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52 Reviews on GlocalMe

  1. Martin Boneo
    1 rating
    Jun 5, 2023

    The download speeds were awful

    I've just received the Numen Air and need a reliable connection to travel around my state, so I purchased it. You get a free 1GB. Just by surfing the web, bear that in mind. I did not stream or download anything, and in 15 minutes, I had just 120MB. It was a good thing they refilled it, gratis. However, the download speeds were awful. The download speed was 12 Mbps, and the upload struggled to get one Mbps.

  2. Lisa Meyer
    5 rating
    May 5, 2023


    I chatted with Mike of Customer Service. He quickly resolved my problem by activating my accessible data plan directly in the chat! Additionally, he was able to answer my queries. Excellent, thank you, Mike!

  3. Rick Berglund
    5 rating
    May 2, 2023

    Easy to use

    Thanks, Diana! The service is convenient and relatively easy to use. But what is impressive is the level of customer support. I've called them twice for minor problems, and other issues were resolved fast and quickly—one time via email and another time via chat. DDiana's rapid conversation helped me find the correct direction to resolve my query.

  4. Lezley Waggoner
    5 rating
    Apr 14, 2023

    Fantastic service

    When I got to Germany and the U3 hotspot was not working. I was able to use online support, as well as Jenny was fantastic! Jenny provided the most excellent customer service I've experienced in a while. I was able to get my internet connection working, and she ensured that everything was working correctly. Fantastic service! Thank you, Jenny!!!!

  5. Candace Tyler
    3 rating
    Apr 4, 2023

    It will last on my new duoturbo

    Glocalme did not offer services on my G2 and advised me to upgrade my device for a 15 discount. We don't know how long it will last on my new duoturbo. We hope that it will last for another five years.

  6. Deborah Wilson
    4 rating
    Apr 3, 2023

    The item promptly

    The portable wi-fi device I rented was a great help for me in Mexico and performed flawlessly. It was a challenge to contact Glocal to obtain my pre-paid return label, which was for the item promptly. After several attempts from me, I got in touch with them, and they assured me that there were no additional costs. I was pleased with the rental, and customer service, despite being delayed, was quick to respond.

  7. David Waudby
    1 rating
    Apr 3, 2023

    I'm not sure how this company operates

    I'm not sure how this company operates, but I ordered their 4G Pro phone for my trip to Japan. I placed my order on July 4 and paid an additional $29.99 to expedite two days of shipping since I was scheduled to travel to Japan on July 10. However, the item didn't come through, and now I'm in Japan with a device, and I have to hurry to order another device from Japan. The new device will be delivered the next day; therefore, if you're looking to be able to count on Globalme to deliver quickly (don't put your money on them to fulfill your order).

  8. George Schuler
    1 rating
    Apr 3, 2023

    I decided for it to be returned

    I purchased a Mifi router to connect me to a global trip. When it arrived, it was too big for me and was not as fast. Therefore, I decided for it to be returned. This was a challenge beyond imagination. They constantly told me I needed to go to a department. Then they mentioned the return time was taken. They did not respond. After three months, I finally found an address to send the item. The product must be returned unboxed to get a refund. I hope to return this item per the law and receive the total amount back. If this happens, I'll alter this review accordingly. For now, this business has this business hashas positive after-sale after-sales

  9. Margene Kewan
    2 rating
    Apr 2, 2023

    The hot spot cannot connect in all areas

    The hot spot cannot connect in all areas, even when WiFi is accessible. The price for 1GB for a week was $9. Similar amounts of information are offered for 30 days and are priced at $35. It's like a scam. I typically have to purchase additional data to last one week of travel. GlocalMe nearly tripled the cost simply by increasing the time the buyer must utilize it. Scammy.

  10. Thomas Gibbs
    5 rating
    Apr 2, 2023

    The machine wasn't working

    I bought a Simbox device. Over the past few months, the machine wasn't working, and I could not make any calls after many technical calls and offered various solutions to the problem. In the end, they informed me that you could not utilize the device with iPhone IOS you have to employ an android phone to use the device. Support is abysmal, and they're not being honest. I looked at the price of the device and also paid for VIP to ensure us the best service; however, nothing has gone well in this particular company. They don't return the product when I ask them to replace it. I wouldn't recommend buying from this firm as they're not trustworthy.

