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  1. Christina Straka
    July 25th, 2022

    Liftmode offers amazing customer support

    Liftmode offers fantastic customer support, rt and their products are top-quality. Highly recommend them to anyone! I encountered an issue with a delivery, and they resolved it immediately.

  2. Patricia Champion
    May 13th, 2022

    Arrive On Tme

    Every time I order products, they arrive on time and are rarely out of stock. It takes UPS ground from Chicago to reach the west coast. You get 2 Day Delivery for every 80$ you spend (I think). If you want fast shipping, buy more.

  3. Josephine
    April 20th, 2022

    The best site for nootropics, with one drawback

    This company is a great one with high-quality products. They provide a certificate of analysis and fast shipping. The consistency of their Phenibut is what I would fault. It might be as consistent as salt for one month and provide the best euphoria, but it will be more like flour and produce less desirable effects next month. They also fail to mention the FFA and fine crystals.

    They are all useless, as I have said. All three of them cause dizziness, headaches, and various other undesirable effects. But what makes them useless are the positive effects they produce. They don’t have Euphoria, which is the most critical effect. They produce the exact opposite, which is dysphoria. However, overall this website is the best and I’m their most loyal customer.

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