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27 Reviews on OdinBoost

  1. Anna
    1 rating
    Nov 15, 2023

    An Honest Account of Issues with a Gaming Boost Service

    After numerous orders, it seems like I've been consistently disappointed. I had to request a refund because the games didn't unfold as expected. Rahasya, the booster assigned to me, exhibited extremely toxic behavior in the chat, making it difficult to discern whether he was trolling or underperforming. Additionally, waiting a whole day for his response regarding our next game after I got demoted was frustrating. After months of returning to this service, I discontinued using OdinBoost.

  2. Tyrone Young
    2 rating
    Jun 9, 2023

    Two wins were reduced

    While the second booster was obedient and performed well, I'm not content that two wins were reduced to 44 games due to 'technical problems' encountered by the first booster.

  3. Drew Dorgan
    5 rating
    May 16, 2023

    Highly recommend

    Soraa is undoubtedly one of if not the most effective boosters I've witnessed. Always efficient and professional can highly recommend

  4. Erik Reisner
    5 rating
    May 15, 2023

    A great booster

    The frauderen has always been the most reliable for working with. He has never failed me on any purchase: a great booster and a fantastic person to talk with.

  5. Chance Jackson
    5 rating
    Apr 21, 2023

    Provide suppor

    I had been in my Bronze ELO hell with poor teams and couldn't make it through, regardless of what I did. I put my faith in OdinBoost following my studies on Google, and it has paid off significantly! They employ ex-professional players. They offer an incredible interface allowing you to monitor your order and enable you to chat live with your booster as they provide support. The payment process and all other administrative tasks were quick and straightforward! My nickname for my booster in OdinBoost is "Prime "Prime" - he was highly professional and respectful. He was the best player in each game, from Bronze 2 to Gold 2. I would recommend OdinBoost to anyone seeking ways to improve your LoL account.

  6. Katie Tennyson
    5 rating
    Apr 20, 2023

    I would highly recommend

    My trainer was named 'kingdom.' I had a quick and extraordinary time with the booster. Excellent communication and highly adept at responding to customers' requests! This booster was beneficial, and I would highly recommend this boost.

  7. Jason Collier
    5 rating
    Apr 18, 2023

    Helpful communication

    Kingdoge offered me advice for each level on what I should focus on, how to combat the insane itemization of jungles, and, most importantly, his friendly and helpful communication. This was a great experience to work with.

  8. Zeljka Kelava
    5 rating
    Apr 8, 2023

    The process effectively

    I've ordered my Diamond 2 casino account and have three wins. The order was approved by a fast booster called 'Prime' and was c, completed in less than half an hour. Although I had some losses, this booster completed my order simultaneously and didn't take me 12 hours for the entire process. This is probably one of the reasons to select this booster and the service they offer. The other benefit is that he keeps in touch with customers and thinks about the process effectively. Thanks.

  9. Dianne Ianniello
    5 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    I could do with my performance.

    It was inexpensive and quick, and the employees were accommodating and kind; they were among the most excellent customer services I've ever experienced in many companies. The person who boosted my account was transparent in giving me daily updates about their activities on that day, when they'd get back online, and what I could do with my performance.

  10. Stuart hawley
    5 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    The experience I had with aneles was fantastic

    The experience I had with aneles was fantastic! They coached me for about an hour and explained all kinds of things to me. They always answered my questions promptly and were very flexible regarding timing—I recommend five stars.

  11. Jeanne thoreson
    5 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    I purchased the net wins program,

    I purchased the net wins program, and we did lose a few games and needed to compensate for it. Booster took his time and walked the entire way through. Even though we had to forfeit some games, the booster stuck through the whole way through, and I genuinely appreciate it.
    The Defs could buy another.

  12. Kathleen Lembke
    5 rating
    Mar 7, 2023

    Hello, suitable to my taste

    Hello, suitable to my taste. Odin is the most helpful page for any valorous boost. Rapid and trustworthy worthy. I would recommend asking for GNJ. He has taken my level from bronze three and platinum 2 in just 10 hours. Friendly person and, above all, help you with your vision and any other questions. Thank you for your assistance to everyone and, in particular, to GNJ.

  13. Sharon Warner
    5 rating
    Mar 6, 2023

    I highly recommend him to anyone looking to increase their win rate.

    Prime was my booster. He quickly responded to messages and improved my win rate substantially. He did an excellent job of filling in the roles I usually perform and a portion of my champion pool, which is very mixed. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to increase their win rate.

  14. Richard Pratt
    5 rating
    Mar 5, 2023

    The games took place in Gold through Diamond and elo.

    KingDoge is the best for the duo KingDoge is the best for the team. We were him and me. In the 30 to 35 games we played, I believe we only lost about six rounds, and most often, it was because of trolls to teammates. The games took place in Gold through Diamond and elo. Request KingDoge you won't be disappointed:)

  15. Steve Strucely
    5 rating
    Mar 4, 2023

    Kingdadge was at its time

    Kingdadge was at its time, completing my order on time and professionally, and in an incredible way. Amazing jungle with excellent skills. About 10/10. I will order at the same time. Thanks to Odinboost for providing a fantastic booster like Kingdage... HE DESERVES A RAISE!

