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9 Reviews on Harmonystore.co.uk

  1. Monika Karanedeva
    1 rating
    Oct 21, 2023

    I'll Never Shop on This Website Again

    Despite shelling out extra for next-day delivery, my package still failed to arrive on time. To make matters worse, my attempts to cancel and request a refund were met with silence from the customer service team. Frustratingly, my order eventually arrived four days late, and I never received a confirmation email. Suffice it to say I've resolved never to make another purchase from this website.

  2. Kitty Karanedeva
    1 rating
    Oct 19, 2023

    Refund Issue Unresolved

    Ordering and delivery were quick enough. But I sent an unopened item back for a refund. After numerous emails, I still haven't had any contact from them or received my refund. I sent the parcel backtracked, so I know they have it! I wouldn't order from them again.

  3. Hazel
    1 rating
    Oct 16, 2023

    Faulty Product From Competing Harmonystore

    I recently bought this product from Harmony Summers, and it was missing the remote, so I returned it for a refund and found it cheaper here.

    I just received the new one today, and what do I find? No remote. It looks like the same box, too.

    I understand these products will most likely come from the same warehouse, but I think it's unfair that I have somehow received the same faulty product that should have been fixed/corrected by separate competing companies.

  4. John Stuart
    3 rating
    Oct 12, 2023

    Price Discrepancies Between Online and In-Store

    I noticed a significant price discrepancy for the same items when comparing online prices to those in the physical store. It's pretty frustrating to think that I might have paid more for my purchases online when I could have gotten a better deal by visiting the store in person.

    Additionally, my experience at the Charing Cross branch left much to be desired when I went to collect my customer order. The staff there could undoubtedly improve their level of customer service by being more welcoming and enthusiastic. This would have made my visit more enjoyable and left a positive impression of the store.

  5. Rain
    2 rating
    Oct 11, 2023

    Regretful Purchase, Poor Service

    The first and last time I purchased from Harmonystore was quite an experience. The product was sent out quickly, which initially impressed me. However, I encountered an issue and reached out to their customer service team, but to my disappointment, they didn't even bother to respond to my emails. In all honesty, I would strongly recommend considering another company over this one. I've had much better customer service with similar online shops. It feels like a complete waste of money, and now I regret buying from them, primarily when I originally intended to purchase from a different online retailer.

  6. Channa
    1 rating
    Oct 10, 2023

    Missing Items in My Order

    I ordered many items, and the receipt was $360 after a promo discount. I was depressed when the delivery arrived and realized three things were missing from my order. I immediately called Harmony Shop to let them know and ask for advice on my next steps. They gave me another number to call, but I still couldn't get an answer despite calling several times. I'm not sure where to go from here. I plan to try contacting you again tomorrow, but I'm swamped, and constantly calling is time-consuming. It would have been much easier if the shop had dealt with my query directly.

  7. Graham Colwell
    1 rating
    Oct 7, 2023

    A Faulty And Troublesome Product

    I was bitterly disappointed when the product arrived because it wouldn't work properly. Even after replacing the batteries, it only functioned correctly twice. After that, it seemed to operate sporadically and only had three working functions. Whenever I managed to get it to work, it would stop entirely after passing the third function, and it refused to cooperate until I removed and reinserted the batteries. Even then, there was no guarantee it would work reliably. I'm very disappointed because I had higher expectations. It's hard not to think we must have purchased a faulty product.

  8. Odunayo Akanbi
    1 rating
    Oct 3, 2023

    Customer Service, Product Quality, and the Quest for Satisfaction

    While I found customer service to be as helpful as possible, the product I purchased was rubbish. It didn't live up to its claims; unfortunately, if a product is opened, you can't return it. I'm unsure how to determine if a product is good without opening it to test it. Do I stare at it and hope it will tell me? It would be beneficial if the store allowed customers to write reviews about the product. This way, at least, we could get a better sense of whether it's worth spending that much money on a product rather than throwing our money down the drain.

    On the bright side, the LoveHoney store offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you're unhappy with a product, they will allow you to return it. I've ordered from their store before and never had to return a product.

  9. Kate
    1 rating
    Sep 28, 2023

    Harmony's Customer Service Nightmare

    I ordered a dress and a pair of gloves from Harmony back in May, but unfortunately, they didn't fit me. So, I took the initiative to send them back, including the receipt and all necessary information for the return. The entire process of trying to obtain a refund from them has been incredibly frustrating. Despite my efforts and providing all the required documentation, I haven't received a single email from them regarding the refund.

    To make matters worse, their response was somewhat unhelpful. They asked, "Where do you think you have returned the parcel? From Maxine." It's important to note that they were the ones who provided the QR code for the return. As a consumer, I cannot access information about their warehouse location. If there's any issue with Royal Mail's handling of the return, it shouldn't be placed on the shoulders of the consumer. Harmony is responsible for investigating and resolving such issues with the courier.

    Adding to my frustration, I initially paid for the order using Klarna, but even they have been uncooperative in assisting me with the refund process. This entire experience has been incredibly disappointing, especially since it was my first order from Harmony. First impressions matter, and I can't help but compare this negative experience to my smooth transactions with Bondara. I've never encountered these issues with them, and I'll undoubtedly recommend Bondara to my followers instead.

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