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86 Reviews on NewDay USA

  1. Angela
    2 rating
    Nov 30, 2023

    Disheartening Experience

    The real estate transaction experience you encountered with the Title company was notably disorganized, characterized by significant communication and procedural gaps. These issues highlight an urgent need for better training within the company. Particularly for a disabled veteran like me, the lack of attention to detail and organization was especially disheartening, contributing to an overall frustrating experience. This suggests that with comprehensive training, the company could significantly enhance its efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  2. Laura Conroy
    5 rating
    May 25, 2023

    Friendly and professional

    I was helped throughout the entire process. The team member or staff member was understanding and kind to me but also friendly and professional. Although I'm not all tech-savvy, I understood and respected him as a veteran Veteran, which I enjoyed.

  3. Matthew Cortijo
    5 rating
    May 24, 2023

    A great job

    It was a great experience being alongside Jeff Steeb! Jeff is the persona for New Day! The company can only be as great as the employees working for them. The most important thing is how you were treated. Jeff was so friendly and professional all his journey, removing the pressure and returning it to calm hands! When I reflect on New Day and tell folks about the experience, I'll ensure that I tell them what a great job I received and how I received the respect and kindness I deserve!

  4. Denise Axness
    5 rating
    May 24, 2023

    Highly recommend

    Mauricio Navarro was an absolute pleasure working with Mauricio Nevarro was a pleasure. He was quick to respond to all questions and concerns. He assured me that I was always informed every step of the process. Highly recommend his services!

  5. Erika Lozano
    5 rating
    Apr 28, 2023

    Beautiful understanding

    Mauricio the Navarro was extremely polite, thorough with his details, and explained each piece right from the beginning of our first meeting. He was punctual. He was always quick to respond to texts or e-mails. It was an excellent experience for my husband and me regarding our house financing. I would highly recommend the agent to all families. Thank you so much for your beautiful understanding.

  6. Kelly Lecount
    5 rating
    Apr 27, 2023

    Perfect harmony

    Brandon Bleibfred at New Day USA was extraordinary, going beyond what we expected while refinancing our house. The entire team worked in perfect harmony to ensure this success. Additionally, I'd like to mention that the group was polite, friendly, considerate, compassionate, and understanding. I would recommend to anyone and everyone to experience Brandon ( Team ). Bravo Zulu to all at New Day USA. We love you all, everyone in the Cooke family.

  7. Kelly Tope
    5 rating
    Apr 24, 2023

    Very accommodating

    Colby Richardson assisted me with my loan. He was able to keep me informed of the processes and the timeframe involved. He was very accommodating and courteous, and knowledgeable. I am happy with my experience with New Day USA and will recommend them to every veteran requiring a loan or refinancing. Thank you, New Day.

  8. Toetally seductive
    4 rating
    Apr 11, 2023

    The most effective results

    I am delighted with the result so far. The process took longer than we anticipated because we were not in State. Brandon was always on top of things and tirelessly worked to give us the most effective results. I would recommend you to anyone who is considering debt consolidation.

  9. Barry Levitt
    3 rating
    Feb 10, 2023

    This is truly revolutionary. And I got approval for my auto loan as well as home refinancing

    About two months ago, I was in contact with the credit hacktivist webghost33 on Instagram, and things changed completely for me. Matt has eliminated all my late payments and removed my cc debts and student loan debt of over $78k. I was able to settle for less. A low credit score shouldn't stop your ability to get acceptable mortgage approvals for refinancing your home. It isn't something to be taken for granted. No matter what your credit score is. I am happy to see my score climb to over 220 points in only six weeks. This is truly revolutionary. And I got approval for my auto loan as well as home refinancing.

  10. Charlene Rocha
    5 rating
    Feb 9, 2023

    I had a fantastic encounter working with Newday USA recently

    I had a fantastic encounter working with Newday USA recently. I refinanced. Ryan Cuthbert did an excellent job delivering all the details I needed to complete my refinance within a 30-day time frame. He was always professional. I would highly recommend him to all my military friends.

  11. Christa Erario
    5 rating
    Feb 6, 2023

    The loan officer was competent and professional

    The loan officer was competent and professional. He kept me updated from the time I applied to close. He addressed all my concerns quickly and efficiently. The entire loan process was simple and easy to comprehend

  12. Steve Vilhauer
    5 rating
    Feb 5, 2023

    Great job!

    Brandon Leib Fred and the Newday Mortgage team made this process as smooth and easy transaction possible. Great job! Everyone from beginning to end completed their work at the highest level of professionalism and ought to be recognized as the best in their field.

  13. Collin Lersch
    1 rating
    Feb 4, 2023

    The company purchased my personal information somewhere

    The company purchased my personal information somewhere, and since then, it has been sending me a continuous stream of unwelcome letters attempting to convince my permission to refinance. I've contacted and called this company to get the letters stopped. They always say they will, but they lie. One letter per month will not merit an issue, but multiple letters and weeks of harassment are unconscionable. The company and the people who employ them are comparable to con artists of a small scale in that they take your details, continually contact you, and will not stop.

