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Is GotMovers legit?

GotMovers has 45 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach GotMovers customer care?

You can contact GotMovers customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8886833031

Where is GotMovers located?

GotMovers is located at address Las Vegas, NV 89117, USA.

45 Reviews on GotMovers

  1. Roger G.
    3 rating

    Overwhelming Receiving Calls

    Jan 1, 2024

    I would've preferred having for the possibility of seeing their offerings side by side prior to speaking with a person. It was a little overwhelming receiving calls from 10 or so moving companies in one day. Moving companies would call me frequently regardless of the actual moving date. I'm sure I should have informed them that I was able to locate someone, but the first company I called to inform them that I didn't require their services provided me with a snarky response as I didn't have enough time to contact several others or possibly endure similar sales calls.

  2. Quai P.
    3 rating

    From Exceptional Service to Unexpected Setbacks

    Nov 21, 2023

    My experience with GotMovers customer service, particularly with Monique, was exceptional. Right from the start, Vivian introduced herself and promptly addressed my initial inquiries. However, there was a slight hiccup when I didn't receive a response to an email with a question before Source One took over from Budget.

    Unfortunately, Source One's communication was a bit lacking. They didn't have a voicemail system, and my initial email went unanswered. It took some effort to connect with someone over the phone finally. Despite the initial setbacks, the representative I spoke to was helpful. However, promised callbacks were missed, prompting me to follow up multiple times.

    The representative eventually gave me the owner's cell phone number, to my relief. Fortunately, the owner was responsive and addressed my concerns promptly. When it came to the actual moving day, the movers, though a bit slow during the loading phase due to interruptions from phone calls, made up for it with a quick and efficient delivery and unloading process.

    Regrettably, my satisfaction was marred when I discovered multiple deep gouges in my hardwood floors after the movers had left. This disappointing oversight overshadowed a positive experience with GotMovers' customer service and Source One's responsiveness.

  3. Harry Millios
    2 rating

    A fantastic job

    May 20, 2023

    Moving crews did not put everything in boxes as they were supposed to. This was because they were unhappy with the service, but the unpacked workers did a fantastic job.

  4. Megan Garon
    3 rating

    The ability to compare

    May 19, 2023

    Certain moving companies frequently call regardless of the actual moving date. It was somewhat stressful to receive phone calls from several moving firms on the same day. I would have liked to have the ability to compare the services of each before speaking to any of them. I could indeed be letting them know I had found someone. However, the initial company I phoned to inform them that I did not require their services offered me the runaround. I was too busy to phone a second one or possibly endure similar sales calls.

  5. Daniel Ullman
    2 rating

    It was a problem

    Apr 24, 2023

    After speaking to two people who had called me, I knew I was looking to head to a different route because of our sheer amount of stuff. It was a problem for me; I continued receiving telephone calls and was having trouble getting my name off the list. It also took up the time and effort of the people contacting me.

  6. Victoria Suarez
    2 rating

    Very disappointed

    Apr 21, 2023

    I phoned and was pleasantly surprised by a friendly person who could negotiate the lowest rate possible with me as the deposit was not due until Tuesday or Monday, and today is the weekend. The operator tried to offer me a better deal, but then some person came in and attempted to get my credit card information. The man was extraordinarily arrogant and cocky, and I was very disappointed. He says I'll be charged an extra fee to hold the deposit instead of the agreed-upon discount rate. Then I informed him that I was not sure because, at first, the promise was 695, and then the residue was increased to 800. I told him not to think that. Two days later, it could have been an easy phone call to arrange arrangements which he damaged by his $#*!ty manner of speaking. It appears that we'll employ anyone other than him.

  7. Pedro Duarte
    4 rating

    It was a good experience

    Jan 12, 2023

    Overall, it was a good experience. The team was punctual and got work done within the time given. The price I was given was the price I was charged. But, when the work was completed, I noticed that one of the legs on a dresser had been completely broken. They didn't even say anything, and I've been required to fix a costly item of furniture.

  8. Jeanne Samson
    5 rating

    Their communication and teamwork was outstanding.

    Jan 11, 2023

    A beautiful lady called to assure me they could accommodate me within a few hours. I had hoped to pay an arm and leg, but she offered me the most affordable price. Stephen, the driver Stephen was able to call me on the night before my departure to confirm the price and ask whether I had any other questions, which was very reassuring. The next day, he called me in the morning, stating that he was already headed to the airport. He was on time and extremely pleasant, given that it was the earliest of dawn. I served working in the Military for 14 years and had to deal with many moving firms. When I say that Stephen as well as Jeff were above the rest, I really mean it. They handled my belongings with the highest respect and concern. In addition, I was impressed by how swift they were. Talk about a well-oiled machine. Their communication and teamwork was outstanding.

