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2 Reviews on Oranum

  1. Samantha Willin
    September 22nd, 2022

    I haven't found a single honest or ethical person

    I’ve spent about $200 trying out six various psychics through Oranum, and all of them offered utterly different answers to the same question at best, and in the worst case, they tried to trick me out of money. I had four psychics attempt to keep me from racking up the money by asking me a million questions before they could answer any question. They even asked me what my favorite colors were. I was also given false information and told that I needed a hex to be removed when I was doing well with my daily life. Do people still believe such a thing? Oh, my goodness. I haven’t found a single honest or ethical person.

  2. Anonymous
    June 10th, 2022

    They're not honest

    They’re not honest. They have a rule not to refund you even if you could not speak in private. It was their error.

    I clicked the button for PVT, and the screen was frozen. I could not read the reading, but they charged me for it and didn’t wish to refund me even though it was only one credit.

    I don’t think I will decide to do business with them again. They also take from the psychics who work with them 65% or so of their fee.

    If I pay for a psychic reading 10 dollars, they charge their own 7 dollars, at the very least, and the psychic takes the remaining.

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About Oranum

Oranum is among the newest psychic networks available online, offering an extensive selection of psychics. Oranum has recently started providing readings by psychics from the United States. However, they have offered lessons in their native Poland for a long time. Oranum provides three kinds of tasks: e-mail, chat, and webcam. One distinctive feature of Oranum, which other networks don't offer, is their webcam readings that can be compared with watching a YouTube video. Using a microphone or webcam isn't necessary to talk directly with psychics. The psychics at Oranum communicate by typing into the chat box. The psychic will respond in real-time. You can chat now with your psychic if you own an internet camera and microphone.

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