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Is Levelset legit?

Levelset has 47 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Levelset customer care?

You can contact Levelset customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 866 720 5436

Where is Levelset located?

Levelset is located at address 1121 Josephine St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States.

47 Reviews on Levelset

  1. Christine Cassar
    5 rating

    Highly informed and friendly

    May 31, 2023

    Working in the construction field can be stressful on its own. Robert was kind enough to reach out to me for a discussion about the issue of a lien that we wanted to place. Robert was attentive to our circumstances and was highly informed and friendly. It's nice to know you've got someone to be confident in.

  2. Lindsay Stromgren
    5 rating

    Beneficial and professional

    May 1, 2023

    Ashley Saven was beneficial and professional at the same. I am happy with the services she provided us. My concern or request required a lot of coordination and approval, and she did it very well. Her response was above what I, the customer, was expecting. I also understand that she has no longer handled the account but was able to take on the task and see to its conclusion.

  3. Sergei Sedykin
    1 rating

    Not resolve the issue

    Apr 28, 2023

    We don't recommend Levelset! The system we have been using for the past three years. It was not as smooth until the first year. There were issues regarding the contractor's residence being pre-lined over the last two years. We have repeatedly notified them, with our support rep making several modifications to our invoices, but they could not resolve the issue. We've decided to give up and requested cancellation and refunds on the remaining invoices or documents we won't use; however, they refuse to offer the refund. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  4. Alfredo kempen
    1 rating

    The company is awful.

    Apr 13, 2023

    The company is awful. I sent an email in September to not renew my account until October. They still debited my credit card for $7,500. I've sent many emails to them regarding returning my credit card, but I haven't received a response from them. I have seen on the BBB that they've done this to numerous firms.

  5. Armin Wahl
    5 rating

    A client who attempts to undermine your professional image

    Jan 20, 2023

    A client who attempts to undermine your professional image and isn't willing to pay you is hard enough. When you file a lien, you must ensure that your numbers are correct. I took a risk before examining my numbers. I was worried about the possibility that the lien could be issued before I could get it rectified. I had sent an email to Levelset late, asking for assistance, and voila! I went to my account and saw the message: the amount of the lien was corrected, and we've replaced your incorrect attachment with a new one. YEAH! This has saved me from dealing with LOSER clients! Thanks, Der, and Ek, for your help!

  6. Nick Phillips
    3 rating

    Levels are easy to use and reasonably priced

    Dec 1, 2022

    Levels are easy to use and reasonably priced, with many valuable documents and services. It is a hassle to contact Level set to speed things up, but it may take some time before you receive the required services.

  7. Kathryn Robinson
    3 rating

    I'm not sure if I gained anything about anything new

    Nov 29, 2022

    My expectations were different for the book, believing it would be a collection of tips on the best practices or specific things. The focus was on communication and the need to start the process sooner. I'm not sure if I gained anything about anything new.

  8. Claire Routh
    3 rating

    This is a fantastic option

    Nov 27, 2022

    I've had mixed experiences with it. The client is a very nice setup. Friendly and easy customer service. It's easy to fill in the form and start your lien paperwork. However, it's costly. Other benefits are cheaper and aren't as expensive to make. If you're looking for an online service, this is a fantastic option, but if you're concerned about its costs, look elsewhere.

  9. Maria Edwards
    5 rating

    Kendra made my experience great!

    Nov 18, 2022

    Kendra made my experience great! Her customer service was far superior to the other staff members I've had the pleasure of speaking with at Levelset. Her commitment to assisting and willingness to try all she could to make our situation more comfortable was refreshing and greatly appreciated.

  10. Robin Whitmarsh
    3 rating

    It was an excellent introduction to a class suitable for anyone new to the field

    Nov 16, 2022

    It was an excellent introduction to a class suitable for anyone new to the field. But, I can imagine some individuals were not from or operate in California. Many CA particular laws are mentioned that don't help the larger groups.

