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24 Reviews

Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions

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Is Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions legit?

Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions has 24 reviews on, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions customer care?

You can contact Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 708-712-6784

Where is Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions located?

Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions is located at address 46 6th Ave, La Grange, IL 60525, United States.

24 Reviews on Modern & Zest Haircoloring and Hair Extensions

  1. Enrico Gallerani
    5 rating

    We love going to Kristina for every hair need.

    Jan 22, 2023

    Kristina adopts a holistic approach to achieving and maintaining your hair's cut, color, and cut. She begins by asking what you'd like to see, and after a brief conversation about your ideas, she sets out to achieve them. In cutting my hair, she looks at the form of my face, where my hair is positioned, and the state of my hair. She also takes care of anything that requires to be changed, for instance, the products for my hair that I use. My hair was dry and brittle, but she has now transformed my hair into a smooth hair mane. Before my first treatment with Kristina, my hair began to fall out. I tried minoxidil to stop it, but it was becoming worse. She suggested I prpreventedsing minoxidil and offered some suggestions on products to revive my hair. My hair is healthier, more smooth, and shiny. The glaze she applies to my hair makes it feel like silk. In regards to Kristina herself, she's a highly caring, kind person. She is genuinely concerned about every one of her clients, and it's evident. Each time a customer arrives at the door and is greeted with a smile. We love going to Kristina for every hair need.

  2. Keith Harvey
    5 rating

    You are therefore paying for her knowledge

    Dec 23, 2022

    I am walking through the clouds, ecstatic about the new color of my hair and fashion! Kristina is an absolute genius! I handed her a big project, and she enthusiastically and enthusiastically accepted the project! She is extremely thorough during the consultation and explains everything. She is also very transparent. If I suggest something that is not an ideal choice, she'll suggest alternatives that are better for my needs. She is cautious about the products she utilizes and ensures my hair remains in top health! Kristina is worth the effort and time. According to the saying, it's what you spend for. You are therefore paying for her knowledge. This is worth it!

  3. Hilary Rourke
    5 rating

    I am happy with my new hairstyle

    Dec 21, 2022

    Today was the first time I had my hair cut by Kristina. I am happy with my new hairstyle. I am in love with my new do! After years of trying various salons with multiple stylists, I can confidently say I've found someone I am comfortable with for my hair. Kristina truly takes the time to understand you and your lifestyle to ensure she can form your look in the most efficient wapossibleis.
    Additionally is exceptionally flexible, understanding, and kind! :) This is my first time leaving the salon feeling happy and happy with my new style. I've had so many compliments already regarding the professionalism of my stylist and how good my hair is. I am thrilled that I discovered her via the numerous favorable online reviews.
    I am looking forward to the next time I see her!!

  4. Sherry Carrington
    5 rating

    I feel I need a complete transformation

    Dec 18, 2022

    Kristina is a hair genius! She is not only a fantastic artist in cuts and color, but she's also among the most caring, sweet, and genuine people I've ever met. If you're in search of someone who truly is skilled in cutting and color or extensions, do not waste time and make your appointment today with Kristina. You can trust me. I've been stopped numerous times on the streets and told by strangers how much they admire my hair. All due to Kristina! When I feel I need a complete transformation, I always know who to turn to Kristina.

  5. Paul Roper
    5 rating

    She helped me get a fantastic cut and color for the fall season

    Dec 18, 2022

    Kristina has to be the most effective. She helped me get a fantastic cut and color for the fall season. She is highly meticulous and very attentive to her work. I love my hair!

  6. Paul Roper
    5 rating

    A fantastic cut and color for the autumn season

    Dec 16, 2022

    Kristina has to be the most excellent. She is meticulous and pays attention to her work. I love my hair! She helped me get a fantastic cut and color for the autumn season.

  7. Suzanne Skinner
    5 rating

    She's absolutely fantastic and so helpful

    Dec 15, 2022

    I had the most fantastic experience working with Kristina! She helped me select the most appropriate shade to match my hair extensions. Not only that, but she also added the perfect shade to my hair and added a hint of color to my wings, which fit perfectly! She did a fantastic job mixing them all. I've experienced extensions over the years, and this was the most memorable experience that I've experienced. I also had the best time with her on every visit. She's absolutely fantastic and so helpful! I cannot wait to be back.

  8. Ulla Shirt
    5 rating

    My hair is healthier than it has ever been.

    Dec 15, 2022

    I recently searched online for a hairstylist who could help me with hairstyles for my wedding. I was so happy to find Kristina, who was a great choice! She collaborated with me to create the hairstyle I had in my head for my wedding day. Kristina is a professional with a lot of experience and expertise, and I recommend her to anyone! Kristina is devoted and enthusiastic about her work. She takes excellent care of every aspect to ensure that everything is flawless. From the first time I visited, I've seen Kristina cut my hair, and she has also provided me with numerous tips regarding how to take care of my hair. My hair is healthier than it has ever been.