  14. Victor Rodriguez
    1 rating
    Feb 3, 2023


    VETERANS BEWARE !!!!! This is a complete fraud. I waited for three months to refinance with them and was told not to pay our house loan. We did not make our home payment, and in the final month, the underwriting asked us to explain why. The account manager told us not to! He instructed me to pretend to underwrite that I had the funds for my kids. Underwriting said they could not approve the loan due to us not making the payment. We've waited for three months, got our credit slashed, and are bound to our mortgage payment. The manager won't call me, citing, "what else does she want me to say." The account manager did not inform us throughout the entire process of refinancing. I even have his email address to prove it. Do you guys help veterans? You're an idiot, and the way you're acting is wrong!

  15. Devon Sharp
    1 rating
    Feb 2, 2023

    My first experience was positive

    My first experience was positive. However, I've reached out to REFI once more after a year. The new representative was highly aggressive, much like a sales pitch for a time-share. The agent was constantly calling me repeatedly on the same day. I will not conduct business based on this incident. They need to have more control over the behavior of their staff.

  16. Bert Honour
    5 rating
    Feb 1, 2023

    Thank Brandon, for your help. God will bless you

    Brandon, for your kindness and patience. Brandon was very understanding of his family (especially the He went over everything in detail and often more than one time. He waited for us to finish the paperwork several times and guided us into completing it. He deserves a lot of praise for helping us find breathing space for our finances. Thank Brandon, for your help. God will bless you.

  17. Krishnaraj Venkatesan
    1 rating
    Jan 30, 2023

    Scam Calls!

    Scam Calls! I called New Day USA because I believed in them when I saw their ads on Fox News. I didn't think that after my call, I would be repeatedly flooded with fake calls and phone call after call from those who work in the same industry. The saga has been ongoing for many days. My phone is constantly ringing with scam calls, scam calls, or scam calls, all because I completed the online forms for the new day USA. The calls continued for at least ten tens. They began at 8 AM the following day after I called the new day USA.

  18. Evelyn F Mulholland
    1 rating
    Jan 29, 2023

    I'm happy to be a veteran of the US Army

    It is demeaning and debates that Newday USA has commercials stating "no one deserves home ownership more than a veteran." All do not resent the pitiful and insulting way to make this assertion. That's why Newday, a single mother with two children, recently divorced and living in a car, deserves less home ownership than veterans. A homeless person who raises a child all by himself is no lower than the status of a veteran. You're arguing to make such an assertion. I'm happy to be a veteran of the US Army. I can assure you that I won't ever consider your organization for a home loan until you alter your position. Do you have a vision of what veterans struggle for? We fight to ensure that all American enjoy living the American dream. This is why your group must eliminate all ads that put veterans ahead of everyone else.

  19. Debbie Summerville
    1 rating
    Jan 27, 2023

    Their interest rates were much higher

    Ich is Vietnam Veteran, and I thought New Day was for Vets inspired by their TV advertisements. I was looking to Refi my house and take cash out. I approached three mortgage companies. New Day was my first, and they were the most unprofessional. Their interest rates were much higher, and the total mortgage amount could be $6000.00 greater than Rocket and Loan Depot. It's not the Vets friend they would like you to believe in, do yourself a favor and research other options.

  20. Edgar Carrasco
    1 rating
    Jan 26, 2023

    They do not treat veterans with respect

    They do not treat veterans with respect. We were initially offered an interest charge of 2.25 percent and a close date of 7 March. After a few delays, we had 2.75 percent and an expiration date of 7 April. Because of no one else's fault, this one-half percent will likely cost us a significant amount of dollars. I spoke to a person at the company, and they said there was no way to fix the issue, even when our loan agent, Joe, made an extension request and was rejected. Therefore, I'm guessing there was no action they could take except changing their policy regarding how long rates can be locked in and possibly allowing an extension. Additionally, they sold our loan within a week of the closing to a mortgage lender with an abysmal rating. I wouldn't suggest the use of New Day.

  21. Timothy Kwiatkowski
    1 rating
    Jan 24, 2023

    Don't make the same mistake

    Don't make the same mistake, you guys. We've been fighting for the past seven months, and after their change to a different servicing firm, things have been going in another direction since then. They are now looking to close the deal. They say they're helping us veterans, but they are for the big boys who are top. Beware, you'll be speaking to another person each time, and your left hand isn't sure what the right hand is doing. You'll be lost in the chaos. I recommend staying in your area to be able to meet face-to-face whenever you need to.

  22. Tate Reynolds
    1 rating
    Jan 23, 2023

    No more compelling instance exists

    No more compelling instance exists in "Bait & Switch." Since day one, the loan I just concluded was discussed and presented as an all-cash-out refinance. Just a few days before the closing date, my account manager, Kyle Clayborne, informed me that we would not close at the agreed-upon amount for the loan and that loan was limited to 90 percent LTV. Only a few days after disclosures were completed indicating 100 percent LTV funding. Kyle acknowledged a mistake on "their" end, and an uncommunication caused the change between Kyle and his sub-writer. Kyle did not elaborate on what was the "miscommunication" was. At the time, we were in the process of canceling the closing. I only contacted New Day due to their "100% cash-out refinance" offer. I could have refinanced through local banks or a credit union if I had known that the LTV was limited to 90 percent. My interest rate would have been lower when I refinanced with a local bank. I am an ex-Marine and would not suggest New Day to any fellow veteran. I'm left wondering whether the "Bait & Switch" at the very last minute is a standard procedure in New Day USA.

