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  1. Terry Kennedy
    September 19th, 2022

    The items are authentic with a high-quality

    I bought my watch from them at their summer sale. The transaction went smoothly, and I’m delighted by the speed at which the look was delivered. Overall it took about ten days from placing the order to receiving the item. The items are authentic a high-quality. Excellent. Thanks, jomashop!

  2. Abimbola Olowo
    September 14th, 2022

    I highly recommend Jomashop

    The only thing stopping me from rating 5 stars is the huge customs charge I paid after the purchase. However, I am satisfied with the service and that the item is genuine. I highly recommend Jomashop, and I hope to return shortly.

  3. Martin Klein
    September 12th, 2022

    I recommend anyone purchasing a look that isn't sold in a physical retailer

    I bought a Seiko watch for a 30 percent discount compared to other stores, not even considering taxes and shipping. The watch was shipped well packed and in good condition. Delivery to Europe took approximately two weeks. However, the website didn’t offer any delivery information. I recommend anyone purchasing a look that isn’t sold in a physical retailer.

  4. Brandon Myers
    September 11th, 2022

    I am highly disappointed by the poor customer service

    I’ve placed an order with Jomashop, and they promised to deliver it within three days of delivery. Five days later, my order wasn’t paid. I called their customer support number, and the customer service representative did not bother to talk to me professionally. I am highly disappointed by the poor customer service.

  5. Paul Reutter
    September 10th, 2022

    Customer Service is Excellent! Price is Excellent!

    JOMASHOP is an outstanding online business that offers high-end items, whether new or used! Customer Service is Excellent! Price is Excellent! The watches are authentic! The delivery packaging is fast and Fantastic!

  6. Justin Ortiz
    September 3rd, 2022

    I found Jimmy Choo sunglasses that fit perfectly

    I found Jimmy Choo sunglasses that fit perfectly and came at a bargain price. This was always my first choice for watches, but now, it’s my go-to for designer sunglasses, too.

  7. David Mills
    September 1st, 2022

    Jomashop is not a trustworthy store

    I was thrilled to purchase a pair of Ray-Ban total black aviators to celebrate my birthday, but when they arrived, they were fake. When I received my purchase, it appeared in a genuine but damaged Ray Bans box. After I unpacked the case and pulled off the glasses, I was immediately struck by how the case felt and did not look like other Ray Ban cases I’ve had. When I pulled the glasses out to look them over, the hinges were extremely fragile and thin. As I examined the frames, the prints seemed to be smudged or imperfect but nothing like other Ray Bans I’ve ever owned. In my skepticism, I went to a Nordstrom authorized retailer who told me they believed the product was not authentic. When I contacted Jomashop, I told them the product they offered me was not genuine. They said they would assure 100% authenticity and that if I needed an exchange, I’d have to submit a notarized document stating it was fake and signed by an authenticated person, which is not something that any Luxxotica retailer has,s or return the Ray Bans at $13.60. Whatever I suffered in this case, and it was an enormous amount of hassle, I was able to resolve it in a futile effort. Jomashop is not a trustworthy store, and I will not shop there again.

  8. Cheryl Green
    June 26th, 2022

    High-quality products

    They were late on my half-order due to partial shipping. Overall, they’re good. High-quality products and excellent customer service.

  9. Javier Cosme
    June 3rd, 2022

    wonderful checkout experience

    Jomashop offers the widest variety of luxurious goods at affordable costs.

    Shopping is delivered with prompt checkout instructions and helpful delivery information.

    Overall, Jomashop gives you a wonderful checkout experience.

    Jomashop offers a broad selection of high-end goods not readily available in many online stores.

    The most appealing aspect is that prices are generally reduced.

    They always stick to the description and are delivered in safe packaging.

    I’m a delighted customer who enjoys shopping at Jomashop!

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