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Is Jones School Supply legit?

Jones School Supply has 33 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Jones School Supply customer care?

You can contact Jones School Supply customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 800 845 1807

Where is Jones School Supply located?

Jones School Supply is located at address 100197 Post Office Alley, Aristes, Columbia County, PA, USA.

33 Reviews on Jones School Supply

  1. A. Lowenstein
    2 rating

    Poor Customer Service and Billing Hassles

    Dec 27, 2023

    After I made our modest order, I received a call that our company wasn't an "good enough customer" to be billed. The customer on the line required a credit/debit card. In response to my statement that I do not possess a credit card for my company and she said I could pay for the purchase with COD or simply to cancel the order.

    Since we were in need of the items that I mentioned, I suggested we'd go with COD. The result was a ridiculous disaster. Finally, we received the items, however the delivery required my Department manager to write an individual check to Jones.

    If I phoned to ask for an invoice so that my boss would be paid, I received another invoice. After I sent an email back and reiterated I required an acknowledgement, I got the phone message of a rude man telling me that I could not receive a receipt until the COD was received by UPS the COD was received, which could require "at least three more days".

    Okay, so I asked to receive receipt when the payment for COD was made. A few days later, I called to inquire if my payment was in the process, but was informed that it wasn't been processed, so I'd have to sit and wait.

    After ten days I requested it again and then finally I received my receipt. However, it was only because I had requested it once more. If I hadn't said anything about it, I'm sure we'd not have received the receipt.

    I've worked in retail, and I've worked in customer service. I was taught from the beginning that no matter how large or little a customer's purchases were, you should take care of them. It is clear that this isn't the Jones concept however, if it is possible, I'll make sure that we don't employ Jones in the future for anything.

  2. Lowenstein
    1 rating

    Jones Customer Service Woes

    Dec 1, 2023

    Jones' customer service demonstrates a lack of flexibility and professionalism, particularly in handling small orders. The insistence on credit card payment and reluctance to accommodate other payment methods show a rigid approach that disregards customer needs. The experience with Cash on Delivery (COD) was cumbersome, requiring a personal check from the department manager, which deviates from standard business practices. Further, the difficulty in obtaining a receipt, marked by delays and inadequate communication, reflects poor organizational processes and a dismissive attitude towards customer concerns. The overall experience is marred by inefficiencies and a lack of respect for the customer, undermining the principle of treating all customers equitably regardless of their order size. This experience discourages future engagement with the company.

  3. Christina Price
    1 rating

    The ceremony to award it

    May 31, 2023

    The Art Trophy I ordered came split into two pieces. I hot-glued it before the ceremony to award it.

  4. Peter West
    1 rating

    Not accurate

    May 2, 2023

    To whomever it is, When I placed an order for my ribbons or pins etc...I made clear my name, school, and address. The order was delivered and was delivered to a teacher in science whom the school hasn't employed in many of the past few years. I'm the music teacher. The office at the front handed over the boxes to my Science teacher, who is currently in charge. She was unsure how to use the contents and didn't know I had ordered the items. So, she put the box in the trash! Fortunately, I managed to find it before the garbage bin was emptied. The employees were polite but were not accurate.

  5. Natalie Symister
    5 rating

    It's reassuring to know that my electric bill is green.

    Jan 20, 2023

    I got in touch with I Supply because I was about to renew. I've purchased a new year's contract. I interacted with I Supply with a helpful young man named Jurado. I'm technophobic. Jurado was patient with me, ensuring I could comprehend exactly what he was talking about. I wasn't rushed; that is what I would call the contemporary American method of selling, knowing that nobody could absorb this amount of information quickly and make such a significant impact. It's reassuring to know that my electric bill is green.

  6. Richard Biernbaum
    5 rating

    They're an excellent value for the high quality

    Sep 12, 2022

    I have used Jones School Supply to order awards and medals for our school. They have always provided excellent service and quick turnaround times. Prices are reasonable, and I believe they're an excellent value for the high quality.

  7. Pawan Kulkarni
    5 rating

    I wasn't astonished by how my order was handled efficiently

    Sep 10, 2022

    I wasn't astonished by how my order was handled efficiently, as I've previously utilized Jones School Supply on other occasions. I am happy with the speed at which I received my purchase, as I could not get my order in time for the one-day delivery. On a day that was a holiday before our awards ceremony, the order was delivered the next day!

  8. Jessika Cartagena
    5 rating

    Friendly customer service

    Sep 8, 2022

    I am more than happy with the items I've ordered and the customer service since I began making purchases with Jones Supply four years ago. They provide next-day service and have always been friendly and responsive to all of my inquiries. They have helped me scour their catalogs in search of the ideal product I had described but didn't take the time to search for...all while I was on the phone! They will always utilize Jones School Supply for all my school requirements! Their helpful and friendly customer service representatives are competent and give the impression that you're their only client.

