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35 Reviews

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Is Meridian Trimmer legit?

Meridian Trimmer has 35 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Meridian Trimmer customer care?

You can contact Meridian Trimmer customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at

Where is Meridian Trimmer located?

Meridian Trimmer is located at address United States.

35 Reviews on Meridian Trimmer

  1. Moe K.
    1 rating

    Hidden Subscriptions and Unjust Charges

    Dec 22, 2023

    I purchased a trimmer from their website as a birthday present a few months back. I was today charged $30 for a replacement subscription blade that i had no idea about the details of! Following these review and Meridians indifferent responses, I'm guessing that the moment you purchase the trimmer at a discount price one of the benefits is that you automatically subscribe to the service. Complete BS. I don't often write reviews, and this may be my first negative review. However, I am completely justified in this SCAM Like BS. I have always recommended Meridian due to the trimmers being reliable, however after this incident I'll be bringing my business and recommending them elsewhere.

  2. Maria Cameron
    1 rating

    Unwanted Subscriptions and Customer Service Hassles

    Dec 15, 2023

    Take care when purchasing this product. The seller will subscribe you to continue getting blades each month. I've never subscribed to this service voluntarily. The customer service team could not withdraw the order and offered me a refund when I immediately sent an email following "the purchase" of the blade. They told me that I must be able to receive the blade first and then deliver it back, and that is why I must pay for the shipping costs from them as well as mine to return it, making me pay $26 and not get it the money back ($13 for shipping charges per item)

  3. Schumann Zohan
    1 rating

    A Frustrating Experience Worth Avoiding

    Nov 5, 2023

    I recently decided to invest in the Meridian trimmer, and my experience with it has been quite frustrating. Despite its higher price point than other trimmers on the market, it was one of the most disappointing grooming tools I've ever used. Based on my personal experience, I cannot in good conscience recommend this product to anyone.

    To begin with, the initial setup appeared to be straightforward. I followed the instructions, put the trimmer on charge, and everything seemed fine. However, my troubles began when I attempted to turn it off. After an hour of charging, I disconnected it from the charger and tried to power it on, but to my dismay, it refused to shut down. No matter what I tried, the trimmer would not respond to my commands. I attempted various troubleshooting methods, but all my efforts proved to be in vain.

    The absence of a functional power-off mechanism is not just a source of annoyance but also a cause for concern. I certainly don't want a trimmer that I can't control, which might unexpectedly start running at any given moment, potentially leading to accidents or mishaps.

    Furthermore, the build quality of the trimmer left much to be desired. The overall construction and materials used gave off a cheap and flimsy impression, making me doubt its ability to withstand regular use. Frankly, I have severe reservations about the long-term durability of this trimmer, even if it were to function correctly.

  4. Stone Mountain
    5 rating

    Highly recommend it

    Jan 28, 2023

    The first thing to be aware of is the Meridian Mens Electric Below the Belt Trimmer is not a shaving device. You'll surely draw some blood if you attempt to use it to shave. Utilizing it as meant to be used with the different spacers will make you happy. In the past, I've looked for a suitable device to apply to below-the-belt trimming, but I haven't come across one. The Meridian Trimmer is now available. Meridian Trimmer Meridian Trimmer is small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. It is rechargeable, so there's no cord to mess with or limit its use. The charging cable is provided; however, you must use your charging device. In my case, II use a laptop, which chargchargesports. This Meridian Below the Belt Trimmer is quiet and won't cause any disturbance to anyone. It is easy to hold and is simple to move into tight places. The spacers measure 12, 9, 5, and 3mm. This gives you the option to trim. A cleaning brush is provided, and I recommend you use it after every trimming. This Meridian Below the Belt Trimmer will last about half an hour before indicating that the charge has started to fall. Therefore, it should last long enough to trim at least six times before it requires a license. It's now among my top grooming tools, and I highly recommend it.

  5. Jamieka Smith
    4 rating

    The Trimmer by Meridian

    Jan 27, 2023

    One of the reasons I'd never attempted an electric razor of any kind was because it was the "snag factor." Snags, nicks, and irritation. "The Trimmer by Meridian" has put a fresh spin on this line of thought. It is a remarkable tool. It is very comfortable inside my hand...not too big...not too small. It is modern in its contour and powerful enough to eliminate undesirable hairs.' From coarse hair to fine hair, it is a great device. Its "Trimmer" is waterproof and ideal for wet and dry use. The shaver can be used to shave back hair and chest hair or even on the coat of your head... In the box are the razor and a way to attach blades. The package also includes a brush for cleaning and a USB cable for charging. It is a beautiful gift too.

