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30 Reviews on Oranum

  1. Mixed Latina
    Apr 14, 2023

    Charged without permission

    Be cautious about this website. People are being charged without permission. Check whether they've set you to auto-charge in the settings, even though you turned it off in the past. Most people who visit the website are trying to relax, and it steals their money from their funds. I hope this hopes someone.

  2. Davit Mamyan
    Jan 22, 2023

    They're situated in Luxembourg and aren't concerned about customer support.

    They're situated in Luxembourg and aren't concerned about customer support. I requested a refund, but they denied it and asked me to close my account, which is a sham procedure.

  3. Damian Mobsby
    Nov 17, 2022

    I confess that I'm a skeptic at best

    I confess that I'm a skeptic at best. Cadence far exceeded my expectations. She was friendly and warm and made me feel secure, and her readings were precise, as I expected. It was not a search in the darkness—all pure love and light and clear. I am overwhelmed and extremely thankful to have had the opportunity. It has brought me great peace and tranquility. I even had optimism for my next that is sans my partner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Maureen Poole
    Nov 15, 2022


    Amazing! I had a photo reading with Marc, and he perfectly described me. He also tapped into my grandmother's enthusiasm and told her with precision. I'm recommending marc! He is a sweet and kind person and very talented! It was a blessing to cross his paths! I followed my nana's advice, and they told me to use the road with a road jack! Thank you!

  5. Cerys Thompson
    Nov 13, 2022

    He has a down-to-the-earth persona! I love him!

    Jordan performed an image reading on my behalf, and I was stunned by the accuracy of his task. He was able to pick up the Father in law's energy, and I felt as if he was there with me. It even picked up my mother-in-law, who is alive! The man described her as a T! It was incredible! It was like my Father had been telling Jordan the right words to use. Jordan is charming and makes you feel comfortable when you talk to him. He has a down-to-the-earth persona! I love him!

  6. Dave Olley
    Nov 11, 2022

    Best wishes to everyone.

    I saw Caden more than a year ago, disorientated, but I was aware that I was imbalanced. Caden was not just CORRECT in my personal history; his advice was accurate. It guided me back to my journey of Growth & Balance. I came back a second time, and his visions were revealed. If love is what you're looking for, or have questions answered? Caden AMAZING. Open your heart and let your mind go; you'll be amazed by his talent—best wishes to everyone.

  7. Andrew Newton
    Nov 9, 2022

    I recently had a read with Maya

    I recently had a read with Maya. I've had several readings, including a well-known top few. What I like about Natalie is that she is an uncompromising shooter. I love her sincerity and love her quick-witted humor. I called to inquire about what I could not discern, whether positively or negatively. I called her to get some clarification. I'm looking to know the truth! I am also grateful to her for not advising me! I don't need counseling. I'll post as things were predicted to happen to occur.

  8. Patrice Parker
    Nov 8, 2022

    I've had the pleasure of working with Elliot numerous times

    I've had the pleasure of working with Elliot numerous times. I have experienced a lot of healing that was beautiful from him. I've also received a handful of reads from his psychic abilities. Elliot has been an excellent guide for me in numerous ways on the spiritual path. He is incredibly friendly and genuine. I always walk away with a sense of calm, confidence in my beliefs, and a better person to be around for our interactions, even if they are talking on the phone. I recommend Elliot to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy psychic/medium with supernatural healing power.

  9. Elize Lloyd
    Nov 7, 2022

    Matt has a remarkable gift.

    When I first met Connor for the first time, I was among the skeptical people. After spending a few minutes with him, I realized the man was real. Connor can see the future and loved ones who have passed on. I have two jobs and no time for romance, but the man he met (who he described with astonishing precision) entered my life, and then two months later, he did. My grandparents visited me and said they were very proud of me, which I wanted to hear. Matt has a remarkable gift.

  10. Moyna Clarke
    Nov 4, 2022

    You were accommodating

    Isabelle was fantastic. She gave me advice that was inspiring. I believe that God brought me to her because her stories were a blessing. I received a message from my father, who died nearly three decades ago. (I was a young person when he passed away) It was an honor for me to get a call from him. It gave me the feeling that he and my mom were watching over me and knowing they were in the same place. The things she shared with me have helped me throughout my life and are something I wanted to hear. Thank you, Isabelle. You were accommodating.