  9. Teresa Brown
    5 rating

    Customer Service was efficient

    Sep 7, 2022

    Customer Service was efficient, friendly, and helpful in placing an order to purchase trophy awards for my team comprised of 7 in the school. The order was delivered within four days. Impressive. I appreciate your help! I'll use Jones Supply again next Spring.

  10. Ronald Trombetta
    5 rating

    I would highly suggest Jones School

    Sep 6, 2022

    We have been ordering our students' awards through Jones School Supply for several years and have always received excellent service. The orders we place are always on time and received the following day, and they offer many awards to choose from. I would highly suggest Jones School Supply for your awards needs.

  11. Lois Scirrotto
    5 rating

    Jones School Supply is a fantastic company to work with!

    Sep 6, 2022

    Jones School Supply is a fantastic company to work with! Their products are of high quality and provide a quick turnaround time for orders. I highly endorse them for anyone searching to award their program with awards! I placed an order for trophies in the afternoon, and the next day I received them delivered to my college for just a modest shipping charge.

  12. Susan Labowitz
    5 rating

    Customer service at the store was excellent

    Sep 2, 2022

    Customer service at the store was excellent. I called to place an order to prepare for our year-end ceremony, and the person I spoke to was highly knowledgeable of the items and processes. Thanks to her knowledge, I received my order on time to examine and organize the details. I was delighted with the medals, and my parents and students were happy to be presented with the awards. I am looking forward to ordering additional items for the coming school year.

  13. Steve Rinbrand
    5 rating

    They make it simple

    Sep 1, 2022

    The orders have always been 100 100% accurate and have been delivered earlier than the date they were scheduled to arrive. I place my orders via telephone, and the person I speak to is always helpful and friendly. I have been a teacher for 29 years and have never considered purchasing from a different vendor. They offer a wide range of products. They even mailed me a catalog related to my field of study, which is music. They make it simple.

  14. John Soviak
    5 rating

    I believe are fantastic presents for Lioness Club

    Aug 28, 2022

    I have bought from you since I was President of our club. What I believe are fantastic presents for Lioness Club. Our members put in a lot of effort throughout the year and got points. If they reach 25 points, then I gift them an award from Jones. This year, it was that year's gold pin. We loved it, and so did the people. I'm the former President in the last hour of the night, so I might be able to put the word out to the President who is about to be elected to purchase one of your excellent items for next year's Lioness Club.

  15. Jalyn Davis
    4 rating

    The customer service reps are friendly

    Aug 28, 2022

    Jones School Supply has an assortment of medals and awards to pick from. As a coordinator of the reading program at an elementary school, it's great to alter the trophy's design each year to ensure that children and their parents aren't bored of the same design. Their quality is fantastic. They are reasonably priced. You can't find anywhere else with the same high-quality for less. The customer service reps are friendly and efficient on every purchase I've bought. One thing I would like to see improved is the search function for specific medals available on the website. When I type in reading medals, just a handful of choices are available. I must scroll through the entire page of awards to view the various types of reading medals. It takes quite a bit of time to review each page to find the reading style I am comfortable with.

  16. Francesca Costanzo
    5 rating

    This is an excellent site

    Aug 24, 2022

    I intend to continue to buy my school's awards at Jones School Supply as I have for years. This is an excellent site to purchase award-related equipment. The prices are affordable, and I've always received my orders quickly.

  17. Edward Chapel
    5 rating

    They can be extremely helpful

    Aug 24, 2022

    I teach in an Elementary school located situated in North Carolina. I can honestly say that I've used Jones School Supply for years and will continue to utilize them for many decades. They provide quick and precise service. They can be accommodating to all your requirements.

  18. Joseph Janicki
    5 rating

    Great Service

    Aug 22, 2022

    The order was urgently needed. I was sick and didn't have the trophies I required. I placed my order on Monday and was able to get them on Friday. They arrived Wednesday afternoon. There was a problem. I need a brand new sticker that says, Tyler Spady

  19. George Girty
    5 rating

    They were reasonable

    Aug 20, 2022

    The price was reasonable, and my Choir Lapel Pins arrived promptly and exactly what I wanted. I was having issues regarding the address to deliver (My mistake). I contacted customer support, and the representative was beneficial and very lovely! They were reasonable.

  20. Dana Greene
    4 rating

    The experience was flawless!

    Aug 19, 2022

    The experience was flawless! I received my items ahead of the scheduled date. The prices were lower than in other places! We'll be using Jones School Supply Co again! When I could make the purchase online, I had to wait for around six attempts in three days.

  21. Stephen Keane
    4 rating

    Jones again and recommend Jones to anyone else

    Aug 18, 2022

    It was delightful to collaborate with the company that created the product. Many award companies are brokers and purchase from a vendor, likely a company similar to Jones! Excellent price and decent turnaround time. I would happily work with Jones again and recommend Jones to anyone else.