  6. Shantell Scott
    5 rating

    This is the finest trimmer I've ever had!

    Jan 27, 2023

    This is the finest trimmer I've ever had! It is packaged in a stylish design box with guards, the cleaning brush, and the charging cord, all individually wrapped in plastic. I was aware that the trimmer was top-quality from the moment I brought it home. The weight and feel of it fit easily into your hand. I was amazed at the speed at which it charged the first time I took it out from the box and the length of its charge. The trimmer is robust and can cut through thick hair. I tested it on my head with the guards on two sides, and it was a success. Cleaning it simply by opening the clipper and scrubbing the hair out was easy. It's also water-proof and is suitable for use to shower. I used it dry and wet, with the result being great! I would highly suggest the Meridian trimmer, and I would tell you you should get one!

  7. Jessica Smidt
    5 rating

    I'm incredibly impressed with the trimmer I have purchased and would recommend it.

    Jan 27, 2023

    I was unfamiliar with the Meridian Trimmer brand before it was introduced using a previous cutter (different brand) for a long time. Still, it started to show signs of problems, and I was happy to have the chance to purchase this one. It's stylish, light, and quiet. It easily glides across the part you're trimming. In the picture, all the details are sealed in their small bags. Both plastic guards provide the choice of four lengths (3 3,6, 9, and 12 mm.) and stop the trimming from being too close to your skin. Guards are easily removed if one doesn't require guards, e.g., to cut your mustache. My trimmer was not fully charged when I received it. However, I could fully recharge it in just 30 minutes. I'm incredibly impressed with the trimmer I have purchased and would recommend it.

  8. Austin Heckelsberg
    4 rating

    The width has both positive and negative points.

    Jan 26, 2023

    This review is on the Meridian trimmer with "universal USB" charging. There are positive and negative aspects to this trimmer. I don't dislike it. However, I wouldn't recommend it because I'll go over it. The trimmer is quite broad and weighs an adequate amount of weight. On the front, there are LEDs to show charging levels. The material that covers the trimmer is slippery and slip-proof, which I love. The trimmer's blades are similar to all other trimmers like the one I've used. There's nothing special in them, as far as I've observed. The width is acceptable, depending on the application. The width has both positive and negative points. The box contains an emery cloth for cleaning the blades and components, a relatively small charging cable, and two combs that attach to the ends of the trimmer. It's not enough length variation. If you use the trimmer without a combiner, you only get three lengths, but that's all. Another issue is it is advertised as a "universal USB" trimmer, which sounds great for bringing it along on your travels. However, it's a custom USB cable only at one end and isn't universal. If you lose this particular cable, you can charge your trimmer. The charger isn't included either. You'll need to purchase it alone, which can be a disappointment. There's no storage box as well, though the box is of good size and can be used as a storage device. In these circumstances, I'd suggest the mainline brands, such as Remington, which usually includes longer lengths, attachments, the actual method of charging the trimmer, and occasionally storage cases.

  9. Sarah Rosales
    5 rating

    It was my first ceramic blade trimmer

    Jan 25, 2023

    It was my first ceramic blade trimmer. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed at which it cut hair. There was never any hair-pulling or wrangling. The battery does not appear to drain fast. After a single use, it indicated that the battery was ultimately charged. The two clips come in two different sizes on both ends, which is excellent and helps keep clutter at bay. Trimmer's coating is a sort of rubberized paint. I'm not a fan of this coating because it wears off and turns slippery or ugly. It's ti. For me to find out. My wife loves it because it keeps a grasp on the trimming tool. The trimmer's head is larger than the Remington I've used. Overall, it performs flawlessly, and I appreciate that it can charge via USB. It's just that I wish it came with a micro USB micro USBC connector on the razor. It has a special USB cable to charge it, so be sure you don't lose the cable, and you'll be good.