  9. Kathy Laurie
    4 rating

    The various description of services these firms offered.

    Jan 9, 2023

    It was great; however, apart from North America, we did not recognize any companies that reached out to us. Another issue we encountered with the companies who did call us was that the quotations were scattered across the board. They ranged from $900 up to thousands of dollars. We were pretty puzzled by the variety of numbers and the various description of services these firms offered.

  10. Beth Griffith
    5 rating

    A company I was contacted proved to be an excellent fit,

    Jan 7, 2023

    When I discovered that I had to relocate across the country, I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin when I needed to search for a moving service. I've never had the pleasure of using an actual moving company before and was somewhat confused; however, Got Movers helped me find my way. A company I was contacted proved to be an excellent fit, and the cost was affordable.

  11. Samantha Hamilton
    5 rating

    What a wonderful experience it was

    Jan 5, 2023

    Wow! What a wonderful experience it was. The two gentlemen, Michael and Ka, were on time and were quick and soft-spoken, and went above and beyond to protect everything that was transported. This is a reputable company in the field of sales too. The quote was accurate and confirmed the day before, as stated. GREAT JOB!

  12. Jeanne Newberry
    4 rating

    They tried to be accommodating

    Jan 4, 2023

    They tried to be accommodating, in particular, a gentleman called Gerard, and they were speedy in removing the items from home....however, two of the things were damaged during transport as some didn't follow the instructions. .... I made claims and am has been over four weeks so that they will get it very soon.

  13. Jamie Pierce
    1 rating

    He didn't silence the phone while speaking to his supervisor.

    Jan 3, 2023

    I've been in customer service throughout my life, and Cayden has some of the poorest customer care experience for employees trying to market something. He offered me a quote to move a pod. I was looking for a 7x8x8 pod; however, he told me that everything was booked and the only thing he could offer me was 26 feet for what he called the "pod referral" price; however, he didn't silence the phone while speaking to his supervisor. I heard all regardingthes the "deal" I was getting. Naturally, I'll look for other options. I don't have enough items to fill the ample space. Also, my furniture could be flying within the area. I'd previously found a different source that was less expensive. I acknowledged his offer and informed him that I was planlook for a new home. He immediately reacted with an attitude towards me and claimed he didn't know my issue since he was doing me a favor by causing an entire mood shift. He went from being welcoming to becoming snobby. I said that's not the way to talk to anyone you're trying to make a sale to. He replied, "whatever, $#*!" Then he hung up.

  14. Dinesh Sikand
    5 rating

    I am thankful for the wealth of details they provided.

    Jan 2, 2023

    I was impressed with the speedy responses of numerous companies that offered their services. I am thankful for the wealth of details they provided. Although we decided not to employ any of them to help with this particular phase of the relocation, We will look into hiring experts for a later stage during the process.

  15. Mary Martinez
    5 rating

    They put in a lot of effort throughout the day.

    Jan 1, 2023

    Day, as well as Eric, were highly professional. They put in a lot of effort throughout the day. They made a difficult event more bearable. It was humid and hot, but they could work through it and took care of everything in our possession.

  16. Mary Pinex
    1 rating

    Add does not obtain an estimate.

    Dec 31, 2022

    We requested an online quote at When we received the section, we received an SMS message advising us to dial a phone number. We called to request an estimate, and the representative informed us that no one was moving to Utah and then told us that he could not move us for two weeks. We agreed it was fine, but we wanted to know how much it would cost to think about it. He told us he could not give us a quote so that we could decide on that amount and say, "go hire Tom, $#*! or sherry," we don't know what he meant by that, but he did appear to be unwelcome and highly paranoid—perhaps taking drugs. My wife started screaming at me when she asked why we co. Add does not obtain an estimate. I'm not sure how this guy is in business, but beware of this.

  17. Logan Brannon
    5 rating

    I'm hoping my move will be easy.

    Dec 28, 2022

    Bob was very friendly and professional. He was able to answer any of my questions. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bob. Even when he wasn't present, Armondo was exceptional, also. Moving is stressful, and they both tried to assist me with keeping my anxiety at bay. I'm hoping my move will be easy.

  18. Delmon Laborde
    3 rating

    The real-life experience of moving,

    Dec 26, 2022

    I think they were the sole ones to reach me. They contacted me via email and phone and then followed up. In the real-life experience of moving, They damaged three furniture pieces, scratched or gouged the flooring in our old home, and hurt the wall in our previous and new houses.

  19. Debbie Conklin
    1 rating

    They kept calling me so often

    Dec 25, 2022

    I unchecked the box as I DID NOT WANT PHONE CALLS! !!!!! They called three times a day. !!!! They kept calling me so often that I was hesitant even to consider moving forward with any movers. !!!! In addition, there should be one form to be used by all the movers, and not an individual record for each company that moves!

