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4 Reviews on Lynx Fitness Club

  1. Barry Newell
    September 24th, 2022

    I'd never suggest this place to anybody

    I hate writing negative reviews. However, I’d never suggest this place to anybody. It’s not an awful gym; however, the value of it isn’t great, in my opinion. It just doesn’t work for you if you’re a person who focuses primarily on weightlifting. There aren’t any machines and no standing calf raise pec dec abduction etc. It’s probably my mistake for not taking the gym a thorough tour before. Also, when I attempted to cancel, I saw they have a “31-day minimum cancellation policy.” Again, I could have read the small print more carefully, and, unfortunately, they’re not more clear regarding this kind of thing. It is also apparent that you are on the bill to join at the start of each month, not the date you joined the membership. This means you’ll pay the total amount, even when you join later in the month. This has me wondering what I am doing.

  2. Graham Jones
    July 29th, 2022

    the most enjoyable gym experiences

    This was one of the most enjoyable gym experiences in a hotel I’ve experienced. I am aware that it is a separate gym that is close to Park Plaza Hotel. Park Plaza Hotel, so I was blessed by the location. It was spacious but not overly crowded, well-maintained, and safe.

    I had a fantastic experience every time I went to it. Additionally, the person at the reception desk I was encouraged to register and sign the waiver before I went to check the gym space, which was a massive help if I did show in to use the gym.

  3. Mona Hardin
    July 11th, 2022

    Great Facilities

    Great amenities and staff provide an open and tidy area to perform virtually any exercise. As an added benefit, Park Plaza Hotel guests can use the facilities at no cost. You need to sign a waiver and bring the room key.

  4. Jewel Manalo
    June 4th, 2022

    The equipment is new and really nice

    I’ve been to this gym twice, and I loved it so much that I decided to write an evaluation!

    The first time I visited, a group of friends rented The Top Golf Swing Suite for the reunion at the college.

    The place was perfect and fun for the adults to order drinks and food from the hotel, play golf, or hang out.

    Our group consisted of five kids and 14 adults (all less than seven).

    The space was perfect for a birthday party with kids who could play around or golf while the adults could unwind without stressing.

    I’ll book this space to host a party soon!

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Lynx intends to reinvent the way you experience fitness in Boston. We provide top-of-the-line equipment and facilities, top-of-the-line personal trainers, a variety of studio classes, high-end locker rooms, and for those interested in golf, the TopGolf Swing suite for indoor golf lessons all year round training, entertainment, and more.

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