  10. Stephen Scheckler
    4 rating

    I first did an individual trim to prepare to get surgery a few years back

    Jan 23, 2023

    I first did an individual trim to prepare to get surgery a few years back. I realized after the prickly part was gone that I liked it. After I began cycling riding, the grooming process became a routine aspect. I've tried a range of trimmers to accomplish the task. This trimmer is the ideal size. It is more significant than a beard trimmer but smaller than an ordinary hair trimmer. Trim guards that are right in size. I prefer not trimming close to the skin but leaving/8ths of an inch of hair. After that, with a moisturizer or conditioner to ease the occasional prickliness, I'm all set. I like how simple it is to put on the guards and maintain the trimmer. I was not impressed by the dimensions of the manual for the user. It is almost like you require a magnifying lens to read it. I read it, and I didn't see any mention of using oil on the trimmer. So I got to work without oiling. Not so good a trim, hair left uncut. I bought some trimmer oil and added two drops to the cutting teeth, and the trimmer worked well.

  11. Jeanne Meadows
    2 rating

    The trimmer has been excellent so far

    Jan 22, 2023

    The trimmer works well. The rest came in torn packages that looked like an exchange. Nail kits are useless. I wouldn't recommend anything else but the trimmer. The skin care products appear to be of good quality, but the fact that they were in poor condition and that the spray was leaking everywhere was a major turnoff. They changed the rush, but I think they should have replaced all skincare products. I wouldn't recommend this company based on my experience. The trimmer has been excellent so far.

  12. Edward Cutler
    5 rating

    This Meridian Electric Below the Belt Trimmer with universal USB charging is an absolute Gem

    Jan 21, 2023

    This Meridian Electric Below the Belt Trimmer with universal USB charging is an absolute Gem. It will take me another time (or at least two) to gain confidence in my ability to maneuver and control the trimmer, which is unfamiliar to me. However, the trimmer significantly reduced the time it took to cut. In the beginning, I tried it out 'north before moving to the south from the belt. Sideburns, stomach, and sideburns hairs. These are excellent and excellent forest trims too. Below the belt trims, I hesitantly made use of a professional barbering scissor and sideburn trimmer from an electric shaving. Yes, there were some nicks and bobs in the past with these tools. This device has some of the stress and issues of trimfromYou can't go wrong with using this tool...

  13. Christopher Jones
    5 rating

    I strongly recommend the trimmer!

    Jan 20, 2023

    I've been looking at the types of trimmers available for quite a while, but I didn't take the time to purchase one. Now that I own one, it's fantastic! I didn't have a single scratch anywhere on my face. I even shaved an area of mole (cautiously, of course) without any issues. The compact dimensions of the device and the absence of wires that could hinder shaving are fantastic. Before this, I used hair clippers for about a decade, and they were awful. They are well worth the money, and the only negative I can think of is that they can't cut as close to your skin; however, I'm sure there will be scratches. This isn't going to be as smooth as shaving with a razor, of course, but routine maintenance being raz, ours is simple, quick, efficient, and well-cut. Also, it is easy to clean, and you can purchase replacement blades if you need them. Make sure to oil your blades each time you use them; the machine should last indefinitely. I strongly recommend the trimmer!

  14. Jordan Kutzarov
    2 rating

    The little guy can do the job of trimming and isn't pulling out hairs

    Jan 19, 2023

    The little guy can do the job of trimming and isn't pulling out hairs. There are a few issues regarding the included accessories. Someone decided somewhere not to have chargers for wireless devices. To me, this is a faulty product. It's not a product that can be forgiven. Another issue is that they don't include a carry bag. There is nothing to store the cleaning brush, USB cables, and guides. The guides are of decent high-quality plastic. However, the measurements are in millimeters, not inches. The charger included is a proprietary design that uses the standard USB charger that's not included. The other end is unlike anything I've witnessed if you drop your cable in trouble. Charging cables are always traditional, which is why this is a significant design defect. I'm giving this a rating of 2 stars since it does cut hair, but it has no other merits.

  15. Robert Moore
    5 rating

    I had a small scratch when I first tried

    Jan 19, 2023

    This trimmer seems to be an evening and day distinction compared to a regular trimmer suitable for sensitive regions. However, you must be cautious, mainly when working with loose pieces. You can put one of the guards or just be patient and ensure the blade is flat against your skin. If you are at any angler edges of the blade are likely to cut the delicate skin. I gave it four stars because it's also advertised, similar to the manscape, which claims not to cause any nicks. If you're looking for an effective razor, I'm not aware of an alternative other than being cautious. If you spend the time doing it, you'll be able to reduce yourself without guards and cutting. I had a small scratch when I first tried it, but I haven't since, regardless of whether I have the guard.

