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7 Reviews on Great Clips

  1. Megumi Lucas
    May 5, 2023

    Don't visit this

    The stylist was gossiping with her next stylist regarding me bending my head too much and wanted to verify the length to be cut before cutting. In the wake of all the gossip and the fear of being judged, I could not voice my concerns before the cut. After I complained about the time she had barely dried my locks, two hairdressers claimed the fault was mine due to my expectations of Great Clips. The client informed me that I was in the wrong place when I was expecting my hair to blow dry. If you're female and wish your hair to be thoroughly cleaned and dried, don't visit this Great Clips! In this salon, blow dry is not nearly this.

  2. Maria James
    Apr 14, 2023

    Unhappy and troubled

    I had a month-long haircut with a lady who had cut my hair for many months. I loved how she cut my hair. Then she began to thin my hair without me asking to explain the process. As I came home to clean my hair and straighten it, I was shocked at how thin she'd thinned it! I was unhappy and troubled by the thickness of my hair and the fact that she didn't consult for permission before doing this! It's going to be a long time before it'll thicken again.

  3. Greg French
    Jan 22, 2023

    I have never experienced a positive experience with Great Clips

    I have never experienced a positive experience with Great Clips, but I went again after a couple of years. I visited the branch At Miramar stores located in Fort Myers, Florida. They wouldn't even take the knot out of my niece's locks. They called it a dreadlock and said we were unsanitary. They took my mother, a senior citizen, out to wash her hair. She slipped and fell onto the curb, tearing her arm and face. As I arrived at the scene, my niece cried, and my mother was removed from the ground by a passing motorist. When I went in for a chat with the stylist, she was rude and provided me with only a bandage. It was clear that, at this point, my niece's hair was cut out completely. There were no dreadlocks here, just highly inexperienced and untrained employees at Great Clips...I wouldn't send my most hated adversaries to this place.

  4. Fredrick Smith
    Sep 24, 2022

    I insisted on 2 inches of my hair

    I insisted on 2 inches of my hair, then realized I had 5 inches falling from my hair... She said I usually like my hair cut down the side. She suggested it's more comfortable this way. .... I should not have allowed her to take my coat. She told me she had twenty-five years' knowledge... What?

  5. Mark Marquez
    Jul 20, 2022

    I got an appointment for a haircut today

    I went to the salon for a haircut today. I've been before, but it's been a long time since. The lady at the counter knows me from earlier and is aware of the cut I received. she informs the customer that they are theirs. I can tell that the person isn't familiar with me and most likely doesn't have any experience with my hairstyle, which is a hair bob. The man sprays me with water and asks another woman how to cut my hair.

    I think I should say either that I'm not cutting my hair or asking for someone familiar with the procedure. I do not say anything as my hair is cut straight across the entire length. The stylist will then request another stylist to examine their work. The stylist stated that the hair was straight, with no angles and that one side was longer than the other.

    She cut my hair repeatedly. The whole reason I to even bother with this person being aware of the cuts I receive with precision cuts, why spend our time and if they don't understand what they're doing, why are they here? I paid the average amount and provided the person responsible for making the errors with an amount to be credited. I glanced at my phone.

    It was more than an hour! I was polite the whole time and didn't even get an apology from either of them. The following person sitting in their seat may not be as friendly as I was or a patient. All haircuts require specific cuts or angles. If someone cannot create what's being offered, they shouldn't be in the first place.

  6. Wynni Aalto
    May 18, 2022

    You'll never see the same great clips again

    When asked for "a little less than an inch," he cut an inch and a quarter and insulted me by saying I looked uninformed.

    He said, "be truthful and tell me that you don't seem uneducated." This was my patronage. This was the worst cut I have ever had to make.

    It felt like I was swimming in syrup after he had finished cutting it. I keep coming back to this place as there is so much to say.

    I have been coming to this place for my entire life and have never failed to get a great cut.

  7. Lindsey Lois
    May 5, 2022

    After 12 years , there are no complaints

    I have been going to Great Clips for my haircuts for at least 12 years and have never complained. The electronic sign-in is excellent. It tells you how long it takes to check in and lets you know if you are willing to wait another day.

    The stylists are often different, so it is not common to get the same cut. However, I have never had any problems with this. I've never had to get anything other than the cuts, so I can't speak for the prices.

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