the clinic, and every when I showed up, I was informed by the staff that the doctor was leaving to deliver. While I know that deliveries are more important than regular appointments, the team never contacted me before my meeting. It informed me that I wouldn’t be able to visit the doctor.

    Following the last visit, I informed my colleagues that I was in New Jersey and that they must notify me before my arrival to avoid spending time or money. For two months, I’ve been to this office each week. This is a total of four appointments, on which, at the end of the appointment, I was also given a form. I received a phone call an hour later, and the receptionist inquired when I would schedule an appointment as I had missed the previous work. It was about three weeks before this phone call. I told her they should put their things in order as there’s no reason. I’ve been at that office every week for the last two months, and there’s no evidence of me being in the office for more than a month. I told her they had even given me a document when I was there. Why does John not have any proof of me going there, and then you’re giving me papers for me to bring home? What?

  3. Nathan Kish
    September 12th, 2022

    The Front desk personnel are very friendly and professional

    The Front desk personnel is amiable and professional. The wait isn’t long. If you are in the Brooklyn region, stop by the clinic and make an appointment. They will text you the work. The gynecologist is lovely. She is a pleasure to talk with and is attentive to your needs.

  4. Gregory Shelton
    September 12th, 2022

    I had a great experience

    This will be my location for GYN services. First, the first time I’ve been here, I had a great experience. The staff made me feel incredibly at ease and could address all my concerns and questions. Dr. (forgot) the doctor’s name was knowledgeable and straight regarding her recommendations, and I admire her for her honesty.

  5. Edson Domingos
    September 8th, 2022

    Amazing hospitality and customer care

    Fantastic hospitality and customer care. The ladies who worked there made me feel relaxed and at ease. The out-of-pocket cost is affordable with no insurance. They even let me in without waiting for an appointment. They are interested in women. It was a pleasure having been there.

  6. Nikia Morris
    September 7th, 2022

    The front desk staff was fantastic

    The front desk staff was fantastic. If it were only for her, I’d give her five stars. The PA didn’t provide me with an extensive examination for my physical. She missed an exam for my breasts. Her bedside manner was friendly, however. The sonographer was highly unprofessional, using the sonogram without warning, and was very uncooperative while performing the sonogram. She also lied to me about a medical condition I didn’t know about. From bedside manners to techniques, she was the most irritating part of this experience, in my opinion, and is worthy of a star for herself.

  7. Jose Viloria
    September 6th, 2022

    They're the most excellent!

    I’ve been a patient at this clinic for two years. When I’m required to schedule an appointment, I’m not waiting to wait for weeks or longer for an appointment time as I have in other places. I like that about this location. If I call them on Monday morning and tell them I’d like to make an appointment, I’ll get treated two days later, by Wednesday or perhaps earlier, and will be seen the following day. They don’t make you wait for appointments frequently, which is crucial because, in emergencies, you shouldn’t have to wait long to receive treatment. Dr. Sheelon and Dr. Vozny are top-notch among the top medical professionals in New York for women’s care. If you’re looking for a top-quality medical treatment for your female requirements, visit us and request these doctors. When I visit, I don’t have to wait too long. The staff and nurses are friendly and welcoming. When I walk into the hospital, I’m welcomed by smiling nurses. Their bedside attitude is top-notch. They are kind. When I speak to them about my concerns, I feel heard. They are kind and compassionate, and I always feel at ease there. I leave feeling well at ease and content. These are the finest providers you’ll come across. Follow my advice and check out this place. You’ll never regret going here. They’re the most excellent!

  8. James Reeves
    September 6th, 2022

    The doctor was prompt and direct

    The Office was fine. The lady at the front desk was amicable. The doctor was prompt and direct. The doctor understood the value of my treatment, and we devised a plan to fix my IUD. The Office is not as comfortable. The chairs are placed next to the tv as if it were a babysitter for us ladies.

  9. Kwame Asamoah
    September 5th, 2022

    My experiences are always fantastic

    My experiences are always fantastic. The staff is accommodating and professional. My favorite front desk staff member would be Erica G, who’s always pleasant, professional, and eager to assist. Amy is my go-to Gynecologist, who is experienced and patient. The clinic is always spotless, and the staff is fantastic.