  16. Nifiteria Johnson
    5 rating

    Overall, it's a lovely trimmer

    Jan 18, 2023

    This is a wish to come real in the field of personal hygiene! This is a sensitive area that no trimmer will be able to deal with. I've tried regular hair trimmers previously with frustration and pain due to the results. This Trimmer from Meridian is a high-quality product made of high-quality materials and a design that takes the irritation and pain out of the process. The blade guard shields against cuts and nicks. The blade cuts through the hair like e butter and leaves no irritated skin. The length guards that can be adjusted are handy. However, they do appear to hold hair and require cleaning more frequently than I'd prefer. This trimmer is water-proof, which is suitable for use inside the bath. Its ability to only be charged through USB is very convenient when travellitraveling you don't already have USB outlets in your bathroom; you might need to find an alternative charging point. The blade is simple to take off and replace if required. I've had the unfortunate experience of having to turn off the trimmer because of the location of the button that turns off and on; however, I'm not sure the manufacturer could have placed the controller in a different spot to alleviate this problem. Overall, it's a lovely trimmer and worthwhile to purchase if you are interested in keeping your sensitive areas looking nice without the irritation and discomfort that traditional trimmers cause.

  17. Valerie Lee
    1 rating

    There was a lot of packaging and trash

    Jan 18, 2023

    The trimmer is small and quiet to operate. There are three-LED indicators of power and charge to let you know if you can sneak in another cut before it goes to. Recharging the trimmer is exceptionally rapid, even at zero. The cutter's base is round and safe within its "family jewels." Issues Concerning the "rounded" sections on the primary trimmer do not cut the skin, which leaves an incredibly thick "5-O'clock" beard, which and maybe too much for someone who prefers a sleek or easy-to-use look and feels. The guards attached to the trimmer are too sharp/pointy, and a yard rake's design and sensitive parts could be painful, unsafe, and potentially risky to .use. Are they .safe? There are two sizes for each guard, and these sharp points have located both ways, and ging, either method, can be dangerous to the user - be aware! A LED over the trimmer that illuminates the path throughout this "jungle" would be very beneficial and could improve as. Ty That helpful addition could help offset any slight reduction in battery or ta rim little. The charger's cord is too tiny (6-in) and has trimmer connectors that are USB/polarized; it isn't safe or easy to connect extensions (110V) cord. 2X or more would help tremendously. The company isn't environmentally green because the timer was packaged in a box; within the box was everything (brush cord, cord, and 2-trimmer guards) in individual plastic envelopes together with cardboard and plastic inserts. There was a lot of packaging and trash. Overall, not a great deal or anything to try until you can discover something better. but no real prize Sorry!

  18. Williams Rogers
    3 rating

    The price is a bit high and can be improved.

    Jan 17, 2023

    The battery-powered Trimmer comes with an extremely powerful (quiet) motor (6k strokes/min.) and a slender shape with control and weight. It's easy to use, and the battery was mostly charged. According to reports, The Trimmer is waterproof, and the ceramic blade is rustproof and replaceable. The charger cable is too short and must be plugged into a USB port ( the adapter is not included ). When the person is calm, careful, and alert, the razer shouldn't result in unpleasant nicks, cuts, pulls, snags, or razer burns in more sensitive places. > I suggest using Trimmer ONLY with the guards for trimming; however, do not use an extremely close shave. Trimmer is well-boxed and comes with a short charging cable, a tiny cleaning brush, and two reversible trimming-guard attachments ( hair length 3 6 mm, 9, 12 mm). The price is a bit high and can be improved.

  19. Michelle Sparks
    5 rating

    This Trimmer by Meridian Men's Electric Below-The Belt Trimmer with universal USB charging is great

    Jan 16, 2023

    This Trimmer by Meridian Men's Electric Below-The Belt Trimmer with universal USB charging is great. I got this and tried it the next day. It's nice. It comes with two plastic guides that you can use to select the length and thickness you wish to cut. There are four different types of cuts. The guide to trthe immer snaps onto and off the other end of the trimmer. It has two holes recessed on the trimmer. The plastic guide is fitted with two tiny studs that fit right into tit o secure it. If it looks good, length, etc., it's OK, however you can take it off and turn it over because each end is unique. The Meridian has a USB ca(no charging device); however, a mobile phone charger is perfect. The company claims that the charge lasts 90 minutes, and I haven't charged my device after multiple uses. The trimmer is also equipped with a brush that can be used to remove hairs. The trimmer comes with a nice feeling that is pleasant and a simple on/off switch. If you're looking for a quality trimmer, then look no further, as I believe the Meridian is the right choice.

