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24 Reviews on JustFashionNow

  1. Dawn Jackson
    May 10, 2023

    Customers exceptionally poorly

    I bought an item from this shop and had to return it, but they didn't respond to my request. They ruined my cash. I lost my money, and the store is not a good shop. They treat their customers exceptionally poorly. Don't go to this SCAM retailer .!!!!!

  2. Andrew Massat
    May 9, 2023

    It was a bit frustrating

    It's the most awful firm I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Initially, I was ashamed of not having researched the company before placing an order. When I researched, I discovered they'd got addresses in Chicago, IL, St.E Leandro, California, England, and Hong Kong. Some companies have multiple addresses; however, when you order through one of these companies, they don't ship to the address you have chosen and then go to another. This was the first problem with this particular company. I bought a dress that was not the right fit, having measured according to the company's measurements before placing an order. The material was described as having some stretch but zero. Therefore, it could not be placed over my head unless you would tear it. While their website states 30-day returns, you need to contact the tom via email to obtain authorization to return it. If you get them, they'll send you a confirmation of payment. I offered to keep my dress, and they'd pay me 55% of my spending. The question I have is why I should even want to wear to return the dress if it does not make sense. My last offer was I would receive the 65% price and let me keep the dress or send it directly to the California address. While researching, I learned that some of the customers who had sent their goods to this address have not received and no refund was given. It was a bit frustrating!

  3. Yenifer diaz
    Apr 18, 2023

    The most horrible company

    The most horrible company I've ever had to deal with. I attempted to stop my order in the first minute of receiving the purchase. I tried seven times, but it did not allow me to. A portion of my order arrived much too early for the event. Some clothes were too huge, and a few were too small. I immediately asked for a refund. A confirmation email has been sent with Authorization as well as instructions. Well, it didn't happen! Do not ever order through JustfashionNow. EVER!.. If enough people report it, and I am thoroughly planning to do, the government Department of Fraud will take action.

  4. Mandi Mobi
    Apr 6, 2023

    I haven't received the product

    I purchased an item I had money debited from my credit card. I haven't received the product—no response to my email. Surprised Facebook allows this company to post ads. I'm sure I won't receive the item! I am a furious customer, and after reading reviews shocked that this company isn't being looked into.

  5. Barbara J Beddall
    Jan 5, 2023

    The quality was poor

    First time I was ordering. The quality was poor. The fabric wasn't as good as I expected. They were not what I expected "sweatshirts" were not made from sweatshirt fabric. The medium size I wear in my other clothes was unusually made. I was distraught to learn that the returns would be sent to China. I thought I'd read about the return policy before placing an order however, I didn't see the policy. Customer service was my only satisfaction. They were quick to respond and worked to resolve my issue.

  6. Ruth Wood
    Dec 16, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend it anyway

    Just Fashion Now has no telephone number that I've been able to locate, which makes returning the items extremely difficult to impossible. I'm trying to replace two garments that aren't big enough. I could not do this via their website, and I had to engage in talking to them. They require that you pay for postage for an address within China that is not listed on their website and differs from the address in NJ, which is listed on the package my order was delivered to. I wouldn't recommend it anyway. You should get 0 stars.

  7. Jadwiga Wlodarczyk
    Dec 14, 2022

    We contacted the courier when it didn't arrive, and I was not home

    We contacted the courier when it didn't arrive, and I was not home. Courier advised me to call the sender to confirm if I wanted to keep the package, and I responded. Justfashion.com responded promptly and stated that they had spoken to the courier and would wait a couple of days before the parcel would be delivered. The next day I called again, as there was no change or redelivery in the track. I was told I'd have to pay for the redelivery, which contradicted what they previously stated to me, so my conclusion is that they had lied to me. Then I decided not to pay them any additional money because I lost faith in their credibility. They told me to call the courier directly. Oh no, I've had the discussion!

    Dec 11, 2022

    I replaced the products in China, which were expensive, and am awaiting the refund

    I purchased several items but was forced to return them as the size (even though I bought them following their dimensions charts) was wrong. I replaced the products in China, which were expensive, and am awaiting the refund. They've been quick and polite in their communications, and I'm not going to fault them for that. However, I don't feel that it's worth taking the chance that the clothes will fit. I believe it should be more prominently advertised (on the main page) that the items returned must be returned to China.

  9. John Ketley
    Dec 9, 2022

    Haven't received a response

    The order was placed with this company in the middle of November. The money was taken from my account immediately. It is now the end of November, and I have not yet received my purchase.
    I have tried to contact you several times I've tried to contact you several times but haven't received a response. When I signed up with this company, I would have liked to read these reviews.

  10. Chris smythe
    Dec 8, 2022

    The fashion now returns procedure isn't easy and is a hassle.

    The fashion now returns procedure isn't easy and is a hassle. I've ordered products that aren't suitable for me, and I need to return these items. I've sent numerous emails seeking assistance, but I haven't heard back.

  11. Caroline Goodwin
    Dec 7, 2022

    Two orders were placed incorrectly.

    Two orders were placed incorrectly. They were unable to alter the order before the order was completed. Both orders were canceled within 5 minutes. They were now being charged two plus exchange rate for US$. I was refunded only for one (1) order and paid to me in CDN funds. There is nothing to prove for more than a $20 exchange cost. Then I'm getting the runaround. They say the bank is the culprit. The initial purchase was canceled in less than five minutes! This is FRAUD. Don't deal with this business—many negative reviews on them. Beware the buyer!

  12. Jason Stockham
    Dec 5, 2022

    Sadly I wouldn't endorse this business.