  11. Colin Scott
    3 rating

    We pay for the expertise from the Level set

    Nov 14, 2022

    I am happy that we have a resource such as a Level set. However, I would like to see more prompt interactions on what the next steps should be taken. I recently asked and was advised to return to the website to verify. However, this isn't an ideal solution. We hire a Level set to do this. We pay for the expertise from the Level set and then are directed back to complete what we do.

  12. Caroline Cole
    3 rating

    Customer Service is fantastic

    Nov 11, 2022

    Customer Service is fantastic. However, the website is slow and difficult to modify and navigate. I'm pretty adept at delving into things by myself, but the place to get information is long and often needs a helper or go through lengthy FAQs and articles.

  13. Simon Philpott
    3 rating

    The website navigation is extremely difficult

    Nov 9, 2022

    The website navigation is complicated. I don't have time to read through the online training seminars. However, the support that I got from Julie was awe-inspiring. While the site was ZLien, this was much simpler. User-friendly. So long as I can't find an 800 phone number and speak to someone with some knowledge Julie has, I will remain using Levelset.

  14. Allan Jones
    3 rating

    I love the concept and pricing structure for our business

    Nov 6, 2022

    I love the concept and pricing structure for our business. A lot of the user-friendliness is excellent too. However, the flaws in development, "glitches" that take months to fix, can be a huge setback. Additionally, we tend to be able to see that once one issue is corrected, another gets messier (the trickle-down effect). We intend to continue utilizing Zlien for our company unless a new problem with development occurs in the past.

  15. Matty Campbell
    1 rating

    It seems like I can't give you zero stars

    Oct 18, 2022

    It seems like I can't give you zero stars. It's been a month since my last review, and I'm still not in my thinking as when I last reviewed, and I was rewarded with a lovely little card and the bribe of coffee from a location I'm not a fan of suggesting that I could be stressed. The only stress I'm feeling is due to Levelset. A lien-intent letter from Levelset has not been delivered. Following an investigation, USPS stated that the letter never got into their system.

    It appears that you generated the tracking number you gave me, and as long as the letter hasn't been sent out, it doesn't happen. I'm not concerned about whether it's true, but there's something not in this case. I feel as if I've been sold a new bill of goods. How does the person who owed me money when they don't get anything? This was the second time you tried. Now I feel like I was ripped off three times. Thanks a lot

  16. Helen Greatbatch
    5 rating

    Carli was amazing and great to help!

    Oct 18, 2022

    Carli was fantastic to help! I called her to find out whether we could be in a position to get a preliminary notice canceled. It was likely to take some time to see if the information could be removed from the mailing list, but she was willing to follow up with me so I wouldn't have to remain in the chat. When she confirmed that her team could successfully take the document off the mailing list and send it to me, she made sure to send me an email with the good news. :)

  17. Mark Evans
    2 rating

    Complete disappointment

    Oct 16, 2022

    Job radars were among the most prominent selling points of Levelset software, along with the available tools for lien. Unfortunately, I haven't discovered it to be very helpful. Nearly every customer I have researched can't be located within the Level set database. Although I am a fan of the lien tools and find them invaluable, the job Radar and the risk for contractors were a complete disappointment.

  18. Anthony James
    2 rating

    I was directed to your legal team and given some links to aid

    Oct 13, 2022

    I wish you were more helpful on the best method of flipping a lever if the customer hasn't opened their mail. I am in a state that requires require a ten-day notice. I spoke to a member, and s; he informed me that sending it in the mail is needed. I was trying to confirm this today but could not get an immediate answer. I was directed to your legal team and given some links to aid.

  19. Susan Kurien
    4 rating

    I tried LevelSet for the first time,

    Oct 13, 2022

    I tried LevelSet for the first time, and they were a breeze to use. I gave them a 4-star rating since I was unaware they had a membership. Ashley helped me receive a reimbursement for the cost of a second year's membership. I'd work with them once more, knowing that I'd have to cancel my membership before renewing.