  11. Mayur Guttal
    Nov 3, 2022

    Oliver has transformed my life for the good

    Oliver has transformed my life for the good and has also assisted in healing my 2-year-old son, Max, after recovering from open heart surgery. He has done this by advising me on my son's best interest, his diet, and some Reiki. I've been more successful in business and gained self-confidence and self-confidence after receiving Rick's advice. When you're caught between a rock and a difficult place or require a lift to your bottom, you can depend on Rick to help you get your head back on track and back to your feet.

  12. Chris Bjorck
    Nov 2, 2022

    He's the real deal.

    After being recommended to Nicholas about a year ago, I thought it was time to take the plunge. I can't say enough how much I would have loved it if I had not waited this long. I first sought guidance regarding my work; however, I was stunned when he mentioned my cousin, who passed away just a few months ago. I was amazed by his smile from ear the ear, knowing that she was with us. His positivity and attitude to life are positive, and I'm looking to upcoming life-coaching sessions with him. He's the real deal.

  13. Lynn Talbot
    Nov 1, 2022

    Hanks a lot! This is very disheartening

    I attended a session with Kaylee along with a small group of four others. I entered the session extraordinarily nervous and worried that the loved one we wanted would not show up as he had recently passed away. We could leave Kaylee reading with joy after receiving positive signals from our lost loved ones. Kaylee communicated our loved one's message and personality in a manner that lifted our spirits and allowed us to have a good laugh for the first time in several weeks. Kaylee has a gift, thank you.

  14. Dale Kynaston
    Oct 28, 2022

    I'm sorry, but I had to tell the truth

    I believe she will give you answers, but waiting for them to come through is a lot. I don't think I'll ever connect again. After waiting three minutes for connection, you receive some general information about your dream. I could see it through an interpreter for plans, and the interpreter tried to explain what it meant. It's like circling, trying to get through the time. I'm sorry, but I had to tell the truth.

  15. Jacqui Reid
    Oct 27, 2022

    Oranum is a fraud

    Oranum is a fraud. It is a fake company with low-quality readers who give poor readings. It is essential to locate an excellent psychic. I found a good psychic reader at www.lightaxishealing.com. You should have a psychic reading with him. He also has healing sessions. I hope this will help.

  16. Robert Hobbs
    Oct 25, 2022

    I am thankful

    When I met Ellie at first, she immediately stated that she felt a maternal presence that accompanied me. She continued to share with me the parts of her body where she felt pain or trauma from her mother's presence. My mother died several years ago after a lengthy struggle with cancer. As I read, Ellie picks up on things that no one in the family could be aware of. She is awed by her work. I am thankful and blessed to have her support in my spiritual journey.

  17. Jade Dickson
    Oct 21, 2022

    She's pleased with her readings.

    It was a feeling that the astrological reading was a guessed interpretation but not precisely accurate. There was perhaps no connection between her and me; I'm not sure that a horoscope was precisely what I was hoping to find... and, even when I was asked about it, the things that were stated about my job were not anything to do with my work. Have anything to do with my decision to change careers? A very friendly and courteous... And she's pleased with her readings.

  18. Deborah Gold
    Oct 17, 2022

    I wasted money and time.

    It was way too slow. Some mistakes continued going on for a long time in astrology. I did not make an appointment to get a reading of astrology. I could have stayed more time before calling. It's hard to believe that I wasted money and time.

  19. Jason Kenny
    Oct 14, 2022

    I would recommend Caleb to anyone! I'll definitely return!

    I was extremely pleased by the readings of Caleb. I would highly recommend Caleb. All I had to say was my first name and date of birth. He jumped right into my circumstances, which hit me in the right head! I've had several psychics, but none of them could help me. Caleb not only provided me with insight but also taught me techniques that helped me solve my issue. I would recommend Caleb to anyone! I'll return!

  20. Penny Hazeldine
    Oct 11, 2022

    Thank you Thomas!

    Thomas gave a brief talk for me based on a photograph. He reconnected me with my mother, who died a short time ago. He pinpointed some of the issues I was facing and gave me uplifting as well as acoustic advice on how to move forward. His energy and enthusiasm for his work are evident in his written notes. Thank you, Thomas! I would recommend him and go back to his services myself.

  21. Rosemary Chivers
    Oct 9, 2022

    A person called truthful is a nuisance with lies and is inconsistent

    A person called truthful is a nuisance with lies and is inconsistent. The person sends a direct message stating that she is in updates, yet she repeatedly says the same thing, swindles money and wastes time. Blame her.

  22. Alex Heddell
    Oct 7, 2022

    Didn't attempt to make money from the time

    It's up to you who you speak with. The man I first talked to was extremely professional and didn't attempt to make money from the time. After that, I met with a psychic/medium because I have many dear ones from opposite sides. He did not say anything and continued to try to land on something or someone who resonated with me. However, the truth was that he was always wrong. I believe he was trying to guess and hoping it would be the case.