  22. Barbara Donnelly
    4 rating

    The roll shape is perfect for my requirements

    Aug 18, 2022

    I purchased the honor roll seals for paws and received them promptly—exact items. I would suggest providing more information to the description of the website. The seals are in the form of a rectangle with adhesive material that runs across the entire length. The seal is located in the center of every rectangle and has a perforated line on the bottom and top of each of the rectangles. The roll shape is perfect for my requirements.

  23. Carl Shapiro
    4 rating

    The order was delivered quickly

    Aug 15, 2022

    I purchased the personalized 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons for the science fair for our districtwide science fair, as well as judges' pins and ribbons for science. The order was delivered quickly, and all our students were delighted with their awards (and judges were happy with their own!)

  24. Herbert Maneloveg
    4 rating

    Excellent customer service and a quick speed of turnaround

    Aug 12, 2022

    Excellent customer service and a quick speed of turnaround. I usually buy the same things every year. But, every year, I place an order for trophy awards. For the last two years, the trophy I purchased the year before was unavailable the following year. I want to keep receiving the same medal as the prize isn't changing. However, I must continue to search for new awards.

  25. Gena Martinez
    2 rating

    It wasn't enjoyable

    Aug 8, 2022

    Before placing my order, I contacted customer service to inquire about something that was not clear in the catalog. I was delighted with the information provided to me by the representative from customer service. When I tried to make my order, I was provided with different information. I told them I had called customer service, and they told me I was provided with incorrect details. I contacted customer service again, and she informed me that she had given me the wrong details. It wasn't enjoyable since I was determined to verify the information before I attempted to make my order. It would be nice to believe that if a customer calls customer service for clarifications on an item from the catalog, they will receive accurate details.

  26. Brian Fletcher
    3 rating

    I've ordered from Jones for a while and am currently

    Aug 7, 2022

    I've ordered from Jones for a while and am currently. I usually re-order from an order I placed some time ago but was unaware that I choose what color foil I want. We typically collect personalized red diploma covers with our names printed in black across the front of the foil. We switched the bodies to black and never inquired about the color of the foil. It was black with black. The images on the internet depict all diplomas of schools with gold foil. I assumed they would be this way because I wasn't asked which color on the phone. When I called, I received a reply that said it was my choice of foil. This should have been communicated this way since I'm left with three boxes of Diploma covers I'm not happy with.

  27. Janet Eckbold
    4 rating

    We got our order's highest and most efficient service

    Aug 5, 2022

    This was my first experience placing an order with Jones School Supply for our school. The customer service representative made the process painless and went above and beyond to ensure that we got our order's highest and most efficient service. Thank you very much for your patience, and we'll be back shortly.

  28. James Dunham
    5 rating

    Excellent service

    Aug 2, 2022

    As a Parent Coordinator for one of New York City's public schools, My experience working with Jones School Supply Company, Inc. has been excellent. Their products are top-quality, and they stand by their products. More important than that is the kindness and professionalism of their staff.

  29. Satesh Heeralal
    5 rating

    Delivery is fast

    Aug 1, 2022

    A wide assortment of ribbons, certificates, plaques, rewards, etc. Ordering is simple. Delivery is fast as well "received orders" accuracy is fantastic! But, I would like that some of the prices were less expensive to cater to "economically challenged" schools.

  30. Darrion Heffner
    4 rating

    Shipping was costly for a small three" plaque

    Aug 1, 2022

    I requested an engraved plaque placed on the front of an ornamental trophy. It was what I would have expected. It was delivered quickly. There were no issues. Shipping was costly for a small three" plaque. It turns out they packaged it and sent it to a shipping company. It would be more economical for me as a customer to place it in an envelope with an address stamp and then send it via US Mail. It would be greener than there would have been if the packaging materials were less. I was shocked by this.

  31. Taylor Smith
    4 rating

    I've always been satisfied with the products I purchased

    Jul 28, 2022

    I've always been satisfied with the products I purchased. The service was pleasant and friendly.

    The service was prompt. The items purchased were superb. We would recommend Jones again.

  32. Jack Thompson
    2 rating

    Prices and services

    Jun 25, 2022

    As a small-scale business owner who works with children who have learning disabilities, I have found the price of rewards can be costly.

    The cost of pins is absurd when you look at their materials and how they are manufactured in mass quantities.

    I believe that you should not be required to buy 100 pins to lower your costs.

    The shipping costs you pay are very high as well. There are no discounts either.

    When I last ordered, I received the wrong item. I didn't want to be charged to return them.

    The neck ribbon I purchased was one with the word reading and received pink ribbons.

  33. Sharnelle Dixon
    5 rating

    They're fantastic

    Jun 6, 2022

    As secretary, I prepare the annual awards ceremony for all our students t the end of the school year.

    I've done this for many years. I must call an order in and always present with first-class representatives.

    Every order is repeated and checked, and the best part is that we get the orders within two days, most of the time within the next day.

    Even if I've left something out, I am confident that I will receive my order in time.

    Even if I've made mistakes on my purchase, Jones School Supply makes the right corrections!

    They're fantastic, and I wouldn't give my orders to anyone other than Jones School Supply!

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