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13 Reviews on Pippd

  1. Kristy Tarrant
    Jan 9, 2023

    The Reaper Starter Paint Set is a fantastic value

    The Reaper Starter Paint Set is a fantastic value and offers a wide assortment of colors. One painting was missing from the set. However, Reaper promptly sent out two of the missing paint and a miniature when it was the Christmas season.

  2. Tanya Wainner
    Jan 8, 2023

    They are an excellent company

    I have placed orders with Pippd a few times, and they always arrive quickly and punctually. They offer great pricing and top-quality products. When I encountered a problem making my purchase, customer service responded extremely quickly and resolved the issue. They are an excellent company, and I’ll purchase the miniatures I need from them as soon as possible.

  3. Donna Carlino
    Jan 6, 2023

    Excellent assortment

    Excellent assortment of Chessex dice at very affordable prices! I was extremely pleased with my online purchase. It even arrived earlier than expected! The packaging was safe and secure, with none of the plastic that was overly bulky. The dice are beautiful. My Game Night partner suddenly became interested in the die when I showed him the die I had purchased.

  4. Lee Mcgrath
    Jan 5, 2023

    The majority of the merchandise available

    I’m only beginning to build my collection, but I’m pleased with Pippd with their vast assortment of miniatures in 25-32mm scale at a very competitive price. The majority of the merchandise available on the site is less than MSRP, and attractive coupons can help you save even more. I purchased a selection of Reaper miniatures (they provide most of the Bones in their original white plastic. However, I did manage to find some in the latest metal and grey figurines) and also some Iron Winds and WizKids. My only complaint is that some of the images are low resolution, making it challenging to figure out the details. However, it’s not a significant issue worthy of a star. The delivery was on time even with the storms slowing delivery. So far, so good. I will definitely shop here once more!

  5. Crystal Sibert
    Jan 4, 2023

    I'm happy with my purchase

    Pipped was an item I was searching for. The cost was fair, and the ordering process was quick and straightforward. My game was delivered today, and it was delivered very quickly. I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend Pippd to everyone. Than, ks, Pippd for a job very well done. Another satisfied customer.

  6. Rhonda Williams
    Jan 2, 2023

    The service was very responsive.

    I’m amazed at the quality of my experience. Everything was spot on. The service was very responsive. Received my order a few days earlier than I expected. The Ms range of paints for reapers is excellent for my style of painting.

  7. Gayla Lipscomb
    Jan 1, 2023

    extremely satisfied with the entire transaction.

    I first purchased with Pippd and was extremely satisfied with the entire transaction. The items were packed well and were shipped swiftly. The dice were of the highest quality, and my order was perfectly what I desired. I’ll definitely order from Pippd for future orders of dice!

  8. Andreé Nader
    Dec 28, 2022

    straightforward shipping of a fantastic

    I’m not one to review books. Most of the time, I find them useless, and you can’t believe the opinions of someone you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting. In that regard, I’d like to express my gratitude to Pippd for the speedy and straightforward shipping of a fantastic se,t of dice, which will be the main attraction at our Christmas celebration. They are beautiful. Also, whether you believe in me, I think in the odds at Pippd and am happy I gambled. It’s game time! Have a wonderful day, and be careful.

  9. Karen Byrum
    Dec 26, 2022

    this is the perfect product

    Awesome! Simply amazing! If you are looking for particular dice at a reasonable cost, this is the perfect product for you! We’re about to begin the Scion 2e and I’d like to have,e four sets of 10mm D10 (forever; however, it was a reason to get them since they explode in the D10 systems). The only thing I’d recommend is to be cautious about what you read; it was my fault; I thought they came in sets of 10, not six. But it’s nothing to worry about. I thought it was an incredible bargain, was turned out to be an average good deal. I’ll buy more of them! Thank you!!

  10. Chad E Jensen
    Dec 21, 2022

    This is my third set with issues with at least one of the pieces missing

    The reason I bought this set was to get Blade Girl. When I opened it, the peg that connected the arm was missing. The entire thing is there; however, the peg that attaches the arm that holds it all together is missing. The holes of the rockets aren’t enough for a complete set, but they will keep if I don’t touch her until the glue is drying. The main reason I bought the rocket is that it doesn’t have a way to join the arm of the sword. This is a significant disappointment for me. I enjoy painting minis, and these are some of the best look cyberpunk miniatures I’ve seen. This is my third set with issues with at least one of the pieces missing a connector and one of the pegs to place them on the stand not right.