  16. Amber Varner
    5 rating
    Mar 3, 2023

    The new site looks fantastic

    The new site looks fantastic! The booster prime was excellent; I received precisely what I wanted. However, now it's significantly cleaner than it was prior, which made the experience better than it was before. I could not be more pleased with ODINBOOST enough.

  17. Eddie Garcia
    5 rating
    Mar 2, 2023

    I had a terrible experience with my initial booster

    Well, I had a terrible experience with my initial booster. I switched to a second booster. I haven't played yet with him, but I'd like to write a review about our customer care. My first player was highly hostile and would ping others throughout the game. He can be a deterrent to teammates, which is why we didn't beat them. Therefore, I asked for a change booster, and they granted my request. Fast and excellent customer service. I'm hoping that my next champion will be better than the first :)

  18. Thomas bryant
    5 rating
    Mar 1, 2023

    If you're looking for an impromptu duo

    If you're looking for an impromptu duo, inquire about Ladyriven. He is incredible, super kind, and a joy to play with. He is highly skilled and will take each game to the highest level. I'll return to play with him again. I want to thank you for a wonderful time!

  19. Marcie Lawrence
    5 rating
    Feb 27, 2023

    I purchased a boost from another website

    I purchased a boost from another website and was so dissatisfied that I decided to give it a shot with odinboost, and I am surprised by it. I bought four net wins as per my back experience. Usually, there',s a chance of losing, and locating any booster can be difficult. At 3 minutes into odin, I already had an additional player (kise), who he began immediately, and he completed the games in under 30 minutes and had phenomenal results. I immediately bought an increase in the division... a similar story. I got kise for a booster. He began playing straight away and scored seven wins with just one loss. This was diamond the elo. Odinboost gave me an unforgettable experience. It's worth noting Kise was pure talent... did not collaborate with any other person but did it on his own. Amazed

  20. Patricia Brodsky
    5 rating
    Feb 25, 2023

    I would recommend Soraa to anyone who wants to test their services.

    Suppose you're searching for an experienced and reliable Valorant booster; look at Soraa. He completed the task in just four hours. The person is very accommodating and very chilled. I would recommend Soraa to anyone who wants to test their services.

  21. Nancy Speicher
    5 rating
    Feb 21, 2023

    Highly recommended

    I ordered Duo boost for Valorant from dia1 to plat3 My supporter was Soraa. He was lovely, and I enjoyed a hilarious and informative session with him. He also highlighted my errors,, which I really app since it will only help me improve. Highly recommended

  22. Joyce E Townsend
    5 rating
    Jan 9, 2023

    I highly recommend giving them a try for your next purchase.

    I recently placed an order with Frauderen and was thoroughly impressed with the customer service I received. Not only was my order completed within two days, but I also received constant communication updates throughout the process. Fraudulent was extremely transparent and easy to work with. I highly recommend giving them a try for your next purchase.

  23. Vanessa Thomas
    1 rating
    Jan 3, 2023

    Negative experience with this company

    I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with this company. It sounds like you had several issues, including working with a toxic booster and not seeing the results you were hoping for. It is also frustrating to have to wait for a response when you are trying to make progress with your account.

  24. Pamela Meadows
    5 rating
    Oct 21, 2022

    Extremely helpful

    A good experience, particularly the customer support chat, is beneficial. It seems that they are online all hours of the day. Additionally, my booster is one of the most insane players I have ever played. He plays mainly mid and sometimes JG while playing with me. However, it is in both roles that he is a pro.
    Most importantly, he can play with the power of a champion, winning con. He makes the games very one-sided every time you play him. Odin booster does not disappoint me in any way. I'd love to purchase another with him.

  25. Gabrielle Hattingh
    5 rating
    Jul 7, 2022

    Frauderen my ad-hoc coach is very skilled

    Fraudulent, my ad-hoc coach, is very skilled and has excellent communication with my teammates. He was able to help me rise between plat 2 to plat three exceptionally quickly. He also accommodates customer needs. I highly recommend his services to other customers.

  26. Alan Godin
    5 rating
    May 13, 2022

    Professional and punctual

    He was professional and punctual. He made me feel comfortable playing and didn’t make me feel inferior. He played with me as if I were one of the boys. We are grateful for this beautiful experience.

  27. Sascha Harisch
    5 rating
    May 3, 2022

    The best boosting service

    This is by far the best boosting service I have ever seen. Prices are much lower than other sites, boosters are great, and sometimes they will even get additional boosters to make the experience more seamless. Soraa was my boost. It took three days to complete the order. I guarantee you will have a great time with him as your booster.

    The d2-d3 boost was arduous because MMR is high. It was slow at times, but it did give you some luck. Despite some complications, we found a solution that would work for us both. My booster, Soraa, added me to discord right from the beginning of the order. We had great communication. On the last day of the order, I enjoyed playing with storage along with one of his friends.

    They were both hilarious. You won't even know they are playing on 200 ping. If you consider getting a boost, this is the place to go. It's a pleasant experience, the boosters are great, and they are funny.

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