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  1. Gabrielle Hattingh
    July 7th, 2022

    Frauderen my ad-hoc coach is very skilled

    Fraudulent, my ad-hoc coach, is very skilled and has excellent communication with my teammates. He was able to help me rise between plat 2 to plat three exceptionally quickly. He also accommodates customer needs. I highly recommend his services to other customers.

  2. Alan Godin
    May 13th, 2022

    professional and punctual

    He was professional and punctual. He made me feel comfortable playing and didn’t make me feel inferior. He played with me as if I were one of the boys. We are grateful for this beautiful experience.

  3. Sascha Harisch
    May 3rd, 2022

    the best boosting service

    This is by far the best boosting service I have ever seen. Prices are much lower than other sites, boosters are great, and sometimes they will even get additional boosters to make the experience more seamless. Soraa was my boost. It took three days to complete the order. I guarantee you will have a great time with him as your booster.

    The d2-d3 boost was arduous because MMR is high. It was slow at times, but it did give you some luck. Despite some complications, we found a solution that would work for us both. My booster, Soraa, added me to discord right from the beginning of the order. We had great communication. On the last day of the order, I enjoyed playing with storage along with one of his friends.

    They were both hilarious. You won’t even know they are playing on 200 ping. If you consider getting a boost, this is the place to go. It’s a pleasant experience, the boosters are great, and they are funny.

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