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Is GameStop legit?

GameStop has 49 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach GameStop customer care?

You can contact GameStop customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8008838895

Where is GameStop located?

GameStop is located at address Grapevine, TX, United States.

49 Reviews on GameStop

  1. Farhaven Nine
    1 rating

    Misleading Website

    Dec 25, 2023

    Personally, I've had extremely positive experiences with purchasing in person with GameStop stores. The website is misleading on the availability of items and the shipping times to ensure the purchase. I was advised that a gaming system was in place and it would be delivered just before Christmas.

    The game system was not shipped out the product for three days after my order made. I've not received it, and I'm not sure what time it'll arrive however at the moment this isn't a big deal. It is possible to order it through BestBuy. BestBuy did not win this deal because they were honest, GamesStop was able to get the sale on the lie. I'll never buy on their website again.

  2. Rosa
    2 rating

    Lack of Communication and Conflicting Answers

    Nov 15, 2023

    I had a pretty frustrating experience with an online purchase recently. The item was sent back to the sender, and it became a real hassle trying to figure out what was happening. I had to make several phone calls and send numerous emails because there was zero communication on their end. What made it even more frustrating was that every time I reached out to their customer service, I got conflicting answers to my questions. Based on this experience, I wouldn't recommend buying from them online.

  3. Joyce Compton
    2 rating

    Transparency and poor service.

    Jun 9, 2023

    I recently bought three PS5 games through Gamestop. The first game I ordered was from Gamestop, and I was excited about my purchase. My excitement, however, quickly changed to anger when I was greeted with poor customer service and unanticipated delays in my purchase. I contacted the company to ask about the issue and was given no explanation or satisfactory solution. Though I'm an enormous enthusiast of the wide range of games available, this one is a significant disappointment. I'd be hesitant to buy with them soon due to their lack of transparency and poor service.

  4. Christina Vizcaino
    1 rating

    Misleading advertisements

    May 16, 2023

    The company must be investigated for misleading advertisements. They stated that if you ordered Zelda, it is possible to go into and get the sign in the stores. First come, first served. Customer service was contacted after the store's owners stated that they would only give the bonus to customers who delivered it to their store. The customer service representative then says it's the store's responsibility to decide how they would like to go in exchange for the gift. Why not mention this on their website? I would have sent mine to the shop. I pre-ordered the game for the bonus. I will return it and never purchase anything from this site again.

  5. Kandice Dickover
    1 rating

    Not recommend

    May 15, 2023

    So, I ordered a PlayStation 4 at this store, and it arrived. After I returned from work, my PS4 was missing; when I called customer support., They said they'd refund my money back. They claimed it would be a few days. We're now to 2 weeks. I'm not sure what's happened to GameStop. They're a good company; now they take customers' money and don't give their clients the high-quality guarantee they claim to offer. I would not recommend buying any item from them as they might hold your cash for a long time.

  6. Jacob Rigby
    1 rating

    The issue without explanation

    May 12, 2023

    I bought a lot of brand-new games. However, one did not arrive, and three hadn't already been used. I contacted the customer service department, but it was unanswered for over ten days. Once I finally got through to the customer service department, they told me they would solve the issue without explanation. Another ten days have passed, and I've ignored the subsequent inquiries I've asked.

  7. Kristen Mulady
    1 rating

    The order was canceled unexpectedly

    May 11, 2023

    Once I had the chance to place an order, I decided to go with same-day delivery. The next day, the order was canceled unexpectedly without an explanation given. What was the refund? It's not there! The site is inoperable.

  8. Barbara Berg
    1 rating

    This horrible retailer

    May 10, 2023

    I'm exhausted from constantly wondering if my orders are ready on the correct date. In the past, they've always been delayed. It was a significant issue. The worst part is that I can't track the shipment to determine the exact location. I will never pre-order here again. In particular, for games, I would like to play on release day. One star would be way, far too much for this horrible retailer.

  9. Andrea Porras
    1 rating

    Deplorable company

    May 10, 2023

    I purchased a used PS4, which lasted under two weeks. It was also over 200.00. I did not ask for my return of money; I just needed it to be replaced since it was only two weeks. I could not get them to cooperate with me in any way. It was said that it would take seven days from purchase. Do not deal with this deplorable company.

  10. Curtis Watson
    1 rating

    It's easy to resolve the issue

    May 9, 2023

    I purchased an Xbox game online to give as an offer to somebody—excellent service to customers. GameStop delivered the wrong game and did not resolve the problem because it was not within their return policy. It's easy to resolve the issue, but they decide not to.

