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20 Reviews on Jacob Time

  1. Jaime Tudor
    September 20th, 2022

    they sent a damaged watch

    Very easy to purchase. It’s a pity they sent a damaged watch, whether they were aware of it. The package that was delivered was in good condition. There was no physical damage, so I’m unsure of the cause. Someone should have examined the watch before sending it out. I hope I don’t need to wait to receive an exchange.

  2. Jose Cortez
    September 18th, 2022

    the payment options were straightforward

    The item I wanted was reasonably priced, and the payment options were straightforward. There was a problem trying to pay with Amazon for payment, as the discount wouldn’t be valid, so I changed to a different payment method. So far, nothing has been a problem to date!

  3. Brittany Ruffin
    September 17th, 2022

    I've purchased 2 Citizen watches from Jacobtime

    I’ve purchased 2 Citizen watches from Jacobtime, One for myself and another as a present. I’ve used another website for a while, but when I noticed the prices increase, I decided to look for alternatives, and Jacobtime certainly has the most competitive prices. Norton Guarantee, no returns, and the most affordable prices… don’t make more sense than this! This is my latest watch store.

  4. Jessica Kyle
    September 14th, 2022

    I enjoyed your website's design

    I enjoyed your website’s design and the information on your top banner. The watch was found at a lower price on another site, but I chose to buy from yours due to your statement of authenticity and the Money Back Guarantee details at the top. The item was delivered extremely quickly. Very pleased with the transaction.

  5. Jennifer Devine
    September 12th, 2022

    After speaking with a JacobTime Rep

    After speaking with a JacobTime Rep., I decided to buy this timepiece, even though they didn’t have it on hand. The Rep. stated that it might take two weeks to finish the order. They assured me my credit card would not be charged until the item was in stock. I am a fan of the watch and am offering JacobTime the chance to gain my trust and become one of their happy customers.

  6. Scott Bosworth
    September 12th, 2022

    I found this website by using shop runners

    I found this website by using shop runners. I was hoping to receive free two-day shipping. There’s no option for it, and customer support is unavailable on weekends, so I have to pay for shipping, even when it’s supposed to be free. I’m not sure if that’s right.

  7. Leonard Friscia
    September 9th, 2022

    Thank you, Jacobtime!

    It’s my first buying from Jacobtime, and so far, I am delighted. I have been looking for a particular type of watch for a long time and finally came across it on your website. Additionally, I purchased it at a great price! The ordering process was easy, and I’m amazed by the BuySafe assurance. I’m eagerly awaiting my purchase. Thank you, Jacobtime!

  8. John Joyce
    September 6th, 2022

    The lowest price

    The lowest price I could find on my watch, and the recent reviews were not reasonable too. I’ve done some price-shopping, and the price for this watch was higher than other watches, which made it more desirable. Reviews helped me decide between buying Jacobtime. Jacobtime because I was worried about buying the first product that they offered… I’m eager to experience it in real life.

  9. Dominick Guthrie
    September 4th, 2022

    I got my timepiece and it was as described

    I received my timepiece, and it was exactly as described. Jacob has slowed down because of the fulfillment and follow-up process after being informed of the missing items. In this case, the gift isn’t worth the follow-up effort. Or they were out of stock and didn’t admit to it, or their fulfillment staffers couldn’t read the list of choices correctly. I believe that that was the goal. The goal was not to get the gift in the first place.

  10. Saju Koshy
    September 2nd, 2022

    However, I'd like it to have been born earlier

    My husband is very fond of his watch, and I am pleased to have found a bargain price. I was not provided with an explanation for my purchase, but the look didn’t arrive as it was supposed. After an email, a phone call, and several more emails, the watch was eventually delivered and expedited with no additional cost. It was delivered the day after my husband’s birthday, which was okay with him. However, I’d like it to have been born earlier.

  11. Miguel Guzman
    September 1st, 2022

    its outstanding customer service and speedy delivery!

    So far, so good! The item was delivered quickly and was well-packaged. The thing was, unfortunately, incorrectly colored. Jacobtime was contacted, and the issue was solved quickly! I recommend this business because of its outstanding customer service and speedy delivery!

  12. Darrell Simonds
    August 25th, 2022

    I was impressed by the speedy response

    I initially emailed them with an inquiry I had regarding the type of watch I wanted to purchase. I was impressed by the speedy response. I placed an order for the eye, and the delivery notifications were quick and efficient. It was also the most affordable price, far better than the competition. If you give them a shot, you’ll be impressed!

  13. Marcia Bernheisel
    August 23rd, 2022

    I'm sure I'll recommend

    When compared with other Sellers When compared to other sellers, Jacobtime is the most affordable. It all depends on how fast the delivery process is and following inspection (If I receive the amount I paid for and there are no issues regarding the quality or the condition of the item upon receipt). It was straightforward. Delivery options are plentiful. The price is very competitive. I’m sure I’ll recommend others to you and become a frequent customer. Thank you.

  14. John Babskie
    August 20th, 2022

    I am thrilled with the look!

    I’m pretty amazed. However, I am not impressed by the time to ship. Purchased on Sunday, I received two-day free shipping. It was supposed to arrive at the end of Wednesday (that to me isn’t 2-day), but it was not delivered; it didn’t ship until Tuesday. It was delivered on Thursday. It’s not a big deal, but I did get the watch for the most affordable price, and it’s not a second-hand item, and I am thrilled with the look!

  15. Gunjan Kamdar
    August 19th, 2022

    I spent more than 1 hour trying complete this order

    I spent more than 1 hour trying complete this order. Got several different error messages during checkout. I purchased a few items online, but I don’t recall experiencing issues like this to make an easy payment—an excellent price for a quality product but poor checkout.

  16. Mike Kearney
    August 15th, 2022

    The delivery time was excellent

    The service was fantastic. The delivery time was excellent. The cost, however, is too expensive for sandals made of plastic. I’m not as happy with the sandals as I was hoping. They’re too bouncy for me and cause my feet to sweat. My sister-in-law swears to them, and they did especially for her. But no for me.

  17. Gail Swanson
    August 13th, 2022

    The packaging was secure to ensure the safety of delivery

    Jacob Time exceeded our expectations when we purchased the new Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Watch. The watch was delivered promptly and in good condition inside a case that was the original Citizens watches case. The packaging was secure to ensure the safety of delivery.

  18. James Norwine
    August 12th, 2022

    I was extremely pleased

    I was extremely pleased to find the item I sought at a reasonable cost. Shipping free is always a nice perk. My watch was delivered exactly as it was promised. Additionally, I was provided with a secure purchase guarantee and an explanation of the benefits in case my credit information was stolen. I’ve never had such a guarantee before. It’s a way to feel confident when buying online.

  19. Rosario Salinas
    June 26th, 2022

    Faster, cheaper, as well as exactly what needed

    The exact product I ordered at a price that was 2/3 of that what I saw on other websites, and it showed up within two days. If the other Jacobtime products are similar, you’d be foolish for not purchasing from Jacobtime. I’m sure I’ll use them once more shortly.

  20. Richard Edwards
    June 3rd, 2022

    Simple search, great pricing, user-friendly interface

    Easy to search, reasonable prices, and a user-friendly interface.

    A watch that I bought did not turn out to be available.

    They sent a somewhat confusing email in this regard.

    However, they also phoned me, and I learned that the product wasn’t readily available, and I had enough time to look it up and buy it from a different source.

    Even though I wasn’t able to get my complete order fulfilled as I wanted, it was a pleasant overall customer experience.

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