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  1. Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Jan 24, 2023

    All in all, a fantastic service

    Greenvelope is a simple and elegant way to send to save date cards. We utilized the website to mail ours out just a few weeks ago and have received many compliments from family and friends regarding our style. The (many!) templates are stunning, and the possibility of customizing each element of the cards can make it feel individual and unique. We were enthralled by the ease of creating our cards, including contacts, additional details regarding the day’s events, and also being able to see the responses, which cards have been opened, and so on. All in all, a fantastic service and one we’ll be using again shortly for different occasions and events.

  2. Ron Abbott
    Sep 21, 2022

    Greenvelope is an excellent idea

    Greenvelope is an excellent idea. I was attracted to paying for what you require instead of a monthly subscription because I rarely host events. I was slightly disappointed because I only had one guest on the next level and had to shell out more for it, but it’s that way. It was, however, a bit disappointing to receive complaints from guests that they didn’t receive the invitation or that it was sent in junk mail. This was a pity. Overall, I felt it accomplished what it was required to achieve for my one-time every-year event, but it did not impress me.

  3. Taylor
    Aug 28, 2022

    Never received emails

    It’s always fun receiving an “RSVP reminder” of a never previously received RSVP.

    So the bride to be gets the additional stress of hearing from me that I didn’t receive the invitation or rsvp notice or save the date. And it’s less than 3 weeks away at a remote foreign country destination and I get an “RSVP Reminder”. Quite infuriating as we would have loved to have attended the wedding.

    I would change this review if greenvelope can send me headers showing gmail servers accepted the email. I could follow the rest up with gmail sysadmins from there.

    Somehow greenvelope sent an RSVP reminder after never having sent the original email. As a server administrator, I know all of this is provable via the logs. I also know Gmail will provide you with those delivery logs as well.. Greenvelope, provide the delivery details before accusing your recipient of not having answered something never received. Bad form!!

    Or might this be a function for forgotten guests?
    Like a “Save the bride for last minute invites” perhaps?

  4. John Hager
    Jul 23, 2022

    Great experience!

    I’d never heard of this business but was desperate to find elegant, flexible, and highly personalized invitations online when this appeared.

    The designs are beautiful, the variety of options is incredible, and the experience was fantastic from start to end.

    We received many compliments from guests who received the beautiful bridesmaids’ shower cards.

  5. Jeremy Lucas
    Jul 12, 2022

    I am so happy to have discovered this business

    Greenvelope is magical. It’s easy to send, simple to track, simple to import into spreadsheets for the day, and easy to send messages, and to track the messages received from guests. If we’ve ever had a problem each time, there was a person who was able to assist us on the phone. This is like being able to rewind into the past when customer service was a thing. I am so happy to have discovered this business.

  6. Valerie Jacobs
    May 19, 2022

    Amazing program

    Amazing program. Beautiful, easy-to-edit designs with excellent built-in features.

    This is what I use for community events. It allows me to send invites to specific residents based on their tags.

    It generates valuable reports, and the interface with Stripe lets us collect $$$ for events paid. Delighted user.

  7. Rachel Horner
    May 8, 2022

    There was one problem. It could have been a larger one.

    One thing was a stumbling block in a beautiful Greenvelope experience. Your tech help was invaluable. I created a beautiful invitation with a link to a video about the nonprofit that I asked guests to donate to instead of gifts. The problem was with the sending of invitations. Many “recipients,” as Greenvelope stated, didn’t receive the invitations.

    I believe that only a few cases were “opened.” It was a good thing that I discovered this (they had heard about the ceremony from other people who had received invitations and reached out). I’m now wondering if I should check with everyone on my recipient list to confirm that they received their invitation.

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Greenvelope strives for the best electronic invitation service. It tries to replicate the feeling of receiving a printed invitation. We hope that more hosts will send invitations electronically to formal events, saving trees, time and money by creating an enjoyable online experience. We donate a portion of each sale to Mountains to Sound to show our commitment to this goal. We can all "invite" to a greener tomorrow together.

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