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7 Reviews

7 Reviews on Premier Fitness Camp

  1. Kerrin Jackson
    Jan 19, 2023

    PFC was a great experience

    PFC was a great experience. PFC was beyond my expectation in each aspect! Their holistic approach to fitness, mental/mental well-being, nutrition, and emotional health gave me the foundation I needed to achieve my goals at home. The staff members were an integrated team, ensuring that every aspect of the program was executed seamlessly. I cannot express enough gratitude to PFC. I am truly grateful for all they have taught me and learned and gained, and I have already planned a visit to themshortlye.

  2. Anne Eyre
    Nov 11, 2022

    A standard service, not much to say

    A standard service; not much to say. I went to them for over six months and could not get the results I was hoping for. I hope you’ll improve.

  3. Anna Taylor
    Nov 1, 2022

    The results were amazing

    Our daughter was enrolled there as she was a big teenager and was prone to many issues due to her size. The results were terrific. She shed weight and learned to eat better, And now, the entire family follows her advice. Everyone is healthier thanks to this camp.

  4. Mitchell Slater
    Sep 23, 2022

    Amazing staff!

    It was the most fantastic experience I’ve ever had. It was a complete transformation in my life, and they’re ready to put in the effort all day long to help you reach the goals you’ve made for yourself. Amazing staff! Amazing program! We can’t wait for the next one!

  5. Kayleigh Gittoes
    Aug 21, 2022

    they are accommodating

    I was with PFC. It was awe-inspiring; I learned much about fitness, nutrition, and my body. I’m more powerful than I thought. I shed weight and inches where needed; most importantly, my labs have all improved. Although it’s expensive, I am constantly thinking about how much money worth healthcare this program will save shortly.

    I also think of how good I feel and the satisfaction I experienced when I completed the program. The staff is friendly and well-trained; perhaps most importantly, they are accommodating. I’ve been back home for several days now and hear them encouraging me to continue pushing, urging going even when it is difficult.

  6. Sonia Best
    Jul 11, 2022

    such a wonderful experience

    It was a pleasant surprise to have such a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute. I was so happy to show up and have everything scheduled. Food, activities, information sessions, games and even snacks. I would take the box home that I’d never attempted before, and I received so much assistance at all times. Thank you to all the staff and the attendants for a great week. I’ll return.

  7. Brian Hager
    Jun 4, 2022

    encouragement, motivation, and compassion

    There was a place where I had only one choice, and that was down. I decided to contact PFC, and the moment I arrived, I realized that I had made the best choice to protect my existence. I was obese and could barely walk, and was extremely depressed. Since the first day of exercise, the PFC team took every move I made as an accomplishment.

    The chef and his team prepared nutritious, balanced meals that I was not sure I’d like. They dealt with my challenges and created a routine that matched and tested my abilities. They dealt with my challenges and started a practice that checked and tested my abilities. The portions appeared to be small, but in reality, I enjoyed the food, and by the close of the two days, I was satisfied every day.

    Every member of the PFC PFC team was warm and helpful. They were encouraging and supportive yet pushed you to overcome your weaknesses. I will always be grateful for their encouragement, motivation, and compassion. I left feeling lighter and losing inches, excited to start an entirely new lifestyle, but the most significant aspect I took away was a new outlook on my life.

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