  20. Jerry Deering
    4 rating

    I think it's an ideal body trimmer for either woman

    Jan 16, 2023

    I think it's an ideal body trimmer for either woman. It's not a good idea to be targeted at or aimed at women specifically, as nothing makes it different specific to or for. It has a good, firm feel and is comfortable in your hands. I employed it to trim the chest hair before allowing it to cut my 10-day hairspray on my face. I completed each task and enjoyed it more than my trimmer for beards because the blade was more prominentmeantch means it was quicker. It should have no issue traversing the thickest hair on your body, as mine is pretty broad, and there are water problems with it. It didn't pull or tug at any hairs, was extremely smooth, and didn't bog down in any way. I gave the product 4 stars because I thought there was one significant design defect. It comes with a USB charging cable but does not include the adapter. It's acceptable as I own several of them however, as you w; will see in the photo, the plug that connects to the trimmer isn't an ordinary USB cable connection. If the designer was thinking about it, they should have used a regular USB port on the trimmer. If the cable becomes damaged or lost, you cannot simply replace it with another that you have on your phone or any other device.

  21. Dwagne Haskins
    5 rating

    Highly recommend

    Jan 15, 2023

    I started to grow a beard at the suggestion of my two children. I groomed and trimmed regularly. It was intended as a temporary thing, but it was in place from October to the present day as a full beard. I was asked to trim it to a long mustache (and, in the future, a Fu Manchu-style mustache - still not sure). I bought this trimmer with that idea in mind since I surprisingly enjoy having a beard. I plan to continue to grow it out in the autumn. I cut it back today and utilized this trimmer. It performed flawlessly. It was practical, and I had no hesitation, especially in the largest area of my beard. I put the guards in place to shape and trim the rest of the beard. I'll use it around once a week if I'm sporting a beard of any kind, just to groom and shape. There are four different guards with different lengths. I used the 12mm guard for depth. I am happy with the trimmer and highly recommend it to anyone needing it. I like rechargeable, and it doesn't require batteries or a cord during use.

  22. Temur Kholmurodov
    4 rating

    I hope this can assist those making a purchase choice.

    Jan 14, 2023

    I was sent this Meridian Men's Electric Below The Belt Trimmer to play with and write an evaluation. When I opened the lovely box, I noticed that each attachment for the trimmer-length combs or heads was packed in individual tear-open bags, including the cleansing brush. After having read the instruction, I set up the trimmer before use. I could not find any information concerning not using the trimmer with a length comb attached. Therefore, I tried it without an attachment. It cut highly close. It's precisely as close to what shaving with a razor can accomplish. I did nick myself. I may have had the blade bent too far upwards, and the edge, as well as one, could have penetrated my skin. It runs very quietly and has a smooth cut. I tried taking off the head according to the instructions. It wasn't easy. I was afraid of breaking it, but I succeeded. It takes some practice to master it. This is the sole reason I awarded it four stars. I would recommend this device for those wishing to have a clean and tidy environment. Be patient, as well as not be in a rush like I was. Charging is straightforward. Connect the USB and then the trimmer. I hope this can assist those making a purchase choice.

  23. Esther Williams
    4 rating

    Overall, it's an excellent trimmer for men and is worth the purchase for Below-The Belt trimming!

    Jan 13, 2023

    I purchased The Trimmer by Meridian to help me with my grooming requirements. It was not a significant issue for me; however, I did place an order for an Onyx (Black) model of the trimmer but received it in the Sage (Green) alternative. It is suggested to charge the device before the first use, and the trimmer was ultimately arrested in one hour. I was awestruck by the quietness of this trimmer in comparison to my previous trimmer. The blade of ceramic cuts well and is smooth. The trimmer's head is warm but not too hot... it was not a problem in delicate locations. The trimmer also worked in the shower since it's waterproof. The battery life was excellent, as it lasted through the entire trimming. The trimmer's head is simple to clean and open with the cleaning brush included. Blade replacement is also straightforward. The trimmer has two attachments, which give an overall total of four lengths for trimming, and are easy to connect and remove. Overall, it's an excellent trimmer for men and is worth the purchase for Below-The Belt trimming!

