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19 Reviews on Pad & Quill

  1. Holly Armstrong
    1 rating
    Jun 3, 2023

    It was impossible

    It was impossible to place an order using my laptop. The computer kept asking me to make a choice that I had already made. I tried to contact help, but the office was closed. If I ordered on my phone, I was charged an additional $89.95 instead of $74.95 on my laptop.

  2. Martha Hewitt
    3 rating
    May 3, 2023

    The finer details wasn't easy

    Poor options to view your product. I bought the AppleWatch Pilot band, and the choices for viewing images of the band and color combinations in the display were abysmal. Evaluating the different hues and seeing the finer details wasn't easy. I wanted to see the band in its entirety or larger size and couldn't find any solution to accomplish the same.

  3. Justin Koehler
    4 rating
    Mar 25, 2023

    I am familiar with it.

    Navigating the site is much easier once I'm acquainted with it. Excellent customer service, as I previously had an order canceled to alter the ordered items with no difficulties.

  4. Wanda bender
    1 rating
    Mar 24, 2023

    Very delayed responses to order follow up

    This is the second time I've had a disappointing experience (of three all purchases)with the company. The customer service is inferior, and there are no or prolonged responses to follow-up questions on orders. Responses received after the deadline were generally untrue excuses as to why they could not reply promptly in the first initial instance. Example: blaming the delay attributable to postal services when they communicate entirely via e-mail! This is pretty depressing, given how the business produces unique products. Doubtful if I'll repurchase it.

  5. Steve Forsyth
    4 rating
    Mar 22, 2023

    A bit slow in the color selection.

    It's a bit slow to choose colors. Two rows of colors are adorable, but I'd prefer to select colors from all stains. There are just four choices, so seven buttons are a ridiculous design.

  6. Melissa Hergert
    1 rating
    Mar 21, 2023

    The camera cutting is not perfect

    The camera cutting is not flawless because the camera cutting appears one-sided from the thek. Customs has charged more than twice in shipping costs, which was unexpected.

  7. Philip Baum
    4 rating
    Mar 20, 2023

    This survey talks about satisfaction on an order

    It would have been nice knowing that you could ship internationally. Due to my uncertainty, I was required to send an email first, and I could not find the info on the website before placing my order. This conflicts with your message: "Please enter your information below so we can confirm that you received your order and that the transaction went smoothly." Also, the survey discusses satisfaction with an order I just remembered and haven't received yet...

  8. Justin Proctor
    1 rating
    Mar 19, 2023

    Quality control seems to have slipped since then

    When I received the iPad Pro (12.9in) cover after it was advertised on the site, I was astonished to discover that the black dye/ tannins that stained the body had been transferred to my iPad's screen and Apple Pencil, i., the E. I now have dark marks across my iPad screen and Apple Pencil. I was a delighted customer (I bought a similar product in "whiskey two years ago with no problems). Quality control has fallen since when.

  9. Bettyann Mims
    2 rating
    Mar 18, 2023

    It's not working very well

    I am very disappointed with The Oxford magnetic case for my iPad Pro 11. This is a costly case, and it's poor-designed. It's beautiful. However, the color doesn't match the website. Okay, it's not the end of the world, but it's not as beautiful as I expected, with a dull, flat brown color, not the vibrant reddish whiskey I had seen on their website. Skin color variations. Well, that's what happens. The problem is that they're not strong enough to protect my expensive, costly, and fragile tablet. When I asked customer support what I should do since the iPad can fall out of the case after opening it, she explained that the magnets are in place to keep it in place when it is upright. Gravity can help, but this iPad case is designed to protect it! If it falls out when I open it regularly, it's not performing efficiently. Beware of the buyer.

  10. Amanda Jones
    4 rating
    Mar 16, 2023

    The product is unparalleled.

    Minor issue with the first transaction. Fantastic customer service when it came to rectifying the problem. I'll remain a loyal customer since the product is unbeatable.

  11. Amanda Ruble
    4 rating
    Mar 14, 2023

    It is a very user friendly

    After I clicked the site, I was asked to enter my initial name and email address, and the message stated that I would get the $10.00 discount. I haven't received any further messages indicating I received the $10.00 transferred to my credit card. In other circumstances, I would have scored higher because it's a highly user-friendly site and offers excellent products.

