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4 Reviews on Premier Workspaces

  1. Michele Heineman
    Jan 24, 2023

    We've worked associated with Premier Workspaces for several years

    We’ve worked associated with Premier Workspaces for several years. Monique, Ithaka, and Nathaniel are excellent. When we’ve needed help, they have always taken action promptly. I am thrilled with this place because I am sure that my clients will be treated with respect and professionalism. Outstanding. I highly recommend this center to anyone seeking a professional and reputable environment to run their business.

  2. Georgianne Lelonek
    Sep 23, 2022

    It was an incredible office

    It was an incredible office. It was a top-quality office with spacious and inexpensive offices. It was highly modern and located in a prime position. Unfortunately, the carpets were poorly maintained, and the receptionist was extremely unfriendly. We inquired with the receptionist about our appointment, and he responded, “You don’t have an appointment; if you did, my manager would have told me.”

  3. Joy Boatman
    Jul 25, 2022

    Worst Cystomer Service

    Over a four-and-a-half months there was not one single mailer or package that arrived in my mailbox.

    I checked with every sender, postal office, as well as the shippers to ensure there was no error at our end.

    Premier is not a problem in charging fees for service, however! If you really need to get mail delivered to your company, stay clear of!

    You’ll avoid many headaches and stress.

  4. Douglas Wroan
    May 26, 2022

    Internet MUST BE UPDATED

    It’s delicious coffee! It’s quiet and has friendly neighbors. It’s always spotless in the bathroom and kitchen.

    The internet is old! The Cat 3 internet cables are no longer available, and I must tether to my internet while working.

    Although I’ve mentioned my inability to find the correct equipment for their connections, no one knows.

    If you have an older computer or office equipment, your internet may not work.

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Former Premier Business Centers, Premier Workspace is America's enormous privately-owned executive suite, coworking, and alternative workspace company. It has locations across Arizona, California, Florida, Washington, Ohio, Texas, and Texas. The company has grown to more than 85 locations since 2002. It now offers over a 1.6million square feet of commercial office space and serves over 15,000 clients every day. Premier provides fully-serviced offices, conference rooms, and virtual offices to help businesses of all sizes maximize productivity and profits. It also allows them to establish a professional presence at key business locations. Premier will enable professionals to work wherever they want. However

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