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8 Reviews

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Is Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry legit?

Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry has 8 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry customer care?

You can contact Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 612 328 0807

Where is Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry located?

Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry is located at address 574 Prairie Center Dr ste 135, Eden Prairie, MN 55344, United States.

8 Reviews on Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete & Masonry

  1. Zintl
    1 rating

    Not Trustworthy Stay Away

    Feb 9, 2024

    Not sincere and foremost cracks in our driveway after about 3 years. Here we're 3 years into an predicted five 12 months warranty and Distinctive concrete won't repair major cracks beneath warranty. Our original quote and numerous revisions have a 5 year warranted distinct.

    When Distinctive Concrete consultant brought a agreement to sign and choose up deposit they introduced a print out that were modified to two yr warranty. Quote quantity, agreement date and fee were all similar to previous quote with 5 year settlement. I simply have become aware about this transfer when I requested for a guarantee repair.

    Contract also lists a group of factors that are excluded from guarantee. "Cracking" is not listed as exclusion. However Distinctive Concrete is also announcing that "cracking" isn't protected below warranty. Who would hire a concrete contractor that failed to cowl cracking? We had no knowledge that Distinctive Concrete switched the best print. I am taking them to court

  2. Brenda McGrath
    1 rating

    It was a smooth job

    Jun 1, 2023

    Mike Hage has replaced the driveway made of asphalt with a concrete drive. It was a smooth job and did not look bad for three years. It was then that we began to notice popouts and mortar flaking. After the 4th year, it was all over the place; by the fifth year, it was all over the place. I contacted Mike, and he immediately claimed I was guilty of applying deicers (which I've never tried) and refused to give me the five-year warranty. I consulted an expert who said the issue resulted from inadequate curing and finish. After many exchanges with Mike but little satisfactoriness from Mike, I've decided not to take on the burden of a suit. I'm not a fan of his behavior. See it for yourself or send me photos. I've just seen Mike Hages reply to my review. It is clear that Mike's tactic - - blame me, my neighbor, industry, or the weather! The guy didn't mention that he'd charge me for the overlay instead of performing the work for free or even ensuring his guarantee. Again, if you'd like photographs of my driveway in five years, please get in touch with me, and you could be able to see the future.

    1. Angie pappas

      Mike Hage is a liar

      Sep 12, 2023

      Same exact thing happened to my mom it happened in 1 winter pot holes and dimples all over the contretemps apron they wouldnt respond after one year that said it was by using salt. Clearly as it has happened to several people he is a liar he doesn’t know what he is doing and steals hundreds of thousands of dollars for poor worm

  3. Juniper Sage
    4 rating

    A great job

    Apr 14, 2023

    They are great at their job and also have outstanding concrete. I would offer a tip to ensure they look over the design before starting. I wouldn't be happy if I did not discover an aspect that was not present before pouring.

  4. Fred Weber
    4 rating

    Workers were polite

    Sep 23, 2022

    I would hire Hage Concrete again and would recommend them to everyone. Workers were polite, communicated well, and did excellent work, including cleaning up. The only complaint was the fact that their employees smoked on the job. I neither liked nor appreciated the smell or the danger of it near my home when I went out to communicate with the workers.

  5. Lori Price
    5 rating

    The work done by Mike and his team was outstanding

    Jul 21, 2022

    The work done by Mike and his team was outstanding, both functionally and visually. One of the primary reasons for getting a new driveway was that I was experiencing water leakage in my basement after heavy rains due to the slope of the previously broken driveway.

    It's been a whole year since I got it, and the basement is dry throughout the many rainstorms and melting snow from winter. It's not cheap, but you pay for what you get, and the driveway is worth every cent.

  6. David Brannon
    5 rating

    Mike Really Does Distinctive Concrete Work

    Jul 11, 2022

    We were delighted with the new sidewalk we received for our front. Mike certainly makes his work "distinctive," with that appearance of premium work. Also, his concrete doesn't crack. We had concrete installed by his father and son over 29 years ago, and it hasn't broken once!

  7. Jeff Silvernail
    3 rating

    We are happy with the patio

    Jul 4, 2022

    We are happy with the patio we purchased from Mike Hage's Distinctive Concrete and are confident that it will be a great addition to our house and create the outdoor space we had been looking for. But, I was disappointed that contact with them was not as good throughout the entire process, from the contract's signing to the final product. When our project was being developed, I was required to inquire at least a few times for information regarding when the workers would be at our house and what to be expecting. I was required to contact them several times to receive updates regarding the status of our project on the waiting list. When I raised concerns regarding the color of my patio, My concerns were ignored, and I was worried that the patio wouldn't look like something we'd be proud to have. The result was that communications DID improve, and we're satisfied with how our deck appears, even the coloring I was worried about.

  8. Harley Franken
    5 rating

    Extremely prompt and responded

    Jun 9, 2022

    Mike, who is the owner, was the one who made the offer and was able to send Scott to supervise the project.

    He analyzed the bricks on an old porch that was 30 years old to make repairs to the wood stoop's first section.

    The brick was precisely matched! Two team members completed what was needed.

    The entire team was professional, courteous, and did terrific work.

    The porch repair made it appear like it did when it was built.

    A few minor things were left unaddressed that required two messages to check and ensure they were done.

    They were extremely prompt and responded in the fastest time possible.

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