    We are sorry to endorse the 'fit' and "returns comments. Sizing charts are not a reflection of reality. They've got some excellent concepts (and pricing), but if it seems too good to be real, ....it could be. If you'd like to return an item, they'll give you a small reimbursement (but it's more affordable than sending it for shipping to China) for US dollars, but it is done promptly. I've just received an item called a "cashmere" jersey. It's a beautiful design, and even though it's marketed as cashmere, it is a cotton-wool(?) blend. It's HUGE. Sadly I wouldn't endorse this business.

  13. Rachael Holland
    Aug 5, 2022

    Incorrect representation of item

    Incorrect representation of item as compared to the description on the page, poor quality, poor sizing, despite their report, waiting time for shipping is 30 days, which is extremely expensive ...do not accept returns on sales items, even if they're of incorrect sizes.

    They don't tell you they're located in the UK! The UK ....duh! Two times tried and ....never again!! Zullily is way better than Zullily! !

  14. Gail Whaley
    Aug 4, 2022


    I attempted to purchase three t-shirts, but they kept adding items I didn't order. However many attempts I made to remove the items that were added the items to my purchase. They somehow had my credit card details and pushed the purchase through..I cannot find an avenue to contact them to cancel the order. NOT HAPPY. There was no order number n I never completed the order.

  15. Robin Richardson
    Aug 3, 2022

    Workmanship is poor, making the clothing non-wearable

    The reviews are so bad. The pictures are stunning. I'd like to buy many of these products and even pay more than the prices listed. However, the reviews indicate that as with everything manufactured in China the quality and workmanship is poor, making the clothing non-wearable and not a return option.

    Therefore, it is likely to cause many disappointments by not purchasing something at all. Sorry, I really am in love with the photos, however they're pictures.

  16. Katelyn Scott
    Aug 2, 2022

    Thank you for your support.

    My window popped up with a shocking 50% discount, and I went for the offer. It's true! It's true, and I got my 50% discount off shoe buying—excellent support from the US. I appreciate your help.

  17. Tonia Stanton
    Aug 1, 2022

    I absolutely love these items!

    I've ordered a variety of clothing items as well as some pairs of footwear from JFN. The quality is top-notch. Once I realized that I had to follow the measurement guide on every item, everything fitted perfectly. Customer service has always reached me whenever there was something I didn't be aware of. I've called customer service, and they've always been in touch within 24hrs.

    I can't think of enough good things about this fantastic clothing site. Although the delivery process can take a while, I've always received everything I've ordered. Thank JFN for your great service. JFN for being an excellent place to purchase unique, individual products. I love these items!

  18. Jose Laboy
    Jul 31, 2022

    Bad Shopping Site

    As others have said - Bad Shopping Site. The item was sent in the wrong size (ordered MED, delivered LRG, which was not marked correctly) and then refused to accept a return because it was the "Final Sale." The web pages that say "Customer Service" and "Returns" are only text-based and do not display the page to allow returns. "Chat" is the only method to request a return, and they're no assistance as the "policy" is not to accept returns when they are advertised as sale.

  19. Tammy Wilkerson
    Jul 29, 2022

    Be wary of this company

    Be wary of this company. Product sizes run small. Returns are not worthwhile as you will have to return the item your item back to China which costs nearly equal to the cost. Customer service isn't very efficient as they attempt to convince you to keep the thing, even if the item isn't suitable for you.

  20. Renee Lepley
    Jul 22, 2022

    Identical issue

    We'll check how my return is going before revising my review. I will correct my thinking when I receive an authorized return label for my return. It's my 2nd purchase. The product is excellent, but don"t attempt to return it. This was the 2nd time I attempted to return the item, but I ended up keeping the previous article this time—an identical issue.

    The receipt is so worn that the order number cannot be read. Therefore, you are unable to obtain a return stamp. Be sure the size of your item is correct. Otherwise, it will be a challenging return. Is there a contact number for customer support? It's not even listed!

  21. Sandra Vega
    Jun 22, 2022

    Bad Shopping Site

    As others have said - Bad Shopping Site. Send wrong size item (ordered Med, received LRG which was not marked correctly) and then refused to accept a return because it was a "Final Sale." The web pages that say "Customer Service" and "Returns" are text-only and do not display the page to request returns. "Chat" is the only option to ask for a return, and they're no assistance since the "policy" is not to accept returns if they are advertised as a sale.

  22. Roger Legg
    Jun 22, 2022

    A huge fraud!

    An unrelated "fashion" co. It displays ads randomly, and most of the time, they come from Asia! In addition, as is the standard for these sucker-pocket parasites, they write fake reviews and often pay users to register their benefits.

    Always check 99consumer.com before purchasing anything, and be aware of fake reviews! It is common for spelling to be incorrect, words are not used correctly, and sentences don't follow the correct format. So, go to your local boutique for business!

  23. Faye Parks
    May 12, 2022

    Stylized outfits

    The website has the advantage of being able to filter by body type (e.g., without waist, small, and full figure), color or occasion. You can also find fully stylized outfits, such as top, skirt, shoes and accessories.

    Even if the whole outfit is not yours, you may find a cute top and a pair of shorts that look similar to the ones in your wardrobe. This is what I love!

  24. Arlo Dixon
    May 10, 2022


    Excellent! You will find a large selection of clothing, shoes and bags on this website. There is something for everyone. Everything I needed, but couldn't find elsewhere, I found here. It is very affordable and there are often discounts so it is quite affordable.

    You get free shipping and high-quality products. The website is easy to use, and the layout makes it easy to find additional information.

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