  20. Marcus Sivori
    4 rating

    It is going to be a good resource

    Oct 11, 2022

    It's going to provide a valuable resource to my team to manage relationships as we continue to expand internationally—fantastic assistance provided by the account administrator and every person at LevelSet. I'm so excited to make the most of LevelSet's capabilities to help us improve our process of collecting data and to automate reports to support our growing business.

  21. Virginie Lefebvre
    1 rating

    I am dissatisfied with the latest developments

    Oct 9, 2022

    I am dissatisfied with the latest developments with Zlien and Level set. I have used their services for over one year and haven't ever had a complaint to this point. I'm trying to cancel their service, and they are holding my money until the next month (they require you to pay in advance) and are giving me a lot of trouble shutting down my account. I did not sign an extension of my prior contract, but they behave as I've. I've paid on time for more than an entire year and didn't think this would happen. I'm still waiting for the receipt of my postage payment. Be careful if you've got an agreement verbally with them. Ensure that you are aware of what they want!

  22. Elizabeth Rees
    4 rating

    It was very informative

    Oct 6, 2022

    It was very informative, and I am grateful for all the valuable details. However, I would have liked listening to Women who work at the construction site alongside others (mainly males), including project managers, engineers, and architects who must confront all sorts of bias on the construction site. Women's issues in office spaces (safe spaces) and on-site are entirely different. As an architect, I have more than 20 years of experience and can say it's completely different.

  23. Pamela Turner
    4 rating

    They exceed expectations

    Oct 5, 2022

    I have been cooperating with Zlien for about four months and have had to work out the kinks between their Zlien and the system I'm used to, but their customer service is fantastic and top-of-the-line. I even recommended Zlien to a friend who was using Zlien for July plans (who happens to become my most trusted friend), and I, as well as my daughter, who is five years old, received Tee Shirts from them. You ought to have seen this cute T-shirt. It's adorable! They exceed expectations.

  24. John Harrison
    1 rating

    The service is expensive

    Oct 5, 2022

    The service is expensive, and the homeowner hasn't yet paid me until after the notification of intention to lease. Zlin charged me $170 to file an intent notice. They also required over $300 to submit the lein, which they didn't inform me of before making the notice of intent. I didn't have enough money to pay for the lein because that homeowner scammed me in the thousands, and my finances were already tight. I think the service is expensive, and they should have clarified that I needed to pay a lot more after I paid them $170 to get the notice of intention. We are not happy.

  25. Amber Clarkin
    4 rating

    I love levels

    Oct 2, 2022

    I love levels because it is accessible. But sometimes, it cannot open and shuts me off, so I need to return to the system and restart it. I'm the coordinator of accounts receivables, and I have several accounts to track legal filings. I'd like to see a place where I could look over all my bills on a level-set basis rather than having to look for them using my address

  26. Lisa Richbell
    4 rating

    We are brand new customers with Levelset

    Oct 1, 2022

    We are brand new customers with Levelset. From the initial setup to training and implementation, the level of support and quality in customer support has been outstanding. Utilizing the chat window, we could make last-minute adjustments to documents before being distributed. Chris was prompt to reply and very helpful. I'm excited to let Levelset perform the work for us.

  27. Gary Edgerton
    2 rating

    We have lost more than $13,000 due to this

    Oct 1, 2022

    The staff was excellent. But, the Level set doesn't inform customers that they don't conduct thorough title searches and rely only on public record records that aren't up-to-date. Therefore, they could put the lien on the property that is not under the names of their initial customers. We have lost more than $13,000 due to this.

  28. Mark Bown
    4 rating

    Thank you Levelset for hosting today's

    Sep 29, 2022

    Thanks to Level set for hosting this webcast on "How to get paid on projects suspended or terminated for convenience." Although this was targeted more toward contractors (the motive for the four stars), I gained some helpful information as a design contractor. From a contractor's viewpoint, I was impressed by the details of stopping the work and filing processes. I was looking at the next of your helpful webinars. View.

