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12 Reviews on NBC News

  1. Stephanie Arcudi
    Jan 3, 2023

    Give extra time to the segment

    Please take a moment to allow more time for segments for consumers. I’m always interested, but I find myself getting frustrated with all the interruptions and watching guests be sucked into trying to hurry. I’m busy and do not access your website to view any other show. Sometimes, hosts are more engaged in having their own questions addressed, and viewers are left in the dark! It was only me, but my husband has started complaining about the same thing since he’s working at his home. Give extra time to the segment!

  2. Karen Elizabeth
    Jan 2, 2023

    the city of Albuquerque, particularly

    My wife Olivia is missing as a Sedillo in my mother’s. Connie I Padilla is lying in the way she’s covering up by the city of Albuquerque, particularly when they call the Albuquerque police department to dispatch.

  3. Frank Nutter
    Jan 1, 2023

    In all black commercials

    I am bored of NBC news focusing on America’s black community! In all black commercials and all news stories about black people, nearly all hosts are black. Why is it that this 14% group receives all the attention from the kids, and why do you focus all the advertisements and news on blacks? No disrespect to be meant, but I would guess that most people are not ruling anymore; it’s just a $#*! Kissing of race.

  4. Janet Bessler
    Dec 31, 2022

    It's known as Simple respect.

    What about NBC news and other reporting organizations that allow our athletes the chance to breathe and be awed by their moments as Olympians taking part and not be so self-centered for an interview where you don’t pay attention or consider the fact that one of our representatives isn’t able to stand? The athlete should also get the proper attention to their body before answering questions or being interviewed. It’s known as Simple respect.

  5. cheryl phillips
    Dec 30, 2022

    We know that it is effective.

    Why aren’t we told the story of Hunter Biden texting racial slurs? Why aren’t you telling the story of the drug Donald Trump told everyone about that helped patients with the virus? We know that it is effective. I’m expecting the whole story, not only what you want me to be aware of. I’m sorry for you. What do you think of Omar? Inform the media in the way it’s written.

  6. Anne Gaudette
    Dec 28, 2022

    That is so sad and is the reason I don't watch your channel now.

    What TV station should inform people about what’s happening in the United States? You guys are completely ignorant of what’s happening. I’ve heard more about taxes over Trump, and no one ever mentions Biden’s tax returns which he didn’t file, and you don’t even talk about the border at all. That is so sad and is the reason I don’t watch your channel now. It’s absurd that you need to behave like you used to. I’m nearly 70 and don’t ever want to watch you. I like watching Fox because they let the public know what’s happening.

  7. Lynne Gietzen
    Dec 26, 2022

    non-biased media system geared toward truth

    The media across the United States are all puppets to a handful of select Elites. Unfortunately, these same vile people also control corporations like Disney. In reality, you are constantly being lied to and misled. We as a society must take a stand against these criminals to remove their power and money back. Set an example for them and those who promote their fake news. They must lead to a fair, non-biased media system geared toward truth and not controlling content to preserve freedom.

  8. Ralph King
    Dec 23, 2022

    Fear is the primary driver of mass violence

    Shame on yourself for creating chaos and mass panic in America through your report on the coronavirus. The virus is deadly. Make sure you wash your hands. If you have symptoms, visiting your physician is all that’s required to say. Fear is the primary driver of mass violence. Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong-Un. You’ve created an evil monster that has ravaged America. Now, you’re playing Italians singing in their home! You’ve lost contact with reality while everyone else is living in this nightmare.

  9. Mary Holland
    Sep 27, 2022

    You're no different than the protesters!

    I don’t typically read my news through major stream media due to the inaccurate and false information they provide. But, following Obama’s speech on the final night of the RNC, the only thing I heard from the”analyst crew “analyst crew” was how awful they thought it would be if the President were attending this event with no masks and other such things! Let me remind you this: NBC (or any other fake news networks) didn’t have anything to say about protesters having masks on or not socially distancing. But ……. all suddenly, it’s ridiculous that the people who attended the RNC don’t wear masks. All media personalities are identical! They don’t even tell you that protesters are violent! Instead, try to try to cover it up by not mentioning anything! This is why….. to remain real, youaccurate’t have the right to criticize the President if you allow the violence that is taking place across our towns! You’re no different than the protesters!

  10. Lauri Kounelis
    Jul 20, 2022

    This is the most unprofessional

    This is the most unprofessional news station that has ever existed… This station isn’t honest, but for the American people’s sake, provide the truth about the election!! The election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden… What is the reason that this state Michigan only has 138,000 votes in an hour and a quarter time frame for Joe Biden… Other states are also showing dead people who voted… Do their spirits come out and cast votes? I haven’t seen the media discussing this in the news!! There’s no transparency with NBC news.

  11. Paula Williams
    Jun 27, 2022

    Profits of billions when gas companies extort their customers!

    A long-running news story features the lives of three family members and significant changes due to price hikes for gas. Why don’t we spend the same amount of time revealing the billions of dollars in profits the gas companies are monitoring consumers for.

  12. Denny Jiang
    Jun 7, 2022

    conservatives and the president Trump!

    I used to love NBC coverage until it began being biased towards the conservatives and President Trump.

    Then they started being biased towards President Trump!

    Don’t even get me started on Savannah Guthrie constantly interrupting Trump and cutting off Trump’s speech!

    NBC News and other news outlets that are liberal are disgraced for constantly opposing Trump and his administration! Boycott NBC News!

    I have seen the speeches Trump delivers in the morning and at night.

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