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2 Reviews on Magic Makers

  1. Garick Johnson
    September 22nd, 2022

    Excellent experience

    Excellent experience. Excellent service. My kids have completed three classes, I think. A minor issue I was highly disappointed about was the course’s distance caused by COVID. It wasn’t very efficient. I believe the system should be canceled, and a portion of the cost was refunded. My two kids watched the distance course and essentially did not learn anything. The teacher couldn’t manage the number of kids. It might be better if there were two teachers. I’m hoping this doesn’t occur to anyone else.

  2. Francois Soliman
    June 18th, 2022

    lack of professionalism

    We were incredibly disappointed by the changes in educational assistance that was made without notice, and we were not impressed by your explanations, which came not have enough time.

    We have paid (expensive) an animator on the site and are directly in contact with the children. The product is not authentic.

    Merchandise and your actions were in the realm of commercial sloppiness. You could file a complaint with an association for consumers.

    Additionally, we were not impressed by the material of this course, nor did the kids, apart from the fun aspect of the program.

    This isn’t what we were looking for. If you’re looking to play with them, purchase a switch. It is less expensive and lasts longer.

    We wanted our kids to be able to learn about the basics of programming and coding truly, but we’re far from that level.

    As for organization, it was minimal, regardless of the cost required.

    It’s an impression of a lack of professionalism, and I’m not worried about content, quality, or organization.

    Ultimately, this experience was a DISASTER, and we won’t promote this to you. Contrary.

    We will scrutinize your competition for things we didn’t discover in your application.

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Creative code workshops for kids and teens at our centers or via remote. Magic Makers provides children aged seven to 18 with regular seminars all year long or summer holiday internships to help them master computer programming with methodologies and adaptable software (Scratch, Minecraft, Unity, Python ...).

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