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Is Green Gobbler legit?

Green Gobbler has 13 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Green Gobbler customer care?

You can contact Green Gobbler customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 888 565 7069

Where is Green Gobbler located?

Green Gobbler is located at address United States.

13 Reviews on Green Gobbler

  1. Brookfield
    4 rating

    Avarage Experience

    Mar 16, 2024

    This product works higher on clogs / blocked pipes than on slow-draining pipes, but it does work in case you provide it time. My rest room sink and tub drains are continually in part blocked and gradual-draining, so I turned into curious to look whether or not this will paintings.

    I accompanied the commands on the bottle, and let it sit for some hours before pouring HOT water down the drain. That combination seemed to truely lighten up the crud. This picture suggests two huge hair clogs that have been actually liquefied by means of this product - I positioned the hair clumps in a touch jar and permit it take a seat for some hours, due to the fact I kinda did not believe the label... But it DOES dissolve hair and gunk. And no "chemical" odor!

  2. Maryanne
    1 rating

    Did Not Work

    Mar 16, 2024

    Followed instructions grade by grade. Used boiling water and let it set in a single day using each bins. My house now smells like a chemical plant. I needed to siphon the inexperienced gobbler out of sink into a bucket and use a store vac to remove drain line. Used a clogg blaster which you hook to garden hose. Right away unclogged the drain. Take my advice and buy a drain king for garden hose. It'll prevent headache literally from chemical smells and extra paintings.

  3. John
    1 rating

    Don't Waste Your Money

    Feb 23, 2024

    I bought those understanding that it will paintings as seen on TV industrial. But for a heavy clogged drain, it will be a nightmare as after you pour the hot water, your sink may be flooded with water and inexperienced globber and even in case you wait overnight, 2 nights, and so forth. The water and that chemical will live in you sink. It's a big unhappiness. I used a snake/auger and it really works like a dream. No extra clogged sink.

  4. Ebony
    1 rating

    Totally Useless Product

    Feb 23, 2024

    Tried the initial remedy and there was no distinction. As in step with the hints, tried an in a single day remedy observed by using boiling water day after today. The boiling water might now not drain AT ALL. The sink changed into sluggish before and is now completely clogged. I may have to call a plumber to address it. Don't waste your cash in this completely vain product. I was very disenchanted this didnt smash the clog down as advertised.

  5. Tristan
    1 rating

    Don't Waste Your Money

    Feb 12, 2024

    This product did not paintings! I had a clogged bath and I drained the water out and put inexperienced gobbler in and let sit in a single day. I boiled some water and put it in and waited a hour. When the shower was ran the tube filled up again. So I repeated the manner with the equal results. I purchased some other product and did the same system and it worked!

  6. Erica
    1 rating

    Never Purchased

    Jan 27, 2024

    I decided to purchase this product on the basis of the glowing reviews. I was extremely disappointed that it failed to work as the other reviews said it would. The moment I tried to get it back, the experience was awfully at the counter however manager eventually explained to me that I need to contact the number that is located on the back of the bottle.

    This is the moment I realized that they really do understand your. Green Gobbler will only refund only one bottle! If you purchase more than one, you're out of luck. I bought two bottles to use in two bathrooms, which were extremely clogged and was only able to get reimbursed only for a single bottle, regardless of how great an Karen I would turn into.

    If you're keen to try this solution, you should only buy only one bottle to ensure the method doesn't work. So, you'll be able to return your money on the bottle you bought and be in good hands. I'll never buy their products again.

  7. Sheri
    1 rating

    Don't waste your money

    Jan 18, 2024

    This is super sucky! There was a sink blockage in my master bath. the next day, 24 hours later, i was stuck with the clog. I was so upset, but luckily that i moved to another bath room and looked in the sink to see if there was something else discovered two bottles of bew brand of Professor Amos tested that and boom! it cleared the blockage within less than 10 minutes. I won't purchase anything other than Professor Amos from now on. green gobbler is useless! Don't waste money.

  8. Joanna
    1 rating

    Limited Refunds and Frustrating Returns

    Dec 21, 2023

    I was absolutely disappointed that it didn't work the way other people said it would. The moment I tried to return it, things went horribly at the shop however one of the store managers eventually explained to me I needed to contact the number that is located on the back of the bottle. This is the moment I realised that they really do understand your. Green Gobbler will only refund one bottle! If you purchase more than one bottle, you're out of luck. I bought two bottles to use in two bathrooms, which were extremely clogged and was only able to get reimbursed just for one bottle no whatever Karen I would turn into. Therefore, if you're committed to using this product solution, you should only buy one bottle in the event that it fails. This way, you will be able to return your money on the bottle you bought and be in good hands. I'll never buy from them ever again.

  9. Tony Curran
    2 rating

    I was highly disappointed

    May 31, 2023

    My order was received, the package was opened, and the contents spilled out. It seemed to be a bit old. After I used half of the bottle in my tub and adhered to the directions, my bathtub was yet to drain as it was supposed to. I was highly disappointed because I did my homework and read many positive reviews. Perhaps it was due to a product being old?

  10. Rados Kuznik
    5 rating

    This is the most effective drain-cleaning product we've utilized

    Jan 20, 2023

    This is the most effective drain-cleaning product we've utilized. We have an unclosed drain in our laundry that has been emitting a foul smell for several days. It would last for a while, then disappear b, and return for more than 6 months.sixWe tried various products but failed, and we were about to contact an engineer to make a snake of the pipe after I found this product. The one dose was left within the line for approximately 7 hours before pouring into around 2.5 Liters of hot water. It has been odor-free for about a month, and we couldn't rate this product higher.

  11. Sunday Thomas
    4 rating

    Excellent product

    Jul 18, 2022

    Excellent product, excellent customer service, and speedy delivery. I didn't rate it an "5" because I received an incorrect email regarding the delivery, which made me believe my order might have been lost. However, I did receive my order the next day.

  12. Dongeun Lee
    5 rating

    This product was beneficial

    Jun 29, 2022

    I received this Orange Oil in just a couple of days. I put it into an ingredient suggested by the Dirt Doctor for several fire ant hills. I checked them today, and there's nothing. This product was beneficial.

  13. Rick Williamson
    5 rating

    Green Gobbler is awesome

    Jun 7, 2022

    I have a question regarding the care of the product. If you did not close the head of the sprayer completely, it could siphon off and empty specific contents.

    When I inquired about this issue, the rep claimed that this was not an issue known to be a problem. The representative then stated that they would replace the container at no cost and send a new one to me.

    It was delivered quickly. I'd also like to add that the product is effective as it says. It killed the weeds around my drought-resistant plants with no apparent harm or damage to my plants. I will continue to use this product in the future.

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