  11. Jenny Steward
    1 rating

    No refund

    May 8, 2023

    The website will send false data to your email. They won't refund the shipping cost if you want to return an item. The money is kept, and we will not refund you anything.

  12. Ellona Spear
    1 rating

    The most awful

    May 5, 2023

    The website is one of the most awful I've witnessed! The last time this website was changed had to be in the mid-1800s. The entire store on their website is automated. However, no automation functions! You'll have to be lucky to purchase anything. And should you be able to buy something and get it, you'll have a hard time getting the item! They'll accept your cash without a problem, but getting it is different. Working out the details without their support team is as if you have to pull teeth. They're the most awful firm and are very challenging to deal with!

  13. Kelly Smith
    1 rating

    Poor customer service

    May 4, 2023

    On their website, for over 3 hours, I tried to purchase three games on my birthday. Three phone calls later, I had nothing because of their poor web-based technology. In the face of poor customer service, the situation escalated into a degree of discontent that I had not anticipated. Finally, to the point of ordering and calling again for compensation/concession, I was given 5 dollars. It took me another 30 minutes. I'm not sure what this business is up to; however, it's disgusting.

  14. Cynthia Brewer
    1 rating

    It's not necessary

    May 3, 2023

    I bought a used Xbox controller. Controller was inoperable. Support was delayed for ten days before responding, and this was in the return and swap window of 7 days. (my Support emails have not received a reply, so I have had to ping the company on Twitter to get any response) The only solution was to walk into the store to see what they'd like to swap with a functional one. I purchased a functioning controller. I didn't have to search for it to receive what I wanted. The customer service is terrible. I won't buy from them in the future and suggest that other customers go to Amazon or a similar site instead of Gamestop. It's not necessary to deal directly with them in this way.

  15. Lacey Freeman
    1 rating

    Highly unprofessional

    May 2, 2023

    Mistakes occur; however, refusing to acknowledge the error is highly unprofessional. The envelope was empty, and refused to solve the problem. Then, they finally got back to me but refused to admit the problem even though I had USPS to show that the envelope wasn't empty by using the postal weights.

  16. Kelly Pang
    2 rating

    Unhappy with this conclusion

    May 1, 2023

    I bought my game the last day, bought it brand new, and it came with fingerprints everywhere. I contacted the company GameStop, but they refused to offer me the value of the game used when I bought it. They advised me to go to the shop to get an exchange or send the item back. I'm unhappy with this conclusion. All they had to do was fix amends and reimburse me for the difference. Shady, shady store

  17. Lisa Campbell
    1 rating

    The most unprofessional customer care

    Apr 21, 2023

    My son got me the PS4 which he unveiled at Christmas. The game stopped working around a month after. Finally, I was able to reach them. They refused to refund me; they did not allow returns or exchanges—no discounts on a different system. No help! This is the most unprofessional customer care. I used to purchase all the things for my son and my children (two devices in our house which means we've spent a lot of cash); however, I'll not buy anything else from them.

  18. Carolyn Bristow
    3 rating

    It's not available

    Apr 19, 2023

    Poor customer service. Numerous phone calls to request to replace the damaged item in the shipping. The first email was answered, but subsequent emails were not answered. A refund finally arrived, but it's not available anymore.

  19. Kelsey Bland
    1 rating

    A smooth exterior

    Apr 8, 2023

    The exact cost applies to NEW as well as USED games. This makes people believe that they're purchasing new, but they deliver a second-hand game match that might not contain all the components the brand new games would have, and also, the one I received has a smooth exterior. If I had to commit the time to clean fries from another's or the snot from anything, McDonald's has the capacity for me to clean their tables and will not attempt to fool me into doing it. It's so distasteful that their games can be described as disgusting.

  20. Marjorie A Divine
    1 rating

    Shotgun sales were no more option

    Jan 9, 2023

    We went to the Fairview store with my son to buy the PS5 console. The thought of bait and switch was that it was no longer in use, and shotgun sales were no more option. The clerk re-invented that idea. You can purchase the console if you ALSO purchase $50 of items (games). OK - we can buy the game. Sorry - it's not on sale. Only skins are available. Skins only - no matches. My son was set on it (and put in the effort), and we purchased it despite Gamestop's poor actions. I've been to Gamestop twice, the first time and the last. It's like icing on the cake. Post-purchase "thank you - Anything else I can do and have a great day" Really?

