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6 Reviews on Nobly Point of Sale

  1. Maria Santiago
    Jan 9, 2023

    This isn't very pleasant.

    A very aggressive approach to get you to sign up, and once I had signed up, I was not given any support. Once they got my money, it was as if they were done with me. I have tried to solve problems and have even transferred to the founder, who could not respond to my emails. When I requested a refund, as I was unhappy, they told me I could cancel at any time but would not receive any refund regardless of having to pay for one year’s rent in advance. Without assistance, I’m now stuck with a POS system for the following year. This isn’t very pleasant.

  2. Jan Branch
    Jul 30, 2022

    Orders are taken well

    Orders are taken care of well and the information is provided in a practical manner.We were informed that credit card transactions would result in charges of 0.89 percent, however, we’ve discovered that SumUp charges 1.69 percent.

    We requested a credit card machine that displayed an indication that reads “Would you like to add a tip?”. The machine we received does not show the message. I’ve requested that an exchange of the device with one that is compatible with our requirements however, there has been no action taken.

  3. Paul Rogers
    Jul 9, 2022

    I bought was not working and Nobly support was unable

    The printer that I bought was not working, and Nobly support was unable to identify the issue remotely 🙁 therefore I needed an expert in PC repair to visit my home to verify my concerns before Nobly would take action. While it took quite a time to figure out the cause (a malfunctioning printer isn’t common) and was extremely annoying, Isabel was able to find a replacement printer fast at the end of the day and dealt with the issue on my behalf and now we have a very efficient table service system 🙂

  4. Jonathan Powell
    Jul 4, 2022

    The customer service offered by Nobly has been exceptional

    From beginning to end, The customer service offered by Nobly has been exceptional. My primary Contact for support was Robert, who was extremely patient and knowledgeable while helping me through the process of setting up. Robert was always available to assist me with my numerous questions. The product is fantastic and the customer service superior. I can’t recommend this business high enough.

  5. Jakob Currey
    May 18, 2022

    Nobly Support

    Rob M from Nobly support was beneficial as we got to know the system (which has been very user-friendly). He never assumed a lack of technical understanding, which was greatly appreciated. Operator error is not excused for any issues.

    In the almost ten years that I have owned my business, I have never experienced such high support from any service provider. Nobly support could be an excellent resource for all company support desks.

  6. rohit chilukuri
    Apr 30, 2022

    pleasure to work with

    Nobly POS customer support and Robert March provide excellent service. Many customer service departments cannot be reached and will only respond to your queries via live chats or directing you to forums and web pages.

    They never let you go until your query has been resolved. They are a pleasure to work with.

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Start running your coffee shop, restaurant, or retail shop faster and more efficiently today! NoblyPOS is the top-rated EPOS system in hospitality. Nobly POS is used by merchants to manage their inventory and staff, collect business insights with 30+ influential reports, create loyalty schemes, accept credit card payments, integrate accounting software, and much more. It's also the preferred choice for well-known coffee shops, restaurants, and chain restaurants. Nobly POS is available in the UK and USA, and Canada, among many other countries.

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