  11. Maurice Burgess
    5 rating
    Apr 1, 2023

    They assist customers

    Your business is doing exceptionally well. Your staff is also doing well as they assist customers, especially the agent Diana Tha. Nk you for your kindness and efforts.

  12. Rebel Wilson
    3 rating
    Apr 1, 2023

    You have a high signal

    It's too expensive for stand-alone home WiFi. Eats up data quickly. If you have a high signal, it is slow to run, and text messages sent locally don't always come in a flash and are locked up. I wish you could provide a service or product similar to Sprint or T Mobile. For the extra $10 on my mobile phone plans, I receive 60 GB of high-speed Mobile Hotspots per month (for $20, you get 120GB and Amazon Prime membership included). So far, I haven't had any problems with download speed or downloads...

  13. Roy Alexander
    1 rating
    Apr 1, 2023

    I am highly disappointed

    The wifi is never fast; I need to contact techs via the app to refresh my network, which I need to do every day. A customer service representative "max' wasted an hour trying to tell me the wifi was working fine when it took 4 minutes to load a webpage. Four minutes and they said 'your wifi is fine." I asked for an administrator, but he did not give me one. I am highly disappointed with this experience beyond

  14. James Goodrich
    1 rating
    Mar 31, 2023

    The future of this company is uninformed.

    I no longer recommend Glocalme's service SIMBOX when they started charging extra charges for outgoing calls. The future of this company is uninformed. Glocalme is not a moral business. It is imperative to inform customers prior to purchasing this gadget that it will cost a monthly fee of $10 costs. We hope that they will pay for the bill at some point. There are more than 5 million members in our of social networks and every member has began spreading Glocalme's bad reviews across social networks. The result could be a loss of your name and the public spotlight.

  15. Sahar Aker
    3 rating
    Mar 28, 2023

    Its expiration and activation limitations

    Its expiration and activation limitations make it challenging to use sales I'm planning to use for future travel. It would be more practical to purchase data using GlocalMe if I could buy data earlier without waiting for the expiration. If I could buy data knowing that I can use it all in the future, this would make it a better option to purchase a Local SIM card.

  16. Stacey Kimery
    5 rating
    Mar 26, 2023

    The refund was accepted

    The only thing that is better than the product is the support staff at While I was eager to utilize the highly efficient device, my traveling capabilities ended the day my device was shipped. I was required to return it to get a refund. There was no issue! Excellent team to collaborate with! The refund was accepted.

  17. Deleah Hanley
    3 rating
    Mar 25, 2023

    The connection speed is adequate

    Since we are in urban areas, however, the connection speed is adequate for the most basic tasks (emails and browsing). For video conferences or working with large data files, don't think about it. So far, I've tried it in two major cities in Texas. I'll try it out in Idaho this week and hope it's a success. If not, I'll probably take it back.

  18. John Key
    3 rating
    Mar 24, 2023

    No clear directions on how to proceed

    The interface for users isn't the most appealing. I bought a plan on my phone, but the Glocalme device did not display it. I tried several things, but no clear directions on how to proceed. Then I gave up, and finally, after some time, I rebooted the device from scratch and reinstalled it. I also bind my mobile once more. It worked. Please give me troubleshooting tips.

  19. Lisa Shriver
    4 rating
    Mar 20, 2023

    I am grateful

    I got my GlocalMe DueTurbo today. I am having issues and have accidentally activated my Data plan. So I call the Online support number Max. He was patient with me and helped me help me with my issue as a 70-year-old. I am grateful for his help.

  20. Jennifer Handy
    3 rating
    Mar 16, 2023

    I can overcome this issue

    I am generally satisfied with GlocalMe's internet service provider while traveling or backing up my internet when regular services stop working. The service issue that most significantly impacts me is the expiration date of the data bundles I'm using in 30 days. I can overcome this issue by buying a few smaller packages. But I'd be interested in packages that offer the same amount of data but with longer expiry times, like either 90 or 120 days, and I'd be willing to pay a premium for the services.

  21. Wonnell Sarah
    4 rating
    Mar 15, 2023

    This is very useful

    This is very useful, especially for traveling. Customer service is excellent too. Diana was highly responsive to my issue when I purchased a plan. My only problem is that projects can be expensive, but they usually offer coupons to help reduce costs.