  11. Janaina Carvalho
    Jul 7, 2022

    Phenomenal Legit & Awesome Hidden Gem!

    Phenomenal! My order was shipped immediately, I had submitted an inquiry on the item, and they quickly messaged me with images and a detailed reply on precisely what was included inside the set, which was even more complex than I had hoped.

    They also mentioned that they planned to ship my package in the afternoon, so I could have a date if I have anything else I’d like to buy to receive free shipping within the same box.

    High-end, authentic products, incredible customer service, truly one of the best businesses I’ve ever purchased from! They allow you to add more items to the order until it is processed! There’s no longer a need for that! They’re so friendly! It’s like visiting your local game retailer (except they’re not products my LGS does not carry).

    My order was delivered to me in just a couple of days. (I am aware that shipping times vary significantly during covid, but the charge you place from Pippd, according to my experience, will be able to be shipped out quicker than other places you get it).

    Also, I am a fan of the price! An order from a large miniature company that I ordered just a week earlier hadn’t shipped, even though they were processing, and I received this almost in a day.

    Excellent packaging, excellent shipping. They packed my paints in boxes! The caps on the Reaper paints were securely closed and placed in an adorable little box within my package. It was packed upside down! There were no bottles that had fallen out or been that were tossed around, no spills or messy tips! Finally! I even received an item that was damaged.

    They offered to replace the damaged piece immediately for no cost or a reduction on a new set they’re restocking (I wanted to purchase another location, but I’ll probably be using the ones I received). The item was in good condition initially.

    However, the item was damaged due to a defect in the manufacturing process, and when it was opened, it became more apparent. The store was not at fault or the person packing it, and they were lovely!

    I had never heard of this business before I placed my order. However, they’re legitimate and provide excellent experience all the way around. Phenomenal. Highly Recommend!! I’m already planning another purchase. Best place to buy Reaper paints I’ve come across as well.

    Reaper paints are my top choice quality, much less expensive than Citadel, and have a massive selection of colors! (they also have Citadel, lol) as well as a package of brand new Reaper paint nozzles for paints I bought from other sources with clogged tips, which I cannot wholly remove and continue to put sewing push pins…

    IFindingitems you didn’t think to search for! It is always fun. They also have other products like board games and 3D puzzles, but for the moment, I’m mostly looking at Miniatures for myself for practice and paint nights with friends.

    They have excellent rates on specific miniature models that are perfect for practicing! They also have one of the most enticing free shipping limits! Shopping can be enjoyable, not stress-inducing.

    I’ve been looking for about $100 worth of merchandise on a different website for weeks because it feels like a lot, and I’m buying things I don’t want to get. Right now, Pippd’s free shipping is $45 worth of merchandise! Please find what you like, Enjoy it, then buy more later at your leisure.

    PS They have a fantastic Christmas selection! It’s hard to find festive Christmas items! I have some adorable and good-quality Christmas paint colors, and I’m looking for cute Halloween and Christmas-themed Miniatures!

    Okay, I’m done, lol. You can try it out for yourself. They even offer an excellent return policy.

  12. Ryan Harlan
    May 13, 2022

    Amazing Customer Service

    I was contacted by a representative who told me that they had combined the rankings because they were shipping to the same place. I was on a buying spree and placed an order before I could put everything I wanted in my cart.

    I placed another order shortly after that and was informed that shipping costs would be twice charged. They arrived much faster than expected, and the dice were stunning. They also refunded my shipping cost for the second-order without me asking. I will be ordering again from this site!

  13. Raymundo Feliciano
    Apr 28, 2022

    Another great Pippd purchase

    Pippd has been a great company to do business with. This has been true for all of my Pippd purchases. The current purchase arrived in excellent condition and was delivered quickly. Pippd is my preferred site for Koplow and Chessex dice.

    Although there are many other dice sites, Pippd is my preferred choice. Pippd has solid prices, great customer service, and high-quality dice. Pippd has another great purchase, with more to come.

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