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20 Reviews on NewDay USA

  1. Stoker Stephen
    August 10th, 2022

    The service provided by Jared was fantastic

    The service provided by Jared was fantastic, but the closing was a complete catastrophe. The form was misplaced, and more paperwork was signed following the closing ceremony, so I’m sure the dates don’t align, and routing numbers were not correctly transposed (that we didn’t write). The closing was not the most significant, but it was a sad one.

  2. Jamarr Burnett
    August 10th, 2022

    Thank Sophie for your professionalism

    This was, without a doubt, the easiest refi I’ve ever made. Sophie was the best. She was on top of every aspect. I would highly recommend a new day to each one of them. Are you aware of the ropes? Our entire process took under 30 days, beginning to finish. We can breathe with more ease because of the cash-out option that helped us to get rid of our credit card debt, and we can now begin enjoying retirement. We thank you for your help, Sophie, from the most sincere of our souls.

  3. Charles Bosley
    August 10th, 2022

    I am pleased about the NewDay USA experience

    My loan agent was phenomenal. He was able to explain every phase of the loan procedure and stayed in contact with me to ensure I was informed of developments as they happened. Most importantly, the loan officer fought for me to convince an appeal to the VA to reverse their decision to deny me status as disabled. The result was a savings of $13,000.00. The entire process, from loan application through closing, was a breeze and was completed quickly. I am pleased about the NewDay USA experience.

  4. Shawntell Kennedy
    August 9th, 2022

    We are partly responsible for a issue

    It took a long time to close. We are partly responsible for the issue, but an inefficient process also caused an interest rate increase. Some companies are still in the red by 1 percent. I’m not sure why New Day went up. The reason was never explained. We had a long way from the end of the road. The person we worked with was helpful and enjoyable to collaborate with. Would I do it again, but only with the interest rate that we began with the one we ended with?

  5. Julie Figgs
    August 9th, 2022

    New Day saved the day

    I received an email through New Day, and I contacted them to inquire about the procedure to refinance my house and cash out equity. Mr. Nicholas Mikhal Collins then got me. He was accommodating in providing the information and guiding me with the procedure. It was a relatively straightforward process, and Nick was wonderful to collaborate with. We concluded us refinance last week.

  6. Damian Mcquade
    August 8th, 2022

    OK but not Great

    I’ve owned four homes and have used almost all of them Quicken Loans (Rocket Mortgage). They’ve been fantastic. However, I was interested in trying New Day for a while. I tried it and ran into issues I’ve not had previously. For instance, there was an error on my background check about collecting bills of some kind. I’ve never experienced that. I’ve always paid my account, and I have a FICO score is around 800. Another issue was with the notary who visited my house.

    He seemed unclear as to which documents required signatures. I was required to revise some of the papers. Additionally, my points New Day charges on the mortgage are pretty high, and my closing expenses were exorbitant. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the points New Day charges. Let’s see if things improve from now on.

  7. Shelley Green
    August 7th, 2022

    I'm pleased with the outcome

    Newday has completed the loan, and I’m pleased with the outcome. However, I’ll admit that the loan ended nearly a month after the agent had said it would. The communication with the agent was minimal at most. I was the one who initiated most of our communications. One time, the agent was suffering from COVID, and I’m sure that’s the cause; however, there were no communications about this or any other agents who contacted us or worked or even informed us of the situation.

  8. Dana Rankin
    August 6th, 2022

    It isn't easy to pinpoint why I'm rating it three stars

    It isn’t easy to pinpoint why I’m rating it three stars. However, I’m guessing this isn’t about the service but the cost. I’m certainly not satisfied with the price. I think you’re referring to them as fees, and then you added you added the VA percent is entirely off the mark. It’s unclear whether a VA loan will save veterans any cash, and I don’t believe I would recommend the program to anyone else. I was advised not to apply for a VA loan by someone who believed in me, but I was desperate to end the ARM I was on.

  9. Christine Giese
    August 5th, 2022

    Flamm was professional

    While Flamm was, Flamm was professional, attentive, and experienced, I was unhappy with the outcome of the appraisal. My mortgage currently falls below my expectations. I was also disappointed with the final interest rate, which led to a significant increase in financial expenditure.

