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5 Reviews on Linking News

  1. Perez Gonzalez
    Jan 22, 2023

    I would highly recommend Linking News!

    I’ve been working in PR for over seven years at this point. I’ve been using Linking News for the past seven months and cannot say enough positive reviews about it! Not only can Linking News get your press release featured on the most popular new websites like Bloomberg and Yahoo, however, but they also provide various other options to make it more straightforward than ever before to make your message known. The white-label press release distribution option (publishing press releases with no logos of third-party companies) is fantastic, and the support staff is available to help with any questions. When I used the service, the press release I submitted was posted on numerous major sites within days of submitting it. The results are excellent. We were published on various websites minutes after the press release! When searching for an easy method to get your press release issued, it’s worth looking into. I would highly recommend Linking News!

  2. Quentin Davies
    Sep 27, 2022

    I would highly suggest Linking News to others!

    My team and I just recently announced our latest product and were searching for a reliable and top press release distribution company that could assist us in promoting our product. Surprised, my business associate had used Linking News to publish press releases for their business! He was highly impressed with the services from Linking News. We were linking the News team! So, he advised me to go to their website to check the pricing of their various plans. We then chose to go with the Silver Plan. A similar thing I like about Linking News is their customer assistance. They quickly answered our questions and explained in detail every step that needed to be taken to have our press release posted on the major sites. They also provide helpful advice that has helped my team improve our press release.

    They also suggested that it changes our press release’s title to make it more professional and credible. They also promptly called us to inform us that obtaining approval for our Silver Plan or Gold Plan would take longer. We received an entire report in just two days, including all media logos. The press release we sent out was successfully published on more than 500 sites, including some of the biggest ones, such as Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, MarketWatch, Benzinga, and numerous more. We are grateful for all the assistance and support Linking News offers. We’d recommend entrusting us again with their services. In all honesty, we cannot anticipate launching a new product, and we will use Linking News! Linking News is indeed the most reliable! I would highly suggest Linking News to others!

  3. Richard Hintermeier
    Jul 20, 2022

    Very little effect with LinkingNews

    We utilized LinkingNews to create the press release. They assisted us in writing the article, but we were not happy with the service altogether. Our press release was featured on several websites, but we believe these may be ghost sites.

    If you visit the main website where the article was supposed to be published and then look for it, it won’t appear. Therefore, the URLs and pages are there, but they aren’t on the corresponding site. The real impact of the announcement is almost zero in this way.

  4. Monica Salmon
    Jun 27, 2022

    resolve issues and offer excellent service

    It’s been two years since we started employing Linking News’ white label press release distribution service. In reflecting on the last year, our digital marketing company faced many challenges. With all the highs and lows, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge on how to serve our customers better. Linking News always tries its best to resolve issues and offer excellent service. As the year ends and the year 2019 is beginning, we want to convey our deepest gratitude to Linking News. We remain steadfast in our optimism and are looking forward to working together with Linking News in 2022!

  5. Wendy Lee
    Jun 8, 2022

    Excellent white-label distribution of press releases!

    I’ve been trying to find an organization that distributes press releases that offer white-label distribution of press releases after a former colleague of mine recommended Linking News.

    Since I started using their service, my job as a professional in public relations has been much more manageable!

    hey’ve provided me with fantastic coverage on a few of the most popular news sites.

    The greatest thing about it is that its white-label Press Release distribution services are excellent and reliable.

    Linking News makes sure that their name doesn’t appear everywhere.

    The turnaround time is very efficient, both in terms of reports and the publishing of press releases.

    I also like the fact that their customer support is also quick.

    I admit that I was hesitant to give it a go on Linking News at first, but I’m so glad I decided to!

    Do not be concerned about using their website. It’s user-friendly, and if you need help, the customer service can assist you.

    Try Linking News out if you require the best Press Release distribution system.

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