  24. Scott Liston
    2 rating

    The trimmer and the Meridian site are designed entirely for males

    Jan 12, 2023

    The trimmer and the Meridian site are designed entirely for males. However, I saw an advertisement for women and decided to give it a go. This trimmer is smaller than the others, including those designed specifically for women, and it has a slightly grippy feel when you hold it. The company advertised the safest, most close-shave. If you think two days of stubble is close-shaven, it's as good as it claipreciselys not as secure as claimed, and certainly not a lady-bums approved. I could cut myself, but just on my thigh at the very first moment I tried it. It was a bit of a risk, but I was cautious. I'm not going to make a habit of using it, and I will not use it again. But I kept it as I purchased it for sale, and the money back, less shipping cost was not worth the effort to return (yeah, they don't have to cover the return label cost). The best review I could give this trimmer. It's well to trim my dog's feet and the hole in his boot.

  25. Lori Grundmann
    5 rating

    I was very eager to test the trimmer

    Jan 12, 2023

    I was very eager to test the trimmer. From the box, it's a fantastic design, straightforward to use, and lightweight. It is charged pretty quickly using USB. I haven't experienced any issues with problems with overheating when using it several times. It is very effective, cuts well, and does not pull hair. I used it in sensitive areas, and it was very comfortable. It is advertised as being below the belt. However, I'm not sure why we need clippers that are appropriate for haircuts. Perhaps they are used to trim the beard? If so, why don't they promote them as a body trimmers? You know, who would use longer-length clippers that are 6mm-9mm in length to trim or shave your body? This is why I would suggest a more robust marketing strategy. As I don't possess facial hair, I'm not sure how the trimmer works when used on beards. Also, it doesn't have a pouch that can be used as a carry case. The two clips, cleaning the l an and the able and trimmer, are scattered everywhere, and someone will likely lose things. It would be great when it was packaged in an enclosure or pouch.

  26. Tommy Tengtragoon
    4 rating

    Overall, a pretty good groomer for guys. Maintains neat and clean!

    Jan 12, 2023

    It's a good groomer for men's hair. We've had an older Norelco groomer with narrow blades and were in search of an upgrade with a larger knife, and we would prefer one that doesn't snag the skin. I've used this on different areas like my pelvic region, chest, and even beard. The razor cuts beautifully; however, the blade could be caught in the loose surface of your tissue... If you keep it flat against the skin, it will work well, but make sure to hold it flat on specific regions. After becoming too confident, I've had the unfortunate experience of nicking myself. I'm somewhat shy, so be cautious. Using the combs and trimming the rest of my beard, chest, and so on. was a breeze, and the result was fantastic. It's easy to change between combs (four sizes available, 3,5,9,12mm), is simple to clean, and easy to recharge (USB), and the blades can be easily replaced. The battery lasts sufficient to last a couple of runs and touch-ups in the past week; it does not need an additional charge. The box claims 90 minutes of use for the battery. If I assume just 10 minutes or less per use, I'll have a good amountreasonabletime before I need to charge. The blade's width is more significant than my previous Norelco but not too heavy. It's very comfortable to hold, no matter which direction you are cutting. I don't particularly appreciate that I placed an order for onyx but got Sage. Sage is a beautiful camo-like green that I'm quite pleased with, so I'm not too dissatisfied. Overall, a pretty good groomer for guys. Maintains neat and clean!

  27. Nicole Fontenot
    5 rating

    Excellent product

    Jan 10, 2023

    We're sure we'll all be able to agree that you shouldn't be trimming your body hair with the same trimmer you use for your face (although this could be the perfect beard-smoothing tool, so why not purchase two!). In that regard, getting a separate device to trim your body hair for needs; still, you don't want to splash out an excessive amount of money for an aanextravagant device that can only be employed within the privacy of your bathroom. It's the case that this Meridian trimmer kit includes the features you require and absolutely nothing else. It's a small, light trimmed with aaUSB cha arguing cale, four different length options, and the option of a cleaning brush. The box it comes in is excellent and good enough for storage or travel. Please put it in a cabinet or beneath your sink for occasional landscaping. This charging cord isn't too long, but it's enough to fit into a standard electrical outlet in the bathroom (although you'll need a USB charging block since the trimmer doesn't include one). The trimmer has three white LEDs to show the state of charge. Make sure you label them to ensure you do not confuse them - various tools serve different uses. Excellent product. I'll be seeking out at the very least another one.