  10. Julie Sandoval
    August 4th, 2022

    the loan manager told us that based on the appraisal

    The problem was that the loan manager told us that based on the appraisal, the number of bills we’d pay off and $70k. Then $5ok, then $35k, and received $2200 from the escrow account, and when we realized the final numbers, we were a couple of days away from closing, and the interest rate in the market was rising to deal with the process. Additionally, the previous Morgage company Morgage stated that we would only get back $400 from the escrow… So it wasn’t enjoyable to hear one thing, and then every week, it changed.

  11. Tyler Kelley
    August 3rd, 2022

    I'm pleased with the choice

    I’m pleased with the choice I made to choose NewDay USA. They were open and transparent about the services they offered. It was an excellent deal in light of the current state of the market and the rising inflation currently affecting us. The whole process was easy, and I was updated about the state of my cash-out refinance from beginning to finish.

  12. Betty Garcia
    August 2nd, 2022

    I would highly recommend

    Contacting New Day was the best decision I could have made in refinancing the home we own. Steven, as well as New Day’s New Day team, helped tremendously in guiding us through the refinancing process. They helped us obtain nearly $30,000 in equity out of our home, which allowed us to pay down a large portion of our outstanding debts. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They make it easy and know active duty as well as our veterans.

  13. Albert Wouters
    August 1st, 2022

    highly knowledgeable

    McKenzie was a great job in completing this task to be completed on a new day. I didn’t do anything. In the beginning, she was there to help me and led me through the end of the process. McKenzie deserves to be recognized. She is skilled and highly knowledgeable.

  14. Sarah Manley
    July 31st, 2022

    the loan was in good condition

    From the beginning to the close, the loan was in good condition. However, I discovered that in the closing paperwork, I paid around 7,000 without knowing how to do this. There are many possible reasons for this, but the new day had taken the money anyway. The question is, what can I do to fix this? I need help!

  15. Mark Wagner
    July 28th, 2022

    The problem was that the loan manager informed us

    The problem was that the loan manager informed us that based on the appraisal, we’d get our bills paid off and $70k.

    Then $5ok, then 35 k and receive $2200 from the escrow account, and when we realized that we were a few days away from closing, and the interest rate in the market was increasing, we went along the process.

    In addition, the previous Morgage company Morgage stated that we would only receive $400 from the escrow. Every week, the rate was changing.

    It was a bit disheartening to learn that one thing was accurate.

  16. Don Pascucci
    July 18th, 2022

    the communication was prompt and regular

    It was apparent to me that there was far too lots of paperwork. The closing papers we had were nearly 169 pages! We also did cash-out refinances to pay for some of our expenses. In the case of credit card accounts and auto loans, Newsday does not reimburse the creditors directly.

    They mailed the checks to the Us to send directly to the creditors. This makes no sense to me. The refinancing procedure was relatively rapid, and the communication was prompt and regular.

  17. Sheila Thornton
    July 9th, 2022

    I highly recommend it for anyone in need of or mortgage service

    The use of NewDay for the refinance was a simple and enjoyable process. Matt was fantastic at taking charge of us throughout the entire process. He was highly competent and pleasant to communicate with. Thank Admiral for your company’s assistance, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing mortgage service.

  18. Ashley Calvillo
    July 2nd, 2022

    It was simple and quick

    It was simple and quick. Matt Downing responded to my questions quickly and was extremely thorough in every task he was assigned. Very professional and professional, which was crucial to me, or there would not have been any deal. Everything went exactly as I was hoping and planned.

  19. Nathan Lee
    May 12th, 2022

    If I could, I would give this company a huge fat

    They lied from the beginning. I am furious with them. They are a scourge of me… be honest ….BEWARE DO NOT TRUST THEM.

  20. Amanda
    April 22nd, 2022


    I initially sought information about a refi for my home. Sarah convinced me that refi with New Day USA was worth the time and money. Gabriella Garza was my transfer to finish the transaction. Gabby was professional and courteous and explained everything to me to my satisfaction.

    The process was smooth and took only about 4-5 weeks to complete. Although I didn’t want a large cash payout, I was interested in lowering my monthly payments. My mortgage payments are now $75 lower per month. Thanks, Gabby, and New Day, the USA

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