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  1. Tricia Kapavik
    July 7th, 2022

    I would instead not have ordered with this particular company!

    I paid more than $300 for the Oculus headset to celebrate my son’s graduation. Due to the terrible delivery service they employ CDL, it’s been one month, and I’ve yet to receive the item.

    They did not have any issues charging me and accepting my payment, but they still haven’t delivered my son’s birthday present.

    Being in contact with a human is an absolute nightmare, and the automated messages telling that they’re fixing or fixing the problem have not been able to resolve the issue.

    I had a conversation with a pleasant you g woman who took three weeks to process an order for a replacement after the item was damaged in the shipment (again, CDL is trash), And I’m waiting more than a month for the product to arrive.

    There is no problem with my money, but I cannot purchase my son’s Oculus headset. I will never buy any item from Gamestop! To get answers from anyone else is like jumping over hoops.

    The whole experience has left me so angry. I was hoping to get my daughter a fantastic graduation present, but due to GameStop, I couldn’t get that done, and I’m still waiting.

    It’s not like I have money to purchase another Oculus from a different place since I believe that GameStop shouldn’t be earning any cash following this incident. I would instead not have ordered with this particular company!

  2. Kelly Willoughby
    May 13th, 2022

    the worst online experience

    Pitiful. Last year, I purchased the PS4 Collectors Edition Elden Ring from GameStop.com. Today I received the standard edition PS5 copy. I contacted customer service via their website to resolve the issue.

    Instead, they told me that the item was no longer available and that they would not refund the $200 I paid unless I returned the incorrect item. This was the worst online experience I’ve ever had.

  3. Nicholas Alvarado
    May 5th, 2022

    Best Buy is the best for purchasing games

    I purchased games from gamestop.com at first but then decided to stop. Best Buy will have them there within the day with no shipping charges. Even though games can be expensive (currently between $30 and-60), you don’t get free shipping. Second, shipping can take up to three weeks even if you pay for it.

    I used to shop locally for my games and discovered that they only carried the most recent games published between 12-and 24 months ago. You can’t buy anything older than this online.

    My local customer service representatives can be a little harsh about buying games and may even make assumptions about your purchase. Local gamers should consider buying from BestBuy.com. Although BestBuy may have been established over two decades ago, the gaming industry has not changed much.

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