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19 Reviews on Luna Massage & Wellness

  1. Megan Edwards
    Mar 16, 2023

    The room was spotless comfortable,e, and comfortable.

    Our wife and I attended our couples massage and had a blast! Gabrielle is a professional and patient instructor! She will go over various methods to discuss with your instructor and ensure that you are following the correct procedure, and then reviews all the information at the end. I learned a lot and would go back. The room was spotless comfortable,e, and comfortable.

  2. John Karpinski
    Mar 16, 2023

    I had put the most significant importance on.

    Mediocre at best. The room was cold, The fan and air conditioner were playing, and she didn't turn the heating system for the massage bed on until I told her that my hands appeared fred. I don't believe the heater in the bed ever was turned on. I was ill throughout the session, something any masseuse knows you need to stay warm. She also spent considerable time working on my shoulders and neck (unevenly in one direction more so than in the other); however, I complained of significant pain in the muscles/tendons behind my knee and discomfort in my hips and groin. There is always the tension that my shoulders experience. However, my main reason for coming to see her was pain elsewhere. She seemed to be caught entirely over the tension in my shoulders and ran out of time to do other things.
    I completed the foot-facial addition and requested if it would be a time in my 90-minute appointment. Massage, or if it was going to take additional time. At first, she stated it was going to take 30 minutes. In addition to the 90 minutes. However, during the appointment. She realized she was off. We both agreed that I required the full 90-minute massage, so we decided not to do the foot massage. But later, after only a few minutes on my legs, hips, and knees, she stated she would continue giving me a foot facial as she was unsure how to delete that charge on her computer (poor justification), and it appears that there was enough time. I had to lie down for the foot facial, waiting for my mask and scrub to be soaked in hot towels for five minutes. Each - she could've continued to work on my legs, but she didn't. The foot massage was an uninteresting treatment. The treatment was the soak, and I received a brief foot massage that I previously mentioned suffered from pain. The following day - there was still a significant amount of pain in my knee, which I had put the most significant importance on. Overall, the masseuse appeared slightly aloof and not in control. It's a cost. I won't be coming back.

  3. Dianna Lindsay
    Mar 15, 2023

    My boyfriend and I took a couple of massage classes with Gabrielle

    My boyfriend and I took a couple of massage classes with Gabrielle. Gabrielle was fantastic energetic, positive, and welcoming. It's a two-hour session, with one hour dedicated to each participant. You can, however, do a 30-minute massage, and your companion massages you for an hour and a half. It's highly adaptable. The massage table, and an endless supply of massage cream, are provided. If you're trying to be a better masseuse or would like your boyfriend or girlfriend to learn how to massage their body, I strongly recommend this establishment! It's worth every penny!

  4. Richard Kapral
    Mar 15, 2023

    I had a massage today and was incredibly happy with the whole process

    I had a massage today and was incredibly happy with the whole process. Booking on the internet (last evening) was a breeze, and they offered a wide range of choices. I upgraded my deep tissue massage by purchasing the relaxation upgrade. I also got essential oils as well as hot towels. It was an absolute pleasure! Kelly did an excellent job and was very friendly and courteous. She was attentive to my needs and gave me the most fantastic arm massage. EVER!

  5. Leslie Poff
    Mar 13, 2023

    Excellent experience

    Excellent experience. I don't often get massages, but this was the first massage in over a year. The staff was professional and friendly. The environment was spotless and very enjoyable. We were treated to a couples massage, and they were sure to inquire about our preferences to comprehend the kind of service we wanted before the time of service. The 60-minute massage costs 75 dollars per person. An excellent price, and I felt fantastic afterward! The perfect massage we were searching for.

  6. Michael Luciani
    Mar 11, 2023

    My family was enjoying a holiday in Denver this week

    My family was enjoying a holiday in Denver this week. We all wanted massages, so we researched Luna. The reviews were fantastic, and the booking process was as simple as can be. Let me tell you; it was among the best massages that I've experienced. Gabby was attentive and asked what I was looking for or expecting from my treatment. She was extremely compassionate and kind but extremely experienced. I highly recommend having massages with her at Luna Massage and Wellness!

  7. Jeffrey Majersky
    Mar 9, 2023

    The place was cozy and welcoming.

    My band and I had the couple's massage for 60 minutes, which was incredible! Alexia, and (I apologize, I can't recall the woman's title)both did an outstanding job. They take COVID safety precautions exceptionally seriously, and we felt secure throughout the duration. The place was cozy and welcoming. We will return!

  8. Cathie Climento
    Mar 9, 2023

    I'll make Sam and Luna the regular stops on all of my work excursions in Denver

    I can't say enough praise about Sam and the fantastic Swedish massage that I got! The process of booking was straightforward to use. The studio is spotless and tranquil, allowing you to begin relaxing when you arrive. Sam did a thorough consultation before the session, making sure of any specific concerns/injuries/preferences. The therapist was attentive and communicated throughout the process to ensure everyone was in order. He also showed me the best stretching techniques for preventative use to practice at home. After just 75 minutes, I experienced total relief from chronic shoulder and neck pain (and continue to share it even today! ). I could move again and slept throughout the night for the last time. I'll make Sam and Luna the regular stops on all of my work excursions in Denver!

  9. Telford Tulips
    Mar 8, 2023

    My fiance and II received an anniversary massage towards the close of June.

