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3 Reviews on Justia.com

  1. Harold Stephens
    1 rating
    Feb 3, 2023

    The website doesn't allow clients or consumers to rate lawyers!

    Another site that is worthless to read untrue reviews about lawyers, similar to Avvo. I wanted to write an evaluation of a lazy lawyer and found out Lawyers.justia.com does not accept customer checks! The website doesn't allow clients or consumers to rate lawyers! Really, how can lawyers write negative comments about another lawyer and then sue each other? It is a fact that the USA civil and judiciary are corrupt and crumbling because lawyers are helping their interests and manipulating systems. What do you think the majority of political leaders were before holding office? It's easy to guess... simply another lawyer who is a sleazeball

  2. Elizabeth Burkel
    5 rating
    Feb 3, 2023

    Highly recommended

    From the initial phone contact with the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Glassman, I knew this team was like no other. L. David Ferrari is an expert in the field of law. It was easy to place my faith and trust in his team. I would endorse to anyone the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Glassman in the same way that I highly recommended it to me.

  3. Kevin Sanchez
    5 rating
    Feb 2, 2023

    I'm happy I got in touch with him

    I searched for an attorney and discovered the name Mr. St. John I. I'm happy I got in touch with him. It was one of the best choices I've ever made. He is a person who cares about and wants the best possible outcome for his clients, so if you're looking for an attorney who will represent you, he's the man for you. Please take a look at the top attorney in Fort Worth Tx I would suggest it to anyone, but I'm sure he won't travel anywhere.

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