  10. Jennifer Rose
    September 4th, 2022

    fantastic experience

    Thanks to everyone who helped make my final months of pregnancy a fantastic experience, particularly Mattie, who can remember faces even when she is wearing a mask. She made sure that I felt comfortable throughout my prenatal visits.

  11. Lizette Delorimier
    September 3rd, 2022

    It was not strictly professional

    Call for results of an examination. The doctor told me to schedule an appointment to visit the doctor. It was late for two hours of my time. It took two hours to wait in a tiny waiting room, where tensions were up. I witnessed a heated argument between the mother, who was pregnant, and Dr. Waited for long hours to see. The doctor saw Dr. Greenfield for 2 minutes maximum and then said she could have provided me with the results on the phone. I inquired whether my insurance company was charged for this appointment- it was most likely. It was not strictly professional. GYN. It was moving to the 12th floor.

  12. Carlee Scott
    September 2nd, 2022

    rude and unprofessional

    Dr. Goldman is a Doll. I’ve seen her regularly for over the past 15 years. The majority of the staff are friendly and accommodating… The reception manager, who is rude and unprofessional, and the phlebotomist at the front desk are horrible… she has never checked for veins or tied my arm. She just stuck my arm. She missed the vein and swung her net around my arm for approximately 10 seconds before she was able to locate the vein. The phlebotomist was rude to say that there wasn’t enough blood flowing and also the gall to state that you’re bound to bruise. Put ice on your arm right away. …. It’s been one week since my appointment and my arm was still bloody.

  13. Robert Coccoli
    September 1st, 2022

    I have personally had no any negative experience with this

    I have personally had no negative experience with this. The staff I have encountered are friendly. They show take care of me. I’ve had experiences where staff members were unfriendly and hostile. I’ve always been a warm welcome here in the last seven years.

  14. Mary Coughlin
    September 1st, 2022

    There was no patience to address my questions in depth

    I waited 1.5 minutes in the waiting area for a five-minute appointment. I was scheduled to be seen at 11 am and at 12:30 pm. They were overbooking me for a reason. What was the actual work? The doctor was out and in. There was no patience to address my questions in depth.

  15. Anthony Vassallo
    September 1st, 2022

    Very rude receptionist

    Very rude receptionist. The receptionist tried hard to figure out the copay cost before my appointment. The lady said she’d put me on hold. However, the line was disconnected. When I tried calling again and providing background information as the person I am, she could understand the situation. She was highly unprofessional, telling me, “nobody hung up on you.” I could tell immediately that I wouldn’t go to a place like this.

  16. John Kelley
    August 31st, 2022

    Horrible No compassion

    Horrible, No compassion towards patients (Doctors) receptionists are excellent. Still, the insurance representative was rude and asked me whether I wanted to cancel my appointment without giving me a chance to locate the $250 I needed to pay for 6 seconds. My work was scheduled for 9:15. But I was not examined until 11:15.

  17. Michael Boroznoff
    August 31st, 2022

    Was an enjoyable experience

    It was an enjoyable experience. The staff was pleasant, and the way I was able to finish the purpose of my visit. The doctor was excellent. The wait was a bit long; however, if there were many people present, it was normal. Overall, a good experience.

  18. Bob Betack
    August 30th, 2022

    Unprofessional, inhumane, and unprofessional

    Unprofessional, inhumane, and unprofessional. One woman at reception was annoyed at me because they had a mishap with my birth date (the receptionist was helped by other lazy and rude staff). The nurses provide different details to you, and they’re perplexed. Dr. made me wait at the rear of his room for more than 30 minutes. It’s the same as the staff at DMV.

  19. Kathryn Hanley
    August 29th, 2022

    One nurse made me wait at the back for 30 minutes with no reason

    When I first visited, I felt the doctors were friendly and comfortable; however, after returning a few times, it was an unorganized process. One nurse made me wait at the back for 30 minutes for no reason. It seems like they are trying to get patients out the door without listening to their concerns or giving them the proper examination. This is why I need to return.

  20. Michael Bartholomew
    August 28th, 2022

    This was my first experience at this facility

    This was my first experience at this facility. I was ultimately at ease with the staff at this practice. The person at the front desk was extremely polite and ensured I was seen immediately. Asya Portnaya was the most professional service I’ve encountered in a long time. She confirmed that all my questions were addressed and were genuinely interested in what I was getting. Sonographer Toni was also extremely friendly and gentle. I will keep my treatment here!