  23. Heather Padbury
    Oct 6, 2022

    There are much better sites available.

    The site wouldn't allow me to switch from a free reading to a paid assignment, and the text of the task vanished when the credit was exhausted. The reader was charming, and I requested him to repeat the final message because I hadn't checked the conclusion after I began paying for the service, but the reading was longer than I asked for (1.5 hours). Customer service could not give me credit for the time I wasted rereading the original text and refused to view it as a problem on the website.

    It's easy to see the logic behind paying two times for something. It took 1.5 minutes, for God's sake. I strongly suggest staying clear of this website. Websites like this don't focus on satisfying customers and providing good customer service. They're more concerned with ensuring that the person I spoke to at CS that her company earns the $5 instead of having the ability to keep customers returning and having a positive reputation. There are much better sites available.

  24. Laura Chapman
    Oct 5, 2022

    You couldn't hear what she was saying

    I was able to have a private reading with psychiclunastar several months ago. Her listening was so cadgy that she could earn as much profit from my reading as she possibly could.. her dogs and kids were taking a lot of noses in the back that you couldn't hear what she was saying.

  25. Cristian Capsuna
    Oct 2, 2022


    I joined to find out what was available and was told I could get the opportunity to chat for free. I clicked on SISTAR... Oh my... this lady stared at the screen and seemed very dirty with a half-sleepy face... When I mentioned the chat for free, she became agitated... The woman claimed it was an employment opportunity and did not want to be paid... She was aggressive and combative and claimed she was off. I informed her that she was unprofessional and that the site claimed that I could chat for no cost... the woman claimed the website was a lie... every when she was talking, she took drinks from an empty plastic container and then stuffed snacks in her mouth. I was utterly horrified. I've complained by email because I believe such a rage could push someone emotionally vulnerable over the edge when they are duped by the offer of a freebie and confronted by a violent online tyrant. DO USE THIS SITE; IT'S A RIP-OFF SITE, AND MY EXPERIENCE WAS DEPLORABLE.

  26. Nigel Moody
    Sep 28, 2022

    I am thankful for it.

    I'm unable to recall exactly how long I've been with Tyler. Perhaps 30 years, maybe longer. I remember his warm and caring nature, mainly through a string of losses that lasted for years in which I had no hope, through his sessions with me. K. and. Readings, I've recovered from the period above and am doing better than I did before. He is a trulgenuinelyight-filled gift, and I am thankful for it.

  27. Samantha Willin
    Sep 22, 2022

    I haven't found a single honest or ethical person

    I've spent about $200 trying out six various psychics through Oranum, and all of them offered utterly different answers to the same question at best, and in the worst case, they tried to trick me out of money. I had four psychics attempt to keep me from racking up the money by asking me a million questions before they could answer any question. They even asked me what my favorite colors were. I was also given false information and told that I needed a hex to be removed when I was doing well with my daily life. Do people still believe such a thing? Oh, my goodness. I haven't found a single honest or ethical person.

  28. Phill Sammons
    Sep 21, 2022

    I am extremely happy

    I am thrilled and thankful to have found Skyler! Skyler was knowledgeable, helpful, and at ease throughout our phone conversation. Skyler has a very casual way of speaking to her listeners, and the dialogue feels like talking to an old acquaintance who has had a relationship with you for years. Skyler provided a variety of answers to my questions for me. Her responses and advice rangauthenticallyc. Thanks, Skyler!

  29. Rainham Family
    Sep 1, 2022

    My time with Dominic was a pleasure

    My time with Dominic was a pleasure. I could barely speak with him, as I already knew so many details. Dominic listened to me as if we were old friends. I've heard about psychics trying to get details from the people they're reading. He gave me an insightful and enjoyable conversation. We also made a date for a follow-up call with my husband! I would give him my 100% endorsement. God has gifted him with the most beautiful gift.

  30. Anonymous
    Jun 10, 2022

    They're not honest

    They're not honest. They have a rule not to refund you even if you could not speak in private. It was their error.

    I clicked the button for PVT, and the screen was frozen. I could not read the reading, but they charged me for it and didn't wish to refund me even though it was only one credit.

    I don't think I will decide to do business with them again. They also take from the psychics who work with them 65% or so of their fee.

    If I pay for a psychic reading 10 dollars, they charge their own 7 dollars, at the very least, and the psychic takes the remaining.

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