  23. Blount Hamilton
    1 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    I tried calling for an estimate but was waiting for quite a while

    I tried calling for an estimate but was waiting for quite a while. Therefore, I took to leave an email. Nothing. I'm not sure how well they perform, but would you trust your home to a company that cannot manage its telephone system?

  24. Allan Weingartner
    1 rating
    Jan 19, 2023

    I was irritated

    I was irritated. We filled out an application, which wasn't a problem. The problem started when the personal information we provided in our applications was transferred to a third party. We are now getting a lot of spam! The phones we use now receive at most five text messages from spammers daily, sometimes even more! The staff at NewDay "...knows what transpired. It could be us". We were only applying to NewDay when these fake texts came in. It's pretty disappointing, and we're in the dark because our information is already being sold and distributed. This breach of trust was why we didn't bother completing the application process. We're sorry for the mucking up of telephone numbers with which we've had no issues within the last decade.

  25. Granville Okpuru
    5 rating
    Jan 17, 2023

    I am delighted with NewDay USA

    I am delighted with NewDay USA and having Brandon as my Account Executive. Brandon is an experienced professional who has taken care of my best interests. In 2023, I'm beginning my journey with less financial pressure.

  26. Scott Hash
    1 rating
    Jan 17, 2023


    Horrible. It was like I got bounced about, and there was no follow-up! I have excellent credit and plenty of equity! They checked my credit but never responded to me! I'm an ex-US Marine & Army plus Department of Justice. Veterans don't use these people!

  27. Bethanne Scholl
    1 rating
    Jan 15, 2023

    Customer service is consistently low

    Customer service is consistently low; this is only the fourth VA loan I've received in my career of 18 years. The loan officer made an unexpected trip to Vegas as the loan was being closed. Nobody can be reached via phone. Once I've six months, I will most likely move my company elsewhere. I highly recommend not applying for a loan here.

  28. Jinpyo Hwang
    1 rating
    Jan 12, 2023

    The worst experience and experience

    The worst experience and experience with customer support of any housebuying or refinance we've ever completed. The process began in November through an intermediary named Jason, who assured us that the loan would be approved after he had presented all of the possibilities. VA appraisal came back lower than we expected, and we were told how to complete this Reconsideration of Value process through the VA. We took a couple of days to reflect and decide to go ahead .....cannot get in touch with Jason by phone or email. Finally, we get a live representative to direct the call to Jason's supervisor Kevin Lasek who informs us that he's been forced to take a leave of absence. Then things happen. Kevin is now our manager. He is challenging to reach throughout the entire process unless Kevin can answer emails and phone calls during the daytime. We were assured that the process was proceeding smoothly. We've waited six weeks since the appraisal was submitted again with a more excellent value. Continue to be repeatedly told (verbally as well as written) that this is because the department of underwriting is"understaffed." A." nationally, he repeatedly told me when communication would take place. Still, it was never acknowledged. The excuse that "he was out of office" was offered. If I'm not in the office, I must create notifications for phone and email to reflect this. I finally contacted Kevin's manager late last night and was informed that the loan could not be paid back. The manager could not provide any specific reason aside from the information they already had at the beginning of the process. We have asked for a particular explanation as to why it was not approved even though we were assured that the process would go through .....still waiting for the phone call. Beware. Customer service is horrible. My husband and I were treated as an outcast.

  29. Frank Rossi
    1 rating
    Jan 11, 2023

    I am highly disappointed because the loan will likely default shortly.

    The whole thing was going well. After a couple of changes in the deadline, we finally concluded. I haven't received confirmation of whether one loan they were supposed to repay was being paid off. I've reached out to the person I dealt with (I could provide his name if I have to) and through many phone calls and texts over the last three days but haven't heard any response. I am highly disappointed because the loan will likely default shortly.

  30. Leanne Tackett
    1 rating
    Jan 7, 2023

    This company doesn't pay attention!

    This company doesn't pay attention! I'm not interested and have asked them numerous times to stop bombarding me with pre-qualified veteran offers. Maybe this blog post will catch their attention, and they will remove me from their mailing list.

  31. Jerry Frisbie
    1 rating
    Jan 6, 2023

    I would not recommend them.

    My father and I attempted to qualify for a mortgage a couple of months ago. We both are veterans. We have applied to four different lenders. New Day was the only one that refused the loan. The company isn't Veteran friendly as it claims to be. They must stop the misleading advert. Based on the numerous reviews I've found about them, it appears to be a simple loan broker, which means that they do not handle the loans, they connect you with a lender, and after the loan has been completed, your relationship with them ends. Based on our experience, I would not recommend them.