  21. Michelle Berry
    1 rating

    Is zero stars not an option?

    Dec 23, 2022

    Is zero stars not an option?? I ordered a game on the internet to bring to the store. Then, when I arrived, there was an entrance sign which read, "Closed for dinner back in 1 hour". What time is it? Who's running this place? GameStop, It's a time of the year for Christmas. Your store's staffing should be adequate so people can have lunch without the shop being closed.

  22. Helen Harrison
    1 rating

    I realized it was not unique

    Dec 22, 2022

    CHECK ALL ITEMS BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE. They offer used items for sale, like new ones. I purchased one of their switches, but it wasn't until I came home and examined the switch that I realized it was not unique. They gave me two used games for the price of new ones, but it was only after I went home that I realized it was. If you're willing to give the total cost for used games, this is the place for you. Be aware that their manager Aaron gave me the used Nintendo Switch brand new. Everyone is friendly except for Aaron, who is also a big liar and thinks he's more intelligent than he is.

  23. Caron Britton
    1 rating

    I'm angry and hurt because Gamestop destroyed my son's party

    Dec 18, 2022

    I purchased a steering wheel for my son's birthday party. It was stated delivery on the same day. It even included a countdown that said if I placed my order by the time it was due, I would receive my order at the time of his celebration, the same day it was scheduled to be dropped off at the store. After they took my money, no item was delivered, and the delivery date didn't change to the following day, at 8 pm. I immediately contacted the store twice and customer service and told them the item was intended for a night-time party and would not arrive in time. They promised the store would not refund me as my wife had to get something else for his birthday party. The three people I spoke to said that the refund was processed, and they said they would do it and then reverified that it would be available in the next few hours on my purchase card. Yet, there's no sign of it. Zero put back in. Zero. They haven't responded with Better Business either. They're all three lies. When I asked for an email confirmation to request a refund, they told me it would be sent once the refund was completed. Odd. It appears to be something that Gamestop uses to speed up sales, but not give or refund. I'm angry and hurt because Gamestop destroyed my son's party. We needed to hunt for another venue to hold the party and him at the last minute. Please pay back my money.

  24. Veronica Randles
    1 rating

    They do not review the quality of everything

    Dec 15, 2022

    I bought a used rose gold controller. Usually, I'm extremely cautious about buying second-hand items, but GameStop "quality checks" their used products, so I went for it. The controller arrived. However, there was a problem immediately when the left joystick became trapped in an upper left position, but it didn't bother me too much. However, while playing an activity, I noticed that the right joystick was wobbling severely. Very violently, in fact. I could not use it without my camera moving upward continuously. I tried using an air duster, but it didn't work. I was able to get a refund on it at my local GameStop. However, they didn't include shipping and taxes, which is why I'm writing this review, as it wasn't worth the effort I had to go through for a $53 used controller. Please look at the other reviews; they do not review the quality of everything.

  25. Leann Collingwood
    3 rating

    The game isn't great

    Dec 11, 2022

    This space is just the right size to look at the games available and play previews of new Xbox, Playstation, and Wii. The game isn't great, but I'll rate it at three stars.

  26. Olka skoczylas
    3 rating

    I'd go to a regular GameStop that isn't in the mall

    Dec 9, 2022

    Honestly, I'd go to a regular GameStop that isn't in the mall. The team is very welcoming, but the place is small and congested. There isn't much choice, and it's extremely noisy. Although it'Honestly, s good intentions, being in this place can be stressful.

  27. Bryan Stewart
    1 rating

    Many of them have fantastic staff and are more filled!

    Dec 5, 2022

    The staff here are insulting! We went to see some Pokemon products and asked for some information we had heard about to be released shortly. The younger girl was very annoyed that they had been out. The girl behaved like we needed to be aware. We're not from the region, and neither is Texas. I don't think this is an excellent time to end. Many of them have fantastic staff and are more filled!

  28. Jackie Edwards
    4 rating

    We had a much more pleasant experience.

    Dec 3, 2022

    There's always that person who's genuinely excited to be working there, and I love helping the person who is that. However, this time wasn't the case. The person working there didn't seem to be enjoying his job. He was not very helpful with promotions or the best ways to spend our budget. We went to another GameStop, where we had a much more pleasant experience.

  29. Karen Palmer
    1 rating

    The worst experience I have had at GameStop

    Dec 1, 2022

    The worst experience I have had at GameStop. I bought an online game, not just once, but twice, and I was not given the correct match. It was necessary to go to another GameStop to purchase the correct one! A man known as Andy was rude and meant to my friend and me.

