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3 Reviews on Planet of the Vapes

  1. Kevin
    Jan 17, 2023


    they use used products to fulfill orders. not to mention the glass is made in China. Have fun sucking on LEAD!
    Customer service is pathetic. like above post stated. They use passive aggressive response. I almost question if it’s AI response not HUMAN! They will not answer questions directly especially concerning questions like was this item used? or why was there AVB already in the bowl? or why did you ship glass in a bag?
    completely side step it.
    Remember people glass from China has lead.

  2. Teresa Lenihan
    Sep 22, 2022

    Excellent customer service

    I bought the micro da Vinci slightly used and received it, and it wasn’t working correctly, so they refunded me the purchase. Then I got the air riser Air 2 lightly used, which didn’t work entirely correctly and was missing all the parts. Still, they immediately corrected the problem and sent me all the missing pieces with extra features and a spare battery for the unit because the battery was dying quickly in the air 2. so they sent me a brand new battery, all the parts, and everything is good now. Excellent customer service getting back to you .fast shipping times, will be buying from them again.

  3. Michael Khalil
    May 21, 2022

    Terrible service

    Terrible service. I received a part that didn’t work with my $200 vape. POTV refused to replace the piece until I returned it. After my return was complete, their customer service representative tried to send me a $20 invoice for the replacement.

    This was something we had never discussed before. After multiple emails, I had to threaten a credit-card dispute to have my replacement piece sent (WHICH IS STILL THE Wrong Piece…FML). I gave up and will never return.

    Edit: Thanks for your response, POTV. I wish I could reverse my POTV order. This is horrible service. I wouldn’t want it on my worst enemy. Avoid POTV! You can check that I ordered the 2020 Omni, including a cap and a 5-fin tip.

    This is precisely what I ordered. It didn’t say anything about this being incompatible. I ordered an Omni 2020 precisely as it came. DynaVap also sent me a 5-fin tip cap and a non-captive cap for this year’s 420 sales.

    Guess what? They fit perfectly, just like they do on 2020 Omnis. It’s not complicated. Although your CS could have picked a working cap for you and assisted, you sent me passive-aggressive emails to drag out my order instead of being angry at me.

    Mike, you’ve displayed your talents. I won’t be back, and I hope other people notice.

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