  22. Maria Whitehead
    3 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    Service is excellent

    Your service is excellent. However, it's too expensive to be able to use as frequently as I'd like. You could sell me more data if your rates were competitive with the local service providers. Double data contracts are marketing titles that have no savings value. If your rates were reasonable, I would choose you as my all-time service provider because you're trustworthy.

  23. Shirley anne
    4 rating
    Mar 10, 2023

    The package rates are highe

    The 24/7 customer support (Max was excellent) is always available and helpful. I will continue using my device because the package rates are higher today. Please do not use the machine for GPS or streaming films since it can eat up your data.

  24. Diane Wolman
    5 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    Keep up the excellent work

    What I've experienced so the customer service aspect is related is that your staff are fantastic and outstanding. Stephen, Your staff member, has patience and patience to give me a head start. I was confused, but he was patient enough to tell me they were the most helpful. Stephen, you are a team player and love seeing their issues resolved. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you.

  25. Jeremy Eaves
    5 rating
    Mar 8, 2023

    Support is always prompt and reliable

    GlocalMe's support is always prompt and reliable. They helped me to reactivate and upgrade my previous U2 device I purchased several years ago but didn't use for a few years. It couldn't connect to any network in any way. Thank you to Diana Farro and Diana Farro and their help. I can relate to the device again and am back on the right track.

  26. Briana Jones
    5 rating
    Mar 6, 2023

    The excellent customer service

    I just bought a phone this morning and was surprised to discover it doesn't come with the free 8GB on it, so I reached out to customer service via live chat, Jenny, who was helping me and added the free 8GB to my device in a matter of minutes. Thanks, Jenny thanks for the excellent customer service!!

  27. Patty Sokira
    5 rating
    Mar 5, 2023

    Jenny was excellent customer support

    Jenny was excellent customer support through chat. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. I'm a beginner with technology, and Jenny patiently guided me through step-by-step steps to connect my device, account, and iPhone. Thank Jen, NY! Thank you very much.

  28. Renee Kay
    4 rating
    Mar 1, 2023

    The email support was exceptional

    The email support was exceptional. The reliance on the phone was also excellent. However, extremely knowledgeable One of the people who assisted me was difficult to comprehend. The other one was not. The device is now in use, burning up data faster than I expected. I initially would have given five stars, but it felt as if I should not have required customer support in such a way as to correct mistakes on your part (length in which data packs complied).

  29. Danielle Ellis
    4 rating
    Feb 28, 2023

    It's an excellent option

    It works great. I connected 12 laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, all streaming simultaneously, with minimal delay. Impressive. The only problem was setting up VPN and hiding the network. However, this could be due to due to user error. It's an excellent option for mobile-type people. I'd repurchase it.

  30. Skeeter Hawk
    5 rating
    Feb 27, 2023

    Employing this service

    It was my very first experience employing this service. I could travel to two countries without losing service and with consistency. My biggest concern was traveling to areas that had poor Internet connectivity. Although not rural, close enough that I could maintain the consistent quality of the internet at all times! I was impressed. I will utilize this service again when I go on future trips.

  31. Anita Alvarez
    4 rating
    Feb 25, 2023

    Very professional job

    Quick and efficient support for customer service from Mike. I purchased the G4 professional and wanted to play with the free data from the gadget. However, the device didn't function. I chatted online, and Mike helped me identify the issue quickly and answered some of my questions—very professional job.

  32. Julie Gerdes
    2 rating
    Feb 25, 2023

    I got hooked has been extremely slow.

    The setup process was easy, after which, the first time I switched it on, it was astonishing! Excellent internet and I had three devices connected. Since the time I got hooked has been extremely slow. It's been a nightmare! Pages take forever. It takes a whole day to load and wastes time trying to stream any video. I've got 50GB worth of data and may not even put any progress due to how annoyed I am getting.

  33. Tamara Peterson
    2 rating
    Feb 24, 2023

    It's impossible to access

    I'm running 4G on the device, but bandwidth is lacking. In Fort Lauderdale, the connection is prolonged, at a rate of less than one MB, up and down, making it very difficult to utilize. It's impossible to access pictures or video chat at the moment; therefore not very good. The sole reason I have for not getting a high rating.

