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17 Reviews on Phigora

  1. Brandi Hong
    May 30, 2023

    It's not trustworthy advertising

    The seller didn't offer a genuine item. It claimed three times it was a watch with an automatic mechanism. However, it turned out to be an unwound hand-wound model. It was damaged, but it did not mention any damages. Therefore, it's not trustworthy advertising. And the only answer is to ship the item back, for which I must cover the charges. I'm very disappointed that the supplier did not resolve this issue correctly.

  2. Daniel Tripp
    May 2, 2023

    An intimidating encounter

    If I could give five stars or more, I'd. Selling expensive watches online is an intimidating encounter. Phigora helped me make it easy. Highly suggest working with this firm. Quick, fair, effective, and, of course, trustworthy!

  3. Willandria Jackson
    Apr 13, 2023

    An affordable price

    The Phigora team did a great job dealing with my demands as a client. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit their brick-and-mortar store and interact through their messages, which led to my initial purchase of a gold-plated watch. They helped me through the process as I learned more from various sources about the advantages of changing the dial for a specific vintage watch without losing authenticity. They also assisted me in selecting the best watch case, bracelet model, and dial I desired. I received a top-quality piece of equipment for an affordable price and excellent customer service.

  4. Frank Pleines
    Jan 20, 2023

    Fantastic company!

    I just made my third purchase of a watch from Phigora and was extremely happy with the timepiece I purchased. The folks at Phigora are always very accommodating and accurate in their word; they Fantastic company! I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new watch shortly.

  5. Cheryl Cnossen
    Nov 17, 2022

    Rolex Datejust 79174 Ladies Watch

    I received my beautiful Rolex watch as an early Christmas gift approximately 3 weeks ago, and couldn't be happier with this timepiece. It keeps perfect time, looks brand new with the updating, and is beautifully stylish. In addition to the awesome piece, Phigora enclosed a bottle of wine, which we will open on Christmas to officially christen my watch. Thank you for a lovely, enduring timepiece.

  6. Martin Geraghty
    Nov 7, 2022

    First online purchase of a pre-owned

    The first purchase made online was an antique watch from a second-hand store, and I was somewhat hesitant. We chatted online on Sunday afternoon and got many questions answered. I also spoke to George on Wednesday. The watch was purchased shortly after that, and I received it on Friday. A difficult-to-locate watch ( I've looked for it for close to a year) at a great price and in good condition. An easy, quick transaction. Thank you, George, and thank you for the wine bottle. You've earned a client.

  7. Sonia Perry
    Sep 21, 2022

    A very responsive and professional team

    A very responsive and professional team. Excellent and responsive. They were susceptible to our needs and had flexible, friendly, positive attitudes—highly resourceful people. I highly recommend them.

  8. Chuck Earle
    Sep 21, 2022

    Phigora was very enjoyable

    My first time working with Phigora was delightful. I purchased a luxurious watch. Communication about things was straightforward. Also, the look was exactly as it was shown. I was delighted with the service and would continue to do business with them and recommend them.

  9. Allison Fanelli
    Sep 21, 2022

    Great customer service

    Great customer service. Quick responses to questions. I was a bit dissatisfied when the watch arrived and had a missing lume at the 5 o'clock hour mark, which was not apparent in the images. The look was otherwise in good condition.

  10. Kristine M Cecchetti
    Sep 21, 2022

    I came across a great model on the site and placed an order

    I have once applied to this shop to purchase new watches since my old ones had been damaged and I needed new ones. I'm a professional, and it's easier to glance at watches rather than take my phone out of my pocket. So, I came across this company on the internet and looked through the selection. I didn't need several modern-day watches that had a lot of features. When it comes to eyes, I'm pretty conservative. The only things I needed were functional arrows and nothing else. I came across a great model on the site and placed an order. It arrived within the next day. I'm glad I made contact with the managers here.

  11. Richard Alessi
    Sep 21, 2022

    The look isn't working

    I purchased the Cartier watch for my wife's birthday. Everything was fine until I received the watch. The look isn't working. I'll return it on Tuesday. We'll be watching what happens next.

  12. Jack Shaw
    Sep 21, 2022

    My watch came with a broken bezel

    My watch came with a broken bezel. I was offered a defective eye, but they did not examine them before sending it to the customer. The watch was returned to me, and I offered a refund, and I decided to send the keeper the watch to be repaired at my own expense.

  13. Lorraine Kreplfe
    Sep 21, 2022

    I'm asking for a refund in part or a newer one!

    It arrived, which seemed to be in good condition. But I went to the jeweler for an additional bezel and a new face. However, he informed me that the watch could be from the '80s. The bracelet was definitely from the 60s with a bad form, and screw pins were not the ones they used in the 1980s. They took out the weakest links and then tried to secure the rest, but it was impossible. Now I've left with a Used Rolex watch w a defective bracelet. I'm asking for a refund in part or a newer one! It's too late to return it since the clock already had the diamond bezel and a new pearl face!

  14. Siaka Christopher
    Sep 21, 2022

    The seller didn't offer a genuine item

    The seller didn't offer a genuine item. The seller claimed three times the watch was automated. However, it turned out to be a hand-wound model. There was evident damage. However, it claimed that there was no damage. Therefore, it's not a credible advertisement. The alternative is to mail it back. I will have to cover the charges. I am incredibly disappointed that the supplier did not address the issue correctly.

  15. Erick Rasmussen
    Jun 26, 2022

    Exceptional service!

    I've had business dealings with Phigora for the past two years, and they're now my top choice to buy watches from. The eyes are guaranteed authentic and clean. They are also reasonably priced. If you are offered the chance to purchase a look, the staff at Phigora will give you exceptional service!

  16. Ellison Gomez
    May 18, 2022

    Excellent watches

    I spent so much time searching for a company that would make excellent watches.

    I need stylish looks to wear to my wedding. I found this company online, and I decided to give up on it.

    I liked the selection and the design of their website. I reached out to customer service to inquire about delivery.

    My wedding is in a week. I was able to order some stylish watches, and they were delivered. I was delighted to receive it in a few days.

  17. Tom Pellegrini
    May 3, 2022

    It took over three weeks for the watch to arrive

    It took more than three weeks for the watch to arrive. It was sent to an incorrect address. FedEx refused to change the address without Phigora's authorization. Phigora's first representative was rude and condescending.

    Finally, a manager contacted me and explained the problem. It was an absolute nightmare buying this watch. I will never buy another look from Phigora or Chrono 24,

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