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33 Reviews on Precision Pain Medicine

  1. Judy Aurelus
    Jun 7, 2023

    I wouldn't recommend

    I wouldn't recommend going here, particularly if you're experiencing severe suffering. I was refused treatment on my first visit but was offered Ibuprofen or something like it. After my second visit, I had an MRI test of my nerve. I told the doctor I would not leave until I had something to ease my pain. After three visits, four visits, and four tests, I did not see any concrete results. Therefore, I decided to seek assistance through a different clinic. The place is packed with patients in the waiting room, and the wait can last up to 2 hours. Three receptionists work there who are all focused on cash for insurance—thumbs down.

  2. Matthew Barnett
    May 9, 2023


    All The doctors, physician assistants, and their staff are courteous compassionate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. I would recommend the clinic to friends and family!

  3. Tootsie Footsie
    Apr 6, 2023

    Recommended to undergo this procedure

    Two months ago, I began going to Doctor—Khaimov's office. My lower back was suffering for an extended period. Khaimov and Dr. Aronova have helped me. They genuinely care about their patients. They are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced doctors. Rhizotomy is a procedure that doctors. Daniel Khaimov performed on me. Patients who suffer from facial joint arthropathy are recommended to undergo this procedure. I've experienced lower back pain relieved because of this procedure. The Khaimov, you are the best. Thank you. I am a colossal massive on this site.

  4. Robert Wegener
    Mar 2, 2023

    This office will make you feel happy to be a healthcare

    As an occupational therapist as well as the owner of an occupational therapy, physical therapy hand therapy, and therapy office and I'm able to tell you that after having been treated by Dr. Khaimov and RibI Priyev following a sporting injury I w, I will never ever go to any other linen—the front office staff to the doctor. Provide you with respect and with the highest level of care. They are highly knowledgeable about the area they are treating and can teach you how to control the discomfort! The office is clean and cozy, and they make you feel like you're at home. This office will make you feel happy to be a healthcare provider and keep providing great high-quality care.

  5. Marti Palmer
    Feb 28, 2023

    I thought I would never get off opiates

    Dr. Aronova's great pain mgmt physician was taking oxycodone for seven plus years; now, they and prescribed other pain meds that are working well, with no adverse effects. I thought I would never get off opiates; thank God for you, Dr. Aronova, and an outstanding comprehensive diagnostic Ian's staff are fantastic too.

  6. Daniel Perry
    Feb 26, 2023

    Back pain isn't an opportunity

    Back pain isn't an opportunity, but intriguing doctors that can treat pinched nerves and back pain are! Dr. Khaimov helped me regain my feet with physical therapy and an epidural injection of steroids. The staff is fantastic, and the doctors are highly skilled! Great experience! Recommend this center!

  7. Flower Mania
    Feb 24, 2023

    Do not wait longer than a few days.

    Dr. Khaimov is a highly skilled doctor who has assembled an excellent team of professionals focused on providing top-quality medical care. There is also a friendly and professional front staff at the desk. The wait time for appointments is acceptable; you do not sit in the waiting area all day long like in other locations. Scheduling an appointment to see a doctor or procedure is a plus. Do not wait longer than a few days.

  8. Rebecca Giraldez
    Feb 23, 2023

    My lower back was quite severe.

    Dr. Aranova has helped me with my lower back pain immensely. My lower back was quite severe. Her treatments have greatly benefited her. Her staff and she are incredibly accommodating. Highly recommend the service.

  9. Thomas Evatt
    Feb 21, 2023

    I am completely satisfied with the service I received from the office.

    The experience I had at the center was the most enjoyable after having several chiropractors and doctors and chiropractors, doctor. Khaimov and his staff helped me get back to my feet after just a few sessions. They're very accommodating and easy to work with. I could schedule an appointment last minute with the doctor, and the timing was convenient. As a patient, I am completely satisfied with the service I received from the office.

  10. Denise Melinn
    Feb 20, 2023

    I was allowed to manage my pain

    I am so blessed I decided to seek treatment for my pain. I was allowed to manage my pain with different methods, and I'm very grateful! I'm pain-free now and advise everyone to suffer from pain to go to a doctor.

  11. David Bowman
    Feb 17, 2023

    I highly recommend his precision pain.

    I've been a client of Dr. Khaimov in addition to Precision Pain Medicine due to a WorkerComp-related injury since the first day of my treatment; managing my pain was a priority, and the staff at the recently renovated office are friendly and courteous. I've been with Dr. Khaimov following the severity of my Workmen's Comp injury; he cares for my hip and lower back discomfort. I highly recommend his precision pain.

