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12 Reviews

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Is Marijuana Online Shop legit?

Marijuana Online Shop has 12 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Marijuana Online Shop customer care?

You can contact Marijuana Online Shop customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8019473100

Where is Marijuana Online Shop located?

Marijuana Online Shop is located at address 19167 East 54th Place, Denver, CO 80249, United States.

12 Reviews on Marijuana Online Shop

  1. Christopher
    1 rating

    Total Bull SHIT

    Mar 16, 2024

    Total Bull shit! If it’s not a rip-off then Aaron Cutts at is the stupidest d bag on the planet. Let me provide an explanation for! I ordered and become contacted like they defined . I became instructed my stuff might deliver day after today. Now I’m in Texas just one kingdom over. I didn’t order any live plants so my order wasn’t going to odor or some thing.

    All they had to do became put it within the Usps five dollar flat rate container or use UPS or FedEx but do they do this . Hell no ! I get a e mail from a few trucking organisation. Saying it would be right here in days and it was being air mailed . So the morning of my delivery I get a e mail saying it’s at DFW global airport.

    Like wt*why ! How silly r you ! On top of that they want me to pay them 550 greenbacks for some silly ass stamp so the box won’t be searched but that it become refunded on delivery. Um good enough just positioned the stamp on then and save time . Im no longer paying y’all 550 greenbacks due to the fact y’all are stupid and got my bundle up at a air port like a dumbass.

  2. Drake
    1 rating

    Avoid This Site

    Feb 12, 2024

    Please avoid this web page. It is a fraudulent sales website. I made a buy and paid for it then never acquired my product or even after severa tries, was not able to get anyonevto communicate with me. When I contacted them from a one-of-a-kind e mail/telephone range, they spoke back, thinking I turned into a brand new customer. When I requested them approximately my order, they broke off communications once more. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

  3. Christina Ross
    1 rating

    This is a total fraud!

    May 31, 2023

    It was a blunder I made when buying from this store! This is a total fraud! A complete fraud! Do not waste your hard-earned funds just like I did! This is a criminal "business." The goal is to steal money from you; they'll give you nothing the next day! They wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars through PayPal by sending it to 'friends and relatives' (so I can't request a reimbursement). After I receive my funds, I get non-stop annoying messages and voicemails via WhatsApp informing me that if I do not pay at least $100 extra for "mandatory insurance', they will not ship the item. If it's compulsory and you must inform people about the additional cost before paying! After that, they began making me feel ill-treated and demanding my attention throughout the day while I worked, making me sick from stress. They've refused to offer me a credit or refund nor deliver my products (even having requested that they send me less than the amount I asked for while keeping the $100 left for an undisclosed amount in the prior purchase of MANDATORY cost insurance). They haven't changed their minds! They are refusing to ship my package and have my cash. One of the most fraudulent persons I've ever dealt with! A complete scam! They are a sham! They'll attempt to scam you and steal your cash! So I've lost hundreds!! The lesson I learned was that I believed I dealt with a legitimate business. I'll always be more cautious. And I'm pursuing legal action!!

  4. Ariella Fuchs
    1 rating

    Total rip off and scam.

    Apr 13, 2023

    A total rip-off and fraud. The service was prompt and efficient in our order, asking us to pay the payment. After we had made a payment of 270.00. We never heard from them again. I wrote 15, one answered. Nothing. DoNot SEND THESE CRIMINALS ANYTHING

  5. Forex Houssem
    1 rating

    It's a scammer using WordPress to make various websites and steal people's cash.

    Jan 20, 2023

    As foolish as to pay them 180$ using bitcoins to place an order. I immediately realized this was a scam after the man in the chat stated, "All discrete packages must be insured upon arrival at your local airport before doorstep deliver.". I should have listened to the other reviews after the same thing occurred. Of course, I didn't become a victim of the second stage of this scam. I received an email from info at (notice thetwo2 ss in the end) saying that I would need to pay for the "insur.". They sent a link to the supposed courier, "" Please do not fall for it. It's a scammer using WordPress to make various websites and steal people's cash.

  6. Annemarie Roe
    1 rating

    Frustrating. Someone has to take the blame.

    Oct 19, 2022

    Scam. It's a fraud. The entire process of making payments was incredibly suspicious. After the payment was processed, I never received a response from them. Customer service ignored me. Frustrating. Someone has to take the blame. The positive reviews are a lie.

  7. James Gosling
    1 rating

    A complete fraud

    Oct 17, 2022

    I do not advise anyone to buy from this site. They're an absolute scam—a complete fraud. I suggest using the most trusted online dispensary, Green farms cannabis You'll feel delighted since they are the top-rated company.

  8. Carly Krykant
    1 rating


    Sep 29, 2022

    This is a total crime. The intention is to make money and then dot deliver! They don't even bother to respond to emails regarding your purchase. Don't bother to contact the number listed on their fake website, as the number is owned by Overstock .com. I also have reasons to believe that the number is affected. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!

  9. Earle Guyett
    4 rating

    It was a good experience

    Jul 18, 2022

    They sent me a pot just a few days ago. I was disappointed with the 2 days wait, but they understood my disappointment. Given the quality of the buds, it was a good experience.

  10. Rob Hatfield
    5 rating

    Speedy delivery. Great Job, guys

    Jun 30, 2022

    The best marijuana site I've tried thus far. Go through all the negative comments about scams, and I must say they are absurd and shocking if I am doing my Job honestly. In any case, haters will be apprehensive about it. The cheapest deal is 7 grams of blend and mix concentrates at $145. That price is hard to better. Speedy delivery. Great Job, guys.

  11. April Owen
    1 rating

    It is a fraud

    May 19, 2022

    Scam. It is a fraud. It was highly fraudulent. They never contacted me after I paid.

    Customer service is ignoring me. Frustrating. They must be taken down. Negative reviews are lies.

  12. Kyle torres
    5 rating

    The most important place

    May 9, 2022

    This is my go-to place. They offer great discounts and excellent prices. The customer service is outstanding. This company is fantastic. I have never had to disappoint. Everything was slightly heavier than I expected, usually between 0.3 and 0.8g in each Oz I received so far.

    The Zooms are as good as the flowers! My main things to be a committed customer are quality/service/price, and they got me hooked like a fish. I am not going away, haha.

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