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  1. Ben Oyugi
    Jan 18, 2023

    They tried to claim responsibility for their courier initially

    I purchased five items, but only one of them arrived. The account I have on the website shows that all things were sent to me. I have the box and everything else I have received, and I’m considering involving the police. The box can’t even hold five items, so it’s evident that they haven’t delivered what I requested. They tried to claim responsibility for their courier initially, but they promised to provide a reminder, but they haven’t yet.

  2. Yvonne Garcia
    Dec 19, 2022

    I wouldn't say I like the price, especially if you're on a pension and you're widowed

    I wouldn’t say I like the price, especially if you’re on a pension and you’re widowed, raising a child exposed to these products and asking to purchase them for her; it’s hard to refuse. Should they be such a high cost when you’re in the chemical industry in older times? Plastic bottles don’t cost much, and I’m sure the product is produced in large quantities, so it shouldn’t be that themuchduce, which is why it’s due to the lab’s manufacturing and testing.

  3. Ruth Miller
    Dec 19, 2022

    I should have been told and was refunded

    Terrible service. I received two emails within a couple of days later saying that the dispatch was delayed without explanation; accessing their chat feature, and was told that the order would be shipped the next day, but then discovered that the item was not sent. I contacted customer service to find out they’re waiting for it to be in stock and will be shipped on Christmas day, but I wasn’t informed as it was already in stock. When I ordered it, I should have been told and was refunded.

  4. Bruce Burnham
    Sep 26, 2022

    There are also discounts available

    The item I purchased was defective. I sent an email asking for a replacement (empty) bottle as if the spray didn’t work; I couldn’t use this product… I was immediately contacted to inform me that they’d send me a second bottle. Three days later, it arrived. I can be confident in the company. I will be purchasing more from this website. There are also discounts available, so I save money more than on another website. I am thrilled.

  5. Charles Domingue
    Jul 19, 2022

    I enjoy shopping with Lookfantastic

    I enjoy shopping with Lookfantastic. They are always punctual, their products are well-packaged well, and If you’re worried about your order or its time-sensitive, contacting the team members isn’t tricky, and they respond promptly. It makes me more comfortable placing an order with them.

  6. Brett Stanley
    Jul 6, 2022

    Lookfantastic is a good site 👍

    Good site. It’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I require products for my hair and skin. It has the most fashionable, high-quality brands and excellent prices compared to local retailers.

    The customer service staff were friendly and quick if my first order was stolen during the epidemic.Some brands or their products aren’t shipped.

    Some brands or products do not ship to Arab Gulf, like la Roche posay or derma doctor. This is the sole thing I hope you can do to help.

  7. Chaen Wong
    Jul 5, 2022

    I am a massive fan of shopping at LF

    I am a massive fan of shopping at LF; they always offer discounts, and the majority of products I buy from them are more affordable than elsewhere. When I purchased it last time, I received a unique value via email. I was able to save 200aed off my purchase after I spent 700aed.

    However, I could not use the discount since it could not apply to a product I was looking to purchase. It wasn’t enjoyable since it could have saved me a bit of cash. I went to the live chat and spoke to a lovely lady named Macy, who offered me a refund of 5% in the form of goodwill. Not as spectacular as 200aed off, but still. This is the reason LF will always be customized. Thank you, guys!

  8. Kathi Kolomizew
    Jul 5, 2022

    these issues make it extremely difficult to place an order

    An offer offers a 25% discount on orders through the app. However, when you download the app, it states that the value isn’t available, and it’s possible to utilize a different promo code to get a 5 percent discount. When you add polishes made of OPI gel, the app will either add two pieces of the item or zero number of pieces. Sometimes, the basket triples, or the item is lost.

    The prices began to be in pounds instead of AED, and I couldn’t figure out the place to change.

    It’s also impossible to order using the app, and it’s very disappointing about the issue with promo codes.

    Just a quick note: one of my previous orders (matrix hair product) was returned for no reason, although the product is in inventory through the website.

