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4 Reviews on Kevin David

  1. Jordan Bennett
    September 23rd, 2022

    I'm still not getting the product I bought!

    I contracted this company to create my store from start to finish, including marketing and product selection manufacturing. The cost was $30,000, and a year later, I’m left with one product that was so poorly researched I’m forced to offer it at a fraction of the price (and it’s not even selling) and another product that has the wrong name of the company printed on the package with incorrect descriptions and pictures and an utter absence of customer assistance. My 16-week turnaround time is now 50 weeks old, and I’m still not getting the product I bought!

  2. Grace Kantz
    July 22nd, 2022

    I believe Kevin is a genius with some fantastic ideas

    I believe Kevin is a genius with some fantastic ideas, and I’m sure they will work. I am not happy with these programs because they can lure you only to make you purchase additional tools or products to start the process.

    For instance, the Marketing Agency Program is indeed all about retargeting but does not provide any information about the location or method of making the advertisements. If I enroll a new client with a price of $1000, they either must pay more to me to pay someone else to create advertising or must find out how to make the ads on my own.

  3. John Salazar
    July 5th, 2022

    Affilate Master Kevin David

    Kevin David, seeing him for a long time, has proven that he is a master at affiliate marketing. The method Kevin David has organized his website is fantastic, intelligent, and simple for us visitors to discover what we’re looking for. He has a nifty affiliate marketing strategy, social media, and many other revenue-generating streams to help us learn where we, as students, and clients, can utilize it for our goals.

  4. Keara Holland
    June 4th, 2022

    professional marketing plan

    They were accommodating by establishing a marketing strategy to promote my store online.

    They assisted me in determining the source of my income.

    I was unsure why I had such a small number of customers despite the fact my product is highly sought-after these days in the world of business.

    The reason was that I did not have a properly executed professional marketing plan.

    They showed me how I could enhance my marketing strategies and how to find customers.

    I am so grateful for their efforts since they brought my eyes to the light.

    I was able to see that I looked for potential clients in a disused area.

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Kevin David is an internationally acknowledged leader in the topics of entrepreneurship, eCommerce, as well as social media, and digital business. He quickly went from an accountant working 9-5 to creating several companies that have a turnover of 8 figures. Kevin David has been viewed over 1 billion times on social media, primarily because due to his expertise in eCommerce and how to gain financial freedom.

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