  28. Bonita Boyd
    4 rating

    It's a premium product and is excellent at what it does

    Jan 10, 2023

    It's a premium product and is excellent at what it does. It shaves very close, so I nicked them several times while being cautious. (You don't believe in the box for your boys!) I'm going to say IMHO that this box is much better than many. However, "most" also arent a $60 MSRP unless you're using manscape 3.0, and that's an 80-dollar MSRP that, in my opinion, provides an improved experience. It operates "against the grain" better when you're in the middle of a problem, LOL, and this model is more likely to "heat up quick" without an even, steady drag similar to a buffer on a black Mercedes in Miami during the summer. It doesn't rip you up, but it seems to pinch you and causes pain. In the end, it's far superior to an under $30 trimmer, but it is priced accordingly.
    Solid and "HAVY but balanced" feeling. It's like a premium item. The box is constructed like the iPhone X max case, with excellent packaging, including the trimmer, a foil-hole top-mounted shaver (that is very effective. It is a great tool! ), USB, a charging cable (no block, why bother?) One snap-on blade(has end-of-life but can be replaced) 2, guards with two lengths, and a cleaning brush. Pros; Waterproof, THE BATTERY !!!! The advertisement claims 90 minutes of battery life for testing, which would take a long time to test. I've put about 20 minutes of use, and it's still showing 100% power and is running extremely fast. It would be great for ahose who travel for business and want to shave sesssessionsany time. If you're not guarded or uninformed, you're going against the trend (LOL Im being professional here, and everyone knows precisely what I'm saying (LOL!) and could be a bit snarky. I often use it while showering, and it helps! The odd "sna,g" is much better than a burn from razors before going out and is way more efficient. I rate the game four stars. For the ManScape-related game, 3.0 was also awarded a 4/5 from me. I also evaluated the Remington PG6024 with a rating of 2/5. The model I purchased scored 4.5/5 and cost only $24. It was a disaster. I hope this review can help to make the right choice that you're satisfied with!

  29. Joy Davis
    5 rating

    I would highly recommend this trimmer for everyone and every person.

    Jan 9, 2023

    So I just picked up the body trimmer meridian. After having used it for a few weeks, I can tell you it's a fantastic grooming tool. It is hands down my top trimmer. When I received the meridian trimmer, I was initially struck by how nicely packed it was. The trimmer arrived in a premium box with a very organized inside. It includes an apron, two protective chargers, and a cleaning brush. Its trimmer came in navy green, which was very elegant. It has a fantastic feeling and weight to it. It certainly feels luxurious. The two trimmer guards are adjustable and offer various options for use. It is excellent as a face or body trimmer. The trimmer's charger is a universal USB charger that you can connect to every USB port. The meridian trimming device is simple to clean and maintain. The brush is beneficial for cleaning. I couldn't be happier with the performance that this trimming tool provides. I get smooth, comfortable results. My favorite thing about this tool is it does not cut my hair and cuts it cleanly. A meridian is an excellent option if you are searching for the latest facial and body trimmer. I would highly recommend this trimmer for everyone and every person.

  30. Jacki Govea
    4 rating

    The best part is that it could be suitable for the home's female

    Jan 9, 2023

    It's about time that emphasis been placed on ton direction of total body hair treatment. With the Meridian Electric Below-The-Belt Trimmer, one can rest assured knowing that a product is specifically designed to address the needs of this particular region. It comes with two blade guards, which allow one to cut to the length of four options. The USB cord is a convenient way to connect the non-supplied AC adapter to allow for quick charging that lasts for up to 90 minutes of usage. The included cleaning brush can facilitate the immediate removal of any leftover cuttings as well as inside the assembly of the head. The included instructions guide is helpful for those with a minimum 1.5x reading glass with 1mm font, but much better than going online. It is nice to have included suggested ways to trim for people like me who haven't had the pleasure of using a device like this. However, in the blink of an eye, one is comfortable with the device, and the most important thing is that it's free of scratches or nicks. The plastic parts could cause problems when dropped regularly or the forceful removal of a blade or head. The pegs for connection are tiny in size in plastic. However, if you don't rush, there will be no consequences. The best part is that it could be suitable for the home's female.