  32. Brandon White
    1 rating
    Jan 3, 2023

    Seems like an honest organization

    Seems like an honest organization. My only complaint is that the appearance of the spokesperson should be more subtle as it distracts from the message the business is trying to convey to potential customers and is perceived as unprofessional and an easy way to get attention.

  33. Jeff Dickens
    1 rating
    Jan 2, 2023

    They'll reject you if you cannot prove

    New Day declares they are willing to aid veterans, but they're no better than a bank or mortgage company. They'll reject you if you cannot prove that you have enough earnings, regardless of your assets.

  34. Nikki Eken
    1 rating
    Jan 1, 2023

    Never felt as pressured when getting the mortgage

    Never felt as pressured when getting the mortgage. This was not my first experience, and I would like to know more about the possibility of a cash-out loan, as they already have my mortgage. There was only one day before the "you got to do this now, blah blah blah." I requested a minimum of 24 hours before because he didn't know the situation. I asked him to close the case, but he could not let it go.

  35. Micha Farmer
    1 rating
    Dec 31, 2022

    If I could rate zero stars, I would. I was disappointed in this company

    If I could rate zero stars, I would. I was disappointed in this company. They approached me and asked whether I could do an assignment for them. I responded and offered an estimate. They accepted the proposal. I worked on the project to completion. Afterward, they changed their minds and added additional work, which is why I completed the second project and finished it. Since then, it's been over two weeks, and I haven't received any information regarding my payment.

  36. Michael Edward
    1 rating
    Dec 30, 2022

    They don't care about American Citizens or Veterans.

    They are the most annoying firms I've ever met. I have never requested or sought their services, but they obtained my information since they are in America with limited privacy rights. I receive unwanted calls and mail every week. I've spoken to them and requested my data removed from their database, and I don't want or require their services. However, those weekly phone calls and emails continue to come in. They don't care about American Citizens or Veterans.

  37. Brian Mclaughlin
    1 rating
    Dec 26, 2022

    The answer could be straightforward

    Consolidating debts can prolong the time necessary to repay the debt, and the total costs for financing may be higher throughout your loan. (From the bottom of the mailer, I'm emphasizing mine.) Also, this could be a scam designed to steal money and homes from struggling veterans. I'd like to know whether NewDay USA is a shameless company; however, the answer could be straightforward. I didn't write this review because you let me get my father off your mailing list like all other companies we've had the pleasure of receiving mailers from.

  38. Owen Jensen
    1 rating
    Dec 24, 2022

    The Title Company apparently sent the disbursement

    Apart from other than. Ralph Reserve, the entire procedure has been a complete nightmare. With numerous questions (many times being answered). There are constant delays and, in some instances, sheer incompetence; I will never utilize Newday again and would suggest anyone else stay clear of them at all expenses. One of the payments wh, ich was scheduled to be mailed overnight to the Title Company on the 26th, is still not in the mail at the time of writing on the 30th. The Title Company apparently sent the disbursement via USPS priority mail, which stated that it could not be delivered overnight to a PO Box; this is incorrect since USPS will overnight to PO Boxes. In addition, for some reason, an PO Box address was used instead of the overnight address I had in my possession, but it was not requested. The appraisal process took more than a week than usual, and the processing was delayed by two weeks more than the timeframe stated (because of the need to ask and answer inquiries and incompetence). The amounts for payoffs were taken from the July statement that I had changed by contacting Mr. Reserve multiple times, and my wife and I signed copy after copy of "Closing Disclosures" with apparent adjustments, only to discover at the time of closing that was all into the initial disclosure as well as the July balances. This resulted in me having to make additional payments and pay another interest which I should not have been required to pay if the agreed-upon dates for everything had been adhered to. In addition, I've bought several homes throughout my life and achieved around 7-10 Refis. In the past, all distribution of the funds was done through the Title Company or Abstract Company directly to the creditors to be paid. On tOn the first occasion, I received checks which had to be mailed to the creditors.

  39. Stacey Wojda
    4 rating
    Dec 21, 2022

    The experience was excellent

    The experience was excellent, and our representative was helpful and knowledgeable. Our only concerns were with the underwriters, who constantly demanded additional documents and details in addition to the initial documents we submitted should have sufficed.

  40. Trenshaw Bataillon
    1 rating
    Dec 21, 2022

    I'm still not getting an answer

    Nobody can take responsibility. Sept 26 follow-up. I received an update from my previously filed refi. After having a conversation with the company the request was made through, I discovered the fact that New Day dropped the ball when they requested the information and then attempted to submit a fraudulent application which was not implemented by my loan officer Tom C. After five months and an extension, we were denied the loan due to someone who did not do their job. It's funny; I've contacted them several times and spoken to numerous supervisors about their charging me an upfront fee for my inspections, putting them on my closing costs, and trying to get the refund they promised according to the TV ads - I'm still not getting an answer. Thank goodness for the other VA mortgage company -.

