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  1. Jose Olivera
    September 22nd, 2022

    Massive magic store with great prices

    Massive magic store with great prices. It was pretty amazing..! I have ordered some items here with specific requirements, such as sending a present to my sister, with my name and so on. They fulfilled and provided me with short footage of the packaging according to my requirements…

  2. Barry Hunter
    May 20th, 2022

    It's all great, until it isn't

    It’s great until it doesn’t. Even though it says 2-6 weeks, most people expect 5-6 weeks. It is often longer. Greg sends long emails back and forth and is not interested in listening to what you are trying to point out.

    He must prove that he is correct and you are wrong. Instead of saying sorry, he will instead use justification to dismiss your business.

    He must have a lot of complaints. I’ll give vanishing Inc a shot; they offer free shipping to Canada for 3-7 days and not six weeks. It’s all good if you are in the USA.

  3. Sky Lauren
    May 5th, 2022

    Excellent customer service!

    It was my first order from them and it was great. They have a personal touch that others don’t. They are attentive to the comments bar, which is available for questions or special instructions.

    Many places don’t. My son loves the sponge balls that I bought him and the videos they put online. L will order from them again.

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