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8 Reviews on Little Scholars Childcare Center

  1. Chris Sudderth
    May 5, 2023

    The rates are brand

    They changed the rate. I did not hear it from me. Although the contract was old, the rates are brand new.

  2. Chloe Trowell
    Apr 14, 2023

    Excellent communication

    Little Scholars Center III is the very best! Excellent communication with the staff as well as parents! Outstanding care and devotion. My daughter is now looking forward to visiting the school. Nina, The best director that I've ever had, is a master of the kids in all of them and knows how they work every day. But, the teachers and the teachers, Ms. Alla, Mrs. Mia, and everyone else who cared for the kids are excellent! My son is fed in the daycare, but they eat very little at home! Thank you all.

  3. Jennifer Tate
    Jan 22, 2023

    It is an amazing

    It is a fantastic daycare that offers a truly unique educational program and an innovative approach to childcare. Teachers are highly active, attentive, and welcoming. They are incredibly engaged and respond to parent questions promptly. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for the best educational atmosphere for your child!

  4. Michele Valentin
    Dec 16, 2022

    Our son is in the Pre-K class

    The school is a school with a Russian orientation, where children learn at least Russian as well as English simultaneously. They are fantastic teachers and great assistants—a professional approach. Our son is in the Pre-K class. We always have fun being at school.

  5. Dwane Richardson
    Dec 11, 2022

    Excellent, experienced, and kind teachers.

    Excellent, experienced, and kind teachers. They were able to find a solution for my child, who was reluctant to go to school, sleep or eat. Today, we don't have any issues with it—excellent conditions for staying in Warm and clean rooms.

  6. Thomas Ferrer
    Sep 21, 2022

    It was a terrible experience

    If I could award this place a zero rating, I would. The staff isn't concerned about children. My son was taken to the bathroom in various instances. This facility is not loving or nurturing. My son was fed on the empty table when I asked the manager. Nicki became very defensive and even lied about my two years old boy. Keep in mind that my son isn't verbal. He returned home dehydrated and hungry. Director Iryna is highly dismissive and ignorant and doesn't bother to respond to complaints. My son and I went out within a month, and to the present, I've never received a response from the owner or the director. It was a terrible experience.

  7. Adam Keilers
    Jul 1, 2022

    We were looking for particular art classes

    My daughter is a talented and artistic girl. We were looking for particular art classes for her, but finding one in our local area is challenging. Then we discovered a school called Little Scholars; their main principle is learning through play and art. My husband and I decided to check it out, and we took the opportunity to visit to see what life is like. Children can participate in various options throughout the day, which is so varied! Children can take part in soccer, karate, chess classes or gymnastics, sing and dance - whatever they want to do. My daughter is in the 3k course and is painting and making crafts right now. It's the best thing we could ask for her!

  8. Shawn Griffith
    Jun 11, 2022

    Offer a variety of exciting activities

    It's a challenge for the mother to let her children wander off and remain all day.

    However, With Little Scholars, I know that my granddaughter is delighted to get to know her new peers, play with her friends and discover something new with her classmates from the group.

    Our girl is now getting ready to go to school, so she's currently in the pre-k class.

    They offer a variety of exciting activities!

    The gymnastics even started her, and she is now showing me what she's accomplished in the gym.

    I am hoping that she will develop critical academic skills.

    And I am confident that at this daycare, the teachers are experts!

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