  34. Mary Meyerhoffer
    4 rating
    Feb 22, 2023

    More straightforward

    So far, so good. We rented roaming Man last year. This year, we bought local duoturbo, duomodem, and dual modem. Connecting was simple enough, but wandering man is indeed even more straightforward. The duoturbo is because the previous device could not maintain the connection, and my daughter was required to sign in to her online class each time. This year we'll check if the duoturbo makes the difference in lost connections. The test will be the 1150 miles road trip across four states. Additionally, the duoturbo and data bundle were more affordable this year than roaming.

  35. Paula Ihrig
    1 rating
    Feb 21, 2023

    Circles are constantly spinning

    I've posted a negative review of the device or company. The company then called me, intending to "make it right," but I explained that since their techs could not fix the wifi speed, it was the device. I suggested providing a brand-new machine, and then we'll determine if it's my region or their technology. The customer service representative agreed this was the best way to solve my ongoing problems. When we all decided the device could be defective, the machine stopped replying to emails! I cannot upload videos, circles are constantly spinning, and it takes two minutes to load a site. It's like that every day.

  36. Adelena Rouanzoin
    2 rating
    Feb 16, 2023

    An average internet service

    It was initially a good option for us. We purchased the 50GB monthly plan. The devices performed smoothly for the majority of the time. As a family of three, we ran out of this plan in just eight days. During this time, we tried to keep our iPads and phones unconnected. At $89 for 50GB that lasted eight hours... it is way higher than an average internet service. We are working on setting up regular internet service and removing GlocalMe shortly.

  37. Mike Jervis
    2 rating
    Feb 15, 2023

    Sapphire is a better bargain

    Suppose you compare Glocalme with Sapphire in Kuwait. Unfortunately, Sapphire is a better bargain. I was unaware that it would cost $72 to buy 8GB of data, whereas you can get 8GB for just $15 in Kuwait. 250GB of sapphire data costs $98. I haven't had any problems with the service. However, it's costly. If Glocalme could improve its service, I'd give it five stars.

  38. Nancy pacelli
    1 rating
    Feb 15, 2023

    They don't have an administrator

    They provide a tiny pod that can create Wi-Fi. It is operational for 33% all the time. I must contact customer service regularly to ask them to allow Wi-Fi to work. They don't have an administrator to let me know how bad this has become, and their service to customers, "Diana," is awful. I thought that customer service meant that you assist the customer. When I contact them to complain that my Wi-Fi isn't working, they tell me that we regret it. Try again.

  39. Sara Henson
    1 rating
    Feb 12, 2023

    I haven't been able to get an answer

    I've bought 349$ of credit to access data using. I received an email that contained a code, and the code was deemed to be invalid. Where was my money? Nobody was able to answer my question when I called customer service during office hours or via online customer service. I haven't been able to get an answer email either. Can you please contact me or email me and let me know?

  40. Maria Tursi
    1 rating
    Feb 7, 2023

    They are the worst.

    The devices are the worst. They are the worst. It took them a few times to connect, but it was slow. It's not functioning as a hotspot. Even if it has a signal doesn't necessarily mean it can connect to it. I own a Samsung S7. I used the mint mobile card sim on it and used it to create an internet hotspot. In addition, the SIM cards from Mint perform better.

  41. Andrell Hardy
    1 rating
    Feb 6, 2023

    Highly disappointed by this device

    I bought this device and then purchased two additional data packs. The device has not been able to work. As a traveler, I go to most of my doctor appointments online today. I tried this device, but it hasn't opened my email to allow me to sign in to make an appointment. So far, I've spent more than $100 on nothing. I am highly disappointed by this device

  42. Nathan Shaw
    1 rating
    Feb 4, 2023

    An entirely different country

    Who runs this company? I called the company for support, and a guy claimed to be on vacation. I then called back another person, and the same person answered. The two times he didn't say Hello to Glocalme, how can I assist you? He just stated Hi. It was like I was calling a non-business. The unit is draining too quickly, and it feels like I'm dealing with an individual in the garage of an entirely different country.