  12. Magdalena Plane
    1 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    Worst Costumer Service ever

    Worst Customer Service EVER. I placed my order on Friday. After submitting it, I noticed an error; I emailed several times and left messages. Five days later, they shipped the order to the incorrect address as they had no idea of the messages or emails. I'm still waiting to hear back from them. In the future, I will never buy anything from them or recommend them.

  13. Travis Johnson
    1 rating
    Mar 1, 2023

    This is totally unacceptable.

    I've just received the AirPods Max case, and to say that I'm disappointed and annoyed with this expensive item is an overstatement. There aren't any instructions, but the most shocking thing about this is that there's no way my headphones could be charged with the hole in the bottom. I've tried every arrangement. There are also these leather handbags. I'm not sure which one to choose. If you're going for an enormous amount of top-quality products, I'm sure you'll get results. I wanted to return it, but I tore the box open. This is unacceptable.

  14. Mark Atkinson
    1 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    The inconvenience was time-consuming and inconvenient

    I tried using my Barclay card, but it wouldn't pass through. I contacted my employer, and they issued a fraudulent alert. The alert was lifted, but I could still not use the card. I was forced to use a different card and forfeit Apple points. I was looking forward to the case, and it seems like it will be pretty; however, the inconvenience was time-consuming and inconvenient.

  15. Lisa Simm
    2 rating
    Dec 2, 2022

    I placed an order three weeks ago

    The ruling has not yet been completed correctly. I placed an order three weeks ago. The first (Bella Fino case with monogramming and tri-color packs of straps) order did not arrive. I was repeatedly told to expect that postal services would take up to two weeks to deliver. Then, a replacement was shipped without the monogramming, for which I had to pay an additional fee. Today I received the package of three colored straps for which I paid an extra amount, and only two were inside the box.

    I'm still waiting for a response on tracking the third package, which should be the right product. It was a very disappointing experience, and there is no urgency on their part to rectify the situation. These are expensive products. I'm amazed they're not very confident about their level of customer care and satisfaction. In my experience as a busy, this is deemed an error in service that must be rectified promptly.

  16. Joan M Baggaley
    5 rating
    Sep 21, 2022

    You'll not be disappointed

    I've placed numerous orders with Pad & Quill and couldn't be more satisfied with the quality of their products. They're my "go-to" for all leather Apple (or home office) accessories. Don't let any negative reviews deter you from attempting them. You'll not be disappointed and will likely (as I've) be a loyal customer for the rest of your life!

  17. Charles Clouse
    3 rating
    Jul 22, 2022

    I was having difficulty making the purchase

    I'm using Google Chrome on my iPhone. I had difficulty making the purchase: when I clicked the button to complete the order, my browser was stuck, and my order could not take place. I'm not sure if it was a glitch from my side.

    PS I noticed that I bought the Kindle and an iPhone ebook each at $40. Whatever way I went, I tried it again three times; it was able to go through without any issues. However, I created profiles after the third time rather than the one-step purchase option you provided.

  18. Diomaris Contreras
    1 rating
    Jul 13, 2022

    Provides no protection

    I just got my MacBook Pro case after waiting for what seems like a long time. I was not satisfied. I didn't realize that I was buying the $100 stick-on case. I'm worried about the sticker doing long-term harm to the laptop that I just bought. The site advertises it as beautiful and rugged. It's not. Provides no protection. Looks cheap. So disappointed. I had previously saved other items on their site, but I will not make another purchase.

  19. Chiggy Elton
    5 rating
    May 5, 2022

    Quality and product flexibility, what a find!

    What a find! Quality and product flexibility. The only problem is that the case arrived in a beautiful package. Although I have decided to keep my keyboard, I am hesitant to pull. After attaching the adhesive strips to the point, I have one question: how do they come off?

    I will ask Quill and Pad, who are very lovely, how I can remove the adhesive. I wouldn't even have gotten into this if I weren't invited. It is beautiful work. Get one for your device.

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