  29. Susan Crowley
    5 rating

    Thank you so much Matt for all you do!

    Sep 29, 2022

    I was new to level set and unable to pinpoint exactly what or how to navigate the game, so I got connected to Matt De Mario, who is fantastic at what he does. He can explain everything so clearly and is definitely worth the price of gold! Matt has the main reason why we keep using the level set. Matt continues to assist me with my questions and is more than my expectations. Levels are very fortunate to have such a committed and outstanding person as Matt De Mario. Thank you so much, Matt, for all you do!

  30. Richard Fenton
    4 rating

    Everyone has been extremely accommodating

    Sep 28, 2022

    Everyone has been extremely accommodating. I've been trying to stay up with the emails you send. I will continue to do so. I don't know what's going to happen next or if this is going to assist. I'm still not sure what we can do our part. However, I will be vigilant. It's pretty easy, and I can get my queries answered promptly.

  31. Hayley James
    1 rating


    Sep 25, 2022

    The individuals who run this company are unprofessional and lazy. They not only have poor communication skills, but they're also not reliable. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

  32. Richard Hall
    4 rating

    I'm pleased with the webinar

    Sep 24, 2022

    I'm pleased with the webinar. I believe it covered the essentials. The sole reason why I didn't give five stars is that I'm a subcontractor and would like more details and the time to address any questions. I'd like to know more specifics for subcontractors.

  33. Nigel Clarke
    1 rating

    Levelset is not what they came to be

    Sep 17, 2022

    It's a scheme to collect your money but not provide the service. Loveseat called me and did not just mess up my documents but did not acknowledge their error; however, they continued to promote their products, making me without the correct lein help.

  34. Chris Shorter
    1 rating

    I will not be using Z-Lien ever again

    Sep 14, 2022

    I will not be using Z-Lien ever again. I had 13 liens but could only obtain copies of three if you attempt to convince customers to purchase subscriptions, even though it's not an economically viable option for me as a customer. I was forced to write each lien release myself, and I will make my notices going forward. Your actions are good, but greed renders them ineffective to me. So, good luck. PS my business isn't big enough to warrant a budget for a monthly budget. I've told your sales personnel, but they only know the need to sell, sell, sell. Also, thank you, and goodbye!

  35. Carol Young
    1 rating

    Total disappointment throughout

    Sep 11, 2022

    The lien was filed through Levelset. They didn't register the lien, resulting in us paying thousands of dollars. They did not follow up, and when I tried to contact them, they replied with, "Oh, I'm sorry. ..." to insult further the injury, they didn't refund the money I paid—total disappointment throughout.

  36. Melissa Maidment
    1 rating

    The state of Illinois

    Sep 9, 2022

    The state of Illinois. It's a primary mechanics lien within Illinois. The lien was filed, I paid the fine, and later received an email from the attorney for ZLien that ZLien did not submit an intent to file a lien by the deadline. The customer service representative told me that it was my duty to be aware of what needed to take place and that all research information was accessible on their website. The gentleman also said I must be a subscriber to mark this information. Beware! State of Illinois residents doesn't always follow through on all of the data.

  37. Alena Johanka
    1 rating

    I received a time-sensitive initial notice to be sent by registered mail

    Sep 9, 2022

    I received a time-sensitive initial notice to be sent by registered mail. It took them around a week to process and got it delivered via registered mail. After it was shown, there was no official recipient signature. The post office then left it without obtaining a signature, so it's ineffective.

  38. Owen Dinsdale
    1 rating

    This was a lot of money!

    Sep 5, 2022

    To the smallest of details, your negligence caused me to lose every leverage. You claimed to be a software company, not a legal company, when even the attorney opposing you rebuked you for filing the lien incorrectly. Your response to this incident included the threat of holding me accountable for ZLien's mistake and requiring me to compensate you. This was a lot of money! This is beyond absurd. Your CEO needs to be aware of this to all prospective customers. This is the perfect example of a company run by someone in their 20s who talks a good talk but delivers poorly.

