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10 Reviews on MailerLite

  1. Mitch Meyer
    Jan 12, 2023

    I am amazed

    I am amazed that MailerLite is an original product with a distinct approach to mail service and customer care. I’ve used several other services over the years, and it’s evident that miler lite is a client-focused company that values its customers.

  2. Rebecca Griffiths
    Dec 9, 2022

    Although very friendly

    Everything spread over multiple computers, people, and browsers are not on one user’s end, regardless of the difficulty of identifying the person responsible. In general, you’ll have to encounter server downtime and strange glitches (payment options sometimes disappearing), and other issues that are simply bizarre. Although very friendly, the customer service they provide on the frontline and their immediate technical support requires better education.

  3. Tex Rickard
    Dec 8, 2022

    I would have liked to see telephone support since I'm not tech-savvy

    I would have liked to see telephone support since I’m not tech-savvy. I’ve had an excellent experience using Mailer Lite. Even though there is no phone support and a lack of response to messages, they respond promptly and remain helpful by email.

  4. Edward Learman
    Dec 8, 2022

    Hard to trust, everything has to be cheched and rechecked

    It appears as if everything is functioning; however, you must constantly check if it’s working since sometimes there is a problem that doesn’t occur as expected. In the same way, you can’t trust that the service will complete the specified tasks. In addition, the support system is prolonged when you make tickets – you need to wait for at least 1 to two days to receive a response. They will respond relatively fast if you attempt to resolve your issue via chat. However, they seem to decide many problems at once, and there are long interludes.

  5. Fiona Ferns
    Dec 8, 2022

    I am baffled and think the only option is to change to a different platform.

    The newsletters I send out regularly are fantastic; however, the automated emails are an issue that cannot be trusted with Mailerlite. Certain subscribers receive automated emails, while some do not. This is a huge problem since I cannot go through my subscribers individually and choose those who did not receive my automated emails and mail them separately. Including all subscribers in the computerized system could cause subscribers to be annoyed at repeatedly receiving the same messages. Our support staff could not provide a concrete solution in the past month, and there was no response from the team of technical experts. I am baffled and think the only option is to change to a different platform.

  6. Stewart Arnott
    Dec 6, 2022

    The email platform is incredible!

    The email platform is incredible! I faced a severe problem where I believed I had lost everything, but after a few hours of dealing with them, I successfully got my account running. If you are experiencing issues, be aware that their customer support isn’t as 24/7 as they claim. It took me a long time before they returned any email they did at any time. It took me a week to solve my problem. But, if their service is working, this platform works fantastic. I plan to invest in the company for the next five years as long as it remains in operation.

  7. Philip Sherwin
    Dec 6, 2022

    Would be good but there are many glitches

    We switched to Mailerlite when the Shopify integration could not work for Mailchimp, with varying satisfaction levels. Although Mailerlite is cheaper at this, it (in principle) offers all the features you need to manage emails effectively, just like MailChimp. The issue is the fact that there are TONS of problems. We’ve had to go through a long process of setting up our welcome flows, automation, and customer segments, and once we were done, we were plagued by ongoing issues. The primary issues are the automation that doesn’t work correctly and attribution issues (quite large ones).

    Each of these issues has multiple sub-problems entangled within the more significant problem. Support staff members are bizarre. Sometimes they respond fast with detailed answers, but sometimes they wait for several days (or days) between replies, and it’s evident that they didn’t take the time to comprehend the issue. Our problem has worsened for nearly two months, and we’re not even close to finding a solution. I’m sorry, but Andrej of the Support Team is awful. He’s virtually destroying my motivation to live. Be careful before switching to a new one; the price is excellent but could result in more trouble.

  8. Jean Jackson
    Dec 3, 2022


    DO NOT SIGN UP! I recently registered for the 30-day trial for free and was debited EUR34. Poor service from Keren, who claimed that I’d asked the company to allow them to charge me for my problem (I did not), and I’m accused of 5000 contacts (even having only 900), and she refuses to give me a refund. It’s a disaster; I’m upgrading to MailChimp is worth the extra cost with good customer service.

  9. Diana Johnstone
    Dec 2, 2022

    I am not even willing to consider

    I faced various issues as an unpaid user of Mailerlite and was hoping that investing in and paying for the platform could help make my problems the most urgent level for the technical and support staff. Nope. I was forced by a solution for weeks which caused me to cease my newsletters from being distributed in the same amount of time. I am not even willing to consider the harm this could have done to my business.

  10. Brian Chester
    Dec 1, 2022

    I don't receive the same amount of attention paid users do

    As a user on a fee, I don’t receive the same amount of attention paid users do. The entire platform is challenging to navigate, and the support staff did not help me understand how things work. Still, Mailerlite is undoubtedly at risk of losing funds by not helping new customers who may eventually be paid users.

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