  41. Janina Jolley
    1 rating
    Dec 20, 2022

    Very disappointed by the new Day

    I want to provide this report on my experience in the company of New Day. The representative I spoke to for New Day was German Torres. I submitted every required document within 48 hours of being asked for it. I did all the required paperwork through the final week before the deadline. Initially, I was APPROVED for my Retirement and Disability. One month later, I was informed that I qualified for a set amount of the home's value. After that, I was told that there were other sources of income this would greatly help. Therefore, I offered my current employment. Because of my impairments, I was forced to quit my job. Following this, New Day reached out for confirmation of work; I received a notification that I was no longer employed. This meant that the income from employment was not available. Then I was told that I was not able to be able to refinance! After three months, I was informed that during the last hour, I might not be able to qualify even though I was qualified for retirement or Disability benefits. Very disappointed by the new Day.

  42. Nigel Fereday
    2 rating
    Dec 17, 2022

    I was in the freedom credit relief

    How my payment for my credit card was completed? I lost a significant amount of money. Two of the credit cards I had were subject to settlement. After closing the program, they returned to the original amount, and I lost the money I had paid for the program's fees. I was in the freedom credit relief.

  43. Susan Massey
    5 rating
    Dec 16, 2022

    Great company to work with

    From the moment my husband phoned to talk to a representative of NewDay USA to the day the refinanced transaction was completed, the experience was excellent. Ramon Machado was awesome. He guided us through each aspect of the process with a fantastic personality. He called when he said to call or if we needed to leave a message, and he quickly returned the call. The whole process was easy. Even closing days earlier than initially planned. Great company to work with.

  44. Chris Graver
    5 rating
    Dec 14, 2022

    The process was easy

    The service we received was fantastic because Ryan Elliott was very professional and efficient throughout the entire procedure. He helped us feel relaxed and provided us with top customer service. The process was easy, and we completed the process on time for the holiday season. Thank you.

  45. Julia Scott
    1 rating
    Dec 13, 2022

    Marketing to military personnel and treating them in this manner is inhumane.

    My veteran dad died a brutal death. I was able to take over his father's estate and let NewDay know of my plans to sell the property and repay the loan. I made the payment, informed them that it was under contract, and gave them our closing date. A week prior, they had sent someone to inspect the house and declared it vacant because its previous owner had died. NDUSA determined that I had abandoned the property I had paid for cleaning out and was under contract. They entered, changed locks, and winterized water sources. I've spent weeks trying to get them to apologize and admit to having messed up, but to no avail. Of not mentioning, they blocked me in every direction in violation of privacy laws. Still, they gave me a document containing e personal and private details of a couple who lived across the border from me. Marketing to military personnel and treating them in this manner is inhumane.

  46. Jane Barks
    1 rating
    Dec 11, 2022

    This is not a good thing for veterans

    Suppose you want a new mortgage to purchase a home for you to live comfortably. But why is it that New Day constantly run commercials soliciting people to draw away the equity in their homes and transfer the debt, or even put them into the market so that when the demand for housing falls, you will be left with many defaults as everyone is going to be underwater in their homes? This is not a good thing for veterans.

  47. Mandy Perham
    4 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    My experience was enjoyable.

    My experience was enjoyable. The experience was delightful. My team was politely professional and attentive, ensuring that every step was taken care of and completed on time.

  48. Anthony Finch
    1 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    I wouldn't suggest ND in preference to Rocket Mortgage.

    We didn't have a good reason why we weren't accepted for a loan through New Day - we called Rocket Mortgage and were approved at a lower rate within just 48 hours! The loan was approved without a hitch and in an efficient manner. We were able to get our loan promptly. Rep. we dealt with was very knowledgeable of the whole process and even communicated with us!! I wouldn't suggest ND in preference to Rocket Mortgage.

  49. Heather Benham
    1 rating
    Dec 8, 2022

    My experience was not pleasant.

    My experience was not pleasant. As a customer, I was able to contact various institutions to inquire about rates. The number I dialed was New Day on Monday spoke with Cole, who gave me 6.25. I called his number back on Wednesday, but the call was not answered, and Andrew called me again on Thursday. I inquired what the current rates were for a person with excellent credit. Cole stated 6.25, and Andrew said 6.75, which was more than other institutions. As a Vet, I would like to see businesses respect vets the way they claim to do. I would say that's not the same way. After researching, I got the idea to offer them a shot. When I started the application process, I inquired about purchasing points down. Andrew stated that the 6.75 price was for the purchase of issues down, which made New Day three-quarters of an ounce higher than the other. In addition to that. If I had continued with the process, I would have had to pay an additional 2% of the loan to obtain the interest rate, which was not discussed before I requested to buy points down. I will continue to relay my negative thoughts regarding New Day to every Vet I meet with. I felt cheated by surprise, which is not a pleasant feeling. For those who have to make use of them, I'm sorry for you. Please research before speaking to them, as I think they'll try to trick the opportunity to profit.

  50. Sue Hunter
    5 rating
    Dec 7, 2022

    The communication and support were friendly and helpful

    The communication and support were friendly and helpful. Colby made the experience simple. I was initially worried about what it would take, but then I realized New Day and Colby could make the process so simple. I highly suggest New Day to anyone needing the same assistance.