  12. Debora Ludwig
    Feb 16, 2023

    It is essential to have kindness assist us in healing

    My family members and friends have received treatment from doctors Dr. Khaimov and dr. Aronova. I have to say that I am very blessed to have stumbled upon these fantastic doctors' aid. They are not only knowledgeable and excellent in their abilities; however, but they also show compassion in dealing with their clients! This is a rare quality and a rare trait! They have helped my friends, and me recover from the pain and return to regular life! I am forever thankful for their assistance. I want to say that the office runs well, and its staff and nurses are amiable and helpful! When we are in pain, our life can be difficult enough it is essential to have kindness assist us in healing! The people who provide it, as well as much more!

  13. Gregory Webb
    Feb 15, 2023

    He is compassionate and competent.

    Great Dr.! He is compassionate and competent. He can explain every detail to the point where you leave the office quickly about how good your experience will be. His secretaries are extremely friendly, particularly Andrea. Ten years of working with him should be a sign of something in.. today's times.

  14. Janet Kaplan
    Feb 11, 2023

    The beautiful personnel at the desk

    I couldn't ask for a more satisfying visit to the doctor's office at Precision Pain Medicine. On my arrival, I was welcomed by the beautiful personnel at the desk. They were friendly, welcoming, and professional. They were also caring, and the Doctors were fantastic.

  15. John Bradley
    Feb 10, 2023

    I've experienced back discomfort

    During the past three months, I've experienced back discomfort. I've seen my primary doctor Physical therapy, rheumatologist, chiropractic, etc. Dr. Jaramillo was able to provide the right solutions to my issue. I believe in his knowledge.

  16. Marilyn White
    Feb 8, 2023

    She was very friendly and experienced.

    I have suffered from severe pain for about a week. Dr. Aronova was able to see me in an emergency. She was very friendly and experienced. I left with the capacity to restrain my spine nearly instantly. Absolutely recommend!

  17. Dennis Miller
    Feb 7, 2023

    It's likely the first doctor.

    The physician, Raphael, was professional and sincere. It's likely the first doctor. Pain Management wise, that gave me an honest response and was open with me about everything. He went above and beyond, and I am grateful for everything I received from him. If you know anyone who reads this, I highly recommend this doctor for pain management.

  18. Richard Bell
    Feb 4, 2023

    Excellent and knowledgeable doctors

    Excellent and knowledgeable doctors! My back was experiencing such severe pain that I thought I'd be unable to bear it for the rest of my life, as other doctors had informed me. My friend then suggested I see Dr. Khaimov. I was adamant that it would be useless; is there any harm? I decided to go and was instantly amazed by the level of care. He informed me of many options, some them being short-term and others that were long-term. I decided to go with the long-term and, so far, WOW! I would highly recommend it! It!

  19. Melanie Boudar
    Feb 3, 2023

    I will be thankful for your support in helping me stay out of pain.

    Dr. Khaimov is an absolute God-created being in my eyes. He has helped me to get rid of pain and allowed me to spend time with my family and friends without suffering. He is an excellent doctor. Thank for your help, and I will be thankful for your support in helping me stay out of pain. He is very kind and comforting, and his team is fantastic too. He is the best!

  20. Michael Kramer
    Feb 2, 2023

    It is highly recommended to visit this practice.

    From the moment I walked into the office to when I left the building, everyone made me feel like one of the family members. The office is beautifully decorated and has stunning artwork that I loved looking at. I was given an injection the first day I went to the office, and it helped ease much of the pain I'd been suffering from for months. Doctor. Khaimov is an excellent physician with a pleasant bedside manner. It is highly recommended to visit this practice.

  21. Janet lipscomb
    Feb 1, 2023

    My lower back was suffering for an extended period

    Two years ago, I began attending doctor—Khaimov's practice. My lower back was suffering for an extended period. Each doc, tors Dr. Khaimov and Dr. Aronova, has been treating me. They are genuine and have a heart for their patients. They are highly trained, skilled, and experienced doctors. Rhizotomy was one of the recent procedures for doctors. Daniel Khaimov performed on me. Patients who suffer from facet joint arthropathy problems are recommended to undergo this procedure. I've had lower back pain relieved as a result of this procedure. Doctor. Khaimov, you are the most excellent doctor. Thank you. I am a massive fan of this site.

  22. Marilyn Dean
    Jan 27, 2023

    This Office is fantastic

    This Office is fantastic! The staff is always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to assist. Dr. Khaimov, as well as Dr. Jaramillo, are unique and extremely sensitive to how you feel. If you're suffering from discomfort, contact this clinic!!

  23. Wendy Marti
    Jan 23, 2023

    The front desk staff is always accommodating.

    I have been receiving treatment at this facility for several years. The doctors have been very supportive and have been understanding of my pain. They are using new technology to help me manage my pain. They are highly recommended. They have very polite employees, and the front desk staff is always accommodating.

  24. Brenda boaen
    Jan 21, 2023

    He is an experienced and compassionate doctor.