  31. Tricia Silva
    4 rating

    It's an excellent groomer

    Jan 8, 2023

    It's an excellent groomer. It arrived in beautiful packaging and box, which reminded me of the German razor blade maker, which starts by putting an"H. This groomer comes with four different sizes of combs, which I find useful since I have a chubby chest that I enjoy trimming but not as clean as those below the belt. You'll be able to get the one that you require below the belt. I felt much more secure than my prior "body groomer" of a different brand. This brand occasionally resulted in ingrown hairs after pulling hairs rather than shaving them. I didn't use any combs and was very careful in that extremely delicate part. There were no cuts or nicks. The razor is extremely lightweight and easy to move around your body. It was also tested in the shower too. It works very well. Overall, I'm happy about the item. My only complaint is that this ought to have come with a nice, slouchy tote to store the shaver, the comb,s, and the power cord. This must be included if you're trying to appear like a high-end product. When it comes to the power cord and why do you need a USB charger? You'll need to purchase one if you don't own a USB power adaptor. However, we use these in bathrooms. Phones are used in different living spaces. I don't want a device I can use to shave my private parts in different rooms. Did the company not utilize focus groups? Every customer will tell you we need a regular power cord. In addition, it can be recharged, but you cannot use it while it's charging. Another thing to note is"on" button is easy for people to forget, "and control is easy to acto shut off a great product.

  32. Colleen Bell
    5 rating

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with the great wirelestremendousmmer.

    Jan 6, 2023

    This trimmer is the most effective I've ever owned or used. Before I discovered this beauty, I was using the same clippers to trim my hair that I used to trim everything else. It would be an overstatement to say that it wasn't the best way to trim down to the bottom! I always ended up cutting myself in a particular shape or manner. These tiny cuts were the most painful I've ever endured. I haven't been cut, thanks to this shaving shield and the sensitive shaver. It's been easy to use the device, and I had no idea it would be this easy for the past twenty years of shaving. The trimmer is light, attractive, and extremely simple to operate. The battery hasn't gone out of my system yet, and I've used it daily for two weeks. It comes with a variety of attachments. I haven't tried all of them. I cannot speak about them. I purchased the Sage version, which is perfect for my bathroom. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the great wirelestremendousmmer. I'll certainly buy another one is gone!

  33. Michael Jackson
    5 rating

    It's the Trimmer. Meridian makes it

    Jan 5, 2023

    It's the Trimmer. Meridian makes it... It's been a while since I've had a mustache and a beard for an extended time. Over the last ten years, I've used a hair trimmer, a loud clapper, and a few sets of scissors. I wash it with the old brush and grease the blades now and then ... very little maintenance. In addition to being noisy to use, trimming my mustache is pretty significant and a bit heavy to bring on a trip. It is a must-have for me. Trimmer by Meridian came in a slick present box, including the shorter USB cord and two little heads with double sides that provide four trimmed lengths. The directions advise you to fully charge for 2 hours before using. I connected its USB cable to my laptop, and all three LEDs illuminated in just over an hour. I tried it first on my mustache without a trimming comb. Then I tested both combs on my beard. It's powerful and doesn't show any trace of nick or snag. The Trimmer is my go-to beard and mustache solution for travel. IOperatingcompact and precise beneath my nose. It is sharp and quiet. It is also.o easy to take on trips. I hope the blade replacement is available in the event of a need.

  34. Joseph E Ponton
    2 rating

    I bought this product due to the fantastic

    Jan 4, 2023

    I bought this product due to the fantastic advert claiming zero cutting. It cuts through the skin on a sensitive region for the first time. Did you notice the advertisement in which the Meridian is slicing tennis balls, and it's incredibly smooth? It's not the way it operates. Like every other shaver, it can take skin the same way it cuts hair. I was very disappointed. However, it works well in other areas of the body, so I gave it two stars instead of one (Or ao)—these are the first and the last Meridian products I'll purchase.

  35. Nikki Lally
    5 rating

    Thanks to the many length options, a high-quality motor, construction, and waterproof ability

    Jan 2, 2023

    The first impression when you open The Trimmer by Meridian is that the company wanted you to feel that you're receiving an excellent product. It's packed in a manner that resembles the pricey cell phone. It has two trim-length attachments, which offer four length options, including 12mm, 9mm, 6mm, and 3mm. It also includes a USB charging cable and tiny brushes to clean the blade and guards. The trimmer has a good mass to it and is solid. When you switch it on, you instantly realize how quietly the blades slice hair easily. The battery's life is adequate to do many trims before requiring the total charge. Another great feature is that it's waterproof, which means it is suitable for use inside the bathroom. Thanks to the many length options, a high-quality motor, construction, and waterproof ability, I believe this trimmer deserves its place in the stylish box it is packaged in. If you ever thought of gifting the trimmer they have, this would be the ideal one to present.

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Do you own Meridian Trimmer?

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