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6 Reviews

6 Reviews on MarieBraids Hair Braiding

  1. Chaudhry Bilal
    Jan 22, 2023

    I highly recommend her.

    I did not get my hair braided; however, the lady who did. Marie was EXTREMELY friendly and professional to me, along with her clients. Based on this alone, I would highly recommend her.

  2. Rona Garbowit
    Sep 24, 2022

    my experience was worth the cost and suffering

    The staff is friendly, and the place is always clean. I was the first to get time braids, which fell off after about 3-5 days (I have approximately 4 inches of back hair due to an overcut that has grown). The ladies are very accommodating; the basic braids are not as precise as many would think braids ought to be. So I thought that it could be due to having shorter hair, but immediately after the installation, my husband noticed that there were numerous fly-throughs very first day. That eventually led me to take off the building two weeks later. *I am at work and have an elegant scarf in my hair for most of the day* = VERY CHEAP. Then, within the same month, I went back to get another one to get knotless hair and got the same result, but taking it off two weeks after was incredibly expensive. About 600 dollars for two styles, I’m not convinced that my experience was worth the cost and suffering. I’ve been braided by a person who moved to Marietta, California, and realized that it wasn’t the length I wanted (outgrown overcut) but the way they intertwined.

  3. Lori Monahan
    Sep 17, 2022

    I'm extremely happy to have discovered this website

    I’m thrilled to have discovered this website. I’ve never wished to alter my natural hair color. Thanks to your help, my hair is shining again. And, soon, I’ll have the hair length I’ve always desired.

  4. Karen Byrne
    Sep 17, 2022

    Marie is the most skilled braider around

    Marie is the most skilled braider around. She is highly professional, speedy, quick, courteous, an all-around good, and a fantastic braider. I will always be a delighted customer. Marie, I love you. You’re the Thanks, Marie.

  5. Ernest Valentino
    Jul 20, 2022

    She was a great help of my braids

    My hair was saved. She was a great help with my braids. It was a wonderful experience. Excellent work environment.

  6. Karina Frierson
    May 30, 2022

    Marie is a beautiful person

    Marie is a beautiful person. Marie makes you feel so at ease. Marie has been recommended to me by my family and friends. The braids she made for me were a massive hit with everyone.

    I would highly recommend Miss Marie to anyone. This place is a blessing. Your services have made my hair shine again. Soon, my hair will grow to the length I’ve always desired.

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