  21. Margaret Falls
    August 28th, 2022

    waiting for a long time

    I’m not sure what to think regarding this place. My first trip was one pretty decent visit. I can appreciate the limitations and limitations Covid has put in place all over; however, the overall scheme of things could be improved. I am communicating with patients. Staff should be placed in the appropriate areas, so patients like me aren’t waiting for three hours or more per visit after the scheduled appointment because there’s only one physician.. and so on. The techs aren’t speaking or smiling.

    The front desk is full of life, and people are friendly with each other. However, when it comes to guests.. attitudes make you feel like you’ve been waiting for a long time. It makes your experience uncomfortable. The only thing that helps is that the only doctor who does exist( I wish I could remember her name. It could have been Natalie; ) is veamiablend reassuring. P.s. There was a noon appointment, and I went in at 2:45 and had to wait in the back of the room to be examined, which took 20 minutes.

  22. Eugene Getto
    August 27th, 2022

    Highly highly recommended

    Fantastic medical facility, with excellent and warm service from the beginning. Thank you to Dr. Asya and Dr. Regina for explaining the diagnosis thoroughly and the options for treatment. I was referred to them by a friend when I visited Newyork. The staff is all great and friendly, on the phone as well as in the office as well. Highly highly recommended.

  23. Jim Pryor
    August 27th, 2022

    amazing experiences

    Everyone who is here is so generous. I’ve enjoyed nothing but excellent experiences. Every time I enter, I feel safe. Destiny was extraordinarily patient and helpful! I highly recommend this place to address all your health issues related to your reproductive system. It’s also easy to reach by bus, train or car.

  24. Yisheng Zhang
    August 26th, 2022

    wonderful experience

    I have been a patient at this clinic for a long time and have had a wonderful experience. I’m a massive fan of the staff, particularly Camille, who has always been friendly and easy to talk to. Anything I’ve needed assistance with, she’s always available to assist.

  25. Monica Quinn
    August 22nd, 2022

    We highly recommend him!!

    Professional Gynecological Services pregnancy center is a very awesome amazing place. A wonderful place to come for pregnancy confirmation plus much more available afterwards, awesome aid available as well as classes for learning care- growth, family and baby. I went in to confirm my pregnancy and the woman who talked to me after my confirmation was so helpful. She was sweet and caring and she told me my options and her own personal experiences.

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We Are a Comprehensive Women`s Health Care Facility. The highly skilled and trained professionals at Professional Gynecological Services specialize in providing complete gynecological care and New York abortion clinic services in a comfortable, private and supportive environment. The primary goal of the service is to provide safe healthcare and privacy during stressful times. The purposes are to educate, inform and provide clinical and emotional security. The clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn with easy access from Manhattan, as well as on Staten Island. Public transportation is accessible, minutes away from the city. The mission of Professional Gynecological Services is to treat each woman as a whole person, addressing her physical and emotional needs while at our New York Abortion Clinic so that she can make informed health care decisions, provided with safety and discretion. Our gyn doctors can answer all your questions regarding abortion procedures and information on the abortion pill (RU486) versus the morning after pill. For more information about Professional Gynecological Services or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Brooklyn office by number (718) 875-4848 Our Services: Vaginal Rejuvenation Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Botox Injections Permanent birth control (Essure) Cryosurgery Gardasil Colposcopy Two day abortions (up to 20 weeks) Dysport Injections Nexplanon Hymenotomy Dermal Fillers One day abortions (up to 15 weeks) Prenatal Care Providing High Quality Care In Abortion Services Through 24 Weeks, Specializing in The Abortion Pill Only $350-Ins Ok. Affordable-Safe-Private Professional Gynecological Services 14 Dekalb Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 875-4848 Nearby Locations: Brooklyn: Downtown Brooklyn | Clinton Hill | Prospect Heights | Gowanus | Cobble Hill 11201| 11238 | 11217 Working Hours: Monday: 9 AM – 5:45 PM Tuesday: 9 AM – 4:45 PM Wednesday: 9 AM – 5:45 PM Thursday: 9 AM – 4:45 PM Friday: 9 AM – 4:45 PM Saturday: 9 AM – 11:30AM Sunday: Closed Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

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