  9. Aleksandra Daskevica
    5 rating

    I would strongly recommend Modern and Zest

    Dec 14, 2022

    Kristine is the most amazing! I am amazed by her personality and her expert knowledge. I was apprehensive about a hair halo because I had grown up hearing people talking about hair extensions. However, when Kristine clarified the halo concept, everything was clear! Kristine exceeded my expectations. Not just was it a fantastic experience, but Kristine made an effort to call me immediately afterward to ensure I was satisfied! Kristine excels! ! I would strongly recommend Modern and Zest!

  10. Emma Harper
    5 rating

    Perfect job every time

    Dec 14, 2022

    Perfect job every time! Kristina is like family to me. I have been coming to her for my needs! I'm a follower wherever she goes! I love my cut and color! She is always attentive and will explain the entire procedure. She cares! Highly recommended!

  11. Vivien May
    5 rating

    I realized I could count on her to improve my look, extensions, and color

    Dec 12, 2022

    Kristina has restored my confidence! I had destroyed my hair by bleaching and other harmful practices so severely that my hair fell off to fall out. I was at the point of being ashamed to leave my home. I saw Kristina for a consultation, and she was professional and kind. I realized I could count on her to improve my look, extensions, and color. The wings were applied quickly before I could return to the salon within two days. She was above and beyond my hair color, instructing me on how to repair my hair and placing my extension. The extensions are of high quality and look healthier than my hair has ever looked. The process of applying them is safe from damage. She was extremely friendly and professional and made me feel that repairing my hair was just as important to her as I was. She is proud of her work and is incredibly proud of making her customers happy. I highly recommend her and hope to see her again shortly. Thank you for helping me feel comfortable about my hair!

  12. Asif Khan
    5 rating

    I began going to Kristina just a few months ago.

    Dec 11, 2022

    I began going to Kristina just a few months ago. We clicked instantly, as I always have fun with her. I started going to her for color correction, and I love how my hair feels and looks now. She has been helping me. I could not be happier. I would recommend her! GO! ! Grow my hair with exciting cuts and styles as I prepare for my daughter's wedding.

  13. Adrian Deaconescu
    5 rating

    I'm thrilled with how I look each day I walk out of the salon

    Dec 11, 2022

    I'm thrilled with how I look each day I walk out of the salon. Each time I come across Kristina is a beautiful day. She is a master in hair color and has greatly assisted in bringing my locks (another stylist damaged them in another salon) so that it's growing beautifully. And she's fun, sweet, and friendly. So easy to get along with. She never responds to my messages and can always figure out ways to create space for me. She's also incredibly kind in the face of my horrible scheduling blunders. It is something I enjoy.

  14. Carolyn Dawson
    5 rating

    Kristina is an absolute professional and a wonderful person.

    Dec 11, 2022

    Kristina is one of the most skilled and committed stylists I've ever met. I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to have discovered her many years ago. I knew that I would have to be coming back to her long before my initial appointment had even ended. Kristina always provides a thorough consultation to ensure you get the exact outcome you'd imagine. Even if you arrive at your appointment with no idea what you're looking for, Kristina constantly has brilliant suggestions. She is always awe-inspiring in helping you reach the right decision for a new style! I love the fact that Kristina is highly enthusiastic about her work. She keeps up with the most current trends and techniques and instructs her clients on the most effective products to keep their hair in good condition and style throughout the time possible. Kristina is always going beyond the call of duty to provide her clients with the most healthy, beautiful quality, long-lasting hair possible! After several bad experiences, I could not trust a stylist before I came across Kristina. Once my hair's in her care, I feel at peace, and I am confident I'll be awed by the final result! I am now 60 miles from Kristina's hair salon and will never use another stylist. Kristina is an absolute professional and a wonderful person.

  15. Cheryl Taders
    5 rating

    Personality make her a top option for those looking

    Dec 10, 2022

    Kristina has to be the most effective! She can collaborate with clients to deliver the most effective outcomes. Her professionalism and personality make her a top option for those looking for their perfect stylist! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  16. John Rumble
    5 rating

    Her services were suggested to me by a friend

    Dec 8, 2022

    Kristina is AWESOME! Her services were suggested to me by a friend I trust, and I decided to give them a shot. I'm thrilled with the results! She took the time to get to know my hair's needs along with my goals for my hair. Scheduling an appointment was quick and easy. Kristina even was kind enough to call me and conduct a consult on the phone to understand my requirements. She is highly passionate about her work and does an excellent job of making you feel comfortable within her home. From beginning to finish, her procedure is first-class. After washing my hair, she applied a deep conditioning treatment and then gave me a massage to my scalp (which was incredible). She cut my hair when wet and then added some final details after drying. I must say that this is the most beautiful haircut I've ever had, and I'll be coming again!