  20. Robert Hamburg
    5 rating

    They did an excellent job

    Dec 23, 2022

    They did an excellent job! They arrived on time on both sides. Professional and prompt. Each thing was picked up in the same state it was collected in. They also offered the most affordable price! I will be using the service again and highly recommend them!

  21. James Brown
    5 rating

    I was worried it would be too costly.

    Dec 22, 2022

    I wasn't sure whether I would employ a full-service mover since I was worried it would be too costly. I thought I'd look at the cost range of Got Movers and then compare the other alternatives. It was a great help significantly because the movers who spoke to me were extremely accommodating to my requests. Thank you for using the services!

  22. Esther Kim
    5 rating

    Very competitive and efficient.

    Dec 21, 2022

    I got three estimates, and all three are very competitive and efficient. But I'm waiting for the closing date for selling my apartment. It will likely take place , and I'll have the chance to select one of the businesses. Thank you

  23. Samruai Leto
    4 rating

    I have received numerous calls that were returned

    Dec 20, 2022

    I have received numerous calls that were returned - each asking the same question. It may be beneficial to collect the primary data in advance and distribute it to the people who are moving. They will be able to create a rough estimate and confirm the information on the first phone call by repeating the same information to various individuals.

  24. Ridzwan Karim
    5 rating

    I was contacted quickly with a price

    Dec 18, 2022

    I was contacted quickly with a price. The problem was that after they inquired about the move , the day before, they increased their minimums. The guys were fast and efficient, however they weren't very cautious with my furniture or the walls. This is not the fault of you. Your website functioned as it was supposed to.

  25. Sharon Mickus
    5 rating

    I was highly pleased

    Dec 17, 2022

    The search for movers that fit my budget and in that minute was bound to be difficult! I was highly pleased that Had movers could locate movers who could transfer me in the shortest amount of time. It eliminated the stress of trying to find them on my own.

  26. Doreen Rochford
    5 rating

    I received four estimates in just a few minutes

    Dec 16, 2022

    I had difficulty finding movers to relocate to Nebraska from Nebraska to Montana. I spoke to various businesses, and their quotes were outrageous, and the time to deliver my belongings could be anywhere from 5-8 weeks. After I came across, I received four estimates in just a few minutes. Two of them were within my budget. I should have consulted this website before making calls to myself.

  27. Susan Kirby
    4 rating

    Your website was valuable and user-friendly

    Dec 14, 2022

    Your website was valuable and user-friendly. One issue I encountered was when I received your email, which stated that only two companies were required to reach me. A third company accessed my details via your website and reached out. I informed you via your email as soon as that occurred and did not receive a response.

  28. Pam Taylor
    4 rating

    It was a positive experience

    Dec 13, 2022

    The head of the crew wasn't amiable and seemed to get a little tense after the task concerning the positioning and movement of an open freezer; overall, it was a positive experience. The job was well-organized and steady. My numbers reflected that the time was less than an hour, but it wasn't worth fighting over.

  29. Robert Ethofer
    1 rating

    Nothing can be found,

    Dec 11, 2022

    They will try to pressure you, claim that nothing can be found, and force you to sign up with them. Then they become rude and savage when you refuse to join them.

  30. Susan Martin
    5 rating

    The crew was fantastic.

    Dec 9, 2022

    The crew was fantastic. They showed up on time and were highly hard-working throughout the day. They literally ran around the staircase. They wrapped everything in. I could not have asked for a more effortless experience. The cost was lower than many other places I've looked at.

  31. Debb Wendland
    4 rating

    Everyone was nice.

    Dec 6, 2022

    Everyone was nice. The movers were excellent and efficient. The pricing was upfront and reasonable. Moving isn't an inexpensive project. It took slightly longer than they had initially estimated (delivering the whole load more than two thousand miles). However, in the end, it was a reasonable and fair price.

  32. Pablo Martinez
    5 rating

    The front office, too, was friendly and helpful

    Dec 3, 2022

    Rene exceeded expectations in every aspect! When he had to cancel the street directly in front of my house, which left his delivery schedule behind, Rene accommodated and collaborated with me on alternative options. The front office, too, was friendly and helpful.

  33. Andrew Avery
    4 rating

    I received numerous responses

    Aug 30, 2022

    I received numerous responses. It was easy to navigate through. My issue was that I required a mover the next day, which most could not do. If I remember right, a mover was available, but I could find a lower cost elsewhere.

  34. James Lynch
    4 rating

    It was great

    Aug 27, 2022

    It was great. However, aside from North America, we did not identify any companies that contacted us. Another issue we encountered with the companies who did contact us was that their estimates were all over the board. They varied from around $900 up to thousands of dollars. We were pretty overwhelmed by the wide range of numbers and the various details of what the companies offered.