  30. Adriana Hogg
    1 rating

    It appear more appealing to show that you take care of it.

    Nov 27, 2022

    I purchased an item online from this shop, and I'm depressed. It's incredible and looks awful and also. It's like the person who chose the thing in a hurry, placed it in an envelope without examining the quality of the product, and then shipped it without a second thought. Numerous scratches and fingerprints and two massive lines run throughout the game well, and as an avid collector and player, sending something with a look as bad as this is a complete disgrace. Clean the disk thoroughly or make it appear more appealing to show that you take care of it.

  31. Jacqueline Ross
    3 rating

    A little patience and kindness make a huge difference in the world.

    Nov 26, 2022

    We have always stopped by these places, but we haven't had the chance to utilize points since each when we buy something, we inquire about whether there are any points, and they told us no; however, we were aware that we had moments, therefore, the initial time they offered us a number to inquire about it. We did, and they informed us that the issues were there, so the same thing happened when we returned the following time. So, it was the same each time we went to buy something at Garland, and it wasn't because I went to a game shop in Garland and asked the staff member about my points; they could never have known what to do with them. We have our points; however, they always claim that they didn't have any issues and that it would be a good idea to show that you have it when you provide them with your number or email. However, we now know we can verify that I'm on the GameStop app, select points or rewards like that, and then redeem them in-store or online. It's as simple as that. You won't know if they don't let you know it's there. This is a snapshot of many things we bought at the same place, and they continue to tell us that we did not have any points. Please take time to analyze your customers' needs and help them be patient; a little patience and kindness make a huge difference in the world.

  32. Mark Leyland
    1 rating

    The horrible product I purchased was an online game

    Nov 24, 2022

    The horrible product I purchased was an online game, and I paid using my debit card. The guys charged my credit card twice. I just wanted to play, but now that they could not pay for the second time back on my card, they handed me cash. This was not what I needed.

  33. Kathryn Brown
    1 rating

    An employee wearing a red mask resembling a bandana is being held captive

    Nov 18, 2022

    An employee wearing a red mask resembling a bandana is being held captive until he receives enough emails. At least, that's what it felt like the first time I decided not to send my email address to him. Let him go to his home.

  34. Rosemary durrant
    1 rating

    Poor gameplay, stop the lousy move

    Nov 15, 2022

    I was informed that if I ordered the game from their store, I could play at a different stop near my dad's (the one I reside together) while my mom would pay. When I visited, the game store employees told me this was not the case, and I could not accomplish that, and I'd need to go back to their grapevine (2 hours away from the place where my dad is). I was misled and could not play the game I had preordered. Poor gameplay, stop the lousy move

  35. Poru Azeru
    1 rating

    I was looking to purchase an Xbox series X

    Nov 11, 2022

    I was looking to purchase an Xbox series X. I phoned them to find out whether they had the standalone console for $499. I was told they had it. However, they would not sell my Xbox without the package. (Which meant that the price was 800 dollars instead of 499 dollars. This "bundle" was just three random games added to Series X. This is certainly not acceptable. Think about it. This doesn't seem right, Gamestop. You should be able to sell the people what they would like.

  36. Saskia Jones
    5 rating

    My gaming-related items at Gamestop.

    Nov 9, 2022

    Believe they've improved their game (the pun is not meant to be intended) regarding service and support. This is extremely promising. I'll be purchasing all of my gaming-related items at Gamestop.

  37. Michael robinson
    4 rating

    The staff is always friendly

    Nov 6, 2022

    I've been visiting GameStop since I turned 11, and this is a bit biased, but it's the only place you can get games that I'm convinced. The staff is always friendly, even, and helpful, if not the only one.

  38. Woodys mum
    5 rating

    He was accommodating in finding the required information.

    Nov 5, 2022

    This morning, I went into the store and bought a Nintendo switch and games. Adam was accommodating, and the guy knew all about video games. I'm not a massive fan of consoles or games, so I'm grateful that he was accommodating in finding the required information.

  39. Rachael John
    5 rating

    Always Have received friendly and professional customer service at this Gamestop store.

    Nov 3, 2022

    Always Have received friendly and professional customer service at this Gamestop store. They'll search for products you're searching for in their database and determine the location where it is available. I was looking for a few games and was able to locate them.

  40. Valerie Selden
    1 rating

    I understand that various opening...

    Nov 1, 2022

    The website states that it will open at 10:10 a.m. however, nobody was at the shop. I understand that various opening hours are because of covid; however, please ensure your website is updated.