  17. Cathryn Pattinson
    5 rating

    I've not had a hairdresser for this long

    Dec 6, 2022

    My hair loves Kristina! I've been visiting Kristina for the past 15 years. I've not had a hairdresser for this long! She is a great caretaker of my hair, which is very difficult to manage in good times. From the first moment of my appointment, where we discuss ideas for cutting or coloring my hair, to the final touches, Kristina is always a glowing, warm ball and a constant perfectionist to ensure that I look and feel fabulous. She provides great styling tips and high-quality products for my hair to ensure it stays the way it should when I go home and take care of it by myself. The products she uses make my hair feel smooth and healthy. I'll continue to be a top the to the customer for the duration of her business, which I hope will last for a long time

  18. Emma Nicholas
    5 rating

    Kristina is undoubtedly the most talented hair stylist

    Dec 4, 2022

    Kristina is undoubtedly the most talented hair stylist I've ever worked with! From the beginning, her style differed from those I've had before. Kristina is a great stylist who asks the appropriate questions to customize your new style to suit your style and preferences. I received a stunning haircut and color, the first time I'd ever had extensions. Kristina did an incredible job making the extensions fit my natural hair's length and color. You won't be able to tell I'm wearing the extensions! Kristina is also a friendly person who goes unsurpassed in customer service and is a joy to work with! Highly recommended!

  19. Monica Stanford
    5 rating

    I've had a haircut with a stylist named Kristina for several years

    Dec 3, 2022

    I've had a haircut with a stylist named Kristina for several years. She's a master when it comes to cutting your hair. Kristina is extremely friendly and friendly, and she knows the suitable hairstyles and colors are most flattering on you! If you have some ideas or a style you like or see n a magazine, she will do a fantastic job matching the class to yours. Everybody I know, my family members and friends, enjoys my hairstyle. My sibling has also been Kristina's customer for the past 11 years. If you're looking for an excellent hair stylist, visit Kristina! You will not be disappointed!

  20. Lynne hemani
    5 rating

    She styled my hair until I left the region.

    Dec 2, 2022

    Kristina makes my hair appear better than any stylist I've had before. She styled my hair until I left the region. I was looking for a stylist in the past, but I never had a consistent appointment with anyone since no one could make my hair look as good as Kristina did! I relocated back to the area in December and decided to give Kristina an appointment which she did, to see me the following week. It's a huge relief to feel comfortable with my hair once more! Kristina is the sweetest person with this vision of creating a beautiful hairstyle. I think that stylists aren't considering my hair's texture and shape, but the cuts and colors of Kristina always match me perfectly. She cares about how you feel and looks aboulooksur hair. She focuses on the health of your hair. She gives great suggestions for products. My hair always feels good and healthy after having a consultation with Kristina. In all honesty, I could not be happier with her!

  21. Murtaza Bharwani
    5 rating

    Kristina is a fantastic person

    Dec 1, 2022

    Kristina is a fantastic person! I've struggled with my hair's size since my high school days. She perfectly cut my hair. I'm particular about cuts because I do not see color, see, or highlight my hair. She surpassed my expectations! I would recommend her to see her for extensions or simply haircuts as well! She fitted me with Halo extensions,s and I enjoy these extensions!

  22. Marlisa Bannister
    5 rating

    She is highly experienced

    Sep 24, 2022

    Kristina is a professional in the field of hair taking care. She is highly experienced and knowledgeable in her area. The woman is a perfectionist and extremely dedicated. The stylist colored my hair and cut it. She also made hair extensions. I like how they appear. Since moving from Chicago, I've been trying to find hairdressers. I discovered Kristina after reading some of her reviews. I'm so glad I found her.

  23. Ronnie Botha
    5 rating

    The most loving and most genuine person

    Jul 20, 2022

    It's unbelievable that I've been visiting Kristina to cut my hair and color for over 20 years! She's been the only stylist I've ever trusted to cut and perfect color my hair. It's been an absolute pleasure working alongside her as she progresses to become the fantastic professional artist she has become today.

    Even if I go to her salon not knowing what I'd like, her imagination and fresh ideas never cease to give you the perfect and trendy new look.

    Each every time I go to her salon, I feel like a brand new gorgeous, gorgeous, and rejuvenated person. I don't know how many people have stopped me and asked me about my hair!

    No matter where Kristina goes, I'll follow her! She is the perfect mix of artist and professional. In addition to that, she is the most loving and genuine person you'll ever meet! I wouldn't and would not recommend anyone other than her!

  24. Ieva Narin
    5 rating

    Kristina is an excellent

    May 20, 2022

    Kristina has been our go-to person for many years. She is always attentive to our needs, offers thoughtful suggestions, and does excellent.

    She is genuine and kind. It is a relaxing and inviting environment. It is worth traveling through many towns to reach this hidden gem. You will not be disappointed.

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