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3 Reviews on Helena Collection Wigs

  1. Adrian Bielski
    September 27th, 2022

    Be aware of your credit card statement

    THIEVES. Be aware of your credit card statement. I bought a set of hair extensions at the shop for $280. The receipt they gave me, and the signed credit card invoice are in the correct amount. I went through my accounts and found that they had charged me $650. In addition, Helena was incredibly rude to me during the transaction and even mocked the hair I had told her I purchased (which was from a different vendor). It was the first occasion I’ve ever bought from them, and I’m sure it’ll be the last time.

  2. Kris Robertson
    July 14th, 2022

    A fantastic journey from start to end

    When I met Helena, I knew I was in the right spot. I never felt pressured. As an artist, I could tell that Helena had the right idea to deal with the issue of my hair that was thin by matching the texture of my hair, its color, and the wave while being aware of the style I liked.

    On the contrary, I felt like Helena was eager to hear what I wanted to share to design the best solution for my needs. When I tried my topper after it was completed, I was amazed by how well Helena was able to match the hair’s color and curl to my hair.

    The custom-made topper I received was beautifully styled and feels comfy, and the measurements Helena made created a perfect hairpiece. Furthermore, the lacy top seamlessly eliminated the issue of the thin hair that fell on my head. Finally, Helena and her staff couldn’t have been more welcoming. A fantastic journey from start to end. Five stars exceeded expectations.

  3. Judith Ornstein
    June 13th, 2022

    The quality is truly incredible

    Helena is an artist! My wife is in chemotherapy and decided she wanted a wig.

    The quality is truly incredible and has exceeded her expectations.

    Beyond being so compassionate, she delivered this to my wife on an extremely tight timeline.

    If you or your loved one needs a wig for a medical reason, you can rely on her to deliver a fantastic product.

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W & Y Chung Traders, Inc. is proud to introduce the "Helena Collection." Helena Collection represents a culmination of three decades of expertise in the wig industry. The highest quality, artistry, and innovative advances are integrated into each hair piece, from carefully selecting luxurious fibers to its final superb craftsmanship.

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