    I have been visiting Dr. Khaimov's clinic for more than five years. He is an experienced and compassionate doctor. He has helped me restore a higher quality of life than I thought I could have with chronic illness. His staff has always been supportive and courteous, and they take the time to talk to patients regardless of whether they're working. I highly recommend speaking to them if you suffer from extreme pain affecting your daily life.

  25. Anthony M Canorro
    Jan 4, 2023

    Terrible Experience

    I recently visited this office; it was the worst experience I have ever had at a healthcare facility. The staff was rude and unaccommodating, and the apartments were overbooked, so I had to wait for hours before it was my turn to see the doctor. When I finally got to see the doctor, they were cold and uncaring, and it was clear that they were going through the motions. I would not recommend this office to anyone.

  26. Janice Strickland
    Dec 17, 2022

    Certain staff members are rude.

    The doctor is fantastic; however, certain staff members are rude. I tried to contact HR and left a voicemail, and I haven't heard anything from them. They did not give me an issue because my primary care physician did not endorse my insurance card. They falsely claimed that it was my insurance asking for it. So I contacted my insurance company, and they said I should not be experiencing this problem. When I called them back, they informed me that this was the medical professional who had been notified, and when I wanted to talk to the doctor, they did not allow me to do so at first. They even canceled my appointment. After I finally managed to get another person to call me, they could not understand why I was experiencing this problem; When I mentioned it to my doctor, he was unable to figure out why they could give me this problem.

  27. Cornelia Yankovich
    Dec 16, 2022

    I hope this issue will be solved.

    I accompanied my grandmother to have her injections, her appointment was scheduled for 11, and she was waiting to be seen until 12. It appears that the office is booked out. It seems that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue since another patient was asleep, waiting for her appointment to call. I hope this issue will be solved.

  28. Brenda Hoagland
    Dec 9, 2022

    I would have given one star!

    I truly appreciate the care in this office up to this day. I understand the stress of having busy schedules. Still, if a professionally run company cannot manage a busy schedule, it's the right time to review its plans, especially when dealing with health. I asked questions to my doctor but was disregarded. If it weren't for the courteous receptionist to respond to all my questions following my extremely uncomfortable appointment, I would have given one star!

  29. Ruth Goodman
    Dec 6, 2022

    Awfully rude employees..

    Rude employees. I came in with advice from a different doctor and was kept on hold for 20 minutes and then didn't know what kind of treatment at the clinic... even though they clearly stated on their website that it had happened... They probably employ summer interns to handle the phones to reduce expenses.

  30. Janice Wilcox
    Dec 5, 2022

    The Dr. Khaimov and his staff are a scam! Beware.

    I brought my father to the clinic for medical care and was told that the insurance would cover his visit to the staff at the desk. Then, a couple of months later, we were charged an outrageous amount and informed that the insurance company was not covered. Dr. Khaimov and his staff are a scam! Beware.

  31. Heidi Bassano
    Dec 2, 2022

    We weren't the only people waiting

    It was my turn to join an acquaintance receiving cortisone shots while under anesthesia. We were punctual to the appointment at 11:30. My friend was drinking water and fasting the night prior. They didn't call him until after 4:30 pm. Doctor offices must be aware, take responsibility for a load of patients, and be mindful of the time for an appointment. Don't overbook. Reduce the number of people you see and allow your practice to offer the proper attention. I know back-ups and other issues, but this is not negligence. We weren't the only people waiting. You can do yourself a favor; if you don't have a full day to spare, go somewhere else.

  32. Emil Tillona
    Dec 1, 2022

    Be awareof this business at all cost.

    Be aware of this business at all cost. Everything they do is the collection of cash out of your policy. The receptionists are unprofessional and rude. Beware of this fraudulent firm, and check with your insurance provider about the service you received; they may use various codes different from your actual procedure to charge additional insurance fees. In addition to being non-professional, they book people too much and give 1tenindividuals the same 10 am appointment so that they can all be there in one go; they don't focus on the quality, but only the amount and the amount of money thearen'tning. They; we'veare effective to we'vetwicethe office two times, and they were ineffective; my mom was much better before coming to this office. AVOID

  33. Lily Fox
    Aug 26, 2022

    Absolutely would recommend this office, 100%!

    If I could give Dr. Khaimov a hundred stars I would! I’ve been fortunate enough to take advantage of his holistic approach to better health and the results are amazing. From a sore hip, achy joints, tingling in my hand to stress and digestive issues, he has helped to resolve my ailments in a short period of time. I am currently taking advantage of the nutritional program he offers and in only 1 week have experienced very noticeable improvement in my overall health that very nicely compliments the chiropractic care I have been receiving. Additionally, the knowledge he provides to his patients and his professionalism is above and beyond what you may expect to experience.

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