  51. Gerard Durocher
    1 rating
    Dec 5, 2022

    This is the most unprofessional mortgage company

    This is the most unprofessional mortgage company veterans can ever use. They could be able to qualify you for a low-interest VA loan and even pretend to offer assistance to veterans initially. Once you've been accepted and moved into a house, customer service declines at initially took out a fixed-rate mortified-rate at 2% and were thrilled. However, in my first year as an owner, I boosted my mortgage payments due to a hugemassiveperty tax bill imposed on the local tax bill. I tried to find assistance with this by calling New Day, but they made things worse by saying that I would have to wait a year to allow them to consider the tax exclusions (for which I was eligible). Every time I called them, I was required to explore my problem repeatedly because they did not keep any information for clients to keep on file. After waiting for a whole year, and then being unable to pay the double mortgage, I called them, and they said they didn't have any evidence that I was exempt from tax. I provided them an official document last year from the tax appraappraiser'sce, but they didn't receive the letter. So I sent them a new note, and I am now required to check whether they have amended my mortgage payment or given me a refund cheque for the overpayment. If they do not take action, I could be forced to put off retirement for a while and then be required to sell my house. This is not a good sign for veterans' service.

  52. Chris cooper
    5 rating
    Dec 4, 2022

    I express my gratitude for the outstanding service

    I express my gratitude for the outstanding service I experienced from NewDayUSA. It's great to be aware that there are organizations that assist all who are served. Attention to detail is unmatched. It was fast, efficient, and efficient. It was also painless. Everything was handled for me.

  53. Sophie Reveley
    5 rating
    Dec 1, 2022

    Even without a mortgage refinance

    Connor Orlando made this experience possible for me, and I am grateful. He's thoughtful, an experienced professional in his area, and he was patient during the process. I wasn't sure if I would want to complete the course at first However, I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Orlando was always there to assist me when I needed help or needed help with a query. Without this assistance, I could be in a bind, even without a mortgage refinance.

  54. Barry Ward
    5 rating
    Nov 3, 2022

    I would highly recommend

    Daniel was a pleasure to collaborate with. He made the process simple and kept me in contact throughout my refinance. I would highly recommend New Day for your refinance. Thank You!

  55. Andrea Weaver
    5 rating
    Nov 3, 2022

    Delivered quickly and quickly

    The team who I was working with! They were available seven all week long via phone, email, and text. They worked around my schedule and arranged for my funds to be delivered quickly and quickly.

  56. Ruta Valickaite
    5 rating
    Nov 2, 2022

    Efficiency, productivity, and efficiency in completing the task

    Efficiency, productivity, and efficiency in completing the task. Francesco Fontana was exemplary in knowledge and execution and had exceptional interpersonal capabilities. He was efficient, productive, and effective in his work.

  57. Richard Loader
    5 rating
    Oct 29, 2022

    The experience was seamless

    The experience was seamless and straightforward to complete, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of Domenique Benjamin. He stayed in touch throughout the entire process and explained each procedure with great care to detail.

  58. Mark Stenning
    5 rating
    Oct 26, 2022

    We had a great experience working in working New Day USA was very positive

    We had a great experience working in working New Day USA was very positive. I would advise anyone who has served in the military to check out what they could do to help you. Dylan S was our advisor. He was able to explain the procedure in detail to us. Each step was precise, as Dylan explained it to us. The process was simple for us and completed within less than three weeks. We are happy about New Day USA and Dylan. Thank you, Dylan.

  59. Wayne Edwards
    5 rating
    Oct 22, 2022

    Overall, you couldn't have better service

    The experience of dealing with NewDay was a different experience. The staff was amiable and helpful and was always available. The process was swift and straightforward, all of our queries were answered, and everything was done in just a few weeks. Our agent was there throughout the entire process. Overall, you couldn't have better service. Thanks, NewDay.

  60. Craig Buxton
    2 rating
    Oct 20, 2022


    Two years ago, I wanted to refinance. I usually utilize NASB However, I saw advertisements for NewDay and thought it was interesting. Check out the other options and compare them! There was a VA funding fee at NewDay was higher than $5000. We checked with NASB, and they said their price was $1150. BEWARE

  61. Lorna Hudson
    5 rating
    Oct 15, 2022

    Thank you for the hard work you put into it.

    I want to express my gratitude to Charles Reginald Johnson for his outstanding assistance in helping me refinance my home. He explained my concerns and guided me through obtaining all the required documentation for every step in refinancing the house. Mr. Johnson communicated with me throughout the process and was always available in case I had a question I could not answer. He always had a friendly manner and was never reluctant to take on his duty of helping me. Thank you for the hard work you put into it.

  62. Stephen Bowers
    5 rating
    Oct 11, 2022

    I hope we can continue to work with you in the future

    I genuinely appreciate Ralph for his unfailing effort to finish the loan within a short time. He was always on the phone to update me on how things were going regarding the loan. When I had questions, the loan officer always had an answer. He's highly professional and did a fantastic job. Thank Ralph, Ralph, and your colleagues, we thank you. I hope we can continue to work with you in the future. God Bless you all.

