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5 Reviews on Live Fit Gym

  1. Luca Lapenna
    Jan 22, 2023

    A solid local gym with decent equipment

    A solid local gym with decent equipment, background music that interrupts my music, and lights positioned to draw attention to window advertising but directly facing the eyes of people who use aerobic equipment have drawbacks.

  2. Bassam Andijani
    Sep 24, 2022


    Beware, Live fit will continue to charge your credit card even after you've canceled. I was overcharged for over one year after canceling. They then forced me to reimburse the amount. After I provided all the evidence and acknowledged the billing error, they did not send me an actual check. They then began harassing me.

  3. Chico Adiam
    Jul 29, 2022

    The staff were extremely friendly

    This gym close to my house has impressed me greatly because the staff was amiable. It was my first visit to the gym, and I was unsure what to do.

    However, an instructor was lucky enough to help and guide me through the process. He also offered me advice about how to stay healthy and secure!

  4. Nicole Stark
    Jul 11, 2022

    I've wanted to write this review for about two years!

    I've wanted to write this review for about two years! I was a member at this facility for a while and then canceled my account when I was pregnant and was moved into the suburbs. Will, the gym manager, was the most welcoming and positive person I've ever met. After I had a hard run on the treadmill, and I felt like I wanted to lie on the ground, Will would, unprompted, inform me that he had noticed the effort I put into my workout and the improvement I had made.

    Those small phrases of praise carried me through those challenging exercises until I reached the point that those tough workouts were no longer a chore. The gym is spotless and quiet, and the other members are average city dwellers who run their businesses and focus on their work out. I haven't come across one that I like more since I moved.

  5. Jorge Lafosse
    Jun 4, 2022

    Very friendly and enthusiastic

    It's a lovely small gym, and Matt's taking care of the equipment. It's excellent, and the bathrooms are well-stocked with towels and paper towels, and there's always hand sanitizer and towels.

    It's also amicable, and at times, I find myself talking with Matt for a bit too long during sets.

    I would also suggest training with Juan. He's very friendly and enthusiastic and truly is an outstanding coach and trainer for any fitness requirements.

    I was just beginning to learn the proper way to clean and Juan provided me with great tips regarding the correct form and technique.

    He broke the movement into several parts, and gave me a good start point for every aspect I had to work on as well as being incredibly supportive throughout the process.

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