    My fiance and II received an anniversary massage towards the close of June. We are in the area, making it simple to get there on foot. We're currently in the middle of the pandemic. We want to state that we felt highly secure during our massage, and the staff was professional and took all the necessary precautions. The massage was extremely relaxing afterward. We'll be returning!

  10. Marlene Lewis
    Mar 7, 2023

    They use hot stones

    Decent massage. I barely did. They use hot stones, however. It was freezing. The wind blew windows, and the bed was heated and Damd it.

  11. Lisa Knight
    Mar 6, 2023

    I also heard they provide a fantastic facial.

    It's been my experience there at Luna Massage and Wellness several times, and I have never been dissatisfied. The staff is always warm well-informed, and proficient. I've received massages and salt and mud in the past and enjoyed an hour-long. Salt scrub today. Massage and salt mud treatment with Gabrielle did wonders for my skin and body—the 30 minutes. The Salt scrub I went through with Akira this morning was also a great way to feel refreshed. Both therapists are excellent! I also heard they provide a fantastic facial. It will be my next trip to Luna! It's hands down the most incredible place in Denver I've visited.

  12. Nancy Cocola
    Mar 6, 2023

    It was fascinating

    I'm not one to review, but as I received my massage, I knew I needed to leave a review for Luna. This was a fantastic transformation and incredible massage therapists. My companion and I have individual issues with body pain and aches. Savannah and Gabrielle were skilled at discovering what our bodies required, even if we didn't know the answer for ourselves! My favorite thing was when they sat down with us and informed us about the issues affecting our bodies. It was fascinating, beneficial, and a uniquely personal and gentle touch. We'll be returning!

  13. Sydney Albertini
    Mar 4, 2023

    We would recommend anybody to Luna for a great experience.

    We were a group from Philadelphia finishing up an intense week of Breckenridge skiing, and we desperately needed some lymphatic stimulation and muscle tension relaxation. We spent a day in Denver before heading back East and began looking for reliable massage places in Denver. We're all so happy that we came across Luna. I received a deeply relaxing massage and felt transported. Overall it was a wonderful experience with great prices and massage professionals. We would recommend anybody to Luna for a great experience.

  14. Tim Brodesser
    Mar 2, 2023

    A friend of mine and I were visiting for a few days

    A friend of mine and I were visiting for a few days, and we were so happy to get massages at Luna. Gabrielle was fantastic! She is a clean spa with a relaxing atmosphere, and she performed such an excellent job in my massage that I promised myself I'd be a frequent client should I live near! She is attentive to what you're looking to work on and skilled in doing what she does. I highly recommend Luna, and if you can arrange to book Gabrielle to massage you and you're not disappointed, you'll be glad you did!

  15. Susan Crain
    Mar 1, 2023

    This is truly a beautiful area.

    This is truly a beautiful area. My friend and I had an intimate massage, and WOW! It was amazing! We haven't felt so relaxed for a while. The staff showed us the utmost compassion and kindness. We'd love to go again!

  16. Hilda Gutierrez
    Jan 19, 2023

    We weren't sure of the expectations.

    At a price, I didn't feel shocked. I went with a friend to an afternoon out, and neither of us had ever been to a foot or facial treatment before, so we weren't sure of the expectations. The facial was excellent. The foot spa is an unnecessary expense. It's just a moisturizer for your feet—no foot massage. I was given a deeply massaging, and they identified some excellent areas on my hips, but they did not really touch my neck or shoulders. The same thing happened to my friend who received the Swedish massage. We drove for 2 hours to reach the spa and paid an enormous amount of dollars for a poor massage. Why bother asking the paperwork to determine your issue areas if nobody is likely to be spending attention? I was also under the assumption that the counselor was expected to meet with you to review everything that didn't happen. The clinic is amiable and well-maintained. It is located in a shady area of Denver, and that isn't their fault. However, beware. In the end, I require a massage for my shoulders and neck, which is disappointing.

  17. David Ryan
    Oct 1, 2022

    I've been going to luna for many years

    I've been going to luna for many years. I always feel comfortable and relaxed when I get my massages. I need to get massages more frequently. The building is cute, and I always notice the newest details each time I visit.

  18. Valentina Stinchetti
    Oct 1, 2022

    This was a stressful circumstance

    I tried to make an appointment (granted, it was the same day). The person I tried to set up an appointment with via text (via SMS) was vulgar. Once I got to the location, the information was not written correctly, so I didn't get the message. The person I spoke with (via text) couldn't be located, and they could not confirm the correspondence. This was a stressful circumstance. If you're not near the center of the city but are in a position to confirm the appointment (with the correct spelling), have private transportation, and are comfortable with the region, then go to a different location in town.

  19. Brandi Bryant
    Jun 5, 2022

    Numerous massages

    Wow. I'm 22 and have had numerous massages, and been going to physical therapy regularly due to constant numbness and pain in my facial and arm areas and headaches.

    I am thrilled to have discovered Jared at Luna during my visit to Denver to find some relief.

    I left the appointment with a feeling of relaxation and more energetic than I've felt for a long time more than I've experienced before after an exercise or massage.

    He also gave me some tips on what to look for in a practitioner to New York, and I regret not having been able to be treated by him once. I could not recommend it anymore.

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