  63. Anthony Fletcher
    5 rating
    Oct 10, 2022

    We are very pleased by NEW Day USA

    We are delighted by NEW Day USA. I was skeptical about refinancing our home, but Mr. Savick clarified the process, so we understood. We'd call his direct line each time we weren't sure of a particular aspect of something, and he would clarify everything to us.

  64. John Nash
    5 rating
    Oct 8, 2022

    Their staff is fantastic

    It's our second time working with New Day; their staff is fantastic. Our questions were addressed concisely, and in a way we could comprehend. Can I highlI canhighlynd New Day to all military individuals. ?

  65. Terrence Smith
    5 rating
    Oct 1, 2022

    It was the simplest and best service

    The people we worked with were courteous and friendly. They advised us of what we required and followed up via texts or emails. We carefully read everything and ensured that we understood everything was clear and asked if there were any concerns. It was the simplest and best service.

  66. Holly Chaney
    5 rating
    Sep 27, 2022

    Gabriel was a pleasure to collaborate with

    Gabriel was a pleasure to collaborate with. He understood his work efficiently and was able to work very quickly to get me qualified and finish my application. He's very professional and precise in all he did to assist me. I genuinely appreciate the work Gabriel and the team in New Day USA did to help me. Thank you, so thank you!

  67. Stoker Stephen
    3 rating
    Aug 10, 2022

    The service provided by Jared was fantastic

    The service provided by Jared was fantastic, but the closing was a complete catastrophe. The form was misplaced, and more paperwork was signed following the closing ceremony, so I'm sure the dates don't align, and routing numbers were not correctly transposed (that we didn't write). The closing was not the most significant, but it was a sad one.

  68. Jamarr Burnett
    5 rating
    Aug 10, 2022

    Thank Sophie for your professionalism

    This was, without a doubt, the easiest refi I've ever made. Sophie was the best. She was on top of every aspect. I would highly recommend a new day to each one of them. Are you aware of the ropes? Our entire process took under 30 days, beginning to finish. We can breathe with more ease because of the cash-out option that helped us to get rid of our credit card debt, and we can now begin enjoying retirement. We thank you for your help, Sophie, from the most sincere of our souls.

  69. Charles Bosley
    5 rating
    Aug 10, 2022

    I am pleased about the NewDay USA experience

    My loan agent was phenomenal. He was able to explain every phase of the loan procedure and stayed in contact with me to ensure I was informed of developments as they happened. Most importantly, the loan officer fought for me to convince an appeal to the VA to reverse their decision to deny me status as disabled. The result was a savings of $13,000.00. The entire process, from loan application through closing, was a breeze and was completed quickly. I am pleased about the NewDay USA experience.

  70. Shawntell Kennedy
    3 rating
    Aug 9, 2022

    We are partly responsible for a issue

    It took a long time to close. We are partly responsible for the issue, but an inefficient process also caused an interest rate increase. Some companies are still in the red by 1 percent. I'm not sure why New Day went up. The reason was never explained. We had a long way from the end of the road. The person we worked with was helpful and enjoyable to collaborate with. Would I do it again, but only with the interest rate that we began with the one we ended with?

  71. Julie Figgs
    5 rating
    Aug 9, 2022

    New Day saved the day

    I received an email through New Day, and I contacted them to inquire about the procedure to refinance my house and cash out equity. Mr. Nicholas Mikhal Collins then got me. He was accommodating in providing the information and guiding me with the procedure. It was a relatively straightforward process, and Nick was wonderful to collaborate with. We concluded us refinance last week.

  72. Damian Mcquade
    3 rating
    Aug 8, 2022

    OK but not Great

    I've owned four homes and have used almost all of them Quicken Loans (Rocket Mortgage). They've been fantastic. However, I was interested in trying New Day for a while. I tried it and ran into issues I've not had previously. For instance, there was an error on my background check about collecting bills of some kind. I've never experienced that. I've always paid my account, and I have a FICO score is around 800. Another issue was with the notary who visited my house.

    He seemed unclear as to which documents required signatures. I was required to revise some of the papers. Additionally, my points New Day charges on the mortgage are pretty high, and my closing expenses were exorbitant. I'm not sure if I'll stick with the points New Day charges. Let's see if things improve from now on.

  73. Shelley Green
    3 rating
    Aug 7, 2022

    I'm pleased with the outcome

    Newday has completed the loan, and I'm pleased with the outcome. However, I'll admit that the loan ended nearly a month after the agent had said it would. The communication with the agent was minimal at most. I was the one who initiated most of our communications. One time, the agent was suffering from COVID, and I'm sure that's the cause; however, there were no communications about this or any other agents who contacted us or worked or even informed us of the situation.