    The surface trinity kit I purchased before was shipped with the adapters and plugs that can’t be used in conjunction, which caused me to doubt the authenticity of this expensive thing.

    The website offers a wide range of available merchandise at reasonable prices; however, these issues make it extremely difficult to place an order.

  9. Anita Morris
    Jul 3, 2022

    I was dissatisfied

    I was dissatisfied. The discount coupon didn’t work on my order. I ordered for 20.5 and was charged eight bd for delivery even though my delivery was supposed to come cost-free… The website and app were not welcoming to me, and the discount codes did not apply to my purchase. I wouldn’t recommend the website to anyone. There is nothing special about it

  10. Allen McClure
    Jul 1, 2022


    Oh! WORST THAN BAD SERVICE! Do not claim that this website is fraudulent! I placed my order on 04 June, and I’m still waiting for my order to be delivered. It’s already 30 June!

    So disappointing! It’s our first time dealing with this Lookfantastic website! First impressions last, according to the saying!

    The Very Very Very Bad and The Most Worst ONLINE Platform I’ve Dealt With.

  11. Elsa Delgado
    Jun 30, 2022

    you've made some improvements

    Your products are gorgeous, and your prices are exceptional, but, wait a minute, there’s a huge, but that is accompanied by capital letters and numerous exclamation marks. Your shipping process is a painful pain waiting for it to arrive, or it might not, but I received an exchange once, and the quality of the items that arrive is like a dog’s pack. Chewing it up on the way, the boxes are broken, and each time, my epsom salt gets all over the bag, not the load that is their official one. You did not respond to my questions, so I stopped buying for a while. This morning I’m giving you another chance. Maybe you’ve made some improvements.

  12. Sunny Kim
    Jun 29, 2022

    enjoyable shopping experience

    I’ve never experienced a more enjoyable shopping experience on the internet. I am a massive fan of makeup and buy it every day. I am located in the EU, which is Slovenia. The only thing I have to say about the shipping service is they’re amazing. The parcel typically arrives within days! This is amazing, considering that the makeup companies I purchase from are in the UK, and I usually have to wait at least 15 days for my order to be delivered. I’ve also never had problems with paying or replacing. I received a damaged highlighter, but they provided me with a replacement, and it was delivered much faster than I expected. They also offer discounts daily that are amazing and make the experience more enjoyable;) I love them, and they’re my top online makeup store 10/10.

  13. Augustus Weweh
    Jun 27, 2022

    I rate three stars as the pricing is acceptable

    I rate three stars as the pricing is acceptable. However, when I place an order for a product, I’m not sure if they will deliver for me or don’t have it. I have ordered frequently from this website; however, most times, an item has gone missing, and they do not deliver or say they’re finished once. And they offer a free thing that they have wanted to add to your shopping list, and you should give them many massages to get your money back for the item they didn’t deliver.

  14. Anisur Rahman
    Jun 25, 2022

    my experience has been excellent to date

    I’m not sure about the other reviews because I read other reviews that look fantastic. They’re not very good. However, my experience has been excellent to date. The only issue is that standard delivery within my country is entirely free. Every time I need to contact a customer service person to ask for a refund of the delivery cost, which I received within 5 or 4 days, no doubt. The site provides discounts periodically. It is also helpful. I’d suggest the website.

  15. Robert Harris
    Jun 23, 2022

    They are very quick to deliver

    No single time issues occurred with the delivery. They are very quick to deliver. The collection is huge and fantastic. Best prices possible. Unfortunately, the majority of daily deals are applicable only to residents of the UK. It’s not valid in Europe or anywhere else. Even so, the price is unbeatable!

  16. Susan Hilton
    May 28, 2022

    I am not impressed

    Look Fantastic recently sent me an email advising that a particular item on my wishlist was back in stock. I was delighted and placed an immediate order. I received confirmation by email.

    I am not impressed by Look Fantastic. Why would they advise that an item is back in stock when it was not! I received an email confirmation a few days later.

    CARE: You might not receive the item you ordered, even though they say it’s in stock.

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