  41. Penelope Terras
    5 rating

    I am trgenuinelyrateful to him

    Oct 28, 2022

    Holy cow. Our husband and I have been searching for an alternative Switch dock since the original one's HDMI port was damaged during a storm. I was looking for one while waiting for my meal to be delivered and found an upgraded model at this GameStop. I called them, and Adam was there. Adam was SUPER friendly and helpful and placed the place hold on me. I was in just 30 minutes, and he took it from the back with all its beauty. I am trgenuinelyrateful to him that I wanted to write a review! Pay him more!

  42. Elizabeth Parsons
    5 rating

    I like the energy they have.

    Oct 26, 2022

    They didn't have the items I needed, but the people here were incredibly attentive, friendly, charming, and warm. I like the energy they have. One of them was searching in another store for the item I was looking for as I was browsing around, even when he could confirm that it was out of stock.

  43. Ian Dennis
    5 rating

    Still strong even a year later

    Oct 21, 2022

    I was able to purchase a PlayStation 5 bundle on this website one year ago, two weeks after the launch day. My package arrived in excellent condition and is still strong even a year later.

  44. Lee Borsos
    5 rating

    The service was beneficial

    Oct 19, 2022

    The service was beneficial. I finally downloaded the game I had wanted for a long time, and I'm so happy! Also, shoutout to Aubrey and her coworker, who is very friendly and funny!

  45. Emma Blustin
    1 rating

    You shouldn't play games if your disc isn't able to be able to read ...

    Oct 17, 2022

    I got an online purchase for the game for $50 from this retailer. The game's packaging was a sticker saying, "disc won't read." I loaded the game onto my Wii, and it didn't play. You shouldn't play games if your disc isn't able to be able to read ...

  46. Poru Azeru
    1 rating

    I was looking for an Xbox series X

    Oct 8, 2022

    I was looking for an Xbox series X, so I called to ask whether they had the standalone console for $499. I was told they did, but they could not sell directly to me without the bundle. (Which resulted in the price being 80800 dollars instead of 499 dollars. This "bundle" was just three random games added to Series X. This is not right. Think about it. This isn't the way to go, Gamestop. Tell the customers what they would like.

  47. Tricia Kapavik
    1 rating

    I would instead not have ordered with this particular company!

    Jul 7, 2022

    I paid more than $300 for the Oculus headset to celebrate my son's graduation. Due to the terrible delivery service they employ CDL, it's been one month, and I've yet to receive the item.

    They did not have any issues charging me and accepting my payment, but they still haven't delivered my son's birthday present.

    Being in contact with a human is an absolute nightmare, and the automated messages telling that they're fixing or fixing the problem have not been able to resolve the issue.

    I had a conversation with a pleasant you g woman who took three weeks to process an order for a replacement after the item was damaged in the shipment (again, CDL is trash), And I'm waiting more than a month for the product to arrive.

    There is no problem with my money, but I cannot purchase my son's Oculus headset. I will never buy any item from Gamestop! To get answers from anyone else is like jumping over hoops.

    The whole experience has left me so angry. I was hoping to get my daughter a fantastic graduation present, but due to GameStop, I couldn't get that done, and I'm still waiting.

    It's not like I have money to purchase another Oculus from a different place since I believe that GameStop shouldn't be earning any cash following this incident. I would instead not have ordered with this particular company!

  48. Kelly Willoughby
    1 rating

    The worst online experience

    May 13, 2022

    Pitiful. Last year, I purchased the PS4 Collectors Edition Elden Ring from Today I received the standard edition PS5 copy. I contacted customer service via their website to resolve the issue.

    Instead, they told me that the item was no longer available and that they would not refund the $200 I paid unless I returned the incorrect item. This was the worst online experience I've ever had.

  49. Nicholas Alvarado
    3 rating

    Best Buy is the best for purchasing games

    May 5, 2022

    I purchased games from at first but then decided to stop. Best Buy will have them there within the day with no shipping charges. Even though games can be expensive (currently between $30 and-60), you don't get free shipping. Second, shipping can take up to three weeks even if you pay for it.

    I used to shop locally for my games and discovered that they only carried the most recent games published between 12-and 24 months ago. You can't buy anything older than this online.

    My local customer service representatives can be a little harsh about buying games and may even make assumptions about your purchase. Local gamers should consider buying from Although BestBuy may have been established over two decades ago, the gaming industry has not changed much.

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