  74. Dana Rankin
    3 rating
    Aug 6, 2022

    It isn't easy to pinpoint why I'm rating it three stars

    It isn't easy to pinpoint why I'm rating it three stars. However, I'm guessing this isn't about the service but the cost. I'm certainly not satisfied with the price. I think you're referring to them as fees, and then you added you added the VA percent is entirely off the mark. It's unclear whether a VA loan will save veterans any cash, and I don't believe I would recommend the program to anyone else. I was advised not to apply for a VA loan by someone who believed in me, but I was desperate to end the ARM I was on.

  75. Christine Giese
    3 rating
    Aug 5, 2022

    Flamm was professional

    While Flamm was, Flamm was professional, attentive, and experienced, I was unhappy with the outcome of the appraisal. My mortgage currently falls below my expectations. I was also disappointed with the final interest rate, which led to a significant increase in financial expenditure.

  76. Julie Sandoval
    3 rating
    Aug 4, 2022

    The loan manager told us that based on the appraisal

    The problem was that the loan manager told us that based on the appraisal, the number of bills we'd pay off and $70k. Then $5ok, then $35k, and received $2200 from the escrow account, and when we realized the final numbers, we were a couple of days away from closing, and the interest rate in the market was rising to deal with the process. Additionally, the previous Morgage company Morgage stated that we would only get back $400 from the escrow... So it wasn't enjoyable to hear one thing, and then every week, it changed.

  77. Tyler Kelley
    5 rating
    Aug 3, 2022

    I'm pleased with the choice

    I'm pleased with the choice I made to choose NewDay USA. They were open and transparent about the services they offered. It was an excellent deal in light of the current state of the market and the rising inflation currently affecting us. The whole process was easy, and I was updated about the state of my cash-out refinance from beginning to finish.

  78. Betty Garcia
    5 rating
    Aug 2, 2022

    I would highly recommend

    Contacting New Day was the best decision I could have made in refinancing the home we own. Steven, as well as New Day's New Day team, helped tremendously in guiding us through the refinancing process. They helped us obtain nearly $30,000 in equity out of our home, which allowed us to pay down a large portion of our outstanding debts. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They make it easy and know active duty as well as our veterans.

  79. Albert Wouters
    5 rating
    Aug 1, 2022

    Highly knowledgeable

    McKenzie was a great job in completing this task to be completed on a new day. I didn't do anything. In the beginning, she was there to help me and led me through the end of the process. McKenzie deserves to be recognized. She is skilled and highly knowledgeable.

  80. Sarah Manley
    4 rating
    Jul 31, 2022

    The loan was in good condition

    From the beginning to the close, the loan was in good condition. However, I discovered that in the closing paperwork, I paid around 7,000 without knowing how to do this. There are many possible reasons for this, but the new day had taken the money anyway. The question is, what can I do to fix this? I need help!

  81. Mark Wagner
    3 rating
    Jul 28, 2022

    The problem was that the loan manager informed us

    The problem was that the loan manager informed us that based on the appraisal, we'd get our bills paid off and $70k.

    Then $5ok, then 35 k and receive $2200 from the escrow account, and when we realized that we were a few days away from closing, and the interest rate in the market was increasing, we went along the process.

    In addition, the previous Morgage company Morgage stated that we would only receive $400 from the escrow. Every week, the rate was changing.

    It was a bit disheartening to learn that one thing was accurate.

  82. Don Pascucci
    4 rating
    Jul 18, 2022

    The communication was prompt and regular

    It was apparent to me that there was far too lots of paperwork. The closing papers we had were nearly 169 pages! We also did cash-out refinances to pay for some of our expenses. In the case of credit card accounts and auto loans, Newsday does not reimburse the creditors directly.

    They mailed the checks to the Us to send directly to the creditors. This makes no sense to me. The refinancing procedure was relatively rapid, and the communication was prompt and regular.

  83. Sheila Thornton
    5 rating
    Jul 9, 2022

    I highly recommend it for anyone in need of or mortgage service

    The use of NewDay for the refinance was a simple and enjoyable process. Matt was fantastic at taking charge of us throughout the entire process. He was highly competent and pleasant to communicate with. Thank Admiral for your company's assistance, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing mortgage service.

  84. Ashley Calvillo
    5 rating
    Jul 2, 2022

    It was simple and quick

    It was simple and quick. Matt Downing responded to my questions quickly and was extremely thorough in every task he was assigned. Very professional and professional, which was crucial to me, or there would not have been any deal. Everything went exactly as I was hoping and planned.

  85. Nathan Lee
    1 rating
    May 12, 2022

    If I could, I would give this company a huge fat

    They lied from the beginning. I am furious with them. They are a scourge of me... be honest ....BEWARE DO NOT TRUST THEM.

  86. Amanda
    5 rating
    Apr 22, 2022


    I initially sought information about a refi for my home. Sarah convinced me that refi with New Day USA was worth the time and money. Gabriella Garza was my transfer to finish the transaction. Gabby was professional and courteous and explained everything to me to my satisfaction.

    The process was smooth and took only about 4-5 weeks to complete. Although I didn't want a large cash payout, I was interested in lowering my monthly payments. My mortgage payments are now $75 lower per month. Thanks, Gabby, and New Day, the USA

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