  35. Gerald Lewis
    4 rating

    They were amazing!

    Aug 24, 2022

    They were amazing! Edens visited our home to give us a comprehensive and complete inventory estimate which was later translated into a binding quote that cannot be raised in any way. They were courteous, professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend Edens to anyone... Thanks for being a part of helping me get through this challenging job.

  36. Jennifer Giunta
    4 rating

    Otherwise, great!

    Aug 11, 2022

    Two time-experienced men, speedy and efficient. My daughter was taken from one apartment and into a second one within 2 hours! 350.00 was a fair amount for their effort. I left a 50.00 tip, but I felt they wanted more. Otherwise, great!

  37. Megan Healy
    4 rating

    The successful bidder was lower, was underestimated, and was professional

    Aug 8, 2022

    I had the opportunity to talk in-depth with at least five or six firms and then watched their bids increase and down throughout the process. They could all give good details about how they arrived at their offers. However, some of them were less attuned to my explanations—their pitch. The successful bidder was lower, was underestimated, and was professional and professional throughout.

  38. James P Dalton
    4 rating

    They arrived 15 minutes late

    Aug 7, 2022

    They arrived 15 minutes late; however, the wait was more than worth it by being friendly, quick(wasted no time), and extremely polite. I highly recommend this business. I had them on my payroll for two hours, but it took only half an hour for me to have my vehicle filled and out on the road.

  39. Vicki Moyer
    4 rating

    Overall, the experience was pleasant, and no issues

    Aug 5, 2022

    Overall, the experience was pleasant, and no issues. Movers were on time and punctual. They wrapped my stuff well. The only thing I can say about their service is that they could've completed the move in just three and a half hours, however, they took longer and changed me for four hours, which isn't good considering their hourly rate and the promise that they'll cost by increments of 15 minutes.

  40. Kelly Passero
    1 rating

    The most unprofessional customer services

    Aug 3, 2022

    I've been in customer service throughout my life, and Cayden has one of the most unprofessional customer services I've seen for someone looking to promote something. He offered me a quote for a moving pod. However, he told me that everything was booked and I could only get 26 feet for what he called the "pod referral" price, however, he didn't silence the phone when he was speaking to his supervisor, and I was told all the details of his "deal" I was getting. I wanted a pod that was 7x8x8. I don't have enough things to fill that massive space. I'll be shopping for alternatives.

    My furniture would fly around within the space. I'd previously found a different source that was more affordable. I thanked him for the quote and explained that I was planning to look around. He quickly embraced an attitude toward me and stated that he could not understand what was wrong with me since he was doing me a favor through the complete change in his mood. He changed from being extremely welcoming to becoming a bit snotty. I told him that's not how you speak to people you're trying to make a sale to. He responded with whatever before hanging up.

  41. Jacqueline Saldana
    1 rating

    A terrible moving company

    Aug 1, 2022

    A terrible moving company. In my request for a price, they provided me with a price, but they constantly called me every day at 5-10 various numbers. They were rude and unprofessional if I asked them to take me off the list as I had received an estimate already. I was called stupid I would not recommend them if they are unprofessional when they call. They are likely aren't good at handling the belongings of people. I wouldn't recommend them.

  42. Patrick Porter
    3 rating

    The employees were courteous and courteous

    Jul 15, 2022

    The employees were courteous and courteous. They also performed their work efficiently. I needed to employ them for about two hours. They completed it within one hour and then left. They should have asked me if I needed them, as they could have assisted in moving things around the apartment. I wasn't told there was a 1.5-hour transportation charge of $50.

  43. Gabriel Rodriguez
    5 rating

    The crew and the company were outstanding!

    Jul 8, 2022

    The crew and the company were outstanding! They did a great job moving some of the most challenging pieces of furniture, like 200 lbs of granite slab, which measures 4' by 4' and has sharp edges(an espresso table) from the fourth floor. Most of the furniture is antique, and none was damaged. The crewmembers, John, Sergio, and Tommy, were highly polite and professional. I would highly recommend them! I can't express enough praise for my satisfaction with my move and the company.

  44. Shannon Hempstead
    4 rating

    Experience was positive

    May 20, 2022

    They arrived on time and were punctual. The overall experience was positive. Nothing was broken.

    The movers wrapped everything well. They covered the stuff well.

    My only complaint is that they took longer than three and a half hours to complete the move. However, they changed me for 4 hours.

  45. Adam Frank
    5 rating

    They arrived 10 min early

    May 5, 2022

    They arrived on time, worked hard, did not stop, drove safely to the new address, loaded all items upstairs to the second-floor apartment, and charged the quoted amount.

    Their cost is significantly lower than the local Contra Costa County (CA) movers. Although the truck is adorned with graffiti, it does not affect these hard-working workers.

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