  39. Naomi Hobbs
    1 rating

    I'm a contractor from California

    Sep 3, 2022

    I'm a contractor from California. Three times I called to stop my automatic billing as I'm not using this service. They keep saying they will make the Account Manager contact me to get the issue addressed. After two months, no one contacted me back, and they kept the account at $165 each month.

  40. Ryan Robertson
    1 rating

    The lien is currently being challenged due to these inconsistencies

    Sep 1, 2022

    I wrote the details to be used in the lien for my client. I even consulted with an agent to ensure that it was complete. Yet as the document recorded ( I did not see the final version), it did not mention the client (a G.C) in the claimant's title and instead listed me as the claimant and listed my address as the residence as opposed to my business address. The lien is currently being challenged due to these inconsistencies.

  41. Julian Hamm
    1 rating

    The issue is that they don't allow users to deactivate the feature

    Aug 29, 2022

    Level Set is introducing a new feature that allows the customer can pay directly through them, and they will charge an additional 5% of the transaction. The issue is that they don't allow users to deactivate the feature. They said the client would need to be contacted directly and instructed not to utilize the feature.

  42. John Cleary
    5 rating

    Great customer support

    Aug 28, 2022

    Great customer support. As a novice, I was unsure of the steps to file the required Notice of Commencement (NOC) for the roofing construction project within Miami-Dade county. The fact that Level set provides a free online filing system was great news. However, there were some aspects I couldn't follow. However, when I contacted the Level set support number, "Kendra" patiently explained the procedure while following my progression on the website by going "inside." High-quality technical assistance!

  43. Alan Strang
    1 rating

    Pre-lean notices were sent to General

    Aug 22, 2022

    Pre-lean notices were sent out to General Contractor without owner information many times. This has hampered my ability to collect the contract. I have spoken to customer service twice, but do not notice any improvements. I'll wait until the contract I signed with Levelset expires.

  44. Tom Bates
    1 rating

    Levelset sent paperwork to wrong person

    Aug 18, 2022

    I am a 69-year-old woman living in a modest house in the countryside. On vacation, I was notified that I had a signed letter in the postal office in my name. I drove for 20 minutes to collect the letter but was surprised to discover that it was from the Level set and claimed they had Martin Marietta deliver a bunch of Ready Mix Concrete to my house. It didn't happen.

    I never signed a contract with anyone for any work completed at home. There was no work done in my house. A new development is currently being constructed approximately a third of a mile from my home, and the documents contained the development's name. I think that's where the pre-lien notice is supposed to go. How can a company make such a mistake in sending this type of letter to an older woman with social security? I'm worried about resolving the issue and ensuring it doesn't negatively impact my excellent credit score.

  45. Regina Labunskiene
    1 rating

    Poor service

    Aug 8, 2022

    Poor service. I needed assistance filing the "Intent to Lien," and when the document was completed, there was no way to go through it. I needed help and clarification but was not contacted for 2 hours after. This was a pressing issue because I discovered they had sent the document to the recipient. The paper itself was poorly worded and didn't seem to make sense. That's the reason I needed someone to assist me. I didn't realize until two hours later that the document was delivered. I will not be using this service the next time!

  46. Larry Stumler
    5 rating

    Super helpful!

    Jul 18, 2022

    This was my second time training with Meghan. She is a pro at being thorough and positive. It was my first time being the sole participant during the movement, and I got a one-on-one.

    Super helpful! I went from feeling very nervous to feeling much more confident.

  47. David Vargas
    5 rating

    Levelset is incredible!

    Jun 7, 2022

    The level set has fulfilled exactly what they had promised us since the beginning.

    They keep providing us with regular updates on the general contractors we work with and inform us about weekly classes we're looking forward to taking.

    Leila, along with Richard, is great and can listen to what we say and then follow up.

    We appreciate your efforts in providing positive and energetic people to help us.

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