  43. Marcia Schalau
    1 rating
    Feb 1, 2023

    The company is extravagant

    GlocalMe begins charging USD10 per month to use Simbox starting today (1/7); however, the pricing has only been announced. Does it seem reasonable to customers? Moreover, USD10 per month only allows for 100 minutes of voice calls. We were returning to the early 90s when mobile phones were first launched. The company is extravagant! I will not purchase any item or service from this company ever again!!

  44. Diane Palmer
    2 rating
    Jan 26, 2023

    Unreliable in a location

    The service offered by the device is unreliable in a location with good reception (my residence), and the price is astronomical compared to similar services provided by other businesses. I'm using this service until I can restore my existing service account.

  45. Jack Rice
    2 rating
    Jan 26, 2023

    This card isn't compatible

    GlocalMe rates are costly for the US when they use their plan, and the G4 Pro gadget we purchased isn't as universal as claimed. We received a T-Mobile Prepaid SIM card designed specifically for hot spots, with 40GB of high-speed data. We discovered that this card isn't compatible. G4 Pro is not compatible with the card.

  46. Doodle owner
    2 rating
    Jan 21, 2023

    It has been experiencing issues

    Unfortunately, this WiFi device doesn't work effectively. It has been experiencing issues since day one. We have the service in an isolated location in Texas, and it doesn't maintain the signal. We have upgraded our plan several times to determine if this will help, but it isn't. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this device to anyone.

  47. Deborah Ross
    1 rating
    Jan 3, 2023

    I am extremely disappointed with the service

    I am highly disappointed with the service I have received from this company. I purchased a product and cannot load it onto my device as instructed. Despite reaching out for help, I have yet to speak to anyone who can assist me, and the emails I have received have been unhelpful. The customer service I have received has been terrible, and I feel like I am getting the run around instead of the assistance I need.

  48. Reginald Griffin
    1 rating
    Jan 2, 2023

    I am extremely unhappy with the product

    I am extremely unhappy with the product I purchased from this company. Despite paying over $100 for this device and two separate data packages, it has never functioned properly and has caused me to miss necessary virtual medical appointments. It was not what I expected, and when I tried to return it, the responsible office had not responded to my emails for over a month. In addition, the customer service representative "Diana" has been rude and unhelpful. The product itself, a Wi-Fi-creating device, only works a third of the time, and I have to message customer service to get it to work constantly. I am highly disappointed and do not recommend this company or its products.

  49. Teresa Brewster
    4 rating
    Sep 21, 2022

    Communication was fantastic

    Communication with this company through chat or email is fantastic. RapThey know the ropes! I responded, and the team solved my issue. When I called, I didn't receive any help. My wireless device did experience issues. However, the user named Farro in the live chat fixed it quickly.

  50. Dominick Roselli
    5 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    I've used GlocalMe for a number of years

    I've used GlocalMe for a number of years. Recently, I upgraded my hardware to Neman Air to take advantage of 5G networks. My experience with Canada as well as Europe has been great. The connection has been seamless, and the speeds have been reliable. Looking forward to using GlocalMe for my next trip for Sweden as well as Japan.

  51. Damayanti Chuy
    1 rating
    Jul 12, 2022

    The service was not excellent

    They've just updated the type of service they provide. I bought a SIM BOX from Gocallme four years ago. however, the service was not excellent, and 2 of the four sims arrived damaged, but the device is now working without issue, however, Gocallme have chosen to cost the user $10 per month for the use of their application with a limit of 100 minutes per $10, without any warning

  52. Ferdie Campos
    5 rating
    Jun 14, 2022

    Very knowledgeable and straightforward

    I had a wonderful after-sales experience with Lucy through the chatroom online.

    When I bought my DuoTurbo, I was offered an 8GB North America data plan and an oneGB Worldwide plan at no cost.

    Since I was located in Canada, my standard plan, the North America plan, got activated when I powered off the phone.

    I was planning to travel to Europe, but I wanted to go with my 1Gb Worldwide option instead.

    I utilized the Chat function and was able temporarily deactivate this plan North America Plan, while activating the Worldwide Plan.

    The following month, I had to activate the North America Plan, and I used the Chat function to start it.

    The Europe plan. I have found Glocalme Chat